Best Tequila Glasses: Every Agave Drop Savored with Must-Have Designs

Tequila is a fabulous drink to have after a hard day or week. Usually, we have this image of tequila as being drunk in loud, high-energy bars and clubs.

But there are other ways to enjoy your tequila. As trivial as it might seem, your tequila glass can shape how you enjoy your drink. So we’re here to introduce to you the best tequila glasses to enjoy your tequila.

03/17/2023 01:21 am GMT

The Search for the Best Tequila Glass

Are you looking to have fun? Or do you want a glass for sipping tequila systematically?

Whatever reason you drink, we’ve got excellent shot glasses for you. Check this selection of diverse tequila shot glasses out.

Let’s break down each selection below.

Riedel Vinum Brandy Glass – Best Overall

If we’re looking for an excellent glass for sipping tequila, this is one of the best tequila glasses for that.

If you want to sip tequila analytically, the form of this one is hard to beat.

Its well-rounded middle is the PERFECT SIZE that allows for ample room for aeration, allowing you to bring out the subtle flavors of your mezcal of choice.

In fact, this kind of shape is usually what mezcal blenders usually prefer when they’re ascertaining the taste and flavor of their tequila blends.

Glasses of this form are great for bringing out the aromatic compounds of pale reposado, aged añejo, clear blanco, whatever you may be having.

If you’re looking to get other glasses, this form should be your standard for what a good sipping tequila glass is if you want to get the best taste out of your tequila.

It’s top-quality and absolutely one of the best glasses for your tequila-loving taste buds.


  • Safe, lead-free crystal
  • Expansive middle
  • Great tasting tequila glass


  • Fragile glasses
  • Pricey

Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass – Best Value

This entry marks our arrival into the glasses made for sipping tequila territory. These tequila glasses are what you could use as your analytic glass.

This line of tequila glasses from Riedel brings out the relaxing enjoyment of your beverage. How sweet!

This tall, long stem, champagne-flutes-type glass is made for the swirling and aerating of your choice of mezcal and reposado.

It features a thin rim for a smoother flow from the glassware to the mouth.

This particular product is a tremendous starter-tasting glass for young tequila lovers.


  • A good all-rounder for other drinks and spirits as well
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good tasting glass


  • May not have enough airspace for some people’s preferences
  • On the fragile side

The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt Shooters – Best Budget

We’re moving away from the analytic glasses now and moving on to more “for fun” glasses. Allow us to introduce you to the shot glasses.

This glass lets you infuse a little salty flavor in your shots. With these shot glasses, you can now add some saltiness into your shots without painstakingly adding salt to the rim yourself.

Wouldn’t it be too salty? These shot glasses are designed to apply the appropriate amount to not feel like you’re taking a dip in the Red Sea.

Taking care of these types of glasses is a little different, though.

You need to keep them from completely drying. It’s not dishwasher friendly, so make sure to take your drink in one gulp to avoid exhaling into the glass, among other things.


  • Balanced sweet and savory flavor in every shot
  • Affordable price point


  • High maintenance
  • Needs to be replaced sooner or later

The Oaxaca Tequila Glass

Talking about a good sipping glass, here’s another one that can easily deliver a unique drinking experience.

This is high-class tequila glassware inspired by historical Mexican Copitas. It isn’t just for tequilas but mezcal and other spirits in general.

This design isn’t just to brag that you have some historically-inspired glass.

The shape of the glassware ensures that your nose is close to the drink when you take that sip.

As you may or may not know, smell accounts for a big part of our sense of taste.

This form is made specifically to get the most flavor out of every sip, every time your mouth touches the rim of the glassware.

It’s a great Copita for fine tequila, reposado, tequila from a tequila decanter, etc.

You need to try your favorite tequila with this MUST-HAVE glass style to discover the flavor that you may have been missing out on.


  • Inspired by historical design for mezcal drinking
  • Unique design
  • Solid for sipping tequila


  • Does not have a large capacity

Aura Glass 14oz Stemless Aerating Wine Glass

Let’s start this list off with this fancy miniature glassware. This design isn’t just for show.

It’s a stemless glass with a heavy base. The stainless steel ball base allows it to be anchored to the table while it spins your glass around.

The design allows you to swirl and aerate your tequila easily with just a gentle push of a finger.

Don’t put this near the edge of a table, I beg of you. It will roll off and fall to the floor. Bye-bye, shiny new glass.

Given they don’t roll off your table, these glasses are durable and sturdy.

There are also times where you want your glasses in a more stable position. Well, they provide 2 wood oak coasters that comfortably cradle your glasses stably.

This will be an excellent, unique addition to your liquor glassware collection.


  • Aerates your tequila
  • The design helps to swirl your tequila for analytic tasting
  • Unique design for ice breakers


  • Might not work well with ice
  • Quite expensive

Barbuzzo Rolling Whiskey Glasses

If you thought the previous option was a fun option for a tequila glass, but you can’t get it because of its costly price point, then this may be right for you.

This choice is similar to the previous option design-wise but for almost half the price.

It has similar advantages to that of the previous entry on the list. And similar weaknesses as well with a few additions as it’s in a lower price point.

So you can swirl it with just a push of the finger. But it doesn’t roll quite as smoothly as the previous design allows.

Unfortunately, you don’t get the specially-made coasters to put these glasses in a MORE STABLE position, unlike the previous option.


  • Design helps introduce air to your tequila
  • Shape helps swirl your tequila
  • Affordable price option for a titled rolling glass


  • May not be compatible with ice, poor rocks glass
  • Doesn’t roll as smoothly as the previous option

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses

This next tequila glass on the list may look similar to the previous ones, but it doesn’t necessarily fulfill the same purpose.

