Crafty Beer Glass: Beyond the Ordinary Pint – Fusion of Artistry & Functionality for Beer Lovers

Homebrew Academy Crafty Beer Glass - Color Changing Print - Nucleated Bottom

Perfect Shape for Craft Beer - made just for you.

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04/10/2024 03:11 am GMT

Introducing our new color changing Crafty beer glasses! As the glass gets cold, watch as the unique beer making process design comes to life.

Perfect for craft beer lovers, the large bowl and narrow top keep aromatics trapped, while the flared lips release flavors as you take a sip.

And the cherry on top, eh, bottom? A custom etching or nucleation that collects bubbles, creating a fuller head and enhancing the aroma and flavor of your brew.

Why ‘Crafty’ Beer Glass?

When looking around at what is currently available in the beer glass market, there did not seem to be a glass that was made specifically for homebrewers. Something that says, “try this, I made it.”

So, I made it.

Nothing says “I made this” more than this crafty pint.

The glass is printed with a high quality color changing decal, that turns from white to color when it gets cold.

So if you order one in the winter, the glass just might be cold enough when it’s delivered to make it look like it is colored when empty. Just breathe and give about 30-40mins to get to room temperature before leaving me a review 😉