Best Electric All-in-One Automated Brewing Systems

Automated “all-in-one” homebrewing systems produce exceptional beer in a great variety of flavors and styles.

While they are convenient and eliminate the need for a mass of brewing equipment, there are some who feel that it takes the art out of brewing, while others find that it makes the entire brewing process more streamlined and inviting.

Whichever camp you belong to, there is one thing that remains: These automated brewing systems are here to stay.

What are the Best Automated Brewing Systems?

03/17/2023 03:11 am GMT

Perhaps a compromise is in order, where serious and experienced brewers can actually own and use both. The automated home brew systems can be used to experiment with prepackaged recipes and can be used to produce beer more quickly, while the standard brewing set up can be utilized for more creative, experimental brewing.

That being said, there is no hard and fast rule as to which set ups are better, because in the end, it all boils down to personal preference.

Below, we’ve included some of the best electric, all-in-one brewing systems available on the market today. If you are seriously considering purchasing one of these beauties, keep in mind which model will make the brewing process simpler for you.

After all, that is the main reason these units are purchased, what works for one homebrewer might not work for another.

BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System

Best Seller
BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System

Fully automated personal brewer; 2.6 gallons of premium quality beer with the push of a button. The BeerDroid is Wi-Fi connected and with the BrewArt app you can monitor and control your brew and also receive notifications of brewing milestones.

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The BeerDroid is the one I use and recommend to friends for testing small recipes before scaling up to a larger batch.

Automatically Brew Up to 2.6 Gallons of High Quality Beer

Hailing from the beautiful country of Australia, manufactured by Cooper Breweries and sold under BrewArt, the BeerDroid was created in 2016 for those who love the taste of home craft beer, but lack the time or interest to undertake traditional home brewing process.

When you use the BeerDroid, you’ll be eliminating the use of fermentation vessels, messy transfers, as well as the plethora of brewing equipment such as hydrometers, stirring spoons, and auto-siphons.

The BeerDroid brews up to 2.6 gallons of high quality beer, simply by pushing a few buttons. The App allows you to take control of the process remotely if necessary.

Brewprints Make for Perfect Batches Each and Every Time

You also gain access to over 40 “Brewprints”. Brewprints are recipes which were inspired by the best beers in the world. Each of these packages comes with everything you’ll need from hops to yeast, to create a whopping 10 liters of high quality beer.

The ingredients in each package is of the highest quality and free from chemical additives and preservatives.

The Brewprints are economically priced and well worth the investment, especially for novices in the art of brewing.

The BeerDroid is comprised of 2 main parts.

  • The first part is named the BeerDroid, and is responsible for the brewing and fermenting.
  • The second part is the BreFlow, which functions as a keg and beer dispenser, so your beer emerges from the tap, chilled and delicious, all without having to deal with CO2 canisters. You can also check the level of brew left in the keg by way of it’s integrated scale.

Patented End of Fermentation Technology, Easy to Clean and Maintain

Easy to use, it’s patented End of Fermentation Technology alerts you to when your brew has finished it’s fermentation and is ready to keg.

As for cleaning and maintenance, the BeerDroid really doesn’t require much in the way of effort on your part.

This unit comes with throw-away keg liners and beer lines, so there’s no need to spend extra money on cleaners and sanitizers, money best left to spend on new, flavorful Brewprint packages. Your initial purchase of the BeerDroid includes an American Pale Ale BrewPrint to get you started.

Can be Controlled Manually or via the BrewArt App

When it comes to making your first batch, just set the BeerDroid up on a table or counter top. Next, add the water and your favorite Brewprint package. Once finished your brew will then enter the storage mode. The process can be started manually via the easy to use, LCD display control panel, or remotely with the BrewArt app.

As the BeerDroid homebrew setup is temperature controlled, you can input your own settings, select the yeast propagation, brewing and kegging temperatures.

If you’ve just unboxed your BeerDroid and are eager to get started, but are a bit confused, know that it comes with pre-programmed settings for both Ales and Lagers.


  • BrewArt App allows for remote brewing
  • Brewprints for consistently perfect batches
  • Pre-programmed settings for Ales and Lagers
  • Includes One Pale American Ale Brewprint


  • None

BeerDroid – Superb Tasting Beer at the Push of a Button

The BrewDroid (full review), fully automated brewing system is one of the best brewing systems on the market today. By using their Brewprints, you’ll be able to brew each batch to perfection.

Also, if you’re new to homebrewing, know that the BeerDroid has pre-programmed settings for both Lagers and Ales.

