Best Smart Keg Monitors

Best Smart Keg Monitors

If you’re someone who is a champion in guzzling down crates of beer at a go, or a beer merchant or even a small producer who is proud to flaunt his prized draughts and brewed crafts; then this is the perfect place for you to be.

Having a kegerator kit is of utmost essence if you have your own draught business and all you want is to preserve the freshness and savor the richness of the mix in your palate.

Best Smart Keg Monitors

These kits help in keeping your brew fresh by controlling the temperature and a few nifty modifications to these may also prove to be useful in dispensing your mix.

Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor :

Homebrewers' Choice
Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor - Dual Tap

Wirelessly monitor your kegerator or taps at the bar directly from your phone or tablet and don't be surprised by empty kegs. Track volume served, volume remaining, servings remaining and more. Install it yourself quickly and clean-in-place with your beverage lines. Add expansion monitors to grow as needed. Works with small kegerators to large bars & restaurants.

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Product specifications

The cutting-edge dual expansion product integrates sass and smartness with your kegerator kit. Kegtron has introduced this savvy tech which will keep you updated about your beer supplies even when you are far from your dispensing kit or kegerator.

This smart and lightweight device is available in dual-expansion sizes as well as single-expansion, all over the States.

The Kegtron smart keg monitor simplifies all your brewing and dispensing concerns at one go and keeps you up-to-date with your draught inventory.

It is available in the KT-200 and the KT-100 variants and runs on electricity, ridding you of the hassle to change batteries and install them from time to time.

This monitoring system has an easy-to-use feature as it can be synced with an app, and can be directly viewed from your phone or tablet. The system works with swashbuckling finesse and can be coupled with any kind of keg; be it a homebrew keg or a commercial one.

The smart keg monitor is also compatible with kegs of varied sizes.

Principle of action

The Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor can be installed in between your kegerator kit and the beer dispensing tap. In this way, it keeps a constant watch over what is getting out from your tap and notifies you on it at that very moment.

The Kegtron keg monitor has a feisty build and its hardware can sustain messy environments and extreme temperature differences. Thus the monitoring system works equally well when it is installed in the kegerator or keezer as well as when it is placed in the fridge.

The splash-resistant body endures external disturbances of any scale and the ease in installation helps you to use any combination of single and dual-expansion keg monitors according to your requirements.

The keg monitor app works with the same flair on both phone and tablets and is compatible on both iOS and Android platforms; thereby enabling you to be in control of all the relevant keg stats with supreme ease.

The app for the smart keg monitor is highly efficient and can fulfill the needs and desires of the craftsman obsessed with his own brew as well as the commercial breweries with multiple beer dispensing units.

Advantages of using the Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor at home

The advantages of integrating the smart keg monitor in your domestic kegerator kit is manifold and can be discussed below.

  • Provides visibility: The smart keg monitoring system will allow the beer lover in you to stop guessing about the quantity of brew that is left in the tap. It offers you complete visibility even when you are stationed at a distance from your keg kit.
  • Sassy and smart: This smart keg monitor can be quite an asset to flaunt to your friends and relatives and demonstrates the passion you have for your brew.
  • Planning: The keg stats helps you to plan ahead of your next party or the brew day.
  • Compatibility: The monitoring system along with the app is a class apart and works well with kegs of various dimensions and types.
  • Undisturbed keg : Once this smart monitor displays your beer stats, you do not need to shake your keg kits and stir up the sediments in order to keep it pouring.

Advantages of using the Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor at the Bar or Restaurant: 

  • Inventory management: The smart keg monitor allows you to keep track of your inventory in just a few clicks, and eliminate the need for any guesswork.
  • Planning : The monitoring system allows you to ease off and change your kegs or reorder your kegerator kit supplies before busy events and festivals.
  • Keeping track of sales : The monitoring system stats are foolproof. You can match these with your sales register and find any discrepancy that might have occurred due to beer spillage or give-aways.
  • Installation and usage : The ease of installation will let you set up your own system without any professional assistance. The app is also extremely simple to use and lets you glance at all the important stats at one go..
  • Cost : The price of this smart monitoring system is extremely affordable and is way less than complex systems that are installed in corporate breweries. There is zero monthly subscription fees.
  • Compatibility: The keg monitor works just as fine with wine, cider, coffee and other brews and mixes.


