Red Beer Tower from Kingfisher with Draught

Top 5 Beer Towers: Serving Your Brews in Style and Efficiency

03/17/2023 01:56 am GMT

A Guide to Selecting the Best Beer Tower (Plus Reviews)

Beer towers have become a rage now. Whether you are enjoying a few drinks with friends at your home or running a pub, beer towers can be a great way to serve your guests and entertain them.

These devices are ideal for handling your beer serving needs, though you can use them for other beverages as well. 

Before you go ahead and purchase a beer tower, it’s crucial to find out all you can about the equipment so that you can make the right decisions starting with how much beer each one can hold.

ProductQuantityApprox. Beers (12oz)
Oggi 808888 fl oz7.33 (approx. 7 beers)
Hammer + Axe88 fl oz7.33 (approx. 7 beers)
3L Beer Tower101.442 fl oz8.45 (approx. 8 beers)
Dporticus 3L Tower
101.442 fl oz8.45 (approx. 8 beers)
Goplus 3L Tower101.442 fl oz8.45 (approx. 8 beers)

Today we will tell you all about towers and help you choose one for your draft beer needs. You can also check out the reviews of the top products that we carefully picked just for you!

So if you want to enthrall your guests and make them delighted, just read on.

Red Beer Tower from Kingfisher with Draught

Beer Tower Buying Tips

When buying a beer tower, the most important thing to consider is the size. You will need to select the right size based on the number of guests or customers you want to serve. 

Then you can decide whether you want to go for a glass or plastic. Both are fine, as they offer the same performance and don’t have any special advantages or drawbacks. 

Next, you can look for other features like cooling tubes and other niceties. 

Top 5 Beer Towers for a Good Time

1. Oggi Beer Tower Dispenser

Oggi is known for its quality beer dispensers which are used widely in many commercial enterprises. The beer tower is made from plastic that can hold 2. 75 quarts of your favorite beer or beverage. It comes with a cool black tap which helps you pour the beer conveniently. 

Oggi 8088 Beer Tower Dispenser with EZ-Pour Spigot, 2.75-Quart, Black
$89.99 $55.25
  • SERVE: Use for non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks; beer, sangria, margarita, punch. lemonade & more
  • QUALITY: High quality clear plastic beverage tower sits on sturdy chrome plated 3.5" steel base
  • CONVENIENT: Drink dispenser features EZ-Pour spigot for efficient serving
  • CHILL: Includes removeable ice tube allows beverages to stay cold longer
  • SIZE: 3-quart; 6-pint beer dispenser
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03/17/2023 01:56 am GMT

It’s 30-inches tall and perfect for the weekend parties or a large batch of customers who arrive at your pub suddenly. This stylish beer tower enhances the look of any room or business establishment, offering a unique combination of looks and functionality. 

Your guests or customers will certainly be entertained to the fullest once you start using this one.


Clear Tube – The plastic tube holds your beer and helps you keep track of the levels by taking the guesswork out of the equation. You can see how much beer is left and refill the tube as necessary. The tube also comes with clear markings in “oz” to know how much beer is in the tower. 

EZ Pour Spigot – The spigot on the beer tower is specially designed to offer effortless performance. You can push the top and pour your beer using the spigot like a pro!

Weighted Base – The beer tower features a weighted base to add stability to the structure. You can use it all the time without ever worrying about tipping over. 

Ice Tube – As a special offer, you can get a removable ice tube with this tower. You have to fill the tube with water, keep it in the freezer and then insert it in the tower. The ice tube keeps your beer chilled so that you can enjoy a refreshing drink in every glass. 

Great Looks – The combination of clear tube, nickel base and black spigot offer an unmatched look meant to turn heads. It will become an instant hit no matter you use it in your home or pub. 

Cons – Few customers have complained about a leaking spigot which seems to be a manufacturing defect in some pieces. 

2. Refinery Beer Tower Drink Dispenser with Pro-Pour Tap and Freeze Tube

This classically styled beer tower from Refinery & Co. is one of the best looking centerpieces to adorn your room or store. It comes with a unique shape- a round bulging top that tapers to meet the base and gives the equipment the shape of an English pub glass. 

Coupled with a copper finish base, you have one charming looking beer holder to catch the attention of your guests. 

This one can accommodate 88 fl. oz./2.6 liters of any beverage and keeps them cool thanks to the cooling tube. The system is gravity-fed and you don’t need any additional batteries. Now let’s explore some of the advantages…


Pro-Pour Bar Tap – Take your bartending skills to the next level with the pro-pour spigot. The beer tap draws inspiration from traditional beer faucets and adds to the looks of the beer tower. You get complete control and can achieve a perfect pour every time thanks to the smooth pull-down handle. 

Easy Handling – You can easily detach the tower from the base for refilling and cleaning. It provides a hassle-free experience and you can get the job bond quickly within minutes. 

Weighted Base – The copper finish weighted base weighs 3.6-pounds and provides a stable and steady foundation for your beer tower. You don’t have to worry about accidents of spills and tip-overs as the equipment sits firmly on any base you provide. 

