CO2 Tanks, Cylinders, and Canisters: What’s the difference?

by Karl | Updated: August 2, 2019

You need to know about your CO2 cylinder gas very well if you are distributing beer, stouts, and ciders or even carbonated drinks. If you are a beginner at your business, then picking the right CO2 tank cylinder should be the first and foremost step. 

Today in this article, we will give all the important details of the CO2 canister cylinder tank, and we will review five top CO2 tank cylinders. 

CO2 Tanks, Cylinders, and Canisters What's the difference

What is a CO2 Tank Cylinder?

You might have noticed that most bars and pubs use a CO2 tank cylinder, where the drink is to be served. CO2 tank cylinders are used to pressurize the beer draft system. CO2 tank cylinder which is used for brewing, are mostly made from aluminum. They also come in steel tank is a variety is sizes. 

The quality of a CO2 tank cylinder should be really good. It all depends on what type of tank you have because it will surely affect the taste of your drink. Once you get the idea of how to use your cylinder properly, you can easily make new beverages with lots of bubbles, and you can also design plans for your beverages, keeping safety in mind of course. 

How CO2 tank cylinder works? 

You might have thought about – how can so much gas can fit into this small and delicate CO2 tank cylinder? 

Well here is the perfect answer to your question. CO2 gas forced into this cylinder, the more it’s forced, and the more inner molecules get close to each other. The molecules inside the cylinder get so close that crowding of gas happens and the movement of the molecules become very slow. When the molecules slow down, they lose heat energy and hence get cold. 

When the temperature reaches 880 psi (pounds per square inch), the molecules release enough heat energy to get cold enough to turn into liquid. When these liquids go through some temperature changes, like an increase in temperature, the volume of the liquids expands. In the liquid state, CO2 can be stored in it a lot more than in the gas state. In short, you get to store a huge amount of CO2 in the tank cylinder. 

Pressure plays a huge role in this cylinder. It’s all about the pressure; it is the key thing to note. To provide a push for your draft beer system, the pressure has to be nearly 880 psi. Initially, at this pressure, only CO2 is stored inside the tank cylinder, but once you open the lid of the tank, some of the CO2 is released in the form of vapors and turns back to its previous state that is gas. This gas is then allowed to flow into the gas side of your draft beer system. 

Things to take care of 

Unlike growlers, CO2 tanks don’t have a good system of insulation. They have to be handled with a lot of care. A sudden temperature increase can expand the liquid inside it; hence, it can make the tank so hot that it can burn your fingers. So safety measures should be taken properly. This can be done by having a CO2 regulator; the regulator controls the high pressure of the gas to a manageable and prevents the tank from heating up drastically. 

What are CO2 tanks made of?

You might be curious about the material from which this CO2 tank is made of. Well, we are here to discuss its material and what are its specifications. 

CO2 cylinder tank is made of aluminum. There are a lot of reasons behind its material. Manufacturers wanted to have a cylinder which doesn’t corrode, so they made this tank with aluminum. One good fact about it is that it has very lightweight and it is absolutely corrosion resistive. 

It has a lot of advanced features, one of them is that it has a proper valve, if you ever wish to switch on or off the tank cylinder you can simply turn the valve to turn on the flow of gas inside the cylinder. 

If you are confused about the valve, then let us make define it in detail. 

The valve is fitted with the tank, and it has a small wheel on it, also known as a handwheel. It opens when you turn the valve handle or handwheel. It opens when you turn the wheel counter-clockwise and closes by turning it clockwise. 

Another good feature is that it has a pressure relief valve. When the pressure inside the tank increases suddenly, this built-in valve is generated and automatically discharge the cylinder. This valve has threaded outlet so anything can be easily attached to it, but here the purpose of it is to attach the regulator which controls the pressure. 

Why is the Built-in Valve Important?

If you think that CO2 tank is completely safe, then you might be misunderstood. CO2 tank has a lot of good things, but there are always a few things you need to take care of. CO2 can be very dangerous when there is no regulator attached to the valve. A sudden change in temperature can even cause an explosion; a regulator helps to keep the pressure controlled. It reduces the pressure and hence makes it safe for your use. Otherwise, a single mistake or a failure can lead to a big explosion that can cause serious injury or even death. 

