Are YETI Coolers Worth It? Is It Worth the Hype?

The American company YETI has made a name for itself as one of the top producers of outdoor gear worldwide. It has been in business for over a decade.

Many people adore YETI Coolers and how it keeps their stuff cold forever, especially those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors!

In this post, we’ll talk about why YETI Coolers are so well-liked and why some people even go out of their way to buy them.

Are YETI Coolers worth it? All of the facts you need to know will be covered in this post. Let’s get started!

10 Reasons Why a YETI Cooler Is Worth the Money

Any high-end brand has an elusive quality that cannot be defined, an ethereal quality that eventually raises the cost of its goods.

While YETI has that, they also have many important features and elements that make their coolers worthwhile investments if you use and depend on them.

Reason 1: They Are Made to Be Durable in the Wild


Ryan and Roy Seiders, brothers, founded the YETI brand due to their underwhelming childhood outdoor adventures.

So they set out to create a high-quality cooler that would survive and thrive in outside conditions.

They invested years in creating coolers that outperformed the Coleman and Igloo models we grew up with in terms of design, insulation, and security features.

Are YETI Coolers worth it? It’s worth the money if you’re worried about the quality of your cooler. You can choose a less expensive option if you want something affordable.

Reason 2: They Are Built to Last a Long Time

YETI revolutionized coolers by creating sturdy, one-piece designs that genuinely don’t break. They are made of roto-molded plastic and have two to three inches of insulation.

Their sturdy coolers are produced using the same roto-molding technique as kayaks and are designed to work consistently.

It’s hard to understand how important this is unless you’ve had the dismay of a damaged cooler in the field because cheaper coolers have a variety of parts that can go cattywampus.

Will it be worth it? The roto-molded cooler is worth the money if you recognize the benefit of spending more upfront on something you won’t need to replace for a long time.

Reason 3: They Are Stuffed With Practical Features


Let’s give an example. The YETI Tundra 45 appears plain from a distance, but the value is in the details.

You’ll discover walls twice as thick as ordinary coolers, a freezer-level seal that keeps the cold air within, and thick insulation that preserves ice frozen for days.

But there’s more! The technology that The YETI has trademarked includes:

  • Truck and watercraft tie-down sleeves
  • Interlocked cooler’s lid engineering
  • Additional robust rope grips
  • NeverFail™ non-breaking hinges
  • Drain system with no leaks or mistakes
  • Non-slip BearFoot™ bottom

These features are excessive for some people. However, for others, these are genuine, practical characteristics that facilitate life in the workplace.

Is it worthwhile? YETI products are worthwhile if you need features like the freezer seal, tie-down slats, and non-slip feet while fishing, hunting, boating, or camping trip.

Reason 4: They Have Outstanding Ice Retention Features


The two features that YETI coolers emphasize are durability and good ice retention.

According to the company, the ice quality, quantity, type (crushed, block, cube, dry), outside environment, exposure to direct sunlight, etc., are all factors that can affect ice retention.

This means there are many things you can do to influence the durability of your ice. Despite this, there are several tales and anecdotes of YETIs holding ice for extended periods.

With advice like pre-chilling your cooler and making sure it’s genuinely full, they provide a guide to better ice retention.

Will it be worth the price tag? Most coolers keep ice just fine, but ice retention is crucial on lengthy, multi-day excursions like hunting or rafting.

Reason 5: They Are Grizzly-Proof


It’s not an exaggeration to say that YETI’s hard coolers passed the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee’s stringent standards, which included a live bear test.

The Tundra is a bear-proof container authority authorized for use in parks and other public areas where grizzlies are allowed to wander free.

Is it worthwhile? Yes, if you camp in grizzly bear territory. However, a YETI might be excessive if you deter dog-sized raccoons like the rest.

Reason 6: They Stand For More Than Just a Cooler

To understand what a Mercedes stands for, you don’t need to know its specifications. And the same is true of YETI coolers. There are thousands of positive reviews for their coolers.

Many YETI owners are less interested in the technical details of the high-end coolers and more concerned with what YETI stands for: the highest standard and quality of outdoor gear.

In a way, YETI represents taking outdoor activity seriously, being prepared, and valuing the experience above a cooler’s cost.

One reason for their recent growth is the signal of excellence that owning a YETI Cooler sends out.

Reason 7: Several Different Sizes

There are several sizes of Yeti Coolers. To satisfy a range of needs, YETI makes several coolers. They make both hard-sided and soft coolers.

Both individuals and couples can use YETI’s soft coolers. Small to large families can use the Tundra series hard coolers.

In addition to the 13 hard coolers in the Tundra series, YETI sells 7 soft-sided coolers, 2 ice buckets, and 1 water cooler.

