6 Best Golf Cart Cooler Bags, Sleeves, & Tubes

Playing golf has always been a favorite pastime for some people. It’s a great way to be with friends, especially if you end the day with a nice cold beverage. 

If you love capping your day of playing golf with an ice-cold beverage, you’ve come to the right place. 

Today, I will talk about some of the best golf cart coolers that can keep your drinks cool for a long time. 

6 Best Golf Coolers

I’m sure you’re looking for something new and interesting to put your money on. 

This time, I’ve got my eyes set on the best golf cart coolers, and I’m sure you feel the same way. 

1) Igloo Legend 6-Can Golf Cart Cooler – Best Overall

To this day, Igloo remains to be a household name when it comes to coolers and insulated bags.

That is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Igloo ranks first in golf bag coolers. 

Storage Capacity

This golf bag cooler can easily fit a six-pack can of beer. All you have to do is add some ice pack, put your beer in, and go! 

You can enjoy a refreshing cold drink alone or share it with a friend. It should be enough for the two of you. 

Unfortunately, this golf cooler could be better for someone who wants to quench the thirst of a crowd. 

You’d be better off finding a larger brand of cooler, and modifiying the cart to fit it.  


Bringing the Igloo golf cart cooler wherever you go will be easy because it only weighs LESS THAN a kilogram! 

Its size is so compact you can practically carry it wherever you go. It’s small enough to fit in your car’s back seat and even a golf cart! 

You can have a refreshing drink wherever you go. 

Is the Igloo Legend cooler for you? 

Igloo is always a great choice if you’re looking for one of the best golf cart coolers. 

It’s convenient to have around and versatile enough to use for activities other than golfing! 


  • Keeps drinks extra cold for a long time
  • Easy access to drinks
  • Tough outer shell
  • Doubles as an ice storage


  • Does not come with a shoulder strap

2) Kuzkuzy Stay Chill Golf Beer Sleeve – Best Budget Pick

Pink Golf Beer Sleeve

7 Can Insulated women‘s Golf Bag Cooler , Insulated beer Cooler Fits in golf bags

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A cooler bag doesn’t always have to be expensive. Take the Kuzukuy Stay Chill golf cooler, for example! 

It has all the features you’d want for a golf cooler at an affordable price. 

Storage Capacity

A common misconception about cooler sleeves is that they can store fewer drinks than other coolers. 

The Kuzkuzy sleeve proves otherwise, thanks to its impressive storage space. Even though it’s just a sleeve, it can easily fit up to 7 cans of drinks! Now that’s impressive! 

Not to mention, the inside sports the same insulated cooler as other bags. You can guarantee a nice ice-cold drink each time. 


There’s a lot of love going around for this beer sleeve. You can easily bring it anywhere without breaking a sweat!

It sports a removable shoulder strap that makes it even more convenient. 

The size is compact enough to fit most larger golf bags and will fit perfectly.

Is the Stay Chill golf beer sleeve for you? 

Tired of lugging around bulky cooler bags? Then it’s time to switch to the Kuzkuzy cooler sleeve. 

It does the job of keeping your drinks cold without the added weight! 

Plus, this sleeve comes at an affordable price tag, making it a great gift for your golf buddies. 


  • Made of leak-proof materials
  • Keeps drinks ice cold for up to 4 to 6 hours
  • Drinks fit nicely inside the bag
  • Side zipper for quick access to drinks 


  • Not ideal for putting ice inside

3) Caddy Daddy Golf Bag Cooler 

For several years, Caddy Daddy has slowly but surely built its reputation for having some of the most reliable golf bag coolers in the market.

This reputation still stands in 2023, and the best is yet to come for them. 

Storage Capacity

The storage space of this golf bag cooler is sufficient. 

Is it the best golf bag there? Not necessarily, because it only fits up to 6 cans of drinks at a time. That’s enough for only 2 to 3 people. 

You can trade your canned drinks for two bottles of wine instead. The bottles of wine can fit nicely inside without the risk of breaking. 


This cooler is one of the best golf accessories you can get for your golf bag. 

It’s so compact you can easily fit the cooler inside the side pocket of most golf bags.

Alternatively, you can strap this cooler around your body thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap. 

Is the Caddy Daddy Golf Cooler Bag for you? 

This cooler bag is a big winner in terms of versatility. This golf bag cooler is stylish and versatile enough for a picnic or road trip!

Although it only fits a few drinks, it’s enough to give you a good time. 


  • Comes with a reusable freezer pack to keep drinks extra cold
  • Thick insulation to guarantee ice-cold drinks after several hours
  • Detachable shoulder strap for convenience
  • Made of leak-resistant materials


  • Limited storage capacity

4) Caddy Swag Golf Bag Cooler

Caddy Swag Golf Bag Cooler Beer Sleeve 6 Can

- Fun Golf Gifts for Men & Women - Golf Cart Cooler for Drinks, Food, General Use - Great for Golf Bag Accessories for Men, Beer Sleeve for Cans

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If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, then you might have already heard of the Caddy Swag golf bag cooler. 

