Beer Alcohol Content List

There are so many amazing beers out there it can be difficult to keep track. Micro-brews, macro-brews, and of course, homebrews!

How do you find the alcohol content of a beer?

When you know the original gravity, subtract the final gravity from it and multiply that number by 131.25. This tells you your beers alcohol content based on a percentage of 12oz volume.

Here’s that in a formula: (FG – OG) x 131.25 = ABV% and here’s a handy Beer Calories Calculator.

Packaged beer is required to have it’s ABV printed on its label. One Standard drink in the United States is approximatly 14 grams of pure alcohol, which is a 12 ounce, 5% beer.

A few most common beer ABV’s are:

  • Bud light alcohol content = 5%
  • Guiness alcohol content = 4.2%
  • Stella alcohol content = 4.8%

And here is an evolving beer alcohol content list of a lot of different types and styles of the beer. There’s +200 here, so most likely you’ll find what you are after.

I also started using this list to track beer recipes, so the best ones are also listed next to each beers alcohol-by-volume (ABV).

BrandCaloriesABVBrewing Recipe
Abita Amber1284.50%Brewing Recipe
Abita Golden1254.20%
Abita Jockamo IPA1906.50%
Abita Light1184.00%
Abita Purple Haze1284.20%Brewing Recipe
Abita Restoration1675.00%
Abita Turbodog1685.60%
Amstel Light994.10%Brewing Recipe
Anchor Porter2095.60%
Anchor Steam1534.90%
Augustiner Amber Lager1354.30%
Bass Ale1565.00%Brewing Recipe
Beach Bum Blonde Ale1635.40%
Beck's Light642.30%
Blatz Beer 1534.80%
Blue Moon Belgian White1645.36%
Blue Moon Full Moon Winter Ale1805.52%
Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale1805.76%
Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale1575.12%
Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale1615.40%
Blue Point Toasted Lager1755.30%
Boddington's Ale1484.70%
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout32010.00%
Brooklyn Brown Ale1905.60%
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale2006.90%
Brooklyn Lager1705.20%Brewing Recipe
Brooklyn Monster30510.10%
Brooklyn Pennant Pale Ale1605.00%
Brooklyn Pilsner1555.10%Brewing Recipe
Brooklyn Summer Ale1505.00%
Brooklyn Winter Ale2056.10%
Bud American Ale1825.30%
Bud Ice1235.50%
Bud Light1104.20%Brewing Recipe
Bud Light Chelada Clamato1514.20%
Bud Light Lime1164.20%
Bud Light Platinum1376.00%
Budweiser1455.00%Brewing Recipe
Budweiser Chelada1865.00%
Budweiser Select994.30%
Budweiser Select 55552.40%
Busch Ice1365.90%
Busch Light954.10%
Carling Black Label1384.30%
Coors Banquet1475.00%
Coors Extra Gold1524.97%
Coors Light 1024.20%Brewing Recipe
Corona Extra1494.60%
Corona Familiar1544.80%
Corona Light994.10%Brewing Recipe
Corona Premier904.00%
Cristal (Peru)1324.60%
Deschutes Black Butte Porter1925.20%
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA2256.40%
Deschutes Inversion IPA2286.80%
Deschutes Mirror Pond Ale1705.00%
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA45018.00%
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA2096.00%
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA2949.00%Brewing Recipe
Dogfish Head Midas Touch3079.00%
Dogfish Head Red & White31010.00%
Dogfish Head Shelter Pale Ale1685.00%
Efes Pils1705.00%
Firestone DBA1665.00%
Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale1505.50%
Flying Dog Double Dog31311.50%Brewing Recipe
Flying Dog Gonzo2719.20%
Flying Dog Horn Dog31410.20%
Flying Dog In Heat Wheat1384.70%
Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel2388.50%
Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager1545.50%
Flying Dog Raging Bitch2218.30%
Flying Dog Road Dog1636.00%
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA1887.10%
Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale1295.10%
Foster's Premium Ale1615.50%
Genesee Beer1484.50%
Genesee Cream Ale1625.10%
Genesee Ice1565.90%
Genesee Red1484.90%
George Killian's Irish Red1685.40%
Grolsch Amber Ale1605.40%
Grolsch Blonde Lager1202.80%
Grolsch Light Lager973.60%
Grolsch Premium Lager1425.00%
Guinness Draught1254.27%
Guinness Extra Stout1535.00%
Hamm's Beer1424.70%
Hamm's Special Light1103.80%
Harp Lager1555.20%
Heineken Light994.20%
Hiland Light974.00%
Hoegaarden Belgian White1534.90%
Irish Red Ale1965.70%
Iron City1404.50%
Iron City Light954.15%
Keystone Ice1425.90%
Keystone Light1044.13%
Keystone Premium1114.43%
Kirin Light953.20%
Lagunitas Brown Shugga'3359.70%
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid2858.00%
Lagunitas IPA1946.20%
Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale2307.50%
Leinenkugel Amber Light1104.14%
Leinenkugel Creamy Dark1704.94%
Leinenkugel Honey Weiss1494.92%
Leinenkugel Light1054.19%
Leinenkugel Northwoods Lager1634.94%
Leinenkugel Original1524.67%
Leinenkugel Red 1664.94%
Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat1654.90%
Lowenbrau Dark1605.00%
Lowenbrau Special Beer1605.20%
