Homebrewing Equipment

Are you a devoted beer enthusiast, longing to create your own distinctive brews? Does the idea of homebrewing something you’ve been itching to try?

Enhance your beer-making skills and make informed decisions regarding your homebrewing equipment right from the start.

Whether you’re a seasoned brewmaster or just starting your brewing journey, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for crafting exceptional beers that reflect your passion and creativity.

In this guide, we’ll explore the world of homebrewing and help you make the best choices for your brewing setup, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Home-Brewing Equipment Essentials

Take a Look at the Brew Pots & Kettles

This is a pretty basic and very essential thing to hold your wort. A stainless-steel pot for brewing can be your best choice as it’s durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t get discolored. If you plan a low-budget brewing, aluminum brew kettles can substitute well.

Most Durable
GasOne 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle Pot 4pc Set [40 Quart]

HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- Very easy to clean, long lasting, safe and durable. Welded Ergonomic Handles - ensures a sturdy and safe brewing experience when dealing with high heat.

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04/19/2024 03:06 am GMT
Economy Pick
Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle w/Dual Filtration. (8 Gal/ 32 QT)

Brew Kettle Set Includes: Brew Kettle, Lid, False Bottom, Bazooka Screen, Thermometer, Ball Valve, Inner Connector, and all hardware. Dual Filtration maximizes efficiency.Size: 12.5" Wide x 17.5" Height. Weight: 14 LBS

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04/19/2024 02:31 am GMT
Homebrewers' Favorite Brand
Northern Brewer - Stainless Steel Brew Kettle (8 Gallon)

15 gallons (60 quarts / 56.7 liters) capacity (available in 15, 20, and 30 gallons. Graduated Volume Markings Inside the Kettle. Silicone Covered Handles for Safety. 4mm Tri-Clad Bottom. All Stainless Steel Construction. 15.7 Inches in Diameter and 18.3 Inches in Height

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04/10/2024 12:47 am GMT

Wort Chillers to Keep Beer Cool

If you want to cool your brew quickly to avoid the growth of bacteria, never try running the wort through a water tub. It might crack and harm you.

So, get any of these three— immersion chiller, counterflow chiller, or plate chiller to cool your brew.

Small Batch Best Choice
Copper Wort Chiller, 3/8" x 12.5' Long

The Coldbreak 12.5' wort chiller is made out of heavy-duty copper and features reinforced tubing, which makes it ideal for cooling 2 to 3-gallon batches of wort.

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04/02/2024 11:02 pm GMT
Most Popular
Exchilerator Wort Chiller

Homebrewers Top Choice in Counterflow Wort Chillers.

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06/20/2024 09:35 pm GMT
Economy Stainless Steel Choice
Super Efficient 3/8" x 25' Stainless Steel Wort Chiller

This 3/8" x 25' long stainless steel wort chiller includes a 7 feet long vinyl outlet hose. Reduce your wort temperatures quickly with this economy ss chiller.

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04/08/2024 03:46 am GMT

Beer Funnels and Brushes

The beer funnels are not expensive and very useful. You also need the brushes to clean the bottles and all.

Measuring and Testing Tools

You need to have accurate measuring and testing tools for a better brew. For instance, to determine the specific gravity and the transformation of wort to beer, you may want to get hold of a hydrometer and test jar. For more advance brewers, there are some great wireless technology options available too. Either way you choose to go, these are essential home-brewing equipment that you will need.

Homebrewers' Choice
Tilt Wireless Hydrometer and Thermometer (Black)
$159.99 $135.00

Tilt's wireless hydrometer is compatible with your phone/tablet and works with both iOS & Android platforms.

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03/12/2024 01:55 pm GMT
Wireless Fermentation Monitor
PLAATO Airlock - WiFi Fermentation Analyzer for Homebrewing

Plaato is the world's first non-invasive fermentation analyzer. Wifi-connected. Measures: specific gravity + fermentation activity + alcohol content + temperature.

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Homebrewers' Choice
PLAATO Keg - The Keg Management System

First all-in-one system that keeps a track of how much is left in your kegs, the volume of each poor and detects leaks. WIFI-CONNECTED. Get access to your beer stats straight on your phone from wherever you are.

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Digital Scales

To measure the ingredients perfectly and brew a good beer, you need to use the digital scales.

Boiling Equipment (Propane & Electric)

Boiling is essential in every brewing process. To kill the bacteria, add in the hops, and flavoring grains. So, pick the right tools for boiling. Propane burners or electric heating is the big decision in this category of essential beer brewing equipment.

Propane Units:

#1 Homebrewers' Choice
Edelmetall Brü Burner, Propane Burner for Homebrewing

72,000 BTUs of finely-tuned firepower that goes from zero to full boil in no time flat. This is the new gold standard of homebrewing propane burners.

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03/17/2023 11:06 am GMT
Made for Small Batches
Bayou Classic Propane Burner

14-inch diameter cooking surface, solid 1-piece welded steel frame, and wide-set legs for stability. Quick and easy setup, this unit is made for small batches and easy of use.