Ice Tube – The beer tower comes with an easy-to-freeze ice rod to keep your beer cool for hours. You can detach it and freeze in a freezer before putting it back.

Stylish Details – You will be amazed at the tiny details and artistic endeavor that went towards making this beer tower. The classic look of the tower blends in with all surroundings and yet stands apart creating a space of its own!

Cons – The product is a bit bulky in nature. You might need to find a suitable place to store it as it takes up considerable space.

3. Goplus Beer Tower Dispenser 

Goplus brings you the father of all beer towers! Sporting amazing look and unmatched features, it’s a great asset your bar, restaurant or home. Goplus is renowned for its quality products and there is no way you will be ever let down by them. 

This tabletop beer holder can hold 3-liters of beverage and comes complete with a stable base, high-quality spigot and cool LED lights. 


Large Dispenser – The beer tower holds up to 3-liters of beer, which equates nearly a gallon or 102 ounces. The capacity is enough to serve a room full of guests without the need to refill the tower time and again. Your customers will also love playing bartenders and can enjoy their drinks without waiting for refills. 

Durable Material – Goplus has used durable quality ABS and AS material sans BPA. The impact-resistant material doesn’t let the tower break easily and you can use it for years to come. The black portions of the tower are made of ABS plastic while the transparent chambers use premium AS plastic. 

Premium Spigot – You get a high-quality spigot with a metal nozzle to provide long-lasting performance without any fears of corrosion. The tap offers a steady and moderate flow which prevents drinks from spilling over on your clothes, making it perfect for use in public places. 

Transparent Tower with Clear Scale – The clear tower is conveniently marked with scales of  1 liter, 2 liters and 3 liters. You can easily keep an eye on the level of beer and know when to refill the tower. 

Removable Ice Tube – The removable ice tube can be filled with ice cubes and placed inside the tower to keep your beer chilled for a long time. The process prevents water from mixing with your beverage which ruins the taste. 

LED Lights – Take your style quotient up a notch with beautiful LED lights that create a magical feel while using the beer tower. The lights change color randomly for nice effects. 


The base of the beer tower is not removable which might create some problems while refilling and cleaning. 

4. Lighted Beer Tower with Ice Tube

This beer tower is perfect for those who want a simple dispenser to store their beer. You have a large capacity of around 3-liters and can fit in 9 bottles of 12-oz bottled beer. That gives you enough capacity to entertain a large group of customers or friends. It’s transparent and comes with convenient markings to keep track of the quantity of beer inside. 

The beer tower is made of sturdy plastic which doesn’t easily break down or cracks. You can also clean the it easily with a good wash to clear of any sediment or buildup and will last for many years with proper handling and care. 


Easy to Use – The beer tower is really easy to use and provides an hassle-free experience when it comes to refilling and pouring the drinks. The spigot lets out a smooth flow of beverage and works with a little push of your thumb. 

Sturdy Base – The base of the beer tower features a unique design to provide strength and stability to the overall structure. It has three legs at the base which keeps the it steady while you refill or pour drinks out of the spigot. 

Clear Markings – The tower is made of clear plastic and contains markings to notify you about the quantity of beer inside. You can easily see when the beer reaches a low level and refill accordingly. 

Ice Tube – You get an ice tube with this to chill your beverages to your liking. You have to fill the ice tube with ice cubes and put it inside the tower. You don’t have to wait for the ice tube to freeze like other products. 

LED Lights – The looks of the beer tower take on another level thanks to the LED lights that create a nice atmosphere. It’s the perfect thing to entertain your guests by creating a fitting ambiance. 

Cons – The tap is not made of very high-quality material. You should be careful while using the spigot and refrain from pulling it down completely.

5.  Conic Carbon Beverage Tower Dispenser

 You can find quality towers in various designs, shapes and sizes to suit your needs. The Conic Carbon Beverage Tower is one of the bestselling products in the Beer Tower Category coming in a large capacity of 100 ounces to serve your favorite beer. 

The beer tower looks great and complements the decor of any room or establishment to a great extent. The tower measures 35-inches in height and 8-inches in length, offering a lower footprint for easy storage. The transparent tube features clear markings to measure your beer, increasing at 10-ounces per marking. 


Commercial Grade – It’s sports premium, NSF certified plastic, free from any BPA. The towers are meant for use in high-traffic pubs and restaurants and can withstand rough use effectively. 

Modular Design – You can take apart the whole beer tower which is made up of the base, tube and tap. The multi-piece system makes it easy to carry to the tables of your customers or friends. You can also replace any part as necessary to enjoy a long life of unmatched performance. 

Keeps Beer Cold – The beer tube is constructed with Tritan plastic which has been proved to keep beverages cool for a long time. The material is also impact-resistant and can be used without any worries of shattering. 

Easy to Pour – The beer tower comes with a regular tap that offers a no-nonsense performance. You can pour your beers without a single problem every time you open the tap. 

Carbon Conic Base – The base of the tower comes with a laminated wrap that resembles the look of carbon fiber material. The base provides a sleek look and also keeps the tower strongly footed on any surface. 

Cons – You don’t get any ice tube trays or holders.