  • The data stored in the app cannot be exported to other devices or for future use. However an update might solve this issue for this smart monitoring system.

Plaato Smart Keg Monitoring System

Homebrewers' Choice
PLAATO Keg - The Keg Management System

First all-in-one system that keeps a track of how much is left in your kegs, the volume of each poor and detects leaks. WIFI-CONNECTED. Get access to your beer stats straight on your phone from wherever you are.

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Read the full Plaato Keg monitor review here.

Wireless Thermometer :

Wireless Temperature Only
Bluetooth Thermometer Digital: IOS & Android

New upgraded bluetooth 5.0 version thermometer, you can easily read your food real time status on your phone via Bluetooth with a range of up to 300ft (90m).

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Product specifications 

Use the state of the art technology to assess your cordon bleu! The Bluetooth 5.0 thermometer is the best offering of technology which lets you do your chores without having to stay positioned before your meat grill and observe its status.

The thermometer gets paired with your phone via Bluetooth and offers you the scope to stay about 300 feet away from your grilling oven and still scan the real-time grilling status of your meat. The on-device alarm and the app alarm keeps you on your toes and prevents over grilling or under grilling. The thermometer offers excellent compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms and the LCD screen displays real-time cooking status.

Forget your woes of overcooking or having to sentinel over your meat grilling oven for hours with this easy-to-use Bluetooth wireless meat grilling thermometer.

Principle of action:

If you’re the one person who has faced troubles in the past while monitoring food temperatures when they are being cooked or having to stay in front of your grilling tray for hours to scan the status of the meat being prepared; then the Bluetooth Wireless Meat Thermometer is here to put an end to all your sufferings.

The professional meat thermometer checks the temperature of the food being cooked with utmost precision and allows you to stay about 300 ft(outdoors) or 120 ft(indoors) from your grilling tray.

You just need to download the app on your Android or iOS device and pair it with your Bluetooth thermometer and you are ready to go!

The 6 different colored variants of the aluminum alloy-probe allow you to monitor your meat grilling at 6 different temperatures and help you to prepare delicious cuisines with little effort.

The professional cooking helper that comes along with the thermometer assists you in cooking, grilling, oven, BBQ, smoking and a range of other options. The large backlight LCD screen helps in ease of visibility even at night and displays the cooking temperature and timing of the food.

There is an alarm that beeps if the cooking temperature is less or more than the preset one and lets you know if there is an issue. The associated BBQ set is a bonus and will convert you into one of the finest BBQ maestros.

Advantages of using the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless meat grilling thermometer :

A multitude of advantages can be presented which will lure you into buying and using the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless meat grilling thermometer. These have been discussed below.

  • Accessibility: This smart wireless grilling thermometer coupled with the Bluetooth device allows you easy access over your meat grilling status or food cooking status from afar.
  • Smart monitoring: The wireless Bluetooth thermometer can be paired on your Android or iOS device with utmost ease and the downloadable app helps you in controlling your cooking temperatures and monitoring them at all points of time; even if you are stationed far away from your kitchen or grill tray.
  • Range: The Bluetooth device offers you an excellent range of about 300 ft when you are outdoors and about 120 ft when you are indoors; for monitoring the real-time cooking status of your food.
  • Ease of cooking with Aluminium alloy probes: The usage of aluminum alloy probes; which are of 6 different colors and can endure high temperatures of up to 572 Fahrenheit, allows you to cook easily and simultaneously grill your meat at 6 distinct temperature gradients.
  • Versatility: The large backlit LCD screen offers ease of visibility even during the night. The wireless Bluetooth thermometer will alarm you on your device or the app through beeps if the cooking temperature is above or under your preset one. The device can also act as a kitchen timer. The sturdy magnetic back allows you to position this device comfortably on any metal surface.
  • Associated perks: The whole BBQ set which can be obtained while buying this thermometer will convert you into a culinary expert. The Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer pack comes with 6 aluminum alloy probes, with a couple of probe clip holders, cleaning cloth, storage bag, Silicone cooking brush, and dual meat shredder claws. The Bluetooth thermometer uses 2 AAA batteries as its power source but these are not included within the products.


