Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper: The 10 Best Yeti Alternatives

When talking about coolers, Yeti is one of the best. However, Yeti coolers cost high that only a few people can afford them.

Are you looking for the perfect option by not putting a big hole in your pockets?

There are a lot of high-quality coolers you can add to your options. This ranges from small to big coolers, the same as hard sides to soft ones.

But, we have already prepared a list of the top 10 best Yeti alternatives to make the job easier for you!

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The 10 Best Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper

Yeti coolers are undeniably one of the high-end coolers up for sale.

This is related to the high demand and customer loyalty they have been receiving for years since its launch in 2006.

Joining a high-quality and popular brand also calls for a higher price tagYeti Hopper, Tundra, and more.

This is one of the main reasons why you should opt for Yeti cooler alternatives. This is better than expecting cheap Yeti coolers to be made.

Aside from that, many companies older than Yeti can produce a better cooler in different categories — design, cooling technology, ice retention, space, and more.

Note that lowering product quality does not mean going for coolers like Yeti at a lower price.

1) RTIC Coolers – Best Overall

Meet the RTIC brand, Yeti’s biggest and closest competitor.

RTIC has been very vocal about going against Yeti coolers since they started in 2015. They are known to produce models that are durable and good at retaining ice longer.

Being present in the market for LESS than a decade, RTIC products gave the Yeti company a headache in maintaining the latter’s numbers in customer loyalty.

Millions of cooler users can prove that their old tagline is true by saying, “Half the price holds more ice.” For starters, RTIC is offering a daily cooler at just $24.99.

RTIC cooler products are built with 2 inches of insulation. These are high-quality Polyurethane foams manufactured to be tight and dense for better cooling effects.

They even sued in 2017 due to their grit and perseverance to compete and BEAT Yeti via lower-priced products. This led them to change designs, not the quality and low price.

Indeed, RTIC is still living up to its promise of a 50% lower price than Yeti coolers. But, this is in a new tagline of “Overbuilt. Not overpriced.”

Cooler Products

RTIC coolers are literally like Yeti but cheaper.

Their mid-sized products can make your drinks cold for seven days. At the same time, the bigger ones can expect ten days of cooling power.

Are you already hooked on replacing your Yeti cooler with a cheaper RTIC one?

Check the latter’s cooler products below, or you may go to their official website  for more information:


  • Proven to be durable
  • Tested among more than a million users
  • Good company customer service
  • It has simple yet nice cooler designs
  • Manufactures models that hold ice long
  • 50% more affordable than Yeti products


  • Has legal issues against Yeti corporate
  • Handles might be slippery for some
  • Plugs for draining are separated from the cooler

2) Engel Coolers – Best Value

Engel cooler products have been proven to have super high-quality coolers like Yeti but are cheaper. Ask those outdoor men or women and boatmen or women that you know!

Being present in the industry for MORE THAN two decades since 1990 is a strong statement that they have been manufacturing good cooler products.

Where can you get a 20-25% lower price than Yeti with the same level of quality?

They are similar, with a 2-inch high-quality insulator and easy cleaning features. An Engel cooler has excellent value and is a plausible yeti cooler alternative.

If you decide to go for an Engel cooler, you can guarantee a minimum of 10 years for its lifespan. You will not be restricted with cooler sizes too!

Engel coolers can compete with Yeti’s 12-size options. Specifically, the former has 11 sizes you can choose from—21 – 320 quarts.

Other than that, there are a WIDE number of options for colors. These colors include:

  • White
  • Coastal white
  • Arctic blue
  • Tan
  • Sea foam
  • Pink
  • Ice mango
  • Haze gray

Cooler Products

No brand will remain in the industry if they don’t build high-quality products.

Choose from the list of Engel products below. You will be amazed to see that their 100% indestructible claim is true.

If you are a big boat user, this option is the perfect one for you.

Go to their official website for more cooler options now!

  • Hard Coolers
  • Soft Coolers
  • Drybox Coolers
  • Live Bait Coolers
  • Fridge Freezers
  • Drinkware
  • Cooler Accessories


  • 20-25% more affordable than Yeti products
  • Several size options
  • Several cooler color options


  • No wheeled cooler options

3) Coleman Coolers – Best Budget Pick

Where can you see a wheeled cooler for ~ $50?

