32 Inspiring DIY Keezer Designs with Tutorials

Eventually, most serious home brewers will switch to kegging their beer in lieu of bottling because it’s easier, cheaper, and it tastes better on draft.

After deciding to keg my own beer, I knew I would be wanting to build my own DIY kegerator, or “Keezer.”

I researched and looked, but there are not exactly books on the topic. There are plenty of ‘inspo’ pics out there to get ideas. But none of them showed the actual plan. So I started collecting those.

And eventually I actually did build a Keezer and explained the entire process here.

What is a Keezer?

If you have never heard of a keezer, it’s just a chest freezer modified to serve as a kegerator. So, as we do, just smash the 2 words together into 1.

Kegerator + Freezer = Keezer.

This, however, is a collection of all those tutorials which helped me come up with my own plans, including links to how they did it too. 

If you plan to build a keezer yourself, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. I hope this list gives you some good ideas for your next project.


The Center-Piece

Wow, just wow. Basically everyones first reaction when they see this amazing centerpiece us brewers just call a Keezer.

With a full working Gas fire place mounted to the front, it’s nothing short of a conversation starting Center Piece. More Details

4Tap Rustic Black Iron Tower Keezer

Country western bars and ranches look out, this filling station has got all your favorite colors. Reclaimed charred wood, iron rods and wooden tap handles.

I hope he finds a horshoe or 3 to stick on there soon too. More Details

The Ol’ Snap-on Keezer

When your homebrewing hobby overshadows your mechanic work. The only question is, are the tools in the fridge? More details

Not Your Basic Batch

This baby is what I like to refer to as a Kiss model.

“Keep It Simple Sometimes(?)”

With just 4 taps, it also looks like theres room in there for some fermenting backups for when those eventually run dry. More Details

2Tap Classic Keezer

When build a facny keezer collar, the majority of the work is in the details. With no fancy wraps around the actual freezer, this one can be put together and up and pooring in an afternoon. Nice. More Details

4 Taps My Friend Keezer

When the top is upgraded just enough to get your serving station out of the mancave and into the main living area, you’ve done something right.

Right? More Details

4Way Quickie Keezer

This one reminds me of my first starter home. Small and simple.

Or as the hipsters now call it, minimalism. More Details

8-Bit Brewing DIY Keezer

The boys at 8-bit show us how a few simple backlight LEDs can start to dress up and already good lookin woody keezer. More Details

Back-n-Black 4 Tap Keezer

The simple black themed nature of this make it compatable with just about any theme of man cave. When in doubt, go back n black. More Details

Classic Craftsman Keezer

A craftsmens dream here. The clean lines and wood grains are just a thing of beauty.

I hope she got a good clear coat before heading outside to the back patio! More Details

Copper Classic Keezer

Check out this unique freezer wrap; real copper.

This is what happens when plywood prices skyrocket. More Details

Country Classic 2 Top Keezer

At first glance you might think someone used the black and white IG filter on this keezer. But, you’d be as wrong as me.

The tile top is a nice touch though. More Details

Keep It Simple Sixtap Keezer

The original draft KISS model.

Only we would like to appropriatley name this thing the Keep It Simple Sixer. More Details

The Iron 4 Tap

Those Iron Pipe tap setups cost more than the keezer itself does.

But man, they sure are pertty lookin. More Details

Home Bartop Keezer

Full bar top functionality here! Why take up space in the man cave when you can build a fancy bar top around your keezer?

That really is the question. More Details

The Filling Station

Ah, the Filling Station. Wherever you are going, whatever you are doing, you should take a minute and pour yourself a cold one.

Or don’t, but we just can’t be friends anymore. More Details

Blend It In Keezer

Make it look nice” – She said.

Hold me beer” – He said.

The result. More Details

The BIG Sho

Welcome to the BIG SHO!

When you brew so much beer you need 10 taps and still have cornys bouncing around the room. More Details

Hipsters’ Keezer

No wood?

No Problem. More Details

Cherry on Cherry Keezer

2 taps, spots for 2 more, and a programmer. More Details

Pull up a Draft Chair Keezer

A butcher block counter top tops this bar top.

I likes it. More Details

Tall Woody Keezer

Did he stand it up on end? More Details

41 Brew’s Keezer

41 brew’s keezer build. More Details

Un-Supervised Keezer

Someone was left unsupervised with their homebrew hobby again. More Details

Party Time Keezer

The good time pal you wish you had. More Details

McPhil’s Rolling Party Keezer

McPhil is just about the coolest homebrews name.

Ever. More Details

Modern Craftsman Keezer

A bit more modern lines and materials with this one. Proving that you dont have to love looking at wood grain to build a keezer. More Details

Modern Pine 2 Tower

Modern wall paneling on a keezer?

Great, now you have to work on the house. More Details

Re-Fabulous Iron Keezer

That’s more like it, leftover wood from another project 1 nailed on

Atta boi. More Details

Re-Purposed Double Tower Keezer

Re-purposing materials into new is the definition of, well, homebrewing. More Details

Tap 6 Hair Keezer

This one looks like there is some sort of keezer collar kit out there that I dont know about. More Details

Tile Top Barn Door Body

A keezer right next to the desk in your office with the knight replica?

You sir, are impressive. More Details

mbrace your inner craftsman with these DIY Keezer designs! Each image is a step into a cooler realm where your brews await on tap. From rustic to modern, minimalist to extravagant, there's a design to spark your creativity and keep the beers flowing

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