  • Working may seem difficult under high cooking temperatures.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity and the pairing feature is sometimes difficult, according to a few users.

Tenergy Solis Digital thermometer :

Easy Setup
Digital APP Controlled Wireless Bluetooth Smart Thermometer
$41.99 $39.99

HIGH TEMPERATURE ACCURATE READINGS - Capable of giving readings between 32°F - 572°F, it delivers a +/-1% accuracy level to ensure precise temperatures each time. Designed with a large LCD screen that is easy to read.

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04/19/2024 02:41 am GMT

Product specifications: 

This all-purpose cooking thermometer uses advanced technology to do away with all your kitchen woes. The smart device helps you to invest your time in doing important chores or spend your time with your loved ones while it takes care of your cooking concerns. This digital thermometer operates between 32 degree and 572 degrees Fahrenheit and offers you the ease to cook meat, fish, poultry, bread, candy, fry oil, make coffee or do some homebrew.

The device provides real-time notifications on your phone about the food temperature or the cooking status and the easy-to-download app provides the pre-set temperatures according to the choice of food that you are about to cook.

Principle of Action: 

The Tenergy Solis brand-name is synonymous with chucking away your cooking woes and making it one of the most enjoyable hobbies you can nurture. The digital thermometer uses 2 FDA licensed stainless steel probes, reinforced with BPA free silicone handles and metal braided wiring with Teflon core, which are capable of handling temperatures up to 716 degree fahrenheit.

These can be used in BBQ monitoring to multi-meat tasking. The whole product is CE certified and comes with a 2-year extendable warranty.

The digital cooking thermometer allows you to move around 100 ft of your food being cooked and still monitor the real time cooking status and cooking temperatures on your phone. The app interface is superb as it provides 11 pre-set temperatures based on the nature of the protein- fish, poultry, ham, beef, veal, lamb, pork, turkey, BBQ smoke, hot smoke, Cold smoke; that you wish to cook.

This smart thermometer provides you real-time notifications on your paired phone or device and helps you to customise temperatures based on your will.

Advantages of using the Tenergy Solis Digital Meat thermometer: 

Compatibility: This digital thermometer offers extreme compatibility on both iOS and Android devices and the easy to download app offers superb interface on any device.

  • Visibility: The beautiful black lit LCD screen offers high visibility of cooking temperatures.
  • Cooking probes: The couple of stainless steel cooking probes that are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit and are fortified with BPA free silicone handle and Teflon core-wiring offers monitoring of simple cooking experiments to BBQ to multi-meat tasking. The app and the device supports the usage of up to 6 probes.
  • Sass: The Tenergy Solis digital meat thermometer combines technology with looks and can be quite an asset to flaunt to your friends and relatives. It offers you tremendous ease to move about performing your daily chores while it monitors the cooking status and cooking temperature of your food.
  • Range: This device offers you around 100 ft of free movement about your food which is being cooked.
  • Smartness: The Tenergy Solis digital thermometer combines class with performance and provides you real-time notifications on your paired device or phone; which helps you in monitoring your cooking temperature and time with the utmost ease. The digital thermometer also offers you the unique experience of cooking meat, fish, poultry, bread or even fry oil or do brewing on your front and is capable of monitoring all of these cooing operations.
  • Durability: The digital meat thermometer is CE approved for quality and durability and comes with a 2 year extended warranty.