What is a Beer Tower?

A beer tower is also known by other names like beer dispenser, portable beer tap and giraffe. Beer towers are basically beer dispensing units you see commonly in bars, pubs and restaurants. Nowadays you can also buy a countertop tower for your home and have a good time with friends and family. 

Beer towers are found in many sizes and can hold around 1 to 2 liters of beer. You can just pour your beer from the beer tower and drink it directly without having to wait for the waiter to bring your drinks. 

The Advantages of Owning a Beer Tower

Beer towers offer a range of advantages, especially for bar and pub owners. Let’s check out some of the benefits that you may derive by having one of these awesome drinking accessories.

Serve Large Groups

Beer towers are ideal for accommodating the needs of a large group of friends or customers. You can fill the tower up to its brim and let your guests pour the beverage using the tap. They don’t have to wait for you to bring the beer or refill orders again and again. 

Just place the beer tower on a convenient location like a table and watch everybody sip their beer happily. For this reason, these are great additions to parties and get-togethers, and make for cool gifts for that homebrewer you know that has just about everything.

Increases Profit

Beer towers can help bar and restaurant owners increase their profit by providing a better experience to the customers. Beer towers are novelty items and customers are naturally attracted to it. They will start talking about your pub or bar once you start serving them with these. 

Your customers also don’t have to wait to be served when you use a beer tower. They can just pour their drinks from the tower and drink without any interruptions. Ultimately, they will end up drinking more which will obviously increase your profits. 

Free Up Bartenders

Whether you are serving customers or guests at home, it can become irritating to serve glass after glass of beer. Don’t get me wrong, this can be a lot of fun on the first couple. But after 4-5 beers, just get your own, bud. You can completely avoid this problem by using a beer tower which eliminates the need to serve individual servings. As a result, it frees up you or your bartender so that they can attend to other guests. 

Adds Style Quotient

Beer towers are great to look at and there’s something special about pouring your own beer. The equipment also adds to the decor and getup of your establishment, and keeps your customers coming back for more!

Components of a Good Beer-Tower

Now let’s take a look at the different parts of a beer tower so that you can develop a clear idea about how it works. Knowing the details will also help you choose the right beer tower meeting your preferences and generally is made up of the following parts-

Tower or Tube

All beer towers come with a tube or tower to store the beer. The tube can be made of glass, plastic, or metal. The tube can hold 1 to 2 liters of beer and is typically marked with measuring units to determine how much beer you have left. 

The tower can be separated from the base for refilling and cleaning. 

Tap or Spigot

The tube of the beer tower is equipped with a faucet or spigot to pour the beer effortlessly. The spigot is placed at the bottom of the tower and uses the force of gravity to dispense the beer. 


The beer tube sits on a base which adds stability and durability. The base is the heaviest part of the beer tower and can be made of metal like stainless steel or copper. The tower is fixed to the base using different mechanisms. 

Cooling Tube

Many beer towers provide a removable cooling tube or ice tube to keep your beverages cold. You have to fill the cooling tube with water and then freeze it in the refrigerator. Then you place the tube inside the tower which starts cooling the liquid instantly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Beer Tower?

A beer tower, also known as a beer dispenser, portable beer tap, or giraffe, is a beer dispensing unit commonly seen in bars, pubs, and restaurants.

These units are designed to store and serve beer, allowing individuals to pour their own drinks without waiting for a waiter. They come in various sizes, typically holding around 1 to 2 liters of beer.

How Many Beers are in a Beer Tower?

The quantity of beer a tower can hold varies based on its design and size. For instance, the Oggi 8088 and Hammer + Axe beer towers can hold approximately 88 fl oz, which is equivalent to about 7 beers (considering a standard beer size of 12oz).

On the other hand, the 3L Beer Tower, Dporticus 3L Tower, and Goplus 3L Tower can hold 101.442 fl oz, which is roughly equivalent to 8 beers.

How Much Beer is in a Beer Tower?

The volume of beer in a tower depends on its capacity. Some beer towers can hold up to 3 liters of beer, which is nearly a gallon or 102 ounces. For example, the Goplus Beer Tower Dispenser can hold up to 3-liters of beer.

What is the Capacity of a Beer Tower?

The capacity of a beer tower refers to the maximum volume of beer it can hold. This can range from smaller capacities of around 88 fl oz to larger ones that can hold up to 3 liters or 101.442 fl oz.

How Do You Determine the Quantity of Beer in a Tower?

To determine the quantity of beer in a tower, one can refer to the clear markings on the tower, which are typically provided in liters or ounces.

These markings help users gauge how much beer is left and when a refill might be needed. For instance, the Goplus Beer Tower Dispenser has clear markings for 1 liter, 2 liters, and 3 liters.


Beer towers are great for parties, beer festivals and pubs which need to serve uncountable glasses of beer. You can just install the tower and have your guests pour the drink themselves without any need of assistance. The process of filling beer from a tower is also amazing and makes for a fun experience. 

We have selected the best beer towers in the market so that you can use them without any doubt. Give your homebrew parties and get-togethers some new life and display your craft right on the table for all to see.

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