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Bottoms Up: Your Guide to Beer Bottle Types, Uses, and Care

There are days when you are super tired and want to have a cold beer when you reach home after a hectic day. There are several bottles where you can keep your beer and drink it. It will keep you drink fresh and cool.

Today in this article, we will discuss top beer bottles in which you can store your beer easily. 

What's the Difference between Ale and Lager_ Homebrew Academy

What is a beer bottle?

You might wonder why we are talking about beer bottles as it is a very normal thing. But we never know the purpose of something until we can’t use it anymore. Well, the beer bottle itself has a very important role in keeping the beer.

Much like a Growler, you’ll need something to keep your beer in when you can’t drink it directly from the tap. 

A beer bottle is specially designed as a container that contains beer in it. It has a special brown or dull green color which protects it from rays such as ultraviolet rays.

The best thing is that it is not made in just one size, in fact, it has many different sizes and shapes, and most of them are truly attractive, which attracts a lot of customers. 

The fact is that this world is full of materialism. People run after the presentation and go for beautiful bottles. That’s why the manufacturers try to make bottles that are super cute and attractive, but their goal is not only that. They also focus on their quality, type, material, and warranty. 

Why should people have a beer in a bottle?

Well, you might have seen that every food has its own container that fits its properties. Like fruits are meant to be in open basket and water comes in plastic bottles and milk has its own special jug, just like that beer has its own specially designed bottles. 

Not only food but cosmetic and other things also have their specific containers which keep them safe. 

Beer bottles are designed in a way that keeps its flavor nourished, and it tastes better in them. There are many brewers who use larger bottles that help them capture the nice flavor of the beer. Yes, it’s true. A bottle can contribute a lot in taste, smell, flavor, and freshness.  

Secondly, beer bottles are very easily stored. It’s not a big deal if you fell in love with some stylish bottle and wants to keep it, you can even store a bulk of bottles, and it will be completely convenient. The good thing is that they have a long life and can be stored for months. 

Why are beer bottles not made of plastic?

There are many reasons why they chose glass for beer bottles instead of plastic. First of all, you should understand the disadvantages of plastic. If a beer bottle is made of plastic, then it will be difficult to protect your drink from sun rays such as ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays can harm your drink, and if it is left under the sun for a long time and you drink it without knowing, then it can cause a serious health issue.

 Moreover, all the beers have carbon dioxide in them, which makes bubbles in them and gives you a fizzy flavor. Once your beer is in a plastic bottle, carbon dioxide can easily escape through the plastic as it has tiny microscopic holes in it and your drink will lose its bubbles, and it will flatten quicker than it would in the glass. 

You don’t want to have a flatten drink. Then choose glass beer bottles as it will protect your drink from rays as well as maintain its flavor and bubbles for a longer period of time.

Understanding Beer Bottle Colors

•    Beer bottle shapes

Until 17 century, the manufacturers were facing a problem because of the escape of C02. The glass beer bottle was not strong enough to withstand the pressure of CO2. It took nearly a hundred years to understand the solution to this problem. To avoid this escaping of CO2, long neck bottles were discovered. 

Long neck bottles are still in trend today, but there have been a lot of discovering till now. Now the glass that is used for bottling is much stronger than the glass used in the past. The shapes play an important part; they can make the beet bottle effective as well as safe. 

•    Beer bottle colors 

Not only shapes do all the work. The latest discoveries proved that color is no less than shape. The glass was the key point to keep the beer for a longer period of time. Glass can be mold into a lot of different shapes, and it is the best material used for bottling. But then they observed that there had been relatively rapid changes in beer. It was getting bad sooner than they expected. 

That is because a clear glass wasn’t safe for the beer. A clear glass could absorb ultraviolet radiations and hence make the beer sour. Clear glass became a problem, and it changed the taste and smell of the beer, believe me, it wasn’t a good chance at all. It resembled the smell of the skunk. 

That’s when they realized that clear glass was doing more bad than good, so they tried to use colored glass. A brown or a dull green glass was specifically used, and it solved all the problems as rays can’t pass through a dull glass, so it allowed the beer to stay fresh for a longer time. It also didn’t affect the taste and smell of the beer. 

