Pressurized Beer Growlers: Innovation or Overkill in Beer Transportation?

Nothing takes the edge off more than a splendid tall glass of beer after a day of work. However, indulging in this privilege at a bar or a pub can be financially draining. Solution? Beer on the go.

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I’ve tested this one through at least 25 different beer styles – I know, hard job. It’s kept them all cold and carbonated just right.

Ok, in this article, we’ll go over some of the best-pressurized growlers that you can use to have a beer ‘on the go!’

The general purpose of this article is to help you choose the right product for yourself. After going through it, you’ll be better able to access what you need and find out what product will complement your lifestyle the best.

However, it’s important to understand that this review is flexible. If you’re looking for the right pressurized growler, chances are that you will find a couple or more that fits your needs. In that case, just go for the one that costs less. 

Coolest Pressurized Growlers

I made these up, because AI is fun. 🙂

What is a pressurized growler?

Pressurized Beer Growlers The best in beer transport Homebrew Academy

A growler is a bottle that is used to store and transport beer. They can be made from a wide variety of raw materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel.

With these, you get the absolute privilege to carry around quality beer with you, eliminating the need for any canned or bottled beer. Whether you brewed your beer at home or stopped by the local pub on the way through, no matter. Beer a growler, in the long run, translates into a better overall experience.

Growlers come in many different shapes, designs, and types. The one that we’ll be dealing with here is pressure growlers. These are growlers that utilize pressure-sensitive equipment and technology to keep your beer fresh! 

Different types of growlers come with a different set of advantages and disadvantages. The most famous products on the market are manufactured of glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.

However, the main thing to remember is that you should go for a product that is both functional and looks good in the setting it is placed in. Here’s our favorite:

Why should you get a pressurized growler?

A pressurized growler will serve you a plethora of benefits and advantages that you might be missing out in. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a pressurized growler for yourself!

Easy to transport fresh beer

Since pressurized growlers are air-tight, you can easily transport beer from one location to another without any loss of quality or quantity. This makes it optimal for whenever you want to take fresh beer or want it delivered to your place of choice. Growlers also come with a carrying handle, which makes it even easy to travel with them.

Bring home beer from a brewery

For the more enthusiasts out there, owning a growler will be a major factor if you want to purchase beer directly from the brewery. However, a word of caution that you should stick to is call up the brewery beforehand and ask them if they have any sort of laws and regulations about directly selling beer in regular growler.

Share your brew!

In the past few decades, home-brewing is a trend that is constantly on the rise. If you’re one of those individuals, then having a growler at hand will make your job easier. When giving out fresh home-brewed beer, the owner normally has to go through the tiresome process of bottling the beer up.

However, if you have a growler, you can make the whole process significantly shorter while retaining all the fresh and original qualities. Furthermore, it will also be very easy to travel with!

Tap the keg

This part is more applicable for you if you frequently host parties or are a bartender. When the keg gets low, you can’t access it via the tap and the remaining beer is generally inaccessible. Hence, it’s put into a growler so that it can be served and the drink still won’t lose its quality.

Furthermore, this allows the host/bartender to tap another keg and not have angry guests to wait around for a fresh beer.

Pressurized Growlers – material and characteristics

As mentioned above, pressurized growlers are made of three different materials. These are glass, ceramic, and stainless steel. Each of them come with their set of benefits and disadvantages.


Widely available, these are the most popular type of growlers there are. Since the material is made out of glass, this serves the user the benefit of always being able to view what’s inside. Furthermore, users also find it satisfying being able to view the growler of brews even while it is being filled.

However, the main disadvantage that glass growlers have is that the beer is liable to go bad if it is exposed to direct sunlight and UV rays.


Ceramic growlers are arguably the most aesthetic ones. Coming in hard and sturdy material, these growlers are often hard to carry around. Since you can’t view what’s inside, users often find it a little challenging to make sure that they don’t spill anything.

Ceramic growlers work best for posh and high maintenance settings since they are hard to clean and are prone to chipping and breaking on harsh contact.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel growlers are arguably one of the most effective and economical growlers there are. This is due to the insulation that the material provides, which helps you keep the beer cold for longer periods. Furthermore, the material is less susceptible to damage and is also easier to carry around.

The only downside that they have is that their exterior is opaque, which means you won’t be easily able to view what’s inside, making the filling part quite difficult.

Keeping your growler clean

Keeping your growler clean is the first step to ensuring that it delivers well. Here are a few ways you can go about it!

Quick rinsing

After finishing and pouring your beer, go for a quick rinse. Doing so with hot water means that you won’t have to wash it out or anything later on and that your growler is ready for round 2!


If you let your growler sit for a while, then using a detergent or homebrew equipment sanitizer is the optimal way to go about it. However, ensure that the liquid you use isn’t fat or oil-based because they leave behind residues which can be quite hard and tricky to eliminate. 

Always use a brush

If you want to go the extra mile with the last point, then consider using a brush to clean out the interior. Any carbon-based brush or a baby brush is likely to do the job well. Just ensure that the brush doesn’t have any metal wiring because that might damage the interior. 