Coleman coolers are known for producing ice chests for different cooling needs and very affordable price ranges.

It might have average performance for retaining ice, but its price is low and just right. Coleman cooler manufacturers believe 5-7 days is ENOUGH for outdoor cooling needs.

Yeti coolers are on a different level compared to Coleman products. Yet, the latter’s price range is extremely low, which will surely fit your budget.

Why pay for extra storage and more cooling days features if you can’t maximize them anyway?

At a lower price, you can have a Coleman cooler for your activities at the beach, pool, forest, and more.

If you have medium cooler needs and are looking for a very low price, Coleman products are for you!

Cooler Products

Who says having a low budget is a restriction to several cooler options?

A Coleman cooler is priced very low. But, its official website offers a lot regarding styles, colors, models, and sizes.

  • Hard Coolers
  • Soft Coolers
  • Drinkware
  • Sportflex Coolers
  • TranslatR Coolers
  • MoRph Coolers


  • It has several style options
  • Offer several sizes
  • Manufactures very affordable alternatives


  • Non-trendy styling
  • Needs extra care on handles
  • Average ice retention

4) Orca Coolers – Best Ice Retainer

Where can you find an alternative that offers a lower price range but better cooling performance?

Orca coolers have been cementing their brand name as manufacturers of cheap alternatives but have better features than the Yeti ones.

Even better, this statement came from their users, not the manufacturers themselves.

This fantastic cooler brand has numerous sizes too. You can pick a soft or hard cooler that will suit your number of items — 20, 40, 75, and 140 quarts are among their popular choices.

Most yeti-like alternatives can only retain ice for up to eight days. But, keeping your food cold for 10 DAYS is normal among Orca hard rotomolded coolers.

Are you planning on hunting in forests? You don’t have to worry about Orcha’s durable technology; it has been tested to be bear-proof.

When it comes to retaining ice and durability, this Yeti alternative should not be out on your list!

Cooler Products

All of the Orca coolers are made in the USA. However, they have been shipping their products internationally to countries like China and the Philippines.

Whether the cooler is for your child or military partner, they also offer collection options for them.

Check their amazing products; they might be available in your area outside the USA too!

  • Hard Side Coolers
  • Soft Side Coolers
  • Drinkware
  • Cooler collections
  • Cooler Accessories


  • Internationally known
  • Several size options
  • Long ice retention


  • Need separately sold Orca lock to have bear-resistant coolers
  • Some users report leaking issues from its drain plug

5) Pelican Elite Coolers – Best Performance

From the name itself, Pelican coolers are elite Yeti cooler alternatives at a lower price. It earned the loyalty and respect of the people as the best-performing cooler.

It is UNLIKELY that you can use its lifetime warranty. Most users have expressed their delight in Pelican’s durability and cooling performance.

Aside from that, Pelican uses a gasket and injection-mold design that is better than what Yeti coolers have. With this cooler tech, longer ice retention can be expected.

Pelican’s cooler design also results in a lighter base weight. Its products are 30% less weight than other brands’ rotomolded models.

Pelican manufacturers did not hesitate to create THICKER insulation as most alternatives in the same price range.

Its thick layer base is made of polyurethane foam of the highest quality.

These are some reasons why Pelican coolers are cheap, but the price range is not that far from what Yeti products cost.

Cooler Products

Pelican coolers have fewer color options than other alternatives. But, it offers more features that are more significant and useful.

Thus, you may look at their official online store to know what model, size, and accessories best fit your needs. You can even sign up to get discounts!

Below are some of the products you can find there:


  • Provides lifetime warranty
  • Unique looking design
  • Durability is top-notch
  • Lighter than other brands with the same sizes


  • It has a few color variety
  • Weighs more than average alternatives in its range

6) Kysek Coolers

Regarding technology and performance, Kysek is surely on the list.

Kysek products are known for their unique designs and high technology. It is one of the most up-to-date cooler brands regarding technology.

To be exact, they developed a sensor to monitor the cooler’s temperature. You will be notified immediately if the temperature lowers via the CodeBlue Mobile Application.

You can’t find other coolers with this similar technology!

This brand is not just flashy when it comes to technology. A Kysek cooler can also COMPETE with Yeti Tundra and other latter models.

Kysek also provides its users with a bottle opener, an ice chest with wheels that can be removed when not used, and several customization options.