Most coolers come in a wide range of colors, along with different sizes. As a result, choosing the ideal cooler for your needs will be simple.

Reason 8: A YETI Cooler Is a Breeze to Clean!

One of the main issues users of coolers have is the difficulty in cleaning them. Coolers made by the YETI brand are made with convenience in mind.

You can clean a YETI Cooler with warm water and soap. A little bleach will eliminate the smell from a nasty item that has been kept in the cooler, like fish.

The high-pressure water and soap jets in a self-service car wash won’t harm your YETI Cooler.

This cleaning process won’t compromise cleaning process won’t compromise the structure and durability of your cooler, even if you’re dealing with a very strong odor or persistent stain.

Reason 9: Compared to Other Brands, YETI Coolers Have Longer Warranties

Knowing that the YETI Cooler has a longer guarantee than other cooler brands is consoling when investing extra in a YETI Cooler.

Most competing brands offer their coolers 1- to 10-year or lifetime warranties.

Still, YETI is so sure of the excellence of their Tundra cooler series that they back it with a five-year warranty, while a three-year warranty covers YETI soft-sided coolers.

Reason 10: YETI Coolers Can Handle Different Ice Types

Because ordinary coolers typically lack adequate insulation, the ice melts quickly and leaks out.

However, YETI Coolers never leak due to their seamless, one-piece design (sealed design). Thick polyurethane insulation is a regular feature of YETI Coolers.

Depending on the model, most YETI Cooler models can hold ice packets for an extended period. However, it would be best to master how to use dry ice in your cooler.

Outside factors, including exposure to direct sun, how frequently you open and close the lid, the kind of ice you use, etc., can affect how effectively a YETI Cooler handles ice.

5 Reasons Why YETI Coolers May Not Be Worth the Price

While YETI Coolers aren’t necessarily bad, they aren’t the best. No YETI hard cooler has features like cup holders, a fish ruler, a snack basket, partitions, etc.

Here are some of the reasons why this brand might not be worth it:

Reason 1: Made in the United States? No More.

Formerly, YETI was a “Made in America” product. Most of YETI’s manufacturing is currently outsourced to nations including the Philippines, China, Mexico, and Malaysia.

They also don’t give this information outright. We had to scrounge through their 2022 Annual Investors Report to learn this.

Most businesses mention any “Made in the USA” products in product descriptions, so the absence of “Made in the USA” Tags on YETI Tundra coolers should speak a lot.

However, according to YETI’s FAQ page, they produce “Some Tundra coolers in the USA.”

Reason 2: Rope Handles Are Bad

The handles of YETI Tundra Coolers are rope and a rubber grip handle, like those on many other coolers.

While this design is straightforward and robust, it can be a hassle when the cooler is completely loaded.

Rope-style handles have the drawback of swaying, especially when sharing the burden with someone else.

We anticipate more from a high-end chiller than just rope handles. They might have included sturdy molded-in handles or elegant fold-away stainless steel handles for less money.

Reason 3: Easily Lost Drain Plug

Even if it’s a small complaint, things like these may completely ruin a camping trip.

On YETI Coolers, the drain plugs are not fastened to the cooler.

We’re sure this has led to numerous desperate YETI owners setting up search parties to skulk across campgrounds in quest of the silly drain stopper.

Considering the vast majority of merchants selling Drain plug 2-packs for YETI Coolers on Amazon, it is obvious that this is a very prevalent issue with YETI Coolers.

Reason 4: Magnet for Thieves

One could argue that YETI coolers are now suffering from their success. They have developed become a preferred target for thieves.

Thieves see dollar signs on the secondary market when they see a YETI.

Unfortunately, owners of YETI Coolers would be unwise to leave them at the campground while you go for a trek.

Even if you plan to spend a brief amount of time in Walmart? Never store your YETI in the bed of your truck!

Reason 5: Not Everyone Will Enjoy Them, and That’s Okay

When the founding brothers wanted to make something “designed for the real outdoor enthusiast rather than for the mass-discount shops,” they came up with the idea for YETI.

Therefore, YETI Coolers aren’t designed for the general public. And the business is cool with that!

They know how many individuals believe that their old Igloo cooler does the job just fine (and they have heard it firsthand).

They are not in the business of persuading obstinate customers; rather, they are focused on creating the greatest items that can satisfy the high standards of outdoor lovers.

What Are Other Coolers Worth Looking At?

An enthusiastic camper or fisherman who has had many coolers break on a mountain or land understands the many advantages of purchasing a Yeti cooler!

There are many cheaper alternatives because YETI is at the higher end of the cooler scale. Here are the YETI Cooler alternatives you might consider:

Product 1: Pelican Elite Series Coolers

Our #1 choice for coolers is undoubtedly a Pelican. On every front, they dominated YETI. They are one of the big names in the outdoors industry.

