Beer Coozie: Essential Guide to Chilled Drinks

They say dogs are man’s best friend. But you know what else man’s best friend is?

Beer coolers/insulators, or should we say COOOZIE!! These beer-hugging sidekicks make sure to keep your beers cool, even after several hours!

Today, we’ll get to know man’s second-best friend and why beer coolers have become a party staple through the years.

The Elephant in the Room: Beer Koozie, Coozie, Cozy. How Do You Refer to IT?

You’re getting ready for your Friday night party and realize, “Oh NO, I don’t have enough koozies for my beers!”

You’ll probably ping a friend and ask them to bring an extra koozie. Or is it coozie? Cozy? How do you spell it? Let’s answer this question once and for all.

Koozie = Brand Name

Koozie ®, spelled with a K, is a brand name with a registered trademark. It has its beginnings in the late 1970’s thanks to an ingenious man who wanted to cool his beer or any beverage for that matter.

So…he invented a drink insulator that wraps around a can or bottle of beer, making sure it stays cooler than usual, especially during the course of a hot summer’s day. But the inception of Koozie isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Several persons fought hard to patent these drink insulators, like Scott Henderson and Bonnie McGough. In the end, however, the company that won the patent over Koozie is Radio Cap Corporation.

Nevertheless, the beer Koozie you see today is still faithful to the patent Bonnie McGough invented.

All that’s left to do is thank Koozie for this ingenious beer cooler. You get the best of both worlds with this neoprene beverage insulator: a cold beer through the course of your day without getting your hands wet.

Coozie = General Beer Huggies You See

After the popularity of Koozies, several companies have made their version of koozies, but this time spelled with a C.

The similarities between the two are apparent in terms of how they sound and their purpose. However, marketing Koozie back then was probably a challenge, considering the number of “coozies” there are.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there were several patent and registered trademark issues along the way. And boy, oh boy, Koozie and Coozie were in for a fight.

Eventually, however, coozies have been used to refer to the general class of beer insulators and coolers sold in the market. Rest assured, they are all the same in terms of function because they refer to the same kind and function.

Cozy – Nothing Like Koozie and Coozie

Cozy sounds like a derivative of Koozie and Coozie. After all, it ALSO sounds the same. Thankfully, however, cozy works differently than the two we’ve mentioned.

Instead of keeping drink bottles and cans of beer cool, a cozy is meant to keep the heat inside a teapot. Thus, it is apparent that a cozy has the opposite effect of what you’d want from a Koozie.

Through time, however, the word cozy has been used interchangeably to refer to a koozie. Unfortunately, it still causes quite a confusion for some because now they’re not sure whether a cozy is for a teapot or a cold beverage!

Other Terms Coined

These coolers have been called different names through the years, such as huggies, coolies, koozie, koolers, koozies, coolers, stubby holders, and more! You get the idea.

Don’t worry about what they’re called because they all have the same function as the original koozie.

Why Is a Koozie so Effective?

A significant reason why a koozie is so effective at keeping a drink cool is because of its material.

Manufacturers use neoprene to make their koozie, and research shows how effective the material is at keeping drinks cooler compared to having no koozie. Plus, there’s visibly less condensation on the bottle with a koozie on.

Besides neoprene, several manufacturers use other materials to make a koozie that does a great job as insulators. For example, cork, leather, polyester, and vinyl koozie!

Of those mentioned, the leather may sound like a stretch, but it exists. In contrast, polyester and vinyl provide the most economical choice of the bunch.

What Makes a Coozie so Popular?

Besides its functionality, coozies have become extremely popular because of the different styles and shapes it comes in. People started using coozies as a means to express themselves!

Back in the days, the original Koozie only sported one color – black. Just like a the Ford Model T.

But today, you’ll find a wide range of colors.

You can also get a Koozie for almost all your drinks because they now come in different shapes and sizes! Not to mention, some insulators are even designed to fit your golf bags!

Whether you’re planning to cool a skinny bottle, a standard can of beer, or a wide bottle, no problem. ALL SIZES are welcome.

Final Word

Coozies all function the same – invented for a common purpose.

If you don’t have one yet, consider getting one for your drink now. Or if you have one already, what about replacing it with a cool and stylish one?

After reading this article, we’re sure you can’t wait to enjoy yourself a bottle of cold drink at home or wherever you are! Just don’t forget to put on a coozie for your drink, and you’re all set.

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