Belgian Beer Glasses: Authentic Designs From Brussels to Your Bar

If you think Belgian beers are the most creative thing in their country, just wait and see until you see their beer glasses.

One important thing to remember about different types of beer glassware is that they bring out each beer’s specific characteristics and aromas.

We wrote this article just for you to save you the time and effort in learning about your Belgian beer glassware.

Top 5 Belgian Beer Glasses

We’ve compiled our top five (5) Belgian glass cup picks:

04/10/2024 03:11 am GMT

In this section, we will list down all the beer glasses in Belgium, and the particular beer that is appropriate for each one.

Are you ready to know more about them? Let’s dive right in!

#1 Libbey Craft Brews Classic Belgian Beer Glass

Classic Belgian Beer Glasses, 16-ounce, Set of 4
$29.99 $21.18 ($5.30 / Count)
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05/25/2024 09:36 am GMT

This stemmed tulip glass from Libbey Craft Brews is both stylish and functional. The Tulips are one of the most known glasses for beers, and it’s also used as a Belgian glass.

This beer glass is best for serving different kinds of Belgian ales or any craft brew enthusiast who appreciates a type-specific contour.

One of the best reasons why the Tulip glass has been loved by many is the way it enhances the drinking experience.

The Tulip glass is best for a beer that produces a lot of foam when created and served. The best beers for a Tulip-shaped glass are Tripel Karmeliet, Duvel, and La Chouffe.

Not only that, but this glass is also durable and dishwasher-safe. It is also lead-free in securely packaged when it is shipped.

If you are the type to collect different beer glasses, then you’d find this one easy to take care of because it comes with its own care and handling instructions.

#2 EcoDesign Belgian-Style Beer Glass

They say that great glasses make the aroma and the flavor of the drink brighter. This collection does exactly that.

This glassware from EcoDesign has a clear color and a stemmed tulip design. Glasses in this collection will support foamy head retention and enhancement of flavor and aroma.

The amazing thing about this stemmed design is it elevates the beer above your hands and protects it from early warming. Have we mentioned that it also keeps the taste longer?

To add to that, it is also dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. This is made of durable and crystal clear glass.

It has a capacity of 16 fl. oz, which is perfect for a relaxing Friday night.

If you are the type of beer drinker who likes using cork coasters, this beer glass from EcoDesign can also come with a cork coaster to protect your table from accidental scratches.

#3 Tripel Karmeliet Belgian Glass

If you want an authentic Belgian glass experience, then this is the best glass for you. Dubbed as the perfect duplicate of beer glasses in Belgium, you will surely appreciate this one.

With a capacity of 0.33L, this glass type has a chalice shape. These are the most common beer glasses for Belgian Trappists.

Just to give you a little bit of history about it, Belgian Trappists are beers that are brewed by monks in Belgium, and they are mostly heavy and thick-walled. [R]

These firm glasses with chalice shape are specially made for solid beers such as dubbels, tripels, and even quadrupels.

They all have a wide opening, which makes them perfect for deep sips. Aesthetically speaking, they are also elegant and their long stems make them easier to hold.

These elaborately-crafted glasses are durable and this glass makes a good part of a beer display.

#4 Spiegelau Craft Glass

Do you want a distinctive look for your glassware? Well, you’ve just found the right one for you.

With a capacity of 1.1 lbs, this wine glass has the same capacity as a mason jar. This wine glass from Spiegelau is specially made for a barrel-aged brew.

These versatile Tulip glasses are not only good for Belgian ales, but also for barrel-aged wines such as BBA Stout, gueuze, Belgian beers, or other drinks with bubbles.

As we know, it is important for a bottle of wine, or any other beer for that matter, to maintain its aroma and quality from the brewery up to its pouring time.

The shape of this mason jar-like glass enables it to enhance the tastes of different styles of beers. The aromas of your drinking beer or wine will surely stay until it’s poured.

The construction of this lead-free wine glass has an elegant and modern entrance, which takes your beer connoisseurship to the next level.

With 500 years of German craftsmanship, Spiegelau offers high-end glassware that is super durable, dishwasher-safe, and can remain flawless with no scratching or fogging.

#5 Muldale Craft Beer Glasses

Made of crystalline glass, this Tulip-shaped drinking glassware from Muldale has a generous bowl, narrow waist, and flared rim. The shape of this glass is used to maintain the aroma.

The flared rim creates a healthy head of beer, while the narrow waist helps to maintain the aromas of beers, old and new brews alike.

