Beer Steins: Authentic German Craftsmanship to Modern Classics

Drinking beer is one thing, but having a cold german beer in style is another. Enter German beer steins!

These beer mugs keep your drinks cold and delicious for a longer time, stemming from meaningful history.

Here are the Top 5 Beer Steins:

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Explaining Authentic German Beer Steins

If you look at beer steins, most of them have this historical and antique look with undeniably beautiful designs. That’s because these German steins are historical and traditional.

Just a short crash course (we know you don’t like history lessons, so let’s make it quick!), beer steins originated in Germany way back in the 14th century.

It was primarily created with lids in compliance with sanitary requirements relative to the plague.

Simultaneously, Germans were also starting to progress their stoneware and earthenware techniques; hence, we see many traditional steins with pewter lids, ceramic, and stoneware compositions.

Some people claim that the term came from the German word “Stein Krug,” which translates to a stone mug.

Thanks to these stein features, they’re functional and unique-looking at the same time.

It wasn’t long until the world recognized these authentic German beer steins as a Europe trademark.

Until today, they’re the first ones you think of when we talk about beer steins. It’s a product famous among beer lovers and collectors alike.

15 More Beer Stein Ideas for You

Over time, beer stein designs have transformed. There’s now a wide selection perfect for gifting or completing a collection. For some, they use it for the sole purpose of keeping beers cold.

Whatever it is, there’s an option for you. We’ve compiled 20 of the best beer stein ideas in the market for you to choose from!

Old German Petwer Coat of Arms Black Lozenge German Beer Stein

Let’s start with the most stylish-looking beer stein. These classics are what you often see in the bar, held by a customer while watching sports on the television.

Although the open tops are pretty far from the original purpose of authentic German steins, it’s a modern and reasonable option.

Can you imagine serving beer in a bar with delicate hand-painted designs? Of course not!

This one’s durable with its thick glass, easy to clean via dishwasher, and versatile for different occasions. You get the beer mug essence with reasonably-priced and designed glassware.

HAUCOZE Beer Stein Mug

Whether you intend for this beer stein as a drinking glass or ornamental display, we can’t deny its beautiful design that screams art!

This one from Wrendefull is representative of how most steins look. It features a painting of the bright and eye-catching Germany Coats of Arms.

Another point (literally pointy!) is the elegant lid with carvings engraved carefully. This specific mug can hold up to 0.60 liter of beer, which is not bad for a serving!

James Mager Glass Mallard Stein

What about people on the go who need practical mugs but still get the functionality of beer steins?

Adopting the design of German beer steins but letting go of the Viking ship, Lederhosen, and Santa Claus paintings, this one’s perfect for those who are always on the move.

It’s okay to drop it a few times, and the insulation can genuinely help with the temperature. Some people also use it for coffee, tea, and even breakfast smoothies!

Viking Beer Mug, Stainless, Whiskey Barrel Cup

But hey, those Viking ship designs mean something. People who appreciate the history of Germany will want to have a hint of it on their drinking mugs.

You can already tell the hard work that went into this beer stein. It’s made of polyresin, and the intricate wood details are handpainted! It’s perfect for fans of everything medieval.

HAUCOZE Beer Stein Mug German Eagle Medallion with Pewter Lid

Here’s another one that’s too pretty to drink from. German themes inspire it, with Deutschland carefully engraved on the body.

Ceramic beer steins with pewter lids are high-quality and valuable.

There’s a reason why they’re more expensive than the plain and modern-looking ones. But a collector will love it; it’s far better than what you see in an ordinary gift shop.

BARsics German Beer Stein With Metal Lid

Choose a handmade mug with good craftsmanship if you’re looking for German beer steins that exude artistry and creativity.

The lid is made from oak, making it a ceramic handmade masterpiece from top to bottom.

Beer Steins By King – Thewalt 1893 Stein Of Kings Relief German Stein

If you think the ceramic beer mug is expensive, you must see what authentic German beer steins offer.

Many steins today are replicas or Germany-inspired but not authentic. Because of its exclusivity, you don’t always come across legitimate ones in this world.

When you encounter limited editions made in Germany, the high price is worth the investment.

You can feel like a king while enjoying your delicious beer or sell it for a reasonable price afterward.

Cobalt Blue Deluxe Ceramic Beer Stein Mug with Deutschland Germany Village Scene Engraved Metal Medallion

You deserve a one-liter beer mug like this one if you dislike multiple refills.