Magic Hat #91535.10%
Michael Shea's1454.62%
Michelob AmberBock1555.20%
Michelob Beer1645.00%
Michelob Dunkelweisse1675.50%
Michelob Golden Draft1524.70%
Michelob Golden Draft Light1104.10%
Michelob Honey Lager1744.90%
Michelob Light1234.30%
Michelob Pale Ale1875.60%
Michelob Porter1875.90%
Michelob Ultra954.20%
Michelob Ultra Amber954.00%
Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus954.00%
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold854.30%
Mickey's Ice 1575.80%
Miller Fortune1866.90%
Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)1404.60%
Miller High Life1414.60%
Miller High Life Light1074.10%
Miller Lite964.20%
Milwaukee's Best (Premium)1424.80%
Milwaukee's Best Ice (Beast Ice)1735.90%
Milwaukee's Best Light964.10%
Modelo Especial1454.40%
Molson Canadian1365.00%
Molson Canadian 67673.00%
Molson Canadian Light1133.90%
Molson Ice1605.60%
Natty Daddy1838.00%
Natural Ice1305.90%
Natural Light 954.20%
Negra Modelo1705.40%
New Belgium 15542055.60%
New Belgium 2 Below2006.60%
New Belgium Abbey2007.00%
New Belgium Blue Paddle1404.80%
New Belgium Fat Tire1605.20%
New Belgium Mothership Wit1554.80%
New Belgium Skinny Dip1104.20%
New Belgium Sunshine Wheat1454.80%
New Belgium Trippel2157.80%
New Planet Tread Lightly Ale1255.00%
Newcastle Brown Ale1504.70%
Old Milwaukee Beer1454.60%
Old Milwaukee Light1103.82%
Olympia Premium Lager1464.70%
Ommegang Three Philosophers2909.70%
Omission IPA1956.70%
Omission Lager1404.60%
Omission Pale Ale1755.80%
Omission Ultimate Light994.20%
Pabst Blue Ribbon1444.74%
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol672.50%
Peroni Nastro Azzurro1495.10%
Pete's Wicked Ale1745.30%
Pilsner Urquell1564.40%
Puppers Premium Lager1204.00%
Red Bridge1604.80%
Red Dog1475.00%
Red Stripe1534.90%
Redd's Apple Ale1655.00%
Redhook ESB1795.77%
Redhook IPA1886.50%
Redhook Slim Chance1253.90%
Rock Bottom Illuminator Doppelback2886.67%
Rogue Dead Guy Ale2166.80%
Rolling Rock Extra Pale1424.60%
Rolling Rock Green Light833.70%
Rolling Rock Premium Beer 1324.50%
Russian River Pliny the Elder2368.00%
Sam Adams Black Lager1914.90%
Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier1765.50%
Sam Adams Boston Ale1885.40%
Sam Adams Boston Lager 1755.00%Brewing Recipe
Sam Adams Brown Ale1595.35%
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat1805.40%
Sam Adams Coastal Wheat1675.30%
Sam Adams Cream Stout1904.90%
Sam Adams Hefeweizen1825.40%
Sam Adams Honey Porter1925.45%
Sam Adams Imperial Double Bock3209.50%
Sam Adams Imperial Stout3169.20%
Sam Adams Imperial White32810.30%
Sam Adams IPA1755.93%
Sam Adams Irish Red1805.50%
Sam Adams Light1194.30%
Sam Adams Octoberfest1805.40%
Sam Adams Pale Ale1605.40%
Sam Adams Scotch Ale2005.40%
Sam Adams Summer Ale1605.30%
Sam Adams White Ale1755.40%
Sam Adams Winter Lager2005.80%
Schaefer Beer1424.60%
Schlitz Beer1464.70%Brewing Recipe
Schlitz Light1104.20%
Sculpin IPA2287.00%
Shipyard Light973.90%
Shock Top1685.20%Brewing Recipe
Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale1905.90%
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot3309.60%
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale2146.80%
Sierra Nevada Draft Ale1575.00%
Sierra Nevada Early Spring Beer1905.90%
Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale2156.70%
Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale2316.90%
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale1755.60%
Sierra Nevada Pale Bock2187.00%
Sierra Nevada Porter1945.60%
Sierra Nevada Stout2255.80%
Sierra Nevada Summerfest1585.00%
Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer1534.40%
Signature Stroh Beer1534.80%
Smuttynose Fineskind IPA2006.90%
Sol Cerveza1284.20%
Southpaw Light1235.00%
St. Pauli Girl 1484.90%
St. Pauli Girl Special Dark1504.80%
Stella Artois1545.20%Brewing Recipe
Stone Pale Ale1885.64%
Strauss Endless Summer Light1103.30%
Stroh's Beer 1494.60%
Stroh's Light1134.40%
Tuborg Deluxe Dark Export1635.10%
Tuborg Export Quality1565.00%
Weinhard's Amber Light1354.20%
Weinhard's Blonde Lager1615.10%
Weinhard's Hefeweizen1514.90%
Weinhard's Pale Ale1474.60%
Weinhard's Private Reserve1504.80%
Widmer Hefeweizen1594.90%
Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale1656.00%
Wyder's Apple Cider1505.00%
Wyder's Pear Cider1365.00%
Yuengling Lager1404.50%Brewing Recipe
Yuengling Light Lager993.80%
Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale1585.40%
Yuengling Oktoberfest1685.40%
Yuengling Porter1604.70%
Yuengling Porter1604.70%
Yuengling Premium Beer1414.50%

The alcohol by volume (ABV) of all these beers was compiled from various sources, including being directly submitted here from brewers. Various studies across the internet may show slightly varied numbers according to different data sets like this.

Also; Applicable in the United States and may not apply to states with different beer regulations (CO, KS, OK, UT) – or other countries.