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Beer and food have been synonymous with each other for years. From sitting at a ball game eating hot dogs and drinking beer, or complying recipes for a homebrew and five-course dinner; beer and food just go together.

Homebrew Academy has articles that provide real beer recipes and experiences of mixing beer with food, cooking with beer, and using spent grains in all kinds of recipes.

Whether it be pickling vegetables with a Rosemary IPA, using an Oktoberfest for a spicy chili, or what food pairs best with your Belgian Triple, Homebrew Academy has you covered.

Our online homebrewing courses will supercharge your brewing knowledge and save you the time & money of many costly mistakes along the way.

Look to our Beer of the Month Club reviews for up-to-date info on only the best ones to get inspired for your own experiments.

Overall, the Homebrew Academy knows that learning how to make beer is, and should be fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, however, we are seriously geeky about brewing delicious beer.

Homebrew Academy looks to take the knowledge that our writers have and produce sound, quality content to help foster the love of brewing and beer to the many thousands of homebrewers out there in the world today.

It is through the shared knowledge of the time-tested question; “How to Make Beer?” that we can guarantee that our bottles and kegs will never be empty – at least not for long.

As the now retired leader of the American Homebrewers Association once said, “Relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew.”

These words never seemed to be more valuable when considering the sense of community that homebrewers have fostered for years and will for many years to come.

What Homebrew Academy Is All About

So you have finally made the decision that you want to start making beer…. AWESOME! This is such a good move on your part. Now where do you begin? Do we start with a easy setup like a Homebrew Kit, or maybe and Ingredients Kit?

This is the usual course of events that transpire in the minds of many eager and energetic homebrewers. Homebrew Academy offers the much-needed guidance that all homebrewers need.

Like most things in the world, people need to learn about before jumping into it with both feet. Helpful tips are included for new homebrewers to guide them prior to making their first batch of delicious homebrew.

Homebrewers are always looking for guidance to take their process of making beer to the next level. And we are here to help with all those questions and offer advice to homebrewers who are reaching that next phase of their favorite hobby.

Really dedicated and passionate home-brewers can follow along with The Homebrew Challenge here. Brewing all 99 BJCP beer styles in 99 weeks.

Beer education is paramount when it comes to homebrewing. From learning the language of home brewing, to knowing why American brewers call their latest Kolsch a Kolsch-style is a part of the beer education at Homebrew Academy.

Taking a look throughout time and different cultures, we find one commonality, beer.

Beer was discovered, not invented.

It has been a staple since the beginning of time. This beer making education that so many of us are interested in has shaped us as the brewers we are today.

Looking at it from a much smaller, more localized scale, beer education is prominent in even ordinary things such as the hops, yeast, and malt that we all use in our beers.

Becoming familiar with the lineage of a specific hop can lead to a really awesome beer.

Learning about the similarities of a certain hop leads us to pairing it with another hop that complements is flavor and aroma.

How to brew Beer at home education is always evolving and changing. And that is a good thing.

Training to become a professional beer judge also really helps dial in your own brewing techniques.

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