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Meet the Team

Here are the founding fathers (and mother) of the blog. I’m very proud of the team we’ve assembled. Besides the obvious good looks, we’re all hugely passionate about homebrewing, and equally passionate about sharing our experiences with others.

“The addiction.” That’s what we call it. But just what makes homebrewing so addicting?

Simple. It’s so damn fun. Honestly. What is cooler than making your very own batch of beer?

Rather than fight this addiction, we here at Homebrew Academy embrace it. We go to lengths few understand to craft our perfect recipe. And after we sip our delicious creations? We bask in the accomplishment — just briefly — and then start thinking up our next experiment.

The Homebrew Academy exists to mentor any passionate beer drinker in the art and science of brewing. And we don’t settle for second-rate ales & lagers.

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One truth about beer brewing has endured for thousands of years: it’s a team effort. Brewing brings people together, and when you join forces not only do you make better beer, but you have some damn good times in the process.

This is the start of a collaborative homebrewing blog. It’s a new community where we can talk, inform, and debate, all in pursuit of our common goal of delicious beer. All Grain or Extract? Best Beer-of-the-month-club?

Here’s an important fact though – we’re not know-it-alls, and we’re not going to act like we are. Yes we make some damn fine beer, and yes we have a lot to teach, but we’re learning too.

Point being, if you have input then speak up! We’ll start the conversations but we want you to join in.

What you can expect from The Homebrew Academy Blog: