Yeti Cooler Colors: An All-Inclusive Guide

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A wide range of new colors is available to help make your most popular coolers even “cooler”! Yeti products are some of the best coolers available on the market.

From the lid to its body, the coolers of this brand are covered with high-quality plastic insulation and other components to keep your drinks and ice nice and cool.

It is excellent as a tailgate cooler because it features permafrost insulation and roto construction.

Many people use the cooler color scheme of their favorite cooler brands to fit their style or cheer on their favorite sports team.

Luckily, Yeti heard you and are constantly expanding its insulated cooler color choices collection. You can now cheer for your favorite team using their colors.

We’ll present every hard cooler color available, including rare ones, discontinued colors, and those likely to return. We will also cover the insulation and ice retention of each.

Every Yeti Cooler Color Under the Sun

Source: Yeti

There are a ton of colors available for purchase right now. They offer both original Yeti colors that are available year-round and limited edition colors that are sold sometimes.

Whatever color scheme you like, there is probably a product on the market that will satisfy your requirements. This contains coolers that are pink, red, blue, and various other colors.

Therefore, the first step is to choose the scheme you want to use. There are even instances with many colors for those who are having trouble.

The official colors of some professional teams are available on some cooler brands’ collegiate and professional products, and some even have the team logo printed on them.

There is probably a color scheme to match if you enjoy attending every game of your favorite team.

Since we have been following YETI for years, we know when they introduce new cooler colors and which limited edition colors are the most well-liked.

Classic Colors

These are the colors you can purchase in any Yeti store. They usually have these color choices in stock, always available for sale.

White Yeti Coolers

Source: Yeti

Yeti’s original color, simple white, is a well-known shade that sells all year round. There’s a good possibility that any retailer carrying Yeti will have a white cooler on hand.

The most fundamental and popular YETI cooler color is white. Hard-sided coolers are available in white, even the enormous Yeti Tundra 350.

Yeti’s website and independent retailers make it easy to find them. It is timeless and complements everything because White will go with any other Yeti color you acquire next.

The optimum color for ice retention is white since it reflects heat and light the most and keeps ice significantly longer than dark Yeti’s like Charcoal.

Desert Tan Yeti Coolers

Source: Yeti

My personal favorite Yeti cooler color is desert tan. Although neutral, it has a rough edge. It’s also not at all flashy.

King Crab and Seafoam are good colors for fishing boats because they can be seen if they go overboard, but Desert Tan is preferable for people who live on land.

The Desert Tan Yeti is for you if you enjoy packing for a camping trip or going on adventures on land. Desert Tan is available in most Yeti coolers.

When frequently exposed to red clay dirt, Desert Tan doesn’t fade as much as White and conceals scuffs and scratches well.

Charcoal Yeti Cooler

Source: Yeti

In the past, Charcoal was a limited-edition color cooler sold by Yeti, and it made a significant comeback in October 2019 for hard-sided coolers.

The Desert Tan or White colors are more widely accessible than Charcoal. Although it’s a limited edition for the Tundra line, it’s a standard color for the Roadie 24.

Charcoal, like white, is neutral and complements anything, despite being quite dark and having some heat-absorbing issues.

The Charcoal Roadie is a sharp-looking option that can match any trucks or vehicle that are dark gray or black.

There has always been a charcoal option for lighter soft-sided coolers like the Yeti Hopper, Hopper Flips, and the new Hopper M30. But now hard-sided coolers can also use Charcoal.

Navy Yeti Cooler

Source: Yeti

We think the Navy looks incredibly classy. It was originally a limited edition color, but Yeti brought it back because of how well-liked it was.

Because Navy is the Yeti’s darkest color option, it also absorbs the most solar heat. As a result, the Navy cooler is unable to keep ice as long as a White or Desert Tan one.

A Yeti cooler can keep your food below 40 degrees for at least 60 hours, so in our opinion, obtaining the color you like is more important than an extra hour of ice retention.

Limited Edition Colors

Yeti is running a limited-edition color at almost any time. The brand releases these limited-edition colors as a set, allowing you to purchase a cooler and mugs that match.

Pink Yeti Cooler

Source: Yeti

In August 2014, Yeti decided to release special pink coolers to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink coolers are available on their well-liked Roadie 20 and Tundra 45 models, which have roto-molded construction as standard and are renowned for their long ice retention.

Pink Yeti coolers were well received and rapidly sold out. It can be challenging to locate online.

Harvest Red Yeti Cooler

Source: Yeti

Only the Roadie 24, Tundra Haul, and Tundra 45 received the deep, nearly burgundy color known as Harvest Red. It will stand out among your other cooler colors.

Since there are just a few in stock at the store, you might want to buy one if you like the cool brand color.

It might never come back, but it won’t be here until the following holiday.

Reef Blue Yeti Cooler

Source: Yeti

Reef Blue, introduced in April 2019, is a significantly more vivid shade of blue than Yeti’s long-standing Ice Blue.

A blue Yeti cooler will be considerably easier to locate than a pink Yeti cooler. They also have extra-thick insulation in the gasketed lid and two inches in the body.

Additionally, many more sizes are available in blue, giving you far more flexibility while shopping and allowing you to adapt your spending plan accordingly.