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03/16/2024 02:01 am GMT

Electric Stovetops:

Economy Choice
Portable Electric Stove, 1200W Infrared Single Burner

Works with ALL types of Kettles. Infrared burners take only a few seconds to heat up. Powered by 120V and 1200-Watts. Single Dial Temp Control

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Homebrewers' Choice
Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop with Sensor Touch, 1800W
$129.99 $96.99

HIGH EFFICIENCY: Choose from 20 preset power levels (100W to 1800W) and 20 preset temperature level settings (100°F to 460°F).

SENSOR TOUCH PANEL: Built-in LED screen touch panel

EASY-TO-CLEAN FULL GLASS PANEL: This commercial-grade quality induction hot plate features a seamless glass cooktop, making clean up easy.

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06/20/2024 10:31 pm GMT
Best Seller
Portable Induction Burner Hot Plate with LCD Sensor Touch 1800 Watts

110/120V 15 amp electrical outlet–standard. ETL listed and built to North American electrical standards. It is lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage. 1800 Watts Wort Boiling Power.

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Beer Bottling Accessories

As you can’t drink the beer directly from the carboy, you’ll need beer bottling accessories like bottles, growlers, caps, beer bottle crown caps, cappers, fillers, washers, brushes, and spigots to bottle the brew.

Drying and Storage Racks

To avoid any excess water left when you wash the bottles, you need to let them dry before you bottle the beer.


You can buy labels or make your own at home. Though it’s not vital to label them, it’s so much fun and avoids the confusion too.

Beer Sanitizers

From the yeast you use to the beer you brew, you need to maintain sanitization throughout the process. Everything you use in the brewing and bottling process has to be clean to prevent the growth of bacteria.

How about cleaning the beer line?

You can use the line cleaners in any form like powder, and tablets. Some line cleaners can be harsh, so be careful before using them for beers and rinse them well.

Are your hands safe?

A beer sanitizer is a must-have while brewing a beer. You can get the beer sanitizers in powder or liquid form. Dilute the sanitizer in water and mix for the proper dilution. Now, flush all your home-brewing equipment through the sanitized water.

Get the Equipment Kits You Need

Instead of buying individual pieces, you better buy an equipment kit. It’s suggested to make a list of the tools you need and then go buy a kit. So, if anything you don’t get something you need, you may have to buy it. You don’t want to go through that moment when you realize that you forgot to buy an item after you start brewing.

Extract Brew Kits

Their price is affordable and best for the homebrewers whether you are a newbie or not. These extract kits need very less equipment. You need to add water, ingredients, and the extract to the kettle. Now, start boiling and cool the wort.

Then, ferment the wort for a few weeks before bottling. You can skip the mashing process with these kits.

The All-Grain Brew Kits

If you want to level up your brewing, all-grain brew kits are the best. They don’t need extract but they do have some good flavors that you can use. If you’re a beginner, you need more equipment for this than the extract kits. This calls for the “splurging you.”

Partial Mash Brew Kits

If you don’t want to spend so many bucks and don’t want the basic extract, this partial mash kit is a good choice that uses grains and malt extract. You just need a boiling kettle, a grain bag, a drink cooler with a plug, and a bucket. So, this one’s affordable if you want a medium that’s between extract and all-grain kits.

Don’t forget the Brewing Ingredient Kits

Beer brewing kits are classified based on the base. You can have them as a liquid extract, or in the form on milled grains. Some of the kits have both of them. These kits are economical to set the process up, but it all depends on where you purchase it and how you want to brew. If you need any extra items like brew bottles, check before buying the kit.

Additional Beer Brewing Equipment to Consider:

Here are some tips to help.

  • Ensure you buy a propane burner of appropriate British thermal units (BTU). If you’re going to pick a camping burner that’s not designed to be used as home-brewing equipment, ensure its short and has wide legs, so it won’t tip over when a large pot is placed on it.
  • The filter screens and infusers help you get the flavor into the brew without any mess. A hand strainer also works, but a mesh hop bag is a convenient method. You can use it to throw in the hops into a bag, and then place it in the kettle.
  • The paddles and spoons made up of stainless steel, plastic that can resist heat, wood, and bamboo can be used to stir the brew. You can use any of your tools that are long and strong for stirring.
  • You might be using a candy thermometer or an odd meat thermometer, but the stainless-steel thermometers are more accurate to read the temperature.
  • You need to have the right equipment for fermentation to get good alcohol content and carbonation for your beer.
  • You’ll need a good container like Glass Carboy, Plastic Carboy, Fermenter Bucket, Conical Fermenter, or an Oak Barrel that can hold the wort. This is an important process when it’s turning into beer.
  • You can use thermostat or wraps and pads for better temperature control of your beer.
  • You’ll need Siphon Hose, Silicone, or a Vinyl Beverage tubing to move the beer out of the container, to move the hot wort, and for other uses. You need to get the right-sized tubing. Keep it sanitized and replace it regularly.
  • You’ll use this rubber stopper bungs to airlock the fermenters, and growlers So, buy a bung of the right size and it’d be much better if it’s a pre-drilled hole.
  • Instead of using your mouth, use these racking canes by attaching the short end to the tubing and inserting the order end into the beer to transfer it. This reduces the growth of bacteria.
  • To use a siphon, fill the tube with clean water, close the end of the hose, and insert the tube into the beer.
  • A keezer or one of the best kegerators for keeping your beer cold and ready to serve.

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As long as you choose the right brewing equipment according to your specific needs, nothing can stop you from brewing the best beer. Happy brewing!