For starters, it has a more stable tilted design. So you can set it down, have it still adequately aerate your tequila but it won’t move and roll around.

Because of the glass’s stability, it would be easier to put ice cubes in the glass without fear of it possibly spilling and such. So it can definitely be a rocks glass.

The main appeal of this is the attractive, unique, geometric design. It just LOOKS GOOD on a bar top. It stands out from the far side of the room.

Further, it comes in either a clear glass option or an iridescent option. The iridescent option has a colorful tint on the glass and looks amazing in the light.


  • Solid design for tequila aeration
  • Sturdy and high-quality tequila glass
  • Eye-catching unique form
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Rims may be too thick for some people’s preferences
  • Iffy quality control with some products arriving with scratches

SHTOX Roulette Rotating Glass

Now we’re getting to something that looks a little more conventional-looking. But just because it’s conventional-looking doesn’t mean it isn’t special.

This tequila glass has a unique selling point: it spins. It can spin around while still being able to stand upright.

Why would you want a glass that spins? It gives you something to fiddle with in between sipping. More importantly, it can swirl your tequila while looking cool.

It’s big enough to contain various sizes and shapes of ice if you like your tequila on the rocks. As a bonus, the ice looks pretty cool, spinning around as the glass spins too.

There are various patterns that you can choose from. It’s definitely on the expensive end.


  • Solid, high-quality glass
  • Good rocks glass if you want to put ice cubes in
  • Designed to spin around


  • Very expensive
  • It may be incompatible with dishwashers

Tequila Shot Glass Sugar Skull

Here’s a more conventional choice for tequila shots. You can probably find this kind in your typical bar.

But it does come with other things that give it added value.

It comes with a cutting board and a garnishing knife specifically for cutting your lime. It also comes with a salt tin to help you apply that salty goodness to the rim of your shot glass.

The thick rim is also perfect for holding all those salty crystals.

The box it comes with is also quite impressive. So taking this out during special occasions or at your next party will definitely impress your guests.


  • Good value for all that you get
  • Heavy base


  • The knife may break easily

Sun’s Tea Highball Glass

Here’s our last for our tequila glasses list. We picked this for tequila cocktails and mixed drinks.

If you want to relax and take a sip on some tequila cocktails, this is an excellent choice.

The design is made wavy for easier grip when sipping. The bottom is also strong enough if you want to drop rocks, aka ice cubes (NOTE: Don’t drop actual rocks in your glassware.).

If you want to experiment with mixing your tequila with fruits and such, this is an EXCELLENT choice.


  • Lead-free glass
  • Perfect for cocktails
  • Insulated tumbler


  • Rim may be too thick for some people’s preference

What Different Tequila Glasses Offer: A Recap

When looking for the best glasses for tequila, you need to look at what you plan to use them for.

“Best tequila glasses” depends on your use case. If you want to just have fun and unwind when you drink, almost any glass will suffice: wine glasses, shot glasses, whiskey glasses, etc.

Some people are also particular about the rim of the glassware. A thin rim usually is preferred for that smooth transition from the glassware to your lips with every sip.

Best Budget Pick: The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt Shooters

If you’re looking for a budget option, these tequila shot glasses from Spice Lab, would be fun for parties.

The pink hues and pinches of salt make give you a unique drinking experience!

Best Value: Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass

Next to that, the Riedel Tequila Glass would be a close second. Its sleek and versatile design allows you to enjoy tasting the soothing aroma and flavor of multiple tequila flavors.

It just doesn’t have the same airiness that the snifter has.

Best Overall: Riedel Vinum Brandy Glass

But if you want to take your taste buds on a trip to taste all your tequila has to offer, you have to be a bit pickier. A tequila glass for sipping has a particular shape.

The Riedel Brandy Snifter is a MUST-HAVE for sipping tequila. Big glasses that allow air in for the most aroma, most flavor, is what most blenders prefer when evaluating their drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Glass is Best for Sipping Tequila?

The best glass for sipping tequila is one that allows for ample aeration, bringing out the subtle flavors of the tequila. The Riedel Vinum Brandy Glass is considered one of the best for this purpose.

Its well-rounded middle is the perfect size for aeration and is the preferred shape for mezcal blenders when evaluating the taste and flavor of their tequila blends.

How Does the Shape of a Tequila Glass Affect the Drinking Experience?

The shape of a tequila glass can significantly influence the drinking experience. For instance, glasses with a well-rounded middle, like the Riedel Vinum Brandy Glass, are great for bringing out the aromatic compounds of tequilas such as pale reposado, aged añejo, and clear blanco.

The form ensures that the nose is close to the drink, enhancing the aroma and flavor with each sip.

Are There Tequila Glasses with Unique Designs?

Yes, there are tequila glasses with unique designs that not only enhance the drinking experience but also serve as conversation starters. For example, the Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses have a unique, geometric design that stands out and looks good on a bar top.

Another example is the Aura Glass 14oz Stemless Aerating Wine Glass, which has a design that allows it to swirl and aerate tequila with just a gentle push.

What Should One Consider When Choosing a Tequila Tasting Glass?

When choosing a tequila tasting glass, one should consider the rim of the glassware. A thin rim is usually preferred as it provides a smooth transition from the glassware to the lips with each sip.

Additionally, the shape of the glass should allow for ample aeration to bring out the tequila’s subtle flavors.

Are There Budget-Friendly Options for Tequila Glasses?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options for tequila glasses. The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt Shooters are a fun and affordable choice.

These shot glasses infuse a salty flavor into the shots, eliminating the need to add salt to the rim. They offer a unique drinking experience at an affordable price point.


That’s our selection for the best tequila glasses. With all this information, you’re on your way to being a tequila enthusiast.

Treat your palate to some good tequila with the perfect glassware to go with it!

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