Let it air dry

Let the growler air dry after washing. Do not use a towel to dry it up because that might leave behind residues and minute fibers. Lean it against something so that the moisture within dries up naturally. In this regard, patience is a virtue. Let the growler dry by itself for the best results!

The Top Five Pressurized Growlers

Wondering which models are currently the best available on the market? Along with a short review, we’ve also mentioned a few pros and cons that will equip you to make a better decision for yourself!

GrowlerWerks uKeg Pressurized Growler

#1 Homebrewers' Choice
GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler, 128 oz

Automatically regulates pressure to optimally carbonate beer. Choose desired carbonation level, from zero (off) up to 15 psi.

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This is an elegant model that is designed to look good in all sorts of settings. The model weighs 4.75 pounds and has a capacity of 128 ounces. Being manufactured out of stainless steel, this is the best model to go with if you’re looking for something sturdy and strong!

The model employs a smart VPR cap, which is responsible for auto-regulation of the carbonation level. This means you don’t have to worry about the pressure levels – the model will do that for you!

The dispenser top inserted is an easy-to-operate model and contains a lock that will prevent any sort of leakage or dispensing. Furthermore, the vessel of this model is durable and double-walled, which will keep your beer cold as long as you like.

The tap handles are interchangeable. You can choose whatever that fits your style. Furthermore, the model also has an integrated sight glass that will show you the contents inside and how much is exactly left to fill.

The model is also quite easy to clean and keep up with. The aesthetics of this model dictate that it will sit well in all different sorts of settings without sticking out too much.


  • The cap is adjustable and maintains and regulates the pressure quite well!
  • Custom dispenser ensures that no leakage ever takes place while also making it easier to access beer!
  • Immaculate vacuum insulation keeps the beer cold for the longest period
  • Sight glass shows you how many beers are left in the keg!


  • The tap locking mechanism might wear out with time
  • Assembling the product from the manual is a little tricky and requires patience and hard work

TrailKeg 1/2 Gallon Pressurized Stainless Steel Beer Growler 

Most Versitile
TrailKeg Half Gallon Stainless Steel Growler - Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Design
$134.99 $114.99

The stainless steel chrome tap of this double walled growler makes it easy for you to pour your drinks wherever you are. While its dual stage CO2 regulator provides smooth, consistent pressure. Both tap and regulator can be removed for ease of transportation and reconnected.

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10/07/2023 03:23 pm GMT


If you’re looking for a model that highlights good taste and aesthetics, then this model is the right one for you. Coming in at an all-black visage with a capacity of 64 ounces, this 5.2 pounds weighing model is one of the best that the market has to offer.

The vessel that this model employs to pour beer is double-walled and vacuumed. This means that the beer you pour is likely to stay cool and cold for extended periods, which means there will be the minimal formation of any sort of foam.

Being about 11.75 inches tall, this model is also smartly designed to fit well into your fridge or refrigerator. If you’re looking for an extra chill and want to make sure that your draft beer is cool to the touch, then this model serves best if it’s kept in the fridge for a little while.

The model also employs smart design, which ensures that it doesn’t easily breakthrough on harsh contact. The stainless steel structure also guarantees that the model is strong, durable, and sturdy, and will deliver well in all sorts of environments.

The model is also easy to operate and work with. It comes with a built-in handle, which makes it easy to carry around as well, which means you can utilize this growler when it’s time for a little picnic!

The Square Keg

Square One Mini Keg

Stainless Steel Keg and Tap System, 1 Gallon Capacity or 2x 64oz Growlers

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The Square Keg Growler is a distinctive beer container that offers a variety of benefits over traditional cylindrical growlers. Its square design facilitates easier storage and improved cooling efficiency.

Furthermore, it comes with a customizable tap handle which enhances the beer dispensing experience by adding a personal touch. The ergonomics of the square shape make the growler easy to carry and handle, embodying a blend of functionality and personalized aesthetics.

Additionally, the Square Keg Growler is designed to be a convenient and stylish solution for beer enthusiasts. Its innovative design not only addresses common challenges associated with traditional growlers but also provides a modern, sleek aesthetic.

The customizable tap handle is an added feature that allows individuals to personalize their beer dispensing setup, making the Square Keg Growler a practical and attractive choice for those looking to combine functionality with personal expression.

Improved cooling efficiencyPossibly higher cost
Easier storage due to square designMay not fit all car cup holders
Customizable tap handle
Easy to carry and handle
Modern, sleek aesthetic

The VEVOR Beer Growler Tap System encapsulates a modern solution for beer enthusiasts, embodying portability, freshness preservation, and easy maintenance.

This compact draft system is meticulously designed to keep beer carbonated and fresh over extended periods, making it a quintessential companion for outdoor adventures like tailgating, camping, or backyard barbecues. Its user-friendly design ensures that cleaning and maintenance are straightforward, thus enhancing the overall beer experience.

The cost-efficiency of the VEVOR system is notable, presenting a sustainable, one-time investment that curtails the recurrent costs of purchasing commercial beer, while also contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing waste associated with disposable growlers.