The brown bottle is better than a green bottle. After World War 2, the demand for brown bottle greatly increased but it was hard to create that many brown bottles so they made green bottles, which weren’t that much effective but however it was much better than a clear glass bottle. 

What are the advantages of bottling a beer?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use beer bottles and never throw them or waste them as they can be reused in a few things. 

•    There has been an issue with drinking a can of beer that is made from aluminum because a lot of drinkers reported having a metallic taste in their drink, which is not healthy. However, by bottling a beer, there are least chances of having any change in flavor or experiencing metallic in flavor. A beer bottle maintains your flavor to the fullest. 

•    The temperature inside a glass bottle stays cold for a longer period of time. If you compare the temperature of the can and a bottle, then you will notice that the temperature of can falls quicker than a bottle and gets warm. So using a bottle can keep your beer cold for a longer time. 

•    Another good reason for bottling a beer is that there is no BPA Bisphenol A in them. BPA can be transferred to your drink from cans, as cans aluminum lining has BPA. Even though BPA is colorless and even tasteless, it has no smell at all, but it can be very dangerous for you. It can deeply affect humans. 

•    Bottling a beer is very easy. It is completely affordable and efficient. Beer bottles come in a variety of sizes, or a beer can be adjusted in a lot of stylish and attractive bottles that are BPA free and has a good cooling system.

You can always reuse the beer bottles and also store them. Homebrewers like to use bottles with swing caps on them, but not all do. If your prefer standard bottles, you’ll need to get caps and a bottle capper. 

Today we will discuss the top beer bottles that would help you choose the bottle of your choice.

Best Glass Beer Bottles for the Money

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies 24 Pack Amber Long Neck Bottles

–    Specifications

The perfect long neck beer bottle for you by Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies offers a pack of 24 bottles for you to enjoy your beer with all of your friends and family. Even then, you will not run out of beer bottles. 

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies understand that you may need several bottles for your dinners, gatherings, and parties. This is why they have come up with a pack with a such number of bottles that may fulfill your needs. 

Long neck bottles will definitely bring the grip you would want in a glass bottle. It even comes with standard crown cap closure. 

–    Advantages

Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies is offering 24 bottles in their pack which is the best advantage you can attain from a beer bottle supplier. When you buy more things at one time, you are charged less for it, the total cost reduces. So, 24 bottles in a pack would definitely cost you less.  These also fit well in a bottle insulator.

–    Disadvantages

The cap of this bottle is very basic. It can be opened very easily unintentionally. An unwanted open would cause leakage or wastage. And this is the last thing you would be looking for in any of the beer bottles. 

However, the cap can be changed at any point. You will find several caps at a low price from many dealers, and it would solve your problem. 

Home Brewing Glass Beer Bottle with Easy Wire Swing Cap & Airtight Rubber Seal by Tiabo

–    Specifications

This long neck glass beer bottle is the ultimate product you would ever need. Not only is it strong, but it also has a wire swing cap which provides immense protection. Any leakage or wastage is the last thing that will come in your mind by keeping this bottle with you. 

Made in a way that it is easy to wash in a dishwasher without any breakage, it is going to be the easiest reusable bottle — no need to manually wash it because it’s fragile because it is not.

The best feature of a  swing top bottles, is actually the swing top itself which makes it best for parties where it is hard to keep a beer bottle safe from wastage. The swing wire cap will keep the beer safe and sound. And no need for a seperate capper.

In case of any dissatisfaction, you can contact the supplier to take it back, and they will be more than happy to serve you the best way possible without asking a single question relating it. They will either replace it or refund it, whatever you want!

–    Advantages

The cap of this bottle is surely the advantage you will get with this bottle. So secure that you will not have to worry about leakage or wastage. Completely what you want from a beer bottle.

The glass used in the manufacture of this bottle is very thick, and it would avoid breakage in the dishwasher. 

The bottle is easy to wash in a dishwasher. You will get tired of washing it again and again, but the bottle will stay the same. 

–    Disadvantages

The supplier offers 12 bottles in this package hence making it a little less value for money. But the quality is so well that you won’t regret buying it. 