Advantages of CO2 tank cylinder

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages. One should be completely aware of all the details before buying a CO2 tank. 

Here are a few advantages that will encourage you to buy a CO2 tank cylinder. 

•    Have you ever imagined a world without beverages, beers, and some cold carbonated drinks? I think you haven’t because it’s very hard to imagine something that has become a part of your daily routine. Whenever you get home from a hard and tiring day, you feel like having a cold and fresh beer. When you go out with your friends, it is must to grab a drink from the nearest convenient store. 

At the weekend after a whole five days of hectic and depressing life, you wish to go to clubs and pups at night to give your mind some relaxation. But just imagine if all your drinks lose their fizzy flavor and effervescence, in short, all your drinks don’t have any carbonated water in them. 

Well, that’s why this CO2 tank canister cylinder 5lb was made in the first place. Due to this product, you get to enjoy your drinks every day. If it weren’t created, then you would have to say no to beer, there would be no Pepsi or coke. 

You should be pleased to know that all your drinks have carbonated water in them because of the CO2 tank cylinder. 

Carbon dioxide is the key ingredient in all your carbonated drinks. Carbon dioxide helps to maintain taste, aroma, and level of carbonation of your drinks. 

•    Another advantage of this tank is that it has very lightweight. You don’t have to worry about carrying it at all. 

•    Whenever you run out of carbon dioxide in your tank, you can always call a refilling service that would refill your tanks. They quickly deliver and refill the tanks when they are empty. However, they have their policies and rules. They regularly inspect any damage and also provide safety measures. If your tank is broken, they won’t refill it. 

•    Thanks to CO2 tankers, all your drinks have a reasonable amount of carbonation. None of your drink will go flat again. Your customers will be happy with the premium quality of your drink. 

The Top Tanks to Consider

Wondering what are the top choices for you when it comes to a 5 lb CO2 tank canister? Here is a look. Here we will discuss the top five CO2 tank cylinder products which will help you choose the most reasonable and top-quality tank cylinders. 

Luxfer CO2-5LB-LUXZebra DNA L6X Aluminum CO2 Tanks with CGA320 on/Off Valve


Luxfer CO2 Tank is entirely made up of aluminum, which makes it perfect for holding CO2 gas for a while. Aluminum adds durability to the built and hence makes it a strong tank to use. 

With the capacity to hold 5lb of CO2 gas, it is shipped to your destination empty. So, after the purchase, you need to fill in the CO2 gas in it for use. This is because, a tank full of CO2, due to any mishap, any bump, or any miscarriage can cause harm. 

Manufactures used a high-quality valve commonly known as CGA320, which is the doorway for CO2 gas. The valve can release gas just the way you want, making it a perfect blend for your drink.


•    Easy to carry. The portability factor is surely an important point and plays a key role in determining its market. While people usually place it in one place, some people prefer to keep it a portable machine. 

•    Since it is made up of aluminum, it can easily bear high pressure, and you will not have to worry about any mishap during daily usage. 

•   You can place it on the table. Or anywhere you like. With a non siphon nose, it is just the right choice when it comes to soda stream.

•  Even if you’re looking to use a lot of CO2, you don’t have to worry about running out of the gas anytime soon.


•    It is not an attractive piece of art for sure. Just looks like an ordinary tank but with all the supreme features. Whatsoever, looks are never the priority of any owner. If it’s working fine, it’s paying the money off. 

5lb co2 Tank- New Aluminum Cylinder with CGA320 Valve

5 lb Aluminum CO2 Air Tank
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10/16/2021 03:33 pm GMT


The tank is large enough to hold 5lb of CO2 gas with dimensions; 5.25-inch diameter, 14.2-inch length, 1.125″ UNF inlet thread. It has a special CGA320 valve that can produce a pressure of 1800psi. 

The all-aluminum body with lines engraved on it, forming an elegant pattern for added beautification. It’s completely made in the United States of America.


•    The design is fantabulous, not just a simple looking gas tank. 

•    The aluminum is carved with linings forming an elegant design that leaves a fine impression. 

•    You just don’t get a tank; you get a piece of art too, which can add beauty in the area it is placed.  


•    This product is not shipped to California because it holds a chemical that, according to California, is the cause of cancer and other reproductive defects. Hence, if you are a resident of California, you won’t be able to get it to ship to you. 