Because of some stein features, most of them can only hold less than a liter of beer. While the designs are good, they can frustrate some. Try getting a stein that can do both – fantastic design and large capacity.

Munich Oktoberfest (Muenchen Oktoberfest) Full Relief German Beer Stein

The Munich Oktoberfest holds a special place in most beer lovers’ hearts! A stein that can reflect that is a superb choice.

If you’re wondering why the Munich Oktoberfest design is so intricate, it’s because it’s authentically made in Germany. Plus, throw in the pewter metal lid for the finishing touch!

Fandom-Based Beer Stein (Game of Thrones House Targaryen Stein)

Are you on the search for gifts? If your recipient is a beer lover, you’re on the right track. You can also mix their German beer stein with some of their favorite shows.

For example, this German beer stein was inspired by the famous series Game of Thrones. It’s a well-thought-of gift that can also be a great conversation starter!

German Beer Stein Deutschland Pewter Eagle

Many people love Germany’s culture as a country. What better way to show it than getting a German beer stein with accurate German references?

OTARTU Viking Warrior Skull Mug With Stainless Steel Liner

Edgy and unique gifts like this stein are perfect for people who have a collection of medieval items. Its hand-painted and delicate design with bull horns as the handle is undeniably beautiful.

German Beer Stein St. George Knight

If you haven’t noticed, many of these steins carry deeper designs than just Santa Claus and whatnot. Something like this St. George Knight stein makes it all the more special.

You’ll also notice that the pewter lid is more unique. It features a beautifully made dragon rather than a pointed cover with engravings. And, of course, we can see the hand-painted details.

NENBOLEC Beer Stein Mug German Frankfurt Oktoberfest Tankard with Petwer Lids

While we’re on the topic of hand-painted, we need to include this German beer stein that showcases Frankfurt Oktoberfest. It’s ceramic, porcelain, with a pewter lid, and can hold up to 0.6 liter of beer.

How Do I Know If My Beer Stein is Valuable?

As discussed above, there are so many beer stein variations nowadays. An authentic stein is always valuable, with a price range of $50 to $5,000. Steins made in Germany or from authentically German shop brands will be considered valuable.

It’s also more expensive if it’s antique, claimed to be used by the king, or made with valuable stone materials or stoneware. However, you’ll need to fact-check this during your search.

Easy Ways to Determine German Stein Value

  • Check the Pewter Lid: If it’s lightweight, darker on the outside but not inside. A pointed pewter lid also has less value.
  • Check the Materials: If your stein is made of plastic glass, it’s not as valuable (those are usually for party drinks). Authentic king steins are ceramic, porcelain, ivory, etc.
  • Check the Stein Design: If it depicts great German or biblical stories, hand-painted king characters, or anything special. Those GOT or Santa Claus-inspired are not authentic.
  • Check the Stein Handle: Search for bumps on the handle. There should be no bumps if it’s genuinely antique.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Historical Significance of German Beer Steins?

German beer steins originated in the 14th century and were initially created to meet sanitary requirements during the time of the plague.

They have lids and are often made from materials like ceramic, stoneware, and sometimes pewter. These steins are not just beer mugs; they are pieces of art and history.

What are the Different Types of Materials Used in Beer Steins?

Beer steins are commonly made from ceramic, stoneware, and porcelain. Some modern variations use glass or plastic. Authentic German steins often feature pewter lids and intricate hand-painted designs.

How Do You Determine the Value of a Beer Stein?

The value of a beer stein depends on its authenticity, craftsmanship, and materials used. Authentic German beer steins made from high-quality materials like ceramic and featuring intricate designs are generally more valuable. Some steins can even cost up to $150,000 if they are antique and rare.

What are Some Popular Themes and Designs in Beer Steins?

Beer steins often feature various themes, from historical and cultural references like the Munich Oktoberfest to modern fandom-based designs like Game of Thrones steins.

Authentic German steins often depict German or biblical stories and feature hand-painted characters.

Can You Customize a Beer Stein?

Yes, there are options for custom beer steins where you can have specific designs, names, or logos engraved or painted onto the stein. Custom beer steins make excellent gifts and are a unique way to add a personal touch to your collection.


Did we help expand your beer stein knowledge? It’s always fun learning about different cultures and understanding what makes them valuable pieces in modern times.

Whether you intend to look for gifts, collector items, or simply different style of beer mug, we hope this article helped you! Prost!

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