The grip of this Muldale glass helps to facilitate swirling and the release of more aromas while you are drinking the bottle of your chosen drink.

If you are going for a grand celebration or a relaxing Friday night out, the shape enables this glass to be filled up with a pint of your favorite wine, IPA beers, Belgian beers, and the like.

We would say that this is the perfect gift for beer enthusiasts, or for those who like collecting different glasses of beer glassware.

Another one of the reasons why we love this craft glassware from Muldale is it is made of high-end glass and imbued with the element erbium, which contributes to its astounding clarity.

To add, it also has a delicate and elegant look. But, don’t let that fool you. Glasses from Muldale have improved resistance and are specially strengthened for daily use.

#6 Libbey Belgian Beer Taster Glass

Belgian Beer Taster Glass 5 oz - 4 Pack w/ Pourer
$21.99 ($5.50 / Count)
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04/10/2024 12:43 am GMT

If you want a glass for your beer that is purely made and constructed in the country, then this one is for you.

With a capacity of only 5 fluid ounces, this glassware is specifically made as a taster glass, which means that you can use it when you are trying out a new brew or different beers.

What’s so great about this taster glass is that it has the shape of glassware required to maintain aroma. It has an inwardly tapered lip that can capture the aroma of different beer styles.

Have we mentioned that it also has a stackable design? This means that you can fit these glasses into a limited space or a portable container when you want to drink wine or beer outdoors.

If you want a glass that you can use to sample and drink different styles of beer without losing the aroma, then this glass from Libbey is exactly what you are looking for.

#7 Delirium Belgian Signature Chalice Glass

Delirium Belgian Ales Signature Chalice Glass
$38.95 ($19.48 / Count)
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04/10/2024 01:21 am GMT

Do you want an enhanced aroma when you are drinking your beer? You will surely like these glasses from Delirium. Let us explain why.

Made of clear glass and with a capacity of 8.5 ounces, these glasses will both give you the tastes and the quantity of beer.

Like the other glasses in this list, it has a flared rip for a healthy head for the beer. What sets these glasses apart is its focus on the aroma and bubbles.

It has a laser elephant etching on the inside, which helps in highlighting the foamy head of the beer.

It also comes in a set of 2, so you can have two glasses for an affordable price. It’s such a good deal, right?

Buying Guide for Your Belgian Glassware

In this section, we will help you choose your next glass, whether you are having a beer or champagne night.

The factors below are what you will need to consider when you are choosing your glass. Ready? Let’s get right into it.

Know Your Shapes

The most common shape of a Belgian glass is the tulip, which is used for the strong ales produced in Belgium.

You might know tulips as one of the glasses used for serving champagne, but they can also handle stronger liquors such as Belgian beer.

Tulips are named after the flower, which has a bulbous body before narrowing. It opens up again with a lot of room for the beer’s head. The head is occupied with foam.

Tulips are best for a beer that produces a voluminous foam when served. They protect the rich flavors and aromas common to beers from Belgium.

Another type of glass is the chalice one, which is usually used in serving Trappist products. These are made of thick-walled glass that is perfect for deep sips.

The Belgian goblet is another type of glass used in serving a Belgian beer. In some ways, it is like a chalice, but has a long-stemmed base and is made of thinner glass.

Although not common, there are smaller goblets that have a higher sip to gulp ratio and have less room for the head. These are used for non-foamy types of beer.

Bowl and Flare Structure

The bowl of the glass is used to collect aromas and can be held to warm the beer. This enhances the overall experience while enjoying your glass of beer.

Usually, a concave bowl with a tapered top is needed if you want a glass that is great for trapping and concentrating aroma.

One of the glasses on the list, such as the Libbey Belgian Taster Glass, has an inwardly tapered lip.

This can help in capturing the aroma, especially if you are just starting your journey as a beer connoisseur.

On the other hand, the flare allows the beer to be placed at the front of the tongue. This is where the head of the glass is, which makes room for the foam.

If you want a concentrated foam, convex glass is needed. This type usually has a wider head to accommodate the foam arising from the beer.


When it comes to a beer, the alcohol amount is important in distinguishing the size of the glass.

A glass with a small body is commonly used for those with higher alcohol content, such as some types of IPAs.

A glass with a bigger body and more capacity is best for a beer that has lower alcohol by volume (ABV). This can be used for the likes of golden ale, lager, and champagne.

Belgians are inventive with their glassware, so using the right size for the right beer is also important.

If the type of beer being served has a particularly high ABV, choose a taster glassware that is not only small but will also maintain the aroma of the beer.