For instance, since Yeti provides its blue in almost every size, you won’t need to buy any larger sizes if you only need a tiny personal one.

Highlands Olive Yeti Cooler

Source: Yeti

Highlands Olive and Harvest Red were released together in the fall, and there is a little more availability as of this writing.

There are still plenty of tumblers and soft-sided coolers in the Highlands Olive, as well as the Tundra 65 and Roadie 24.

The Highlands Olive is perfect for river-related activities and fishing. Of course, green isn’t as clearly identifiable as brighter colors, but we like military green.

Rare Colors

You’ll need to look around a bit to find some of these colors. These aren’t currently available on the YETI website.

These colors are most frequently seen between Memorial Day and November.

Coral Yeti Coolers

Source: Yeti

Coral is a perfect beach cooler—the pink and orange color looks like a calm day with your toes dug in the sand. As a result, Coral coolers are a good substitute for YETI’s Pink coolers.

The color coral is much more similar to salmon. This color wasn’t available in any store when it was released in March 2018, and it is presently sold out on Yeti’s main website.

King Crab Yeti Coolers

Source: Yeti

It was this bright orange color that caused us to regret purchasing the Desert Tan so immediately. This is ideal for any activity where a bright orange cooler might be useful.

Although this cooler has been out of stock on the YETI website for some time, you may occasionally find one with another vendor.

Seafoam Green Yeti Coolers

Source: Yeti

Anglers and others who use stand-up paddle boards both enjoy Seafoam Green. The color used to be a year-round staple, but as the seasons change, so do things,

Although this color was initially quite popular, it began to lose ground to Desert Tan and White in popularity.

Even so, a lovely pastel blue shade from lid to body occasionally appears.

Discontinued Colors

Of course, not every color sits well with mass popularity. Here are some of our favorite color coolers that Yeti has sadly discontinued to manufacture.

Ice Blue Coolers

Source: Yeti

Ice Blue was the first color choice for Yeti other than the customary white/tan. In July 2013, when their market started to expand rapidly, they introduced it. Seafoam finally took its place.

The hue briefly resurfaced in 2018, but it hasn’t done so since. The only way to acquire an Ice Blue Yeti is by purchasing a used one.

Ice Blue was discontinued if you adore this color as much as we do, but there is still a supply available on Amazon.

River Green Coolers

Source: Yeti

River Green was added to Yeti’s selection of hard and soft-sided coolers in the fall of 2019.

In Oklahoma, Texas, and North Carolina, red clay soil pairs beautifully with River Green. Because it contrasts sharply with deep red, it is a complementary color.

We adore this cooler, especially considering it is a touch paler than Highlands Olive. Sadly, this appeared for a season and then disappeared.

High Country Coolers

Source: Yeti

The lid and the cooler are the same color in every single Yeti cooler color option, which is a single tone.

High Country stands out as an exception to this rule with a dark green cooler body and a lid that is remarkably comparable to the color of a desert tan.

Additionally, it is the only Yeti cooler with bright orange rope handles in place of the typical black rubber latches.

But it’s no longer offered, and there’s a strong chance it won’t ever be, like many limited edition colors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got more questions about Yeti cooler colors? Here are the frequently asked questions about the topic!

Is Yeti Coming Out With New Colors?

Source: Yeti

Yeti frequently repeats well-liked colors from the past and regularly introduces new limited-edition hues.

Charcoal was a previous limited edition release that was then re-released in 2019. The most recent limited edition hues are Reef Blue and River Green.

These releases by Yeti usually coincide with the seasons. Yeti introduced two new colors in spring, and they’ll also release two colors in the fall for the colder season.

In addition, Yeti periodically runs shorter runs of fan favorites, including Pink, Red, and King Crab. It is more challenging to predict the time of those, though.

Will Pink Yeti Coolers Come Back?

Source: Yeti

On their website, YETI offers pink coolers for sale, but they aren’t constantly in stock. Whether or not Yeti will ever bring the Pink coolers back is unknown at this time.

We believe that they will probably continue to support breast cancer awareness, so we don’t see why pink wouldn’t also be released in a limited quantity again.

To determine if Yeti sells any, you can check third-party stores or search around the holidays for a pink cooler.

Will There Be a Camo Yeti?

You can purchase a cover to give your cooler a little camo flair from YETI. Just imagine how amazed your friends will be when you arrive with a camo cooler.

However, there hasn’t yet been a release of camo coolers from Yeti.

If possible, we would have expected YETI to have made this release already, but because we haven’t seen any camo coolers to date, we’re going to guess they’re still working on it.

Can I Get a Cooler In A Custom Color?

Source: Yeti

Unfortunately, custom-colored Yeti coolers are not available. The only customization offered by Yeti is for cooler lid logos.

Although there are more customized options for Yeti mugs, bottles, and cups, there is still no way to have their colors changed.

Final Thoughts

Source: Yeti

No matter what color you choose, the interior effects are the same; you will only get another hour or so when it comes to ice retention.

So go ahead and choose whatever color matches your style. Just note that you do not have much time to look for these products, as some are limited editions only.

Worse, you need to buy a second-hand cooler from another shop online. Ensure that the cooler is still in great condition and not beaten up.

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