  • Most probes start displaying faulty readings of temperature with use.
  • The silicone in the probes can melt due to high temperatures and is detrimental for you and anyone using them.

Thermopro TP08S Wireless Thermometer :

Best Seller
ThermoPro Wireless Digital Thermometer
$42.99 $39.99

Thermometer is pre-synchronized, simply insert batteries and the thermometer is ready to use. Dual Probes, Food & Ambient Temp Alarm standard. HI/LOW temp range alarm is specifically designed for usage with smokers, grills, BBQs, and homebrewing equipment.

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04/08/2024 03:21 am GMT

Product specifications: 

The ThermoPro Wireless Digital Thermometer is the perfect cooking solution that you need. It allows you to cook like a pro and flaunt your culinary skills to your friends and loved ones. On the upside, you do not have to stay positioned before your food while it is being prepared.

The smart device allows you to cook accurately and monitor your cooking and BBQ temperatures even when you are 300 ft away. This digital meat thermometer alarms you when your food is cooked to perfection and set your BBQ or OVEN or SMOKER at operating temperatures. Bust your fear of cooking and cook like a pro using ThermoPro!

Principle of Action: 

The ThermoPro digital meat thermometer is coupled with a number of cooking kits that simplify the action of cooking. The transmitter and receiver are pre-synchronized and do not require any pairing or further synchronization. The package contains 4 AAA batteries which when inserted, the thermometer is ready to operate.

The food probes designed out of stainless steel can perform at temperatures up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit and helps in monitoring both food and ambient temperatures with superfluous expertise. This thermometer is perfectly designed for prolonged smoking and grilling sessions and the alarms and the flashes help you to understand when the temperature is above or below the pre-defined one. This device also acts as a kitchen timer and features both countdowns and count up timers. The product is highly durable too.

Advantages of using the ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer: The advantages of employing the ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer in cooking operations can be discussed below.

  • Remote range and hassle-free set up: The 300 ft remote range offers you the ease of movement while your food is being prepared or your meat is being grilled or smoked. The manual is easy to use and the set-up does not include any complications.
  • Pre-synchronization: The pre-synchronisation of the transmitter and the receiver at the manufacturing facility prevents any further pairing or syncing issues.
  • Customizable: Before the operation starts, you can insert your own temperature settings manually on the device. It will also notify you if the oven or smoking or grilling temperature is above or below the pre-defined ones with a set of alarms and flashes.
  • Timer: The countdown and count up timer features allows the device to be doubly used as a kitchen timer.
  • Alert: The device provides a lost link alert to the owner.
  • Convenient setting: The wireless thermometer features awire on the transmitter so it can be easily hooked on the oven door or can be used as a stand too according to convenience.
  • Ease of use: The timer and temperature settings are saved when the unit is powered off. The temperature settings have multifaceted functions and can monitor both food and ambient temperatures. The stainless steel probes are functional at very high temperatures.

Disadvantages : 

  • The longevity of the whole unit including the probes is a big issue and the product needs to be warrantied for getting replaced.
  • The transmitter and receiver do not work too well with continuous usage. Display of faulty temperature is also a persisting problem.

Homeendless Wireless +Bluetooth Thermometer :

Easy to Read Display
Wireless Thermometer Bluetooth APP Controlled with 3 Probes

Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which can auto pair with iPhone or Android. Download “Smart Thermo 2” APP and connect it, the real-time temperature notifications will be pushed to your phone via Bluetooth within 33ft(Indoor )/100ft(Outdoor). 2 stainless steel probes, dual temperature sensors can endure the temperature from -22℉ to 572℉. Accurate to ±1°F.

Detail Page

Product specifications: 

This wireless digital meat thermometer brought to you by Homeendless is a tremendous offering to help you ditch your cooking concerns. This device is powered by the 4.2 Bluetooth technology and is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and lets you have a close look at your BBQ smoking or meat grilling sessions from afar.