This brand focuses on performance rather than useless features. Choose a Kysek ice chest and keep your food cold for up to ten days.

Cooler Products

Kysek still hasn’t manufactured larger coolers like what Yeti and the brands can offer. Most of its size offerings range from 25 to 150 liters.

Check out their official website to start your high-technology cooler experience now!

  • Ice Chests
  • Softside Ice Chests
  • Chilsleeve
  • Tumblers
  • Customization (Personal and corporate)
  • Accessories


  • Unique design and technology
  • It has a mobile app and sensor for temperature monitoring
  • Offer customization options
  • It has handles that are easy to hold


  • It might not be very straightforward for traditional cooler users

7) Cordova Coolers

Who says an alternative cannot exceed Yeti’s quality?

Cordova coolers proved this is not true as they made unique features and even thicker base layers than a usual Yeti cooler.

Out of all coolers from the USA, it is known as the one with the most affordable price. This is while they use about 3-inch high-density foam for their coolers.

This is THICKER insulation than what most Yeti models can offer. For better cooling performance, Cordova coolers have an air-tight seal to isolate the cold air inside.

You can be sure that they did not sacrifice quality just to lower the price than other portable coolers.

The good news is that most of Cordova’s cooler features are patented. So, you can be sure that what you can experience from your Cordova models is exclusive.

The only downside is that it only has four sizes. Nevertheless, if your food and drinks already fit with Cordova’s available sizes, you are surely good to go!

Cooler Products

A Cordova cooler is designed to be durable.

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) agrees to this by certifying the Cordova products are bear-resistant.

You may want a Cordova cooler discount added to its low price, which is already cheaper than Yeti’s price range.

Check out their online store to know how it works.

  • Hard Coolers
  • Soft Coolers
  • Cooler Accessories
  • Drinkware
  • Cooler Collections
  • Customization Options (Soft and hard side models, drinkware)


  • Cheapest among USA-made brands
  • Bear proof
  • Offer a lifetime warranty
  • Most features are patented
  • Has bottle openers


  • Few size options

8) Kong Coolers

If you are looking for an option with the thickest walls, you are looking at the right one.

Most Kong coolers intentionally market hard models. Thus, you can’t expect a lot of smaller coolers from this brand.

This is why you can expect 3-4 inches of walling on a Kong product. What’s even better is their Polyethylene compositions are FDA-approved.

Kong manufacturers are proud to say they have a “Super Seal” technology. They are confident that their products can keep your contents ice frozen for a more extended period.

Thus, a Kong product is an excellent cooler for large space needs. The same is true for being a top choice for hot temperatures for its great sealing and thick walls.

They offer big discounts on different products too! 15% off is a natural offer in this company.

Cooler Products

Despite being too focused on hard models, most Kong models are already sufficient for different outdoor activity usage.

This is why you can only see a few options in the product listing below.

  • Coolers (20, 25, 50, 70, and 110 quarts)
  • 50-quart Wheeled Coolers
  • Cooler Accessories


  • Thick wall base
  • Offers wheeled cooler options
  • Provides big discounts
  • Has durable and easy-to-hold handle systems
  • Long ice retention


  • Focused on hard models

9) Grizzly Coolers

Do you like to go to forests for different hunting activities?

Grizzly coolers are known for their durability from animal attacks in this environment.

The name itself says it is manufactured to be strong like a Grizzly. This makes it one of the best and most popular choices for hunters.

Staying out of your house is also not a problem with this Yeti alternative. Most Grizzly models offer large spaces for more food and drinks.

Specifically, making about 500 drinks cold for the duration of your forest activities is not an issue with their G400 model.

You just have to note that Grizzly coolers only offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Thus, you should still take care of your cooler despite being surely durable to bear attacks.

Cooler Products

Despite being more focused on hard coolers, Grizzly offers quite a lot of choices for you.

Their website has licensed options like Yeti but is cheaper for addiction quality assurance. You can become a dealer of the products mentioned below too!

  • Hard-sided Coolers
  • Soft-sided Coolers
  • Drinkware
  • Licensed Coolers
  • Licensed Drinkware
  • Cooler Accessories


  • Commendable ice retention
  • Long ice retention
  • The manufacturing process is focused on avoiding leaks
  • Has plug that enables fast draining


  • Only offer a limited lifetime warranty
  • Have less focus on soft-sided coolers

10) Canyon Coolers

Canyon coolers are like hidden gems.

