Best Beer Mugs: Ultimate Blend of Craftsmanship & Functionality!

We love grabbing a beer bottle at the end of a hot and stressful day.

This alcoholic beverage gives us ENOUGH BUZZ to feel more relaxed. But, it won’t get us too wasted. It’s THE perfect drink for unwinding and relaxation!

A cold and fizzy beer is also the perfect companion when watching your favorite sports team.

The laidback and refreshing beer is already great from the can (or bottle). Many of us drink it this way, especially when we are just casual drinkers.

But picking out great beer glasses and mugs is a must! Don’t settle for drinking from the can (or the bottle).

Pour your beer into a mug and enjoy the maximum experience! Read the sections below to know which style beer glass to get!

The Best Beer Glass Mugs

We’ve compiled our top fifteen (15) Stout glass cup picks. Here’s the shortlist:

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Below we cover the what we think are the top:

There are so many types of beer glasses. Many customers opt to pick up a glass beer mug because of its classic and traditional shapes.

But, which glass brand do you pick up? Here are some glass choices you’d love to get for your next drinks!

1. Bormioli Rocco Heavy Large Beer Glass (17.25 Oz)

The Bormioli Rocco large beer glass is the brand’s MODERN TAKE on the traditional German ale glass.

It has an authentic tulip design that will surely improve the flavor and aroma of your beer. You’ll get the proper froth in your ale through this beer mug.

A large beer glass like this needs a proper glass handle.

Thankfully, Bormiolo Rocco’s entry has a large and comfortable handle. These stein-type glasses are STURDY and DURABLE. You can even use it for your everyday drinks.

The problem is the advertised 17.25 oz is simply UNTRUE.

The beer glass can only hold at most a 15 oz beer (12 oz with a lot of foam).


  • A wide, stable bottom
  • Very appealing look and style
  • Balanced weight
  • Solid feel


  • Inaccurate capacity
  • The casting seam is a bit sharp
  • It can be uncomfortable to hold
  • False advertising

2. Bavel Style Extra Large Beer Mugs (35 Oz)

This beer glass mug holds A LOT OF LIQUID – be it beer, coffee, or water. You won’t have to keep refilling your glass now and then.

If you love getting drunk every once in a while, this mug will do the trick.

The glass is heavy enough so that it won’t fall. But, it’s NOT UNCOMFORTABLY HEAVY even when it’s full. Just manage your expectations on weight when buying an extra-large mug.

It’s sturdy enough that you won’t need to worry about thermoshock.

Our problem with this glass is its handle.

The handle’s a bit too narrow for anyone’s hands. A lot of people just hold it like regular pint glasses.


  • Convenient
  • Perfect for drinking on occasions
  • Perfect gift
  • Versatile (can be used for any liquid)


  • Sharp handle
  • Heavy when held using the handle
  • Not as durable as other beer mugs

3. Chefcaptain Dimple Stein Beer Glass (20 Oz)

Compared to other beer mugs, this stein glass has adequately-sized handles. It’s COMFORTABLE to hold and prevents getting heat into your beer.

Chefcaptain’s glass mugs are TRUE to the advertised capacity.

These pint glasses can hold up to 20 oz. It even leaves a bit of space for foam.

These dimple stein mugs are NOT AS HEAVY, but they are STILL STABLE. You’ll know that the beer mug is solid and sturdy.

A glass beer mug must be VERSATILE, and this one is. You can consume your liquids cold or hot.

Just DON’T heat your coffee in a microwave with this. It will only leave you with glass shards to clean up. It’s not a pretty sight.


  • Unique dimple design
  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Break-free packaging
  • Lightweight
  • Wide, seam-free handles


  • Dishwasher soap tends to etch the glass
  • Thinner glass

4. Amlong Crystal Beer Glass (12 Oz)

The Amlong Crystal Beer Mug is the description of a CLASSIC GLASS BEER.

The shape and design are simple and elegant, just what you want in a glass. The glass lines are clean, and the bottom is stable.

Classic brands like this are popular with any beer drinker.

It can accommodate convenience store beer cans. It can also hold a nice craft brew well. Honestly, we love it for cappuccinos and lattes too.

For the quality and build, the PRICE IS JUST RIGHT. You’ll get your money’s worth for sure.

It can fit 12 oz as advertised.

But, it fits only WITHOUT the foam. Otherwise, it will overflow and leave you a mess to clean up. Some customers dislike it for this reason.

The size makes some people think of it as a mug for kids.


  • Freezable
  • Great at keeping the temperature
  • Lightweight
  • Great value


  • The handle is too small
  • Inaccurate size
  • Too small for very foamy beers

5. QAPPDA Beer Mugs Set (16 Oz)

QAPPDA is one of the brands that stay true to the classic design of a glass beer mug.

This glass beer mug is CLEAR, ROUND, and TALL. The cylindrical shape is perfect to create a barrel look on your beverage.

Despite the price, the mug set is made of quality glass.

But, what we love most is that this glass is microwave-safe.

Most beer mugs can hold hot liquids but CAN NOT tolerate microwave heating.

This glass is popular because it is the perfect size for most drinks. It’s not for a beer drinker alone.

The PACKAGING IS NOT THE BEST, though. A customer even complained of 3 broken glasses when the package arrived at their address.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Microwaveable
  • Great quality for its price


  • Susceptible to ship damages
  • Easily chips
  • Unstable base

The Best Stainless Steel Beer Glasses and Mugs

We love our classic glass beer mug.

We usually see it in bars, at wedding events, and in sports matches. But is it THE BEST at keeping our drinks cold?

Stainless steel is known for how great it is at INSULATION.

Bring one of these stainless steel mugs to your next sports match instead of a glass beer mug.

1. Real Deal Steel Vacuum Beer Stein (20 Oz)

Vacuum sealing in these mugs creates the perfect insulation for your cold drinks. A tumbler is great for water, but it’s not the best for beers.

The Real Deal Steel Vacuum beer stein can keep your beer cold for hours.

If you fancy drinking beers while binging your favorite show, this one is a great choice. You can fill it with coffee if you need to stay awake for hours!

The handle is welded into the mug to avoid loosening over time. It won’t break or bend either.

The trusty handle makes it COMFORTABLE TO HOLD. You won’t accidentally drop your mug.

Steel mugs shouldn’t get damaged after falls. Sadly, this one is not that durable. One customer even had an unusable mug after it suffered a lot of damage in a single fall.


  • Keeps temperature for 16 hours
  • Versatile
  • Attractive brushed stainless steel
  • Good customer service and return-promise


  • Wrong capacity (16 oz instead of 20 oz)
  • Subpar lid
  • Not dishwasher-safe

2. Viking Stainless Beer Mug (18 Oz)

Not every customer will appreciate the Norse Mythology design on this stainless steel mug.

But, this one’s a great option for those who are into this old country barrel look.

What’s great about this mug is that it ADAPTS TO MODERN INSULATION without letting go of the antique feel.

It’s a perfect mug to use for themed wedding events. For beer enthusiasts, it’s great as gifts for friends and close affiliates.

Some people also like to keep medieval mugs in their mug collection.

The brand uses eco-friendly resin and stainless steel to craft this unique glass.

However, the materials are NOT pieced together well. Through time, water and soap seem to seep in between.


  • Rugged look popular among men
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Lightweight cup


  • The handle is not durable
  • Feels like a generic wood mug in any store

3. GuoShuang Nordic Viking Rune Beer Mug (13 Oz)

Another beer mug with the Nordic Viking Country styles is this GuoShuang Rune beer mug.

This beer stein will complement your whole feel if you’re into cosplay or a nordic-themed wedding.

It’s a good mug for young kids to enjoy as well. A nordic-country birthday for your 7-year-old will create the best memories.

The brand also OFFERS A LOT OF DESIGNS to choose from, and the VARIETY will address your concerns about giving gifts. Every friend can get a unique design.

The purchased mugs give out GREAT DETAILS through the resin material. It won’t be as durable, though.

The stainless steel inside is strong and sturdy. But the outside resin is susceptible to cracks and breaking.


  • Detailed design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Perfect gifts for family members
  • Fast shipping
  • Great balance


  • Colors fade
  • Inconsistent form and mold
  • Plasticky

4. Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein (24 Oz)

Stanley is a household shop in stainless steel items.

Stanley is a popular brand because of its LIFESPAN. A purchased pint mug from this store will last you through your lifetime.

Talk about value for money!

The Stanley Adventure big grip beer stein is perfect for your next outdoor trip.

Calmly sip your beer as you chat with friends in the great outdoors. It’s also a great companion for your after-wedding celebration with your partner.

You get to enjoy life and nature without worrying about drinking warm beer.

The Stanley steins can keep your beer cold for over 5 hours and chilled for 20 hours.


  • Perfect as gifts
  • Store temperature-controlled liquids for hours
  • Store warranty
  • It can be used in any location
  • Great balance
  • Lids from other steins can fit


  • Prone to scuffs
  • No lid
  • Susceptible to scratches on the logo sign
  • The plastic handle is not great

5. Bulletshaker Double Wall Insulated Beer Mug (17 Oz)

The Bulletshaker double-wall insulated beer mug does not look like the traditional stainless steel mugs.

New subscribers to stainless steel steins may opt for more unique styles like this.

People love to get this mug as gifts for friends. Commonly, these steins are sold out in every shop. If you come across one, reserve one to give out as gifts.

These steins are also popular because the shop offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t enjoy the steins you bought, you can bring them back to the store to get a full refund. Contact Bulletshaker to know more about this.

Remember that it DOES NOT keep your drinks cold AS LONG AS other brands do.


  • World-class customer service
  • Attractive look
  • Lighter than other cups
  • Perfect for gifts


  • Inaccurate capacity
  • Lots of scratches on the body
  • No lid

The Best Custom Beer Glasses and Mugs

Now that almost everything can be customized, your beer glass should also get some personal touch. The search is over!

Here are some great options that will look good on your mug collection.

1. Dugout Mugs Beer and Baseball Bat Drinking Mug (12 Oz)

You should pick up these Dugout beer mugs if you’re into personalized things.

They are the perfect personalized gifts for your family members WHO LOVE BASEBALL.

It’s the best mug to bring to sports games in different countries. This will be their new GAME-DAY MUG.

The emblem sign is carefully handcrafted and personalized for a premium feel.

Dugout also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to return it to their store if you don’t love it.

The only problem is the price. It’s NOT CHEAP at all.


  • Unique gifts
  • Attractive shape
  • Excellent customer service
  • Can hold hot and cold drinks
  • Can be personalized


  • Expensive for its purpose
  • Slow shipping for personalized items

2. Etno Motif Old Style Viking Beer Mug (20.3 Oz)

Here’s another antique-styled mug.

Unlike the earlier entries, this mug is made of wood and not resin. Oakwood makes it more durable.

The wood carving does not feel cheap at all. Every tankard is personalized to create a PREMIUM product.

The Etno Motif mug is perfect as a personalized wedding gift for couples who want unique chalices.

However, account for the fact that this is made of wood. With all wood products, repeated washing makes it unstable. Through time, the WOOD SPLITS, rendering the mug unusable.


  • Can be personalized
  • Authentic feel
  • Logo sign can be imprinted


  • Slow shipping for personalized items (takes over a week)
  • Expensive
  • Account for fast wear and tear

3. JoyJolt Screwdriver Beer Glass Mug (17 Oz)

We already covered beer and baseball.

Now, it’s time to account for BEER AND CARPENTRY. This personalized screwdriver beer glass is the novelty item everyone will want.

The search is over for the best-personalized beer glass. This featured beer mug is SO DISTINCT that you’d get one immediately.

They’re the perfect personalized gifts for dads, fathers-in-law, or anyone who loves DIY work.

Featured in this unique glass is a COMFORTABLE SCREWDRIVER HANDLE. The handle feels solid but comfortable at the same time.

This glass beer also comes in a special box.

The box is a sleek, black magnetic case that can be personalized with your initials.


  • Can be personalized
  • 12-month store guarantee
  • Option to store in a magnetic box
  • Personalized storage box


  • Slow shipping for personalized items (takes over a week)
  • Pricey for a gift
  • Prone to scratches on the body

4. Domestic Corner Das Boot Large Beer Boot (24 Oz)

We know that the search for the best-personalized mug ended with the screwdriver mug.

But there can be 2 bests, right? Kidding aside, this large boot glass is THE BOMB!

This is for the people who want to look back and address their history. German generals in World War I used to share ale with their comrades by drinking from their boots.

Das boot featured pint glasses that account for tradition.

Such unique traditions shape a FUN, PERSONALIZED GIFT to share with friends and families.

Get your sign and spin to your Das boot glass by etching your initials.

The only problem with this glass? There are WEAK POINTS in the glass structure, especially if you account for personalized etches.

Engraving is fun, but it also thins out the glass.


  • Can be personalized
  • Attractive glass shape
  • Address history stories
  • Large capacity


  • Glass is prone to chipping
  • Personalized areas can crack

5. Copperveda Viking Horn Mug (16 Oz)

The Copperveda Viking Horn mug is a handmade ox horn mug that you can get personalized.

The price is high. But, it is reasonable.

This featured Medieval mug is made of 100% authentic and genuine ox horns.

Take into account that the materials are also ethically sourced! Every material is meant to respect the rights of its environmental source.

Copperveda also offers product guarantees.

You WON’T get a refund in cash. But, if you don’t enjoy the horn mug, you’ll get coupons that you can spend in the store. Contact them to know more about it.

Just don’t forget to account for a slightly unpleasant smell at first. This comes from the epoxy coating and will soon fade.


  • Can be personalized
  • Product guarantee
  • Comes with a gift pouch
  • Hot and cold rated


  • Smells unpleasant at first
  • Not very durable
  • Feels plasticky

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Consider Using a Beer Mug Instead of Drinking Directly from the Can or Bottle?

Using a beer mug enhances the overall drinking experience. Pouring your beer into a mug allows you to fully appreciate its aroma, color, and taste. It also provides a more relaxed and traditional feel compared to drinking directly from a can or bottle.

What Are Some of the Best Beer Glass Mugs Available in the Market?

Some of the top beer glass mugs include the Bormioli Rocco Heavy Large Beer Glass, Bavel Style Extra Large Beer Mugs, Chefcaptain Dimple Stein Beer Glass, Amlong Crystal Beer Glass, and the QAPPDA Beer Mugs Set. Each of these mugs offers unique features and designs suitable for different preferences.

Are Stainless Steel Beer Mugs a Good Alternative to Traditional Glass Mugs?

Yes, stainless steel beer mugs are an excellent alternative. They are known for their insulation properties, ensuring that your beer remains cold for a longer duration.

Some top stainless steel mugs include the Real Deal Steel Vacuum Beer Stein, Viking Stainless Beer Mug, and the GuoShuang Nordic Viking Rune Beer Mug.

Can I Get a Personalized Beer Mug?

Absolutely! There are custom beer glasses and mugs available that can be tailored to your preferences. Some options include the Dugout Mugs Beer and Baseball Bat Drinking Mug, Etno Motif Old Style Viking Beer Mug, and the JoyJolt Screwdriver Beer Glass Mug.

These mugs can be personalized with unique designs, making them perfect gifts or additions to your collection.

What’s the Significance of the “Boot Beer” or “Das Boot” Glass?

The “Das Boot” glass, shaped like a boot, has historical significance. German generals during World War I used to share ale with their comrades by drinking from their boots.

The Domestic Corner Das Boot Large Beer Boot is a modern representation of this tradition, allowing beer enthusiasts to connect with history while enjoying their favorite brew.


There are a lot of steins to choose from in the market.

MAKE THE MOST OUT of your beer’s taste by getting a dedicated mug for it. Whatever your preferences are, you’ll get one that will elevate your beer experience.

We hope this article helped you address your concerns on which beer mug to get.

Here’s a summary:

If you have more questions, hit us up through our email address. You can also reach us through our contact number and social media address.

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