They are cheaper, extremely durable, hold ice for longer, have more features, a better drain mechanism, a better closure, are more secure, and are even lifetime insured against breakage.

Pelican is an obvious choice for us to buy.

Product 2: Kong Coolers

As their name suggests, Kong Coolers are utter monsters. These high-quality coolers are the most resilient on the planet after Pelicans.

The heavy-duty mechanical closures and sturdy handles on Kong coolers are among their many excellent attachment options.

Another one is a side-mountable cutting board that tucks away inside the cooler. A YETI is far more expensive than Kong Coolers, which are also entirely made in the USA.

Product 3: RTIC Coolers

The most similar to YETI Coolers of the competing brands are RTIC coolers.

Because of how similar their designs are, RTIC and Yeti filed a lawsuit against one another, ultimately settling out of court.

RTIC Coolers function similarly and have nearly similar features as YETI Coolers.

They are nearly identical to Yeti regarding unslippery feet, t-latches, rope handles, and performance on ice tests.

Product 4: Coleman Xtreme

Coleman Rolling Cooler | 50 Quart Xtreme

5 Day Cooler with Wheels | Wheeled Hard Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 5 Days

Check Price

The Coleman Xtreme is the finest YETI substitute for those on a tighter budget. Although it lacks the YETI’s bells and whistles, it is lightweight and can hold ice longer for up to 5 days.

It’s also one of the least expensive coolers available and costs about the same as a conventional cooler, which won’t keep ice for nearly as long.

If you’re on a limited budget or want a decent cooler, it’s well worth the investment.

Product 5: Lifetime Coolers

Our recommendation for the best value is the Lifetime cooler. It is one of the most affordable substitutes for the YETI Cooler and has comparable ice retention and functionality.

It includes rubber latches, a rubber gasket to hold it in the air, rope handles, and non-slip feet. It is bear-proof and can hold ice for 5-7+ days.

Even better, it’s created in the USA and includes a built-in bottle opener. Because this premium cooler offers excellent value for the money, many people buy them monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Since YETI Coolers have a high price tag, many customers have inquiries regarding them. We address the most frequent inquiries concerning YETI Coolers from consumers below:

Are YETI Coolers Worth the Hype?

Yes. Although YETI’s Coolers are virtually indestructible and excel in every situation, durability is only one advantage.

YETI offers industry-leading ice retention thanks to its thick insulation in the walls and lids of most sizes, a freezer-quality sealing gasket, and one-piece construction.

Why Is a YETI Cooler So Expensive?

Since it is marketed as a pricey luxury item, the main reason YETI is so expensive is that. The goal of this company is to create extremely high-quality, interesting products.

All these items were intended to be made so that consumers would not object to paying exorbitant cooling costs.

Sure, based on the content of the article, here are five questions and answers that readers might have:

What Makes YETI Coolers Worth the Investment?

YETI Coolers are known for their durability, long-lasting design, and practical features. They are made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and have excellent ice retention capabilities. They are also grizzly-proof, meaning they can withstand the force of a grizzly bear, making them ideal for camping in such territories.

What are Some Unique Features of YETI Coolers?

YETI Coolers come with several practical features such as freezer-level seals to keep the cold air within, thick insulation to keep ice frozen for days, and non-slip BearFoot™ bottoms. They also have truck and watercraft tie-down sleeves, interlocked cooler’s lid engineering, robust rope grips, and a leak-proof drain system.

Are YETI Coolers Easy to Clean?

Yes, YETI Coolers are designed with convenience in mind and are easy to clean. They can be cleaned with warm water and soap. For strong odors or persistent stains, a little bleach can be used without compromising the structure and durability of the cooler.

What is the Warranty Period for YETI Coolers?

YETI offers a five-year warranty for their Tundra cooler series, while a three-year warranty covers YETI soft-sided coolers. This is longer than most competing brands, providing assurance of the quality of their products.

Are There Any Drawbacks to YETI Coolers?

While YETI Coolers are highly praised for their durability and features, they do have some drawbacks. They are no longer made in the USA, the rope handles can be inconvenient when the cooler is fully loaded, the drain plugs can be easily lost, and they can attract thieves due to their high value. Also, they may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who are looking for a cooler for casual use.


The bottom line is that there’s a strong probability you don’t need a YETI if you find it difficult to comprehend why they are so pricey. Similar to a Mercedes.

YETI coolers are more expensive than other brands because you pay more for the brand than for performance, features, and warranty coverage.

So do YETI Coolers merit the price? Our research reveals that it largely depends on your demands and preferences.

Look at the durable coolers YETI has to offer if you want a new cooler you can depend on and maintain for years.

Worth is subjective, but one thing is certain: YETI designs some of the most solidly built and high-performance coolers on the market.

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