The easily downloadable Smart Thermo 2 App lets you have all the real-time temperature and cooking status on your paired device. The simultaneous temperature monitoring probes and the advanced temperature and timer settings help you to flaunt your cooking skills to your near and dear ones.

Principle of Action: The wireless meat and BBQ digital Bluetooth thermometer by Homeendless is a versatile product that alleviates all your cooking concerns. The device is powered by state of the art 4.2 Bluetooth technology and is controlled by the easily downloadable Smart Thermo 2 app on your paired phone; iOS or Android.

The three stainless steel cooking probes allow you to monitor 3 different cooking temperatures simultaneously while you are positioned away from your food and the customisable temperature and timer settings; along with the 8 pre-set temperature and 4 pre-set doneness settings; allow you to set these according to your will.

Moreover, the large colored LED screen offers ease of readability of temperature and timer counts even during the night.


  • Range: The smart 4.2 Bluetooth powered device allows you to move about 100 ft from your food(outdoors) and 33 ft(indoors) and still monitor the cooking status, time and temperature in real-time.
  • Design and look: The Bluetooth wireless meat thermometer sports a sleek design with large LED lights of various colors that offer tremendous visibility even during the night.
  • Compatibility: This Bluetooth powered device can auto-pair with iOS and Android phones and devices and the Smart Thermo 2 App which can be easily downloaded into your phone or device controls the operations and provides you push notifications on your device.
  • Simultaneous monitoring: The 3 stainless steel probes, capable of operating at high temperatures, offer simultaneous monitoring of various temperature levels of your cuisine and notify you accordingly through the app.
  • Versatility: The app features 8 pre-set temperature settings and 4 pre-set food preparation or doneness levels according to which you can prepare your desired delicacies.
  • Easy power: The smart device operates on 2 AAA batteries which are included within the purchased unit along with the probes, probe wraps and probe clip holder.


  • The product is not warrantied and hence a faulty unit will result in loss of money as the return policy is not conducive.
  • The timer and probes do not function properly with continuous usage.

Conclusion :

The Smart Keg Monitor can definitely be an asset addition to your homebrew or commercial brewing system as it helps you monitor your mix levels with the utmost ease. 

The smart meat grilling thermometers (poor mans wireless therm), most of which apply either Bluetooth connection settings or some other wireless connections, allow you to perform your much needed culinary operations on the go without having to stay stationed before your cooking or meat grilling apparatus.

To get the most out of it, clean your machines and check them for glitches from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a smart keg monitor?

A smart keg monitor is a device that helps in keeping your brew fresh by controlling the temperature. It also provides updates about your beer supplies even when you are far from your dispensing kit or kegerator. This is particularly useful for those who have their own draught business and want to preserve the freshness of their mix.

How does the Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor work?

The Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor can be installed in between your kegerator kit and the beer dispensing tap. It keeps a constant watch over what is getting out from your tap and notifies you on it at that very moment. The monitoring system works equally well when it is installed in the kegerator or keezer as well as when it is placed in the fridge.

What are the advantages of using the Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor at home?

The Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor provides visibility of the quantity of brew left in the tap, even when you are stationed at a distance from your keg kit. It’s a smart device that can be flaunted to friends and relatives, demonstrating your passion for your brew. It helps with planning for your next party or brew day, and it works well with kegs of various dimensions and types.

How can the Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor be useful in a bar or restaurant?

The Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor allows for easy inventory management, planning for busy events and festivals, and keeping track of sales. It’s easy to install and use, and it’s compatible with wine, cider, coffee, and other brews and mixes.

What are some disadvantages of the Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor?

One disadvantage of the Kegtron Smart Keg Monitor is that the data stored in the app cannot be exported to other devices or for future use. However, an update might solve this issue for this smart monitoring system.

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