YEBODA 16 oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles for Home Brewing with Flip Caps

YEBODA 16 oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles for Home Brewing with Flip Caps, Case of 6
  • HEAVY DUTY GLASS: Our glass bottles are made with...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & KEEP FRESH: Bottles made of nontoxic...
  • EASY CLEAN & RESEALABLE CAPS: Our flip top caps with...
  • SAFELY PACKAGING: Each set is safely packaged in bubble...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Maybe, sometimes accidents...
Detail Page

–    Specifications

The YEBODA beer bottle is the name of a durable, strong bottle that you can rely on. It has been the under the use of many satisfied customers who think that YEBODA bottle is the best beer bottle you can have. Not just the durability, but also the safety, the precautionary measures. The beer inside is safe from leakage and wastage.

The cap on the beer bottle is like a vault to the bottle. The flip cap is very safe, will not be opened until required. You will not need any other beer bottle if you have this one.

–    Advantages

The cap of this bottle is very safe. The flip cap does not allow the beer to leak or waste. It remains closed as long as you want it to be. Any mishandling will not even cause to open the bottle. Only when the user wants it to open, it will open.

Additionally, the durability and strength of this bottle are also remarkable. You cannot ignore the fact that manufacturers did some really hard work to produce this product.  

–    Disadvantages

This supplier is only offering six bottles in the pack, which again is less value for money. As we have discussed some economics above, the more you buy, the less you are charged. You may be charged a little more from 6 bottles.

Surely it is better than buying a single bottle. 6 Bottles will provide you better value for money as compared to one bottle, and you will have a quality product by your side. You can also get it when you need a few bottles or when your circle of friends is really small. In any case, this  

16 oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles for Home Brewing 12 Pack with Flip Caps

–    Specifications

These thick glass bottles are the perfect match for your beer. With the capacity to adjust 16oz, the bottle is entirely made up of amber glass that not only protects your beverage from sunlight but also preserves the taste and deliciousness. 

The flip cap provides the vacuum necessary to preserve the taste and freshness. Not only does it preserves, but also secures from any leakage or wastage. Even in the wildest ride, the cap will stick to the bottle and fulfill its duty. 

–    Advantages

The amber glass is the ultimate choice towards durability and strength for glass swing top bottles. It has the ability to survive in the wildest of your situations. 

The build is in such a way that it allows the bottle to sustain wash in a dishwasher, which means that you can easily wash the bottles after use in the dishwasher and they will be ready to use again. 

The flip cap has already been mentioned in the specifications. It provides the security and preservation required by your beverage. Additionally, these flip caps will save your time and money. You will not have to buy new caps after each use as these caps are reusable. 

–    Disadvantages

There’s not much of a disadvantage for this bottle. It can be summed up as to be the weight that can be problematic. Obviously, not much of a deal, the thick material causes it to be heavier than other bottles. That’s it.

33 oz. Grolsch Swing Top Bottles

–    Specifications

Made from amber glass, these Grolsch Glass Swing Top Bottles are a quality product manufactured to store your beer or other beverages the best way possible. The glass is made up of high-quality raw amber that provides excessive protection and durability to a glass. On the top is the airtight swing cap that will preserve the beverage’s taste and pleasure. 

Neither will you lose any carbonation nor will the taste differ even in the slightest manner. The cap provides a complete vacuum to execute the preservation. 

The Grolsch Glass Bottle is specially designed for home use, and the manufacturers have made sure to include all the features required by a user. The perfect grip with a long neck, the amber glass, the airtight swing cap, and the design, everything matches your need. 

–    Advantages

The strong amber glass provides excessive protection, making the bottle perfectly safe to use. Even if it goes in the hand of a child, by mistake, of course, there will be no issue in terms of breakage until and unless the child hits the bottle hard on the ground which I am sure you will be able to handle. 

In addition to that, the airtight swing cap is the cause of preservation of your beverage due to the ceramic stopper. The taste, the pleasure, the feel, you will not lose even a tiny bit of it. It will be presented to you the way it comes out after fresh cooking. 

–    Disadvantages

People have reported that these bottles are a little bit expensive than other bottles on the market. Well, of course, you can find several bottles in the open market. But, I am sure you will not be able to find a bottle of such quality or even so, within this range. 

The price won’t matter once you have hands-on it. You would desire to have more and would definitely buy more if necessary.

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