If the beer is served has the same ABV as that of champagne, then feel free to use pint-sized glasses with a wider head.

What about Belgian Beer?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top Belgian beer glasses?

  1. Libbey Craft Brews Classic Belgian Beer Glass: This tulip-shaped glass is ideal for serving different kinds of Belgian ales. It enhances the drinking experience, especially for beers that produce a lot of foam.
  2. EcoDesign Belgian-Style Beer Glass: This glass supports foamy head retention and enhances flavor and aroma. Its stemmed design prevents early warming of the beer.
  3. Tripel Karmeliet Belgian Glass: This chalice-shaped glass is perfect for solid beers such as dubbels, tripels, and quadrupels. It’s ideal for deep sips and is aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Spiegelau Craft Glass: This versatile tulip glass is suitable for Belgian ales and barrel-aged wines. It enhances the tastes of different styles of beers.
  5. Muldale Craft Beer Glasses: This tulip-shaped glass maintains the aroma of beers and facilitates the release of more aromas while drinking.

Why is the shape of the Belgian beer glass important?

The shape of the beer glass is important because it can enhance the beer’s specific characteristics and aromas. For example, a tulip-shaped glass is best for beers that produce a lot of foam, as it enhances the drinking experience.

What is the best glass for Belgian Trappist beers?

The best glass for Belgian Trappist beers, which are brewed by monks in Belgium and are typically heavy and thick-walled, is a chalice-shaped glass. These glasses are perfect for deep sips and their long stems make them easier to hold.

How does the size of the glass affect the beer-drinking experience?

The size of the glass can affect the beer-drinking experience, especially in relation to the alcohol content of the beer.

A glass with a small body is commonly used for beers with higher alcohol content, while a glass with a bigger body and more capacity is best for beers with lower alcohol content.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a Belgian beer glass?

When choosing a Belgian beer glass, consider the shape of the glass, the structure of the bowl and flare, and the size of the glass.

The shape can affect the aroma and flavor of the beer, the bowl and flare structure can enhance the overall drinking experience, and the size should be appropriate for the alcohol content of the beer.

What are some types of Belgian beer glasses and their distinct features?

There are a variety of Belgian beer glass types, each designed to enhance the drinking experience of different Belgian beers by accentuating their unique characteristics. Here are some notable types:

  1. Tulip Glasses: These glasses have a bulbous body and a flared lip, which helps in maintaining the beer’s head and directing the aroma to the nose. They are ideal for strong ales, Belgian ales, and other aromatic beers.
  2. Goblet or Chalice Glasses: Known for their wide, open bowls and sturdy stems, these glasses are perfect for heavy, malty beers like Belgian Dubbels and Tripels.
  3. Stemmed Beer Glasses: With a similar appearance to wine glasses, stemmed beer glasses are versatile and suited for a variety of Belgian beers.
  4. Flute Glasses: These tall, narrow glasses preserve and showcase the beer’s carbonation, making them suitable for Belgian Lambics and other effervescent beers.

What are the best Belgian beer glasses recommended for purchase?

Some of the best Belgian beer glasses recommended for purchase include:

  1. Homebrew Academy Crafty Beer Glass: This glass has a color-changing print and nucleated bottom.
  2. Classic Belgian Beer Glasses (16-ounce, Set of 4): These glasses are traditional Belgian beer glasses ideal for various Belgian ales.
  3. Tripel Karmeliet Tulip Belgian Beer Glass (Set of 2): Thes are perfect for serving Belgian Tripel beers.

How does the shape of a Belgian beer glass affect the beer-drinking experience?

The design of Belgian beer glasses is not merely aesthetic; it serves to enhance the beer’s flavor, aroma, and overall drinking experience.

For instance, the tulip glass, with its bulbous body and flared lip, helps maintain the beer’s head and direct the aroma to the nose, making it ideal for aromatic beers like Tripel Karmeliet, Duvel, and La Chouffe.

Similarly, goblet or chalice glasses with their wide, open bowls are perfect for enjoying heavy, malty beers as they allow for easy sipping and help in retaining the beer’s head.

The design elements of Belgian beer glasses are deliberate to ensure that the drinker enjoys every aspect of the beer – from its color and aroma to its taste and mouthfeel.

Some Last Words

Beer from Belgium requires the right type of container with the right type of head to be able to maximize the experience.

Remember, when you choose the right beer for you, don’t forget to also choose the right ware for it.

Enjoy your drink and cheers!

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