The BeerDroid is a user friendly, electric brewery designed to be operated manually or remotely via their convenient app. This easy to clean and maintain automated home brewer is just like having your very own, professional microbrewery right in your own home.

The Grainfather Brewing System

Most Popular
Grainfather Connect All In One Home Brewing System
$999.99 $869.00
  • Capacity: 8 Gallons / 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 37 Pounds
  • Programmable step mashing
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 24 month manufacturers warranty
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03/17/2023 03:11 am GMT

#304 Stainless Steel Construction with Integrated Counterflow Chiller

Take just one look at the Grainfather, and you’ll see a brewing system with a well thought out design, stylish in appearance. The Grainfather is a feature laden, all-in-one brewing system constructed from #304 stainless steel, to handle nothing but grains.

This affordably priced automated brewing system uses 120 volts to turn your grains into some perfectly made batches of brew, each and every time. This unit comes with a stainless steel inner basket where the mashing process both occurs, and continues to recirculate.

When it’s time to cool down your wort after the boil, its integrated counter-flow chiller with a copper inner coil handles all the work for you.

Connect Control Box, Connector App for Remote Brewing

Its Connect Control Box is used with its Connector App, and connects via Bluetooth which enables you to keep track of your homebrewing process remotely.

The App also gives you access to delicious beer recipes, set the temperature for your boil, and switch from manual mode to App and back again.

This exceptionally well-designed 8 gallon capacity automated brewing system is comes with a tempered glass lid, 6 Watt mag drive pump, stainless steel pump filter and an expandable grain basket to bring your wort to a nice rolling boil, it uses a 1600 watt state-of-the-art heating element.

Ease of Use Adds to the Beer Crafting Experiencing

Easy to use, just find your favorite recipe, fill the system with water and heat. Next, add in the grain, flip on the re circulation pump so it can complete the mash. Afterwards, boil the wort, use the counter-flow chiller until you’ve reached the pitching temperature.

Following instructions, you’ll find that cleanup is simple as well. When you purchase the Grainfather, you’ll be able to made delicious grain-based craft beer from a variety of recipes, all without the bother of carboys, tubing, plastic buckets and a host of other accessories necessary equipment.

The Grainfather affords you the ease of creation while keeping the art of brewing intact.


  • Easy to set up, operate and clean
  • Manufactured from #304 stainless steel
  • Intuitive App allows you to control the brewing process remotely
  • App contains many interesting and satisfying recipes


  • Can clog if directions are not followed

The GrainFather – All Grain, Perfect Beer, Every Time.

The Grainfather has quite a following in the world of automated home brewing. This beauty is built from #304 stainless steel and handles nothing but grains.

This system is easy to set up and operate, you can even control the brewing process remotely with its user friendly app, which is filled with quite a few beer recipes.

Overall, the Grainfather is a superb choice for creative brewers everywhere who respect the art of brewing great craft beers.

PicoBrew Model-C Automated Brewing Machine

Welcome to the Simplified World of Automatic Brewing

The PicoBrew Model C is another is a finely crafted brewing machine which allows you to set your homebrewing on automatic, quickening up the brewing process.

By using the PicoBrew, you’ll never have to deal with hauling around glass carboys or purchasing a ton of homebrewing equipment like auto-siphons, jars, or fermentation vessels.

All that’s needed is for you to utilize their very own “PicoPaks”, packages of pre-blended grains and hops.

PicoPaks: The Foolproof Way to Brew Exceptional Beer Every Time

These PicoPaks are designed in such a way that homebrewing the perfect brew is now a foolproof operation. You can even grab up some PicoPaks which favor some of your favorite craft beers.

In fact, PicoBrew has buddied up with over 200 breweries, which provides them with more than 100 PicoPaks.

What’s really nice about the PicoPaks, is that you can now experience the savory taste of craft beers from breweries throughout the country, without leaving your home. PicoBrew also gives you the option to order FreeStyle packs, which are entirely customized by you.

Brew Great Tasting Beer in a Few Short Hours

The entire process, from beginning to end takes only a few short hours. There is no mashing, no boiling, and no messy transferring. Cleanup is easy, as the parts which need cleaning are all dishwasher safe.

As for instruction, Pico provides you with plenty of online instructional videos, and an online users manual. Just one quick note, you cannot use your PicoBrew offline as you can other automated brewers.

Only when online can the PicoBrew Model C figure out which PicoPak you’re using, so make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection before you purchase it.

