Homebrewing Beer Recipes

by Karl S | Updated: December 3, 2021

Looking for your next kick-ass homebrewing recipe? You’re in the right place. These are proven beer brewing recipes – guaranteed to earn you MANY firm pats on the back and silent nods of approval.

Unlike many homebrewing sites, our recipes are very detailed. I know how frustrating it is to find a “half complete” homebrewing recipe. That’s why you’ll find stats, instructions, comments, and tasting notes by our team of beer drinking experts.

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Beer Brewing Recipes (all)

Homebrewing Recipes for Beginners

These beers are easier to brew because they don’t take as long, don’t require lagering, or don’t take advanced techniques. But that doesn’t mean these beers are bland. Actually they’re some of my favorite recipes. A beer doesn’t need to be complicated to taste great.

Advanced Homebrewing Recipes

These recipes are a little more advanced but still within reach for most brewers. They include lagers and recipes where “weird” ingredients are used. Some of them are really damn fun to make. All are delicious.

Beer Cocktails Recipes

Still can’t decide what to brew next? Don’t worry, get inspired by joining a beer of the month club here and you’ll be sure to find one that you’ll love to try and brew up for yourself!