20 lb CO2 Tank New Aluminum CGA320 with SIPHON TUBE


Forget to refill your tank again and again. Here comes the boss. The tank with most capacity; 20lb of gas CO2 can be compressed in this tank without a problem. You will not have to worry about refilling the tank due to the shortage. This tank can hold up until your needs are fulfilled, for a complete day at least. 

With this much capacity, the tank isn’t exactly slim to look at. The dimensions are 8.0-inch in diameter, and 28.2-inch in length, with a 1.125″ UNF inlet thread. The tank can fill every drink of yours with CO2 gas. 

With the power to produce 1800psi pressure from CGA320 valve, the tank also offers more efficiency in work than any other tank. 


•    Helps you save more. If you buy a single product, it will cost you more. But if you buy the same product in bulk, it will cost you less. Similarly, buying a tank with this much capacity will reduce your refilling expense. 

•    With an excellent appearance, it’s something you wouldn’t mind looking at again.

•    Works great when refilling soda cream canisters, and you could get it done in a few minutes. 

•    Your total expense will gradually decrease as well, and you will find that you have more cash in hand. 


•    The tank is hard to carry with the weight if you aren’t a strong person. However, the more the capacity, the more the weight. 

5 lb Aluminum CO2 Air Tank


The tank can hold up to 5 lb of CO2 gas for crafting beer. Its weight is 7.7 lb, and it can hold the gas up to the capacity of 6 to 7 kegs, which is a big feature. 

The product is completely brand new and has never been reconditioned. The manufacturers used an aluminum alloy of high quality, which makes it even lighter than steel. 

With the appropriate pressure, you can make your drink entirely the way you want it to be. 


As all the products have different advantages based on their type and capacity. 

•    It’s as lightweight as you want, since it is made from aluminum. It seems the developers wanted to manufacture a product that would not only do its job but also be very easy to carry it from place to place.

•    Another reason why it’s made from aluminum is that it doesn’t rust. It is absolutely corrosion free and durable. Even in a moist atmosphere, you place it on water or anywhere it is moist; it won’t corrode at all. 

•    Even though it can hold up to 5 lb of gas, the size is small as compared to other tanks so it can easily be adjusted anywhere. Whether in clubs or pups or at your writing desk at the office. 

•    The gas inside the keg will not lose its taste for up to 6-8 weeks that is two months and even more if it is refrigerated. 


•    As every product has its disadvantages along with advantages, it is not possible to have any flawless product. But the thing that matters the most is that satisfies all your requirements. 

•    The only disadvantage it has is that the refilling method for this product is harder than others. People have reported having difficulty in refilling this 5 lb CO2 aluminum air tank. 

10 lb co2 Tank New Aluminum Cylinder with CGA320 Valve


This tank can hold 10lb of CO2 gas and produce pressure up to 1800psi. 10lb of CO2 gas for daily usage is an immense amount, and you can deal with all your work within this limit if you are not using it to run a factory. 

The thing is, with capacity comes great size. So, the tank is not as small as you may expect. But it can be adjusted easily. And it comes equipped with the newest CGA320 valve just perfect for you. 

The tank is all made up of aluminum. And it’s not just aluminum; it is corrosion resistive aluminum which means that CO2 will never be able to corrode the tank no matter how long it stays in. In scientific language, excessive contact with CO2 can corrode the material. 


•    This tank can hold 10lb gas. You can find a lot of 5lb tanks, but it’s not easy to find a 10lb tank with such features, great value for money.  

•    If you compare it with any 5lb gas tank, you will notice that you are saving a lot through this tank. The more you save, the more you earn. Work smart, not hard.

•   A well built tank, having a certification date that is within 180 days of purchase.

•   You have as many as five years before you need to certify the tank again. 


•    At some places, it is hard to find a person who would refill your tank at a certain value; he may charge more than usual just because your tank has the 10lb capacity. But, at most places, you will see a marginal difference in expense.  


You will find a wide range of CO2 gas tanks online or even in the market, and it will probably become difficult for you to choose the right gas tank that would meet all your requirements. At that point, you will have to go through the reviews to shortlist the best tankers. 

We hope we have made it easier for you – and presented you – with the top five CO2 gas tanks so you can easily choose the best that will satisfy all your requirements. 

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