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Beer Flights: Easy-Serving Beer Accessory

Do you like to spend your weekends trying out beers with your friends? It’s such fun trying new varieties of beer that you ordered or brewed yourself, especially when it comes to craft beer. 

Sampling your favorite beer needs a suitable way and thankfully, you can get a wide variety of beer flights to suit your preferences. If you are looking to get a beer flight, then you are in the right place!

Today we are going to provide a helpful guide to choose the right beer flight for your needs. We will also take a look at the top 5 beer flights that you can try out with your friends and guests!

What is a Beer Flight?  

What is a Beer Flight?

Beer flights are simple wooden paddles which have holes to accommodate 4 to 6 glasses, all containing different varieties of beer. 

Full Set: Paddle and Glasses
Beer Flight Set Sampler Kit for Tasting

The Beer Flight Set with (1) Wooden Flight Paddle and (4) 5oz Ounce Glasses. Paddle is constructed from strong and lightweight wood.

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03/16/2023 11:46 pm GMT

Beer flights are common in pubs and restaurants and offer a convenient way for customers to taste their beer. You can pour different beer in each glass of the flight and serve your guests for sampling or tasting. The whole package makes beer tasting events or barbecues a delight to attend, while providing convenient means to sip your beer. 

Benefits of Beer Flights

Beer flights provide a simple way to serve guests or customers a range of beers. You can pour different blends of beer or ale in each glass that comes with a beer flight. Then just place the glasses in the notched holders or holes in the flight paddle and serve to your guests. 

They also add a dash of style and make beer sampling an enjoyable experience. You can choose from a range of beer flights with different glasses, materials, shapes and sizes to suit your preferences. 

A perfect way to transport your different variety of homebrews to your guests wherever you want them to settle in and start tasting all you different creations.

Beer Flight Buying Guide

You don’t have to be a scientist or researcher to choose the right beer flight. There are only a few things to keep in mind, which we will explore right now. 

1. Frequency of Use

Are you looking for a beer flight for everyday use or for special occasions?

You can find different types of glasses ranging from simple ones to quite elegant ones. If you want something that can be stored and handled easily, look for simple English-styled pub glasses. The glasses are also easy to hold, thanks to the bulging top that adds to the grip. 

If you want to use your beer flight sporadically on special occasions, you can go for different designs like tulip glasses. You can also choose other styles like mini mugs, pilsners and snifters. 

2. Number of Glasses

Do you enjoy your beer flights with your partner or a group of friends?

Beer flights usually come with 4 to 6 glasses that are more than sufficient for most tasting events. If you have more people on your table, then you can look for beer flights with extra glasses to fit your bill. 

Be sure to determine your needs before you buy your beer flight. The paddles in beer flights are designed to accommodate a specific number of glasses and you won’t be able to fit more than the limit. So think of how many people will sample the beer and then choose a beer flight with the required number of glasses. 

3. Size of Glasses

Beer flights have glasses of different sizes, ranging from 2 ounces to 6 ounces. You are free to go for any size though smaller glasses can be advantageous for a simple reason- you can taste more samples without worrying about getting tipsy!

If you plan to get drunk on your beer flight, then you can even choose mugs with suitable paddles. 

4. The Paddle

The paddles in beer flights can come in any shape, size and materials. Most of the paddles are wooden with holes to place the glasses, though you can find paddles made from metal or other materials. There are no restrictions when it comes to choosing the paddle and you can go for any shape, size or material. 

Try to go for light paddles made of wood if you plan to carry your beer flight around the table or backyard while having your barbecue! Metal wire stands add a bit of elegance but may take a bit of effort to maintain or handle. 

5. Price

You can find a beer flight matching your budget easily. Some beer flights come dirt cheap and are ideal for rough use or everyday use in pubs or restaurants. You can also go for pricey beer flights that add a punch of style into your beer sampling experience. 

The price can also depend on the style and size of the glasses. The material of the paddle also determines the cost of the flight. So first decide your needs and preferences and then try to find a beer flight within your budget. 

Now that you know how to pick the right beer flight, we will take a look at some of the best beer flights you can get your hands on! 

Top 5 Beer Flights for a Great Beer Sampling

We have found the following beer flights after much research and searching around. You can be sure that we have determined their quality and performance before recommending them to you. 

1. MyGift Set of 2 Torched Wood Beer Flight Serving Caddies with Chalkboard Panels & 4 Tasting Glasses

Set of 2
Set of 2 Torched Wood Beer Flight Serving Caddies
$49.99 ($25.00 / Count)

RUSTIC BEER FLIGHT CADDIES: Wooden beer sample serving caddy in distressed whitewash finish with chalkboard panels and 4 glasses.

CHALKBOARD LABELS and 4 glasses each.

SPECS: 5.5 H × 14 W × 4.3 L (in inches); Glasses - 5 oz each.

