Motorized Cooler Scooters: Lazy Way to Keep Your Drinks Chilled & Zoom Around!

Life is a party. What’s a celebration without ice-cold beverages?

The good thing is that you can bring your snacks and drinks while keeping them fresh within the optimum cold temperatures.

Ever heard of cooler scooters?

That is exactly what we will be giving you. Here are the 6 best-motorized cooler scooters that you will never regret buying!

The Coolest Motorized Cooler Scooters

We always crave to have our drinks cold. It is just an unwritten rule when going out for fun!

What if you can take your wheel and ride your motorized cooler while keeping your food and drinks fresh?

This list of coolers will give you the details and comparisons of different coolers for every need.

1. Cruzin Cooler – Best Overall for the Price

Cruzin Cooler CZ-HB Sport-X Black Motorized Ice Chest Scooter

It is lightweight and accessible in electric models, with up to a 20-mile range. It is designed to go up to 15 mph with a weight scope of 220 lbs.

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Image Source: Cruzincooler

The principle of the Cruzin cooler is to give you cold food and drinks that you can get wherever, whenever, without walking and carrying a heavy load.

It is lightweight and accessible in electric models, with up to a 20-mile range. It is designed to go up to 15 mph with a weight scope of 220 lbs.

This cooler has an LED headlight, tall light, and a mobile phone holder with a USB charging port.

Cruzin Ride on Coolers also feature the following:

  • Front steering suspension, dual brakes
  • Three-speed settings
  • Rearview mirror
  • Seated cushion for added safety

Indeed, this cooler will give you a smooth ride! You can also choose from their Cruzin cooler series at Cruzin Cooler.


  • Removable power pack
  • Powered assistance and braking for a safe ride
  • Coolers come in different sizes and colors


  • Coolers are a bit pricey

2. Crazy Cooler – Best Value

Image Source: Crazy Coolers

It’s a crazy day to get you crazy coolers! The crazy cooler is a portable cooler on four wheels, with disc brakes and a weight limit of 300 lbs.

It has a terrain quality and tires specifically made for your style.

This crazy cooler will not limit you to just smooth sidewalks and pavements.

It will let you hit at full throttle, as it has the ground clearance to roll over any pavement crack, even when you ride during winter.

Go all out! 

This cooler has a heavy-duty engine that is made for outdoors. It has dual rear-wheel drive, running boards, ergonomic controls, a wheelie bar, and a 48L capacity cooler.

You can visit their site at for available stocks and variations.

They have the cooler bundle ones for around $1,899.99 and the cooler bluex/redx models, which you can get for around $1,799.00.


  • Not limited to sidewalks
  • Portable, as it has no battery that needs charging
  • Has large off-road wheels
  • Heavy-duty that uses the cooler as the seat


  • Cooler comes with an expensive price tag

4. Kreweser Motorized Ride on Cooler

Image Source:

Power up your cooler with the Kreweser coolers that will make you feel like a real racer with its unique bike design scooter and astonishing 94 quarts cooler space.

It has a cargo capacity of 36 12-oz cans with 30 lbs of ice, with a rider weight of 350 lbs.

It has a flip key switch, and the hub motor is placed in the wheels that can accelerate the rider to speeds of up to 15 mph.

You don’t have to worry about running out of battery. This cooler has a low-profile 48-volt battery pack that you can ride on up to 17 miles before recharging.

The cooler scooter has a collapsible design where you can fold it for convenient transportation from one event to another.

Be the center of attraction with this cooler that can make your ice-cold drinks last and create an incredible ride experience.

You can get this scooter with a cooler included for around $1,199+ at Kreweser. Note that the shipping is within three to five business days.


  • Smooth ride on all kinds of surfaces
  • Spacious coolers with extensive capacity


  • Heavy to carry
  • Requires an updated manual and instructions for assembling

5. Cruzin Cooler Coolagon Cooler Wagon

Image Source:

Another entry from Cruzin Cooler is the Cruzin Coolagon Cooler Wagon, the best ride-on cooler with a merge of towing power and party potential of coolers.

It features a sizable 50-quart storage capacity, a steel inner frame to support up to 300 pounds, and can transport up to 72 12-ounce beverages and ice.

It also has an attachable handle for manual pulling, stainless steel hardware, a drink holder, a separate drink access lid, and four pneumatic tires with sealed ball bearings.

The Cruzin Coolagon Cooler is one that you can ride and tow with its extensive wheel and long tow bar that can hold a rider weighing up to 350 pounds.

For your comfort, it has foot pegs to rest your feet. Now you don’t have to carry your kid, as this is an excellent way to transport them.

The manufacturer markets the Coolagon cooler as a cooler trailer for its ice chest that you can fasten behind your ATV for extra space.

You can purchase this Cruzin Cooler for around $240+ at


  • Keeps refreshments cold for up to 2 days
  • Coolers can be ridden on the wagon
  • Plenty of space for ice-cold beverages and gear
  • Easy pulling over gravel, sand, grass, and dirt.


  • Plug in the bottom tends to have leaks

What Is a Motorized Cooler Scooter?

This type of cooler is akin to motor carts, some scooter products work with gas, but electric motor coolers are the most popular and operate using electricity.