In a broader spectrum, the VEVOR Beer Growler Tap System signifies the advancements in homebrewing technology, offering a blend of convenience and quality that resonates with both seasoned homebrewers and casual beer drinkers. It stands as a smart investment that not only elevates the beer-drinking experience but also invites individuals to delve deeper into the homebrewing community.

The VEVOR system holds a mirror to the evolving landscape of homebrewing, showcasing how modern gadgets can seamlessly intertwine with traditional brewing practices to cater to the contemporary beer aficionado.

This Growler Tap System is more than just a beer container; it’s a gateway to a refined and enjoyable beer experience, whether at home or amidst nature’s serenity.

FreshnessKeeps beer carbonated and fresh for extended periods.
PortabilityCompact and easy to carry, ideal for outdoor adventures.
Easy CleaningMaintenance is straightforward with the right agents.Requires regular cleaning and sanitization.
Cost EfficiencyOne-time investment compared to recurring costs of buying commercial beer.Initial investment cost may be high for some users.
Environmental ImpactReduces waste from disposable containers and commercial beer transportation.
CapacityAvailable in various capacities to suit different needs.

Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System

Economy Option
Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System – Stainless Steel Growler


UPGRADED REGULATOR - WORKS W/ DISPOSABLE CO2: Each Co2 cartridge will pump around 128oz of beer before going empty.

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09/29/2023 11:23 am GMT


As far as good products go, this model is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ones on the market. With a capacity of 64 ounces, this model weighs in at 4.08 pounds, making it optimal for carrying around or traveling with.

The model, unlike the previous two, comes with a handle. This makes it easy to travel with and carry around. Furthermore, the height of this model, which goes up to 13 inches, makes sure that it will easily fit in your fridge/refrigerator. The barrel is also laser marked to let the user know when it is full!

The model is crafted from stainless steel, which means that it will keep your beer cold and well for extended periods. As far as storage goes, the model is reputed for being functional for about two months. Likewise, the model is also quite sturdy and strong, making it less likely to break under harsh conditions.

The model features a few updates as well. The main one includes a better regulator, which makes it easier to maintain and regulate the PSI levels of the vessel. Furthermore, the model also works well with disposable CO2 cartridges. However, the downside is that they aren’t included and have to be purchased separately.


  • The model is made from quality stainless steel that will keep your beer fresh and cold!
  • The upgraded regulator ensures that the pressure level is kept optimal
  • The assembly is quite easy and straightforward, making it optimal for beginners as well
  • Very easy to carry around/Portability is the key feature of this model.
  • Can be stored easily in the fridge or refrigerator for additional cooling


  • Some dripping might happen now and then
  • CO2 cartridges aren’t included in the kit and need to be purchased separately

Which One Should You Get?

For all the beer aficionados out there, the emphasis on keeping your beer cool and fresh cannot be underestimated. To help you achieve that, we hope that you found this article helpful.

If you’re looking for a complete solution, I would suggest going in for the Ukeg Go . It’s got the features you need, and offers an immaculate look like no other. Additionally, you will like the stainless steel body and the superior insulation it offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pressurized growler?

A pressurized growler is a bottle used to store and transport beer. They can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel. Pressurized growlers use pressure-sensitive equipment and technology to keep your beer fresh.

Why should one consider getting a pressurized growler?

There are several reasons to consider getting a pressurized growler:

  • They are airtight, allowing for easy transport of beer without loss of quality or quantity.
  • They are ideal for those who want to purchase beer directly from a brewery.
  • They are useful for home-brewers who want to share their brew without the hassle of bottling.
  • They are handy for bartenders or party hosts who want to serve beer from a low keg without losing its quality.

What are the different materials used in making pressurized growlers?

Pressurized growlers are made from three main materials: glass, ceramic, and stainless steel. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

For example, glass growlers allow you to see what’s inside but are susceptible to UV rays. Ceramic growlers are aesthetically pleasing but can be hard to carry and clean.

Stainless steel growlers provide good insulation and are durable, but their opaque exterior makes it hard to see the contents.

How should one clean a pressurized growler?

After finishing your beer, rinse the growler with hot water. If the growler has been sitting for a while, use a detergent or homebrew equipment sanitizer that isn’t fat or oil-based.

You can also use a brush to clean the interior, but avoid brushes with metal wiring as they might damage the interior. Let the growler air dry after washing.

What are some of the top pressurized growlers in the market?

Some of the top pressurized growlers in the market include:

  • GrowlerWerks uKeg Pressurized Growler
  • Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System
  • 5L Craft Beer Tower by Spotted Dog
  • TrailKeg 1/2 Gallon Pressurized Stainless Steel Beer Growler
  • BACOENG 128 Ounce Pressurized Keg Growler
Take your brews on the go with these pressurized growlers! Each image is a peek into maintaining that fresh-from-the-tap experience wherever your adventures take you. From sleek design to carbonation perfection, it's about keeping the bubbles bubbling and the good times rolling.

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