It’s an impressive beer cooler sleeve that is so compact that it fits a golf bag’s side pocket. 

Storage Capacity

The Caddy Swag cooler bag can fit up to six beer cans perfectly. 

This storage capacity is a standard for most cooler sleeves, so there’s nothing I can complain about. 

The only problem with this golf cooler is that the drinks fit perfectly. It’s so perfect, I can hardly put a few extra ice packs inside. 


Thanks to its compact size, consider the Caddy Swag Cooler the perfect go-to bag. Pack your beers and go! 

What I find even more impressive about this golf bag cooler is that I can use it as a food bag. 

If I’m not planning to bring drinks, I can pack some chocolates and chips instead!

5) Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler Bag – Best Value

When it comes to insulation, Arctic Zone coolers are hard to beat. 

The tough exterior of this cooler sports a heat barrier, making it one of the best golf coolers to bring to hot golf courses.

Storage Capacity

Storage will be the least of your concerns with the Titan Deep Freeze Cooler.

This golf bag cooler comes in four impressive sizes that can easily fit 9 to 48 cans of beer. Packing two bottles of wine shouldn’t be a problem either! 

So whether you’re packing a drink for yourself or others, this Arctic Zone cooler won’t fall short of what you need. 


Regardless of the size you get, transporting the Titan Deep Freeze Cooler won’t be a problem. 

Thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap, you can easily grab this bag on your way out! 

Even with the largest bag, I had no problem bringing the cooler around. But it may become an issue if you’re not a fan of bringing too many heavy things. 

Is the Arctic Zone Titan deep freeze cooler for you? 

The Titan Deep Freeze Cooler is one of the best coolers out there when we talk of flexibility. 

You can pack enough ice and drinks for your golf buddies and even for a sporting event! You can have enough ice-cold drinks for the entire day. 


  • Has a mesh pocket on the sides for extra storage
  • Easy access to the insulated front pocket
  • Leak-proof, tough, and sleek design
  • Perfect for a hot climate


  • Pricier compared to other coolers

Is the Caddy Swag Golf Bag Cooler for you? 

Stay hydrated whenever and wherever you are with the Caddy Swag cooler bag. 

It will easily fit inside larger golf bags, making it the perfect sleeve to sneak in drinks. 


  • Sports a heat-sealed liner
  • Comes with an ice pack to keep drinks cool
  • Sleek and compact design that can easily fit golf cart baskets
  • Easy access zipper


  • Does not come with a shoulder strap

6) Callaway Clubhouse Golf Bag Cooler

The Callaway Clubhouse golf bag cooler is one of the best coolers in its line. 

With its impressive storage ability and versatility, I can imagine what I’d do with this golf cooler.

Fair warning, though, this golf bag cooler comes with quite an expensive price tag. 

Storage Capacity

The Callaway golf bag cooler sports an impressive storage capacity. It can fit up to 18 cans of beer and even a few ice packs inside!

You can even trade some of your cans for two bottles of wine to get the most out of this golf bag cooler. 

One thing’s for sure; you can enjoy an ice-cold drink after an entire round. 

An added bonus is a mesh pocket inside to keep a bottle opener!


If you don’t want to strain your shoulders too much, you can leave the golf cart cooler on top of your push cart!

You don’t have to worry about carrying 18 cans of drinks during the game. Instead, you can focus on your game and leave your push cart to do all the work. 

But if you don’t have a golf cart, the padded adjustable strap on this one also comes in handy. 

Is the Callaway clubhouse golf bag cooler for you? 

The Callaway Clubhouse golf bag cooler is worth getting when you’ve got a few extra bucks.

Although it’s less affordable than those mentioned in this list, it has redeeming qualities you might love.


  • Top zipper for easy access
  • Keeps drinks ice cold even after several hours and up to the next round
  • Insulated thermal lining
  • One of the best compact cooler bags to bring in a game of golf


  • A very pricey cooler bag

Different Types of Golf Coolers

With a ton of golf coolers to choose from, how do you know which type suits your needs? I’ve listed some popular golf cart coolers you should check out to make things easier. 

Add-on Cooler Bags

Add-on cooler bags are the way to go for CONVENIENCE and FLEXIBILITY.

As its name suggests, add-on cooler bags are detached from the golf bag and golf cart. It’s a cooler you can grab and go, even if you’re not playing golf! 

I love this kind of bag because it serves me multiple uses. I can take it camping or simply on a night out with friends. 

More importantly, this type of bag has better and thicker insulation. It can store ice and some drinks for a long time!

Built-in Golf Cooler Bag

Some players will recommend you put your drinks inside your golf bag. It provides a lot of convenience and peace of mind. 

All you have to do is pack your stuff and drinks in one bag, and you’re all set! 