The power watt level of the motor dictates how fast and long the cooler will work. If you have a 300-watt engine, it will go slower than a 1000-watt motor cooler.

They have wheels for transportation on all kinds of terrain. Check the wheels for their coverage and ability to allow you to double your ride.

It is important to remember that the extent and capacity of these electric coolers rest on various factors.

First is your weight. Coolers usually indicate the weight range and the terrain or surfaces you’ll use the cooler on, such as flat surfaces, grass, snow, hill, etc.

The driving pace, its range of mph/kph, and the brand should also be considered when choosing coolers with the best run time.

Motorized coolers are lightweight for the ride and small enough to fit into your trunk. They are also flexible and have several features besides being a mere ice cooler.

How Fast Can a Motorized Cooler Scooter Go?

The motorized cooler versions usually have an engine fastened onto the body, allowing you to ride into it and get transported.

It can run up to 16 MPH, but this depends on the model since cooler scooters have variations, especially with their watt levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

We figured out that you still have hesitations about whether to include these kinds of coolers for the beach, picnics, and groceries.

Here is some additional information about the motorized cooler and how to maintain it:

What Are the Different Cooler Scooter Sizes?

The sizes of motorized coolers depend on the brand.

For example, the Cruzin Cooler has a dimension of 24″ long, 17″ wide, and 18″ tall, while the Step2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler is only 10 inches tall with a removable canopy.

How Much Weight Can a Motorized Cooler Scooter Handle?

A motorized cooler can hold up depending on the model of your cooler. They can hold up from 200 lbs to 300 lbs.

Even if they are on the same brand, the coolers may still vary in size and storage.

The Cruzin coolers can handle up to 25o pounds and a cargo capacity of 24-12oz cans, while the crazy coolers can also hold up to 300 pounds.

The Cruzin Cooler Coolagon Cooler Wagon had a bigger reservoir, as it can hold up to 72 cans with ice and has a 250 lbs capacity rider.

What Are Some of the Motorized Cooler Scooter Accessories?

A motorized cooler has its battery pack. When you notice that your cooler starts to get worn out and run slow, you can replace its battery.

Take out the old ones and put in new ones. You can also use the same hard wares and cables from the coolers.

You can sit on the top of the lid of your cooler, but you can be more comfortable riding on it if you add a cooler scooter seat.

It is a folding seat that is padded and cushioned. You must attach this on top of the lid of the coolers to feel a real ride!

If your cooler is in stock and waiting for the next beach getaway, you can use a cooler cover to protect and preserve it during the ride.

Are there cooler scooter kits available?

No, not that I have found. Most are DIY builds that require alot of equipement and material, but not in a full kit to purchase unfortunately.

How Do I Clean My Motorized Cooler?

One way or the other, your coolers will get dirty and worn out, mainly if you use them often. So, cleaning your cooler will help it prolong its life and find hidden impairments.

  1. First, turn off any electric motor and ensure the power pack is cooled down.
  2. Start the work by emptying the cooler of any ice melting and drying it out.
  3. For simple stains, you can use mild detergent and water. You can use a diluted baking soda and water solution to wipe down the tougher stains.
  4. You can also scrub the inside storage of the cooler with a clean brush.
  5. If the cooler has some foul smell, you can spray bleach and rinse it with water. You can also wipe vanilla extract.
  6. Wipe clean and open the drain plug to let the moisture escape. Voila! You can now use a clean cooler.

A Recap of the Top Picks

By this time, you are probably thinking about getting new coolers to ride on for the next event.

To help you choose the best ones, here is a recap of our top picks that you can select with the best features and benefits of a cooler scooter:

Best Value: Crazy Coolers

The best value Crazy Coolers has a total package of a cooler, electric motor, wheels, and added accessories.

It has an all-terrain design with a wheelie-bar 49cc 2-horsepower engine for adequate torque that will let you ride in sand, snow, water, mud, or a kid’s toes.

Be in control with their solid axle and dual-rear-wheel drive. Guarantee a safe and dependable ride even for your kid.

They have a 48-liter locking lid and a drain to conveniently clean the dirt without deconstructing, including the cooler trailer.

It passed the torture test, and now see if crazy coolers can pass your standards.

Get one of the Crazy Coolers in red or blue, or you can visit their website at to grab one that is precisely your style.

Best Overall: Cruzin Cooler

Take the fun wherever you go with the Cruzin Cooler.

You can use the best overall Cruzin cooler scooters for camping, parties, beach, or even the grocery store to keep your food and beverages cold until you get home.

It has powered assistance braking where you can effortlessly ride on it on up and down ramps.

The coolers can go up for a 15 mph ride with a weight scope of 220 lbs, speed settings, and a comfortable seat cushion.

The best thing is you can choose from their variety of series and colors for a reasonable price of around $1,250+.


Create fun memories and transform your boring coolers into an upgraded scooter that can transport you and your beverages.

Be the center of any party with a motorized cooler scooter that you can ride and carry ice-cold beverages for days.

Drop your fan, chill with your friends, invite them over for a scooter ride, and drink until you drop!

Thanks to your fantastic cooler, you can add life to any getaway!

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