Comes with a 5 Liter Aluminum Ke

Once the fermentation process is completed, it’s time to keg and carbonate the beer. Your PicoBrew will come with a 5 liter aluminum keg. All that’s necessary is to add a bit of sugar and seal up the keg.

If you prefer, you can substitute the sugar for a force carbonating kit which utilizes CO2 cartridges, purchased separately.

The CO2 is often the preferred route as it hurries up the carbonation process. If there is a downside to this unit, it’s the fact that PicoBrew has made certain that once you purchase it, you’re dependent on them for basic equipment, as everything is tied into the PicoBrew Model C design, and nothing can be used as a substitute, even the PicoPaks.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Totally automated brewing system
  • PicoPaks available which produce beer from well known craft breweries
  • Easy to clean, most parts are dishwasher safe


  • Must use WiFi to connect and operate

ClawHammer Supply Brewing System Version 2

Clawhammer Supply
Complete Electric Home Brewing System

Digital, 240V Electric, Semi-automated, BIAB, All Grain, Extract Home brewing.

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05/25/2024 10:06 am GMT

Brew 10.5 gallons in a High Quality #304 Stainless Steel Brewing Kettle

The Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System by Clawhammer Supply, Version 2, is an all-in-one, semi-automated, 10.5 gallon can brew system. Made with premium quality, food-grade #304 stainless steel brewing kettle that handles both the mash and boil with great efficiency and ease.

No more balancing between fermenting vessels and messy transfers, this all-grain brewing system does it all in this one stainless steel kettle, using a BIAB, or “Brew in a Bag” technology.

Brew in a bag means that your entire batch is brewed in the one kettle using stainless steel hop and grain baskets.

Preserves the Art of All Grain Brewing

The Clawhammer semi-automated homebrew system makes brewing easy with it’s ‘set it and forget it’ method of brewing. This model is absolutely perfect for the home brewer who seeks to have ultimate control over their brewing.

In other words, there are no pre-packaged recipe kits with the Clawhammer unit. You’ll be responsible for crafting your very own signature brew solely by your chosen mix of ingredients.

To help protect you from the high temperatures during brewing the handles are made from a heat resistant silicone coated material.

Brewing Handled by a 15 Amp, PID Digital Controller

Controls for this brewing system are handled brilliantly by its 15 amp, PID digital controller, and the boil supplied by a 1650 Watt heating element.

Other features include a high volume/temp heavy duty pump, removable temperature probe, 20 plate, heat exchanger wort chiller, durable silicone hoses and quick release hose fittings.


  • 15 amp, PID digital controller
  • 20 plate wort chiller
  • Set it and forget it brewing style
  • Gives you ultimate control over your all-grain brewing


  • Some users may find the digital control box to be too complex

ClawHammer E-Brewing System – Retain the Art of All-Grain Craft Beer Brewing

The ClawHammer Supply Brewing System Version 2 is a semi-automatic beer brewing unit that preserves the art of beer brewing. Everything is controlled by its 15 amp, PID digital controller, allowing you to have a set it and forget it style of electric brewing system.

Other features of pilot system include a 20 plate wort chiller, all the hoses and fittings you’ll need for operation, 1650 Watt heating element, and a heavy duty pump. Manufactured with high quality, #304 stainless steel, it uses a BIAB brewing method to secure the absolutely best beer available.

RoboBrew Automated Brewing System Version 3

Best Seller
Robobrew V3 with Pump
  • Stainless steel all grain brewing system
  • 9 gallon capacity with 5-6 gallon output
  • 110V power
  • Digital controller built in
  • Built in pump for recirculation
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05/25/2024 11:10 am GMT

All Grain Brewing, Integrated Drive Pump and Dual Heating Elements

The Robobrew, Version 3 has been developed specifically for those who are interested in all-grain brewing, as opposed to extract brewing. This automated brewing system has everything you need built right in.

It’s made with an integrated magnetic drive pump to recirculate the wort, easy to remove grain basket, spigot, dual heating elements, and easy to use control panel. Dual heating elements give you the control you need when it comes to setting your temperature.

The 1000 watt element quickly heats up the temperature so you get a fast, continuous and vigorous boil, and the second 500 watt heating element is for when you’d like to keep the temperature stable.

Plug and Play Set Up, Stainless Steel Construction

This set it and forget it electrical brewing system is basically a 9.25 gallon capacity “plug and play” operation with a delay start timer, step mash functionality, and interior volume markings.

Features include a stainless steel construction, re-circulation arm, stainless steel malt pipe, digital temperature and control panels, stainless steel 1/2 inch ball valve, immersion wort chiller, and glass lid.