The brand does not usually get the spotlight it deserves, like Yeti, Engel, Igloo BMX, and other coolers.

A Canyon Yeti-like cooler has ice retention of eight days. Although they are just new in the industry, the company has already proved it can compete since its launch in 2010.

Other than that, their cooler size options are directly targeted to what most buyers commonly look for.

Specifically, their 20, 30, 103, and 222 quarts are the MOST in-demand in their product lines.

You also don’t have to worry about carrying heavy food and drinks with a Canyon cooler. The wheels for their wheeled options are specially designed to be usable on sand or snow surfaces.

A Canyon cooler has a lifetime warranty too. You can guarantee that it is high-quality, and the company is always open to help when issues arise.

Cooler Products

Canyon cooler options mostly go for the tan and gray color options. It lives up to its brand name Canyon.

Nonetheless, they offer several cooler models contrasting to their color options.

Check out their online store now.

  • Hard Coolers
  • Soft Coolers
  • Drinkware
  • Cooler Accessories


  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Has larger space than similar products in the same size range
  • It has unique square shapes


  • Small issues in pricing
  • It has a few color options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Don’t lose your cool yet. We prepared more details to ease your other cooler alternative confusion.

We answered more questions, together with their answers, below. This is to ensure you pick an amazing cooler among several Yeti alternatives.

Why Is RTIC Cheaper Than Yeti Prices?

Are you confused about why an RTIC hard or soft cooler is available at a lower price?

The answer is as simple as cutting middlemen. RTIC directly sells its products to consumers to cut unnecessary costs.

If other brands do the same, more features can be added. The same is true for being able to give more freebies, like having a free bottle opener to consumers.

Are There Yeti Knockoffs?

A Yeti Hopper, Tundra, and the like might be famous, but they are not inevitable.

Several cooler brands beat Yeti in different categories. A few of these are durability, ice retention, technology, and cooler parts quality.

Below is a list of some Yeti Knockoffs:

  • RTIC for price
  • Kysek for technology
  • Kong for insulator thickness
  • Pelican or Igloo BMX for durability


You no longer have to endure high prices considering a Yeti Roadie or larger Yeti Ice Chests. The same is true when thinking of purchasing a Yeti Hopper.

One article is insufficient to fit all great cooler alternatives for Yeti that you can consider on the market.

With that is a summary of the top 3 Yeti coolers you should add to your list of options.

Best Budget Pick – Coleman Coolers

Overkill features are useless if not maximized well. They just add to the overall cost of a Yeti cooler.

A Coleman cooler is designed to be enough and in line with the users’ needs.

Its exact features to your needs make it almost more than half the price lower than a Yeti cooler.

Keeping ice for 5-7 days is what an average outdoor activity needs. It is already a great cooler for beach outings and forest activities at a low price.

Best Value – Engel Coolers

An Engel cooler is like the Yeti variation in the lower price range.

No other affordable coolers like this brand offer almost the same level of Yeti features. One of which is being the only cooler to get closer to Yeti’s number of size options.

Whether you are looking for a smaller or larger cooler than what you already have, Engle surely has a Yeti alternative. The same is true for a hard or soft cooler option.

Paying 20-25% lesser for this alternative is MORE THAN ENOUGH than buying expensive Yeti coolers.

Best Overall – RTIC Coolers

RTIC is the best among all the Yeti cooler alternatives you can name.

This brand is considered Yeti’s greatest rival. Since 2015, RTIC has been proving its claim of manufacturing coolers like Yeti for half the price.

Its models have thick and high-quality insulation that can hold ice long. The same is true for smaller and larger coolers than other ice-chest alternatives.

When thinking of a Yeti alternative, there is no other cooler like the top list than the RTIC.


Yeti is undeniably popular with products that are high quality. You might have already heard of a Yeti Roadie, Hopper, or Tundra.

But coolers like Yeti are widely available at a cheaper price. Some even offer bottle openers, more ice cold retention, better designs, and better features.

Whether you are looking for a hard or soft cooler, there is surely a cheaper Yeti alternative. Take, for example, an RTIC manufactured ice chest.

Remember, it is not cool to pay more for a product performance you can have at a lower price.

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