You don’t have to worry about leaving your drinks at home the next time you go golfing. 

One problem I have with a built-in golf bag cooler is the weight. With my golf equipment and drinks inside, I’m already preparing myself for possible back pain. 

I might consider reducing the number of beverages I pack inside. 

But if you have a golf cart with you throughout the golf course, it shouldn’t be a problem. 

Golf Cart Coolers

Golf cart coolers are my favorite when I’m looking for something HEAVY-DUTY. 

I can pack many drinks inside and haul the cooler at the back of a golf cart. Doesn’t that sound convenient? 

However, I only use golf cart coolers when I need many drinks for my friends and me. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Cooler

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re excited to check out the golf bag coolers I’ve mentioned in this list. 

You’ll probably head to the store immediately and get some beer cans and a few bottles of wine. 

But allow me to burst your bubble for a bit because there’s still more that you need to know. 

To successfully find the best golf cooler bag specifically for you, I’ve listed some of the most important considerations you need to consider. 

1) Price

I always recommend setting a budget before making any purchase. 

Working with a budget helps narrow down your choice and makes decision-making easier. 

Luckily, there are a bunch of golf bag coolers set at different price points. All that’s left is to find the best golf cooler bag to make a run for your money.

2) Cooling Ability

Unfortunately, most people overlook the cooling ability of golf bag coolers. 

Some people make the mistake of thinking that all coolers have the same cooling ability. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that they are not. 

Some cooler bags can keep drinks cold for only a few hours. This is perfect for golfers who don’t take a whole day to play.

Other coolers can keep your drinks chilled for an impressive 12 hours! 

3) Design

Golf cooler bags come in different shapes and sizes that could always match your style. 

Traditional golf bag coolers look boxy, and you wouldn’t have to second guess what it is. 

But insulated cooler tubes can do the job if you’re looking for something more discreet to store your beer. 

No one would know that you’re sneaking in cold beverages for you and your friends. So stealthy! 

4) Material

As a rule of thumb, I always go for durable, water-resistant, and lightweight golf bags. 

And the same goes for golf bag coolers, I find. 

Make sure you find a cooler that can withstand the test of time and different weather conditions. 

You don’t want to buy a bag yearly because that will be expensive. 

More importantly, keep in mind that golf bags in themselves are very heavy and bulky. This is why I have always prioritized finding a cooler bag made of lightweight materials.

At the end of the day, all we want is to play a game of golf and share a few cold drinks with our friends, minus the back aches. 

5) Storage Capacity

Always remember how many drinks you plan to fit in the cooler.

A cooler sleeve should be enough if you only need a few cans or bottles for yourself and a friend.

But if you need a cooler that can store up to 10 or more drinks, you’ll need a cooler bag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I recap my favorite coolers for today, allow me to answer some of the questions I frequently get from others. 

Can You Bring Coolers to a Golf Course?

Unfortunately, the rules for all golf courses AREN’T the same. 

Some are strict and have zero tolerance for golf cart coolers and alcohol inside their premises. 

While there are golf course places that are okay with drinks and coolers inside. 

PRO TIP: Call your golf course and ask whether they allow golf cooler bags and alcohol inside their premises. This will save you a lot of time. 

What Cooler Size Fits in a Golf Cart?

The average golf cart has a width of 48 inches. Ideally, keep the size of your cooler within that range. 

However, there’s no hard and fast rule regarding cooler size and golf carts. 

Thus, always check with your golf course how big their golf carts are.

Recap of Top Picks

Before I leave you with my parting words, I’d love to recap some of my favorite golf bag coolers for 2023. 

Best Budget Pick – Kuzkuzy Stay Chill Deep Freeze Cooler

For only LESS THAN $20, this golf bag cooler is practically a steal. 

You can keep up to seven cans of beer inside for up to an impressive 6 hours already! No wonder some golfers prefer sleeves to traditional coolers. 

Best Value – Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler

Although the Titan Deep Freeze golf bag cooler comes at a bigger price point, it’s still worth checking out. 

If you’re after product reliability and versatility, this golf bag cooler is as good as it gets. You can have a ton of cold drinks at any time! 

Remember to add a reusable ice pack to keep your drinks cold.

Best Overall – Igloo Legend 6-Can Golf Cooler – Product 1

And finally, topping my list is no other than the Igloo Legend. A household name that remains to be a crowd favorite.

No one can deny that Igloo does its job well when it comes to reliability. This has been tested time and again since its beginning in 1947 until now. 

This Igloo cooler will keep your beverages cold for an entire round of gold. No matter how long it takes. 


I don’t know about you, but having a cold beverage in hand sounds like the best way to cap an awesome day of golfing! 

You don’t have to run to the nearest store to get you and your friends some refreshments. 

With the best golf cooler bag, you can enjoy your win exactly where you are. 

I hope you enjoyed this article! Let me know in the comments which golf cooler bag you’ll be checking out. 

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