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04/10/2024 02:26 am GMT

MyGift is a well-known name in the world of beer accessories and gifts. You can give this flight on any beer lover’s birthday and see the glitter and happiness in their eyes! The package contains two sets of wooden serving caddies each of which can accommodate 4 glasses. So in total, you get 8 glasses. 

The wooden serving caddies come with a whitewash finish to make way for superior looks. The matching chalkboard panel adds to the beauty and blends in perfectly with your decor. Your guests or customers will surely be delighted to get their beer on such a great-looking flight!


Perfect 5 Ounce Glasses

You get two sets of serving caddies each f which holds 4 glasses. So, in total, you have 8 glasses in two caddies each of which can accommodate 5 oz of beer. The size of the glasses are ideal for sampling and fits the needs of connoisseurs perfectly. You can also serve multiple varieties of beer and never encounter any space restrictions. 

Easy to Carry

Each of the serving caddies features convenient cutout handles so that you can carry them around without any problems. You can use them for serving guests and friends at your home and create a lively atmosphere filled with the sweet smell of beer. 

The beer flight is also ideal for use in pubs and restaurants and can provide your customers with an enriched beer sampling experience. 

Quick Labeling

 Beer flights allow you to taste several blends of beers, but how do you tell which one you are sampling? To resolve confusions, MyGift has come up with a unique solution!

The serving caddies have a chalkboard panel running along the front of the wooden panel. You can easily label your beer or ale before serving your guests and customers so that they know exactly what’s going in their mouth!

This feature is really useful for commercial enterprises who need to label the beer they are serving to their guests. Chalks are also included in the package so that you don’t need to search around!


Chipping Wood

Some customers have complained of wood chipping off from the caddies after regular use. 

2. Beer Flight Set with (1) Wooden Flight Paddle and (4) 5oz Ounce Glasses – Sampler Kit for Beer Tasting

Full Set: Paddle and Glasses
Beer Flight Set Sampler Kit for Tasting

The Beer Flight Set with (1) Wooden Flight Paddle and (4) 5oz Ounce Glasses. Paddle is constructed from strong and lightweight wood.

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03/16/2023 11:46 pm GMT

G. Francis brings you a professional beer tasting kit manufactured right here in the USA. The company has earned a reputation selling high-quality home brewing and bartending items and always aims for the convenience of its customers. 

The set comes with a single wooden paddle and four 5 oz glasses. It’s as simple as beer flights can get, and perfect for those who like a minimalist approach in everything they do! Now let’s explore the pros and cons of G. Francis beer flight-


Ready to Use

The package contains a wooden beer flight paddle and four 5 ounce beer sampling glasses. You can use the set right out of the box- all it needs is a simple washing to make then clean and germ-free!

Easy to Maintain

You don’t need any special considerations when it comes to cleaning and storing the beer flight. Just wash the glasses in the dishwasher and store them upside-down on the notched slots in the paddle. 

The paddle also keeps looking new and all you need to do is give it a simple wipe!


The paddle features durable wood that lasts for many years to come. The hardwood also offers a superior finish and texture apart from being sturdy to create a sophisticated presentation. 


The wooden paddle is really lightweight so that you can carry it around without straining your wrists or arms. 

Right Size Glasses

The 5 oz glasses are styled in the English pub way and hold the ideal amount of beer for tasting purposes. The glasses are dishwasher-friendly and come with thick bases for extra durability and longevity. 


This is one of the most affordable beer flights you can find in the market. You can purchase several sets and entertain a large group of friends or customers. 


Low-Quality Glasses

Some customers have said that their glasses have shattered while washing. In that case, you may need to buy replacement glasses which you can find easily on your local shop or online stores.

3. Sorbus Wooden Bottle Caddy with Opener & Sampler Boards

Awesome Gift Set
Sorbus Wooden Bottle Caddy with Opener & Sampler Boards

BAMBOO DRINK CADDY: Transport up to six bottles of your favorite soda, beer, and more, This “go-to” caddy set features 2 sampler paddles, bottle opener, and six slots for a variety of drinks.

BOTTLE OPENER & SAMPLER PADDLE: Built-in bottle opener is convenient for opening bottle tops, Paddle board sampler holds 3 shot / sampler glasses.

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04/10/2024 01:26 am GMT

Sorbus brings to you a high-quality beer serving caddy with sampling paddles. The whole set features a rustic look and is made from bamboo wood for enhanced color and texture. The beer flight provides space for carrying your beer bottles and paddles with notched slots for holding 3 glasses each. 

Sorbus beer flight is perfect for beer fests, picnics, beer tasting events, camping, outdoor concerts and can also be used in pubs, restaurants and bars. You can also enjoy a great time with your friends at home, sipping beer right from the glasses out of the wooden paddles. 


Superior Looks

Nothing can come closer to Sorbus in looks. The beer flight is made from bamboo wood and feature a rustic look complete with matching accessories. You can always get those heads turning by serving your ale in this stylish beer flight. 

Ample Space

You can carry up to six beers bottles in the caddy to suit the needs of a large group. Each paddle also holds three glasses, making a total of six glasses to store your wine or beer. 