This is a great system for those of you looking for an affordable, dependable brewing system with a set it and forget it ability.


  • Affordable set it and forget it system
  • Excellent for all-grain brewing
  • Dual heating elements
  • Generous 9.25 gallon capacity


  • Some components are not as high quality as they could be

RoboBrew – Affordable, Reliable and Hardworking

The RoboBrew Version 3 Electrical Brewing System is a well-received electric brewing unit. This affordable system can be used for both extract and all grain brewing, but is more suited to all grain brewing.

The dual heating elements and generous 9.25 gallon capacity and digital temperature are just a small sampling of the positive aspects of the RoboBrew. An excellent choice for the beginning or casual brewer.

Brewie+ Advanced Home Beer Brewing Machine

The World’s First Automatic Brewing Machine

The Brewie+ carries with it the distinction of being the world’s very first automated brewing machine. The Brewie+ is a durable, fast and lightweight automated brewing machine, that comes with a WiFi module which keeps you up to date on the brewing process when you’re not in the direct contact with the unit via your smartphone, computer or tablet.

You can also take charge of your Brewie using it’s easy to navigate touch screen display. State-of-the-art heating elements means that you’ll reach your boil faster, which significantly cuts down on the overall brewing time.

An Excellent Choice for New and Seasoned Brewers

The Brewie+ is suitable for both newbie and experienced homebrewers, and can produce up to 5 gallons on its own, just add your favorite ingredients and start the machine.

As far as ingredients go, this unit can easily deal with grain bills up to 17.5 pounds.

If you’re concerned about how much maintenance is involved, know that the Brewie+ has been designed with 3 convenient cleaning cycles: quick, full, and sanitize. If you think the art of creating the best brew will be lost, don’t be.

The Brewie+ puts the homebrewier in the drivers seat, giving you full control over every step, allowing you to control the settings for hopping, sparging or mashing.

Downloadable Recipes and a Beer Explorers Club

The Brewie+ also has a friendly and dedicated social media presence on their very own platform, the Beer Explorers Club. There you’ll find others, just like you who you can share information, recipes and general conversation. Their website is also filled with valuable information, including downloadable recipes.

All tanks are made from durable stainless steel, and integrated sensors make certain that only the right amount of water is used. This counter top brewing unit comes with 4 stainless steel hop tanks, sparging can be manual or automatic.

The 1800 Watt Brewie+ has a life expectancy of 20,000 hours of service, has a brewing capacity of 2.64 to 5.28 gallons, weighs in at 64 pounds and measures 29 x 13.3 x 18.4 inches.


  • Powerful, can handle up to 17.5 pounds
  • Dedicated social media presence and community for members
  • Life expectancy of 20,000 hours of service
  • 3 convenient cleaning cycles: quick, full, and sanitize


  • The price may be a little too steep for some people

Brewie+ | Full Control At Your Fingertips

The Brewie+ is a fully automated, all-in-one brewing system that can produce up to 5 gallons of brew per single vessel, and has a total life expectancy of 20,000+ hours.

Not only does this 1800 Watt brewing machine have what it takes to crush the competition, but its Beer Explorers Club helps get brewers together where they can share beer recipes and brewing tips.

We like the Brewie+ because it gives you control over the process, whereby the concept of brewing as an art form is maintained and fostered.

New to Market:

Best Automated Brewing System Review – The Criteria Used in Our Selection

When we laid out our criteria for selecting the best brewing machines, we took into consideration just what the professional homebrewer would need to simplify the brewing process.

We also had the casual brewer in mind, knowing that they might not be interested in the art of brewing, but simply looking for a quick and easy way to brew some high quality beer and save some money in the long run.

Automated brewing systems are designed for one thing.

To take the effort and time out of homebrewing. These systems take all of the steps and streamline them, so each batch and brew day exhibits a uniform, consistent quality and taste. Therefore, the top consideration was the quality of brew produced.

Our criteria included offering potential buyers a choice of electric brewing systems, which allowed the brewer to be creative and create their own craft beers, such as the Clawhammer Supply brewing system, or those which only use pre-packaged ingredients, such as the PicoBrew Model-C.

Either way, the automated brewing system must make the process as effortless as possible.

We also looked to include models which sported a stylish design, such as the BeerDroid by BrewArt, which would be an attractive addition to any kitchen decor.

So attractiveness of the unit and size played a large part, as casual brewers would most likely place the system on their counter top.

Price also played a part. In the long run brewing your own, premium quality beer can save you much. How much? Check out Can Homebrewing actually save you money here.

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