 Sorbus has designed their beer flight to offer as much convenience as possible. You have a separate beer bottle caddy and wooden paddles to accommodate your serving needs. The caddy also comes with a bottle opener so that you don’t need to scramble for the opener anymore!

You also have a special space to store the paddles on the caddy. That eliminates the risks of losing r misplacing your paddles completely!


The caddy features a comfortable carrying handle so that you can take your beer flight anywhere you want. The paddles also have a large handle to carry your glasses in an easy way. 


No Glasses Provided

Unlike the other beer flights on our list, Sorbus doesn’t provide the glasses with their beer flight. You have to purchase them separately. Look for glasses that can fit in the 2.25″ round cutouts in the paddle.

4. Beer Tasting Flight Paddle- Paddle and Four 6 Ounce Sample Glasses

Homebrewers' Choice
Beer Tasting Flight Set

HIGH QUALITY WOOD PADDLE - Quality hard dark wood with SET OF FOUR TASTER GLASSES. Glasses hold 5 ounces for the perfect sample tasting size.

Detail Page

If you want a simple beer flight that serves your needs, look no further! This beer flight is ideal for beginners and experts alike when it comes to sampling beers. You get a wooden paddle along with four 5 ounce glasses at a really affordable price. 

The beer flight is perfect for use in your home when you are having a picnic in the backyard with your friends. You can also use them for your bars, pubs and restaurants to offer a varied choice of ale or beer to your customers. The dark wood finish blends in ideally with your interiors, giving a special feel to beer tasting events. 


High-Quality Wood

The beer paddle is made from high-quality dark wood to offer optimum longevity. In spite of being durable, the paddle is really lightweight which makes carrying it around a breeze!

Ideal Sizes

The glasses and the paddle are of ideal sizes to suit the needs of a wide range of beer tasters and connoisseurs. Each glass can hold 5 ounces of beer which is the suitable quantity for sampling your ale. The paddle also measures 16″ so that you can conveniently serve your guests without faltering. 

Durable Glasses

The glasses are made from durable glass and feature a thick base for maximum resiliency. You can use them year after year without ever needing to go for new glasses. 

Easy to Clean

The glasses included in the set are dishwasher safe. You don’t need to adopt any special precautions to wash or clean the glasses. The paddle can also be cleaned conveniently through a simple wash using your hands. The simple cleaning will keep your beer flight looking like new even after numerous use. 


The Paddle may be Too Lightweight

Some people have felt that the paddle is too lightweight for their liking. They had to hold the paddle with two hands as using one hand may turn out to be risky, leading the glasses to fall off. 

5. LEGACY – a Picnic Time Brand Craft Beer Four-Glass Flight Tasting Set

Best Gift Set
Craft Beer Four-Glass Flight Tasting Set

Craft Beer flight taster set by Legacy. Features four 4-ounce beer taster glasses. Features a two-tiered, gorgeous acacia wood tray and beer glasses suspended in top shelf. Includes chalkboard panel across the base and soapstone pencil for beer labeling; Hollowed areas below glasses hold respective beer caps.

Measures 12" x 4.4" x 5.3" inches

Detail Page
03/16/2023 11:16 pm GMT

Legacy has been in business for over 36 years and created a space for itself among beer lovers. The company produces quality beer flights and accessories perfect for home and commercial use. This beer flight made by Legacy is one of the most elegant pieces we have come across, featuring a two-tiered base made from superior acacia wood. 

Whether you are looking for the best gift or want to entertain your guests, Legacy beer flight will surely fit your bill! It comes with four 4 ounce glasses for assorted sampling which hang from the top tier to enhance the looks. 

Let’s check out some of the pros of the product. 


Gorgeous Looks 

The Legacy beer flight scores high on style and appearance. The product is made from elegant acacia wood and features a dark finish for a sophisticated feel. The two-tiered construction adds to the style quotient making it worthy of all the attention it gets from your guests or customers. 


Legacy has made enough effort to add convenience with style in their beer flight. The convenient cutout handles make it easy to carry the flight around your garden or from table to table in a pub. The compact size also makes it fit into any space without requiring special storage considerations. 

Mark Your Beer

You can mark your beer in two ways using this beer flight. There is a spacious chalkboard panel running along the front where you can easily label your beers. You also get a soapstone pencil included in the package for writing. 

The beer flight also has notched slots in the base where you can put beer caps under respective glasses containing the beer. The setup makes for a great presentation enriching the satisfaction of your customers or guests. 


Difficult to Remove Writing

Legacy provides a soapstone pencil to mark your beer. But some customers have found that the pencil is more of a wax crayon and it’s difficult to wipe the writing from the chalkboard panel. You can purchase some chalk pencils from your local store to resolve the problem.


Beer flights are ideal for wine tasting events, barbecues or picnics. You can also use them to entertain and serve your guests when you are running a bar or pub. Just choose a beer flight from our list and embark on your beer tasting adventure without further delay! 

Cheers for a happy time ahead!

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