Best Quality Beer Growlers (Non-pressurized)

by Karl S Updated on August 2, 2019

Have you ever wished that you could drink your beer cold and fresh after a hectic day? It’s not easy to preserve your drink for a long time. Even if you store it in your fridge, it might lose its flavor. 

But now new methods have made this task very easy. There are several Growlers that can help you in this regard. Their task is not just to keep your beverages cold, but it also preserves the taste and keeps it fresh. These are not pressurized, but these “pressurized growlers” are.

Best Quality Beer Growlers Non-pressurized Homebrew Academy

What is a Beer Growler?

Growlers are the containers that are used to preserve beers and different beverages s so that they won’t lose their flavor. The Yeti has two walls, both of which are made of stainless steel. Additionally, it has a vacuum insulating system. The inner walls make your drink cool and fresh. It preserves the flavor nicely, and there’s no metallic aftertaste. 

Homebrewers' Choice
64oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Growler by DrinkTanks

High quality 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation, durable, vacuum tight lid prevents any leaks, and keeps beer ice cold and carbonated wherever you go for +45 hours.

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03/16/2023 11:08 pm GMT

How do Growlers work?

The two stainless steel walls of a great Beer Growler have absolutely nothing between them. No heat or cold can transfer from the interior wall to the exterior wall; this feature makes it more attracting. It acts as an insulator. 

Due to this feature, a warm drink doesn’t get cold, and a cold drink doesn’t get warm, whatsoever. 

Beer Growlers have proved to be very effective in actual use. The best thing is that the beverages keep their temperature for a long time. A hot or cold drink remains at the same temperature even after 4 to 6 hours.

If you ever wish to preserve your coffee, don’t forget to use a Yeti Rambler, because it can preserve coffee up to 12 hours, as hot as you left it. Coffee retains a good degree of heat, so now you can drink your hot coffee anytime too. 

One great and awesome thing about a Growler is that if you put ice in your drink and store it, even after 12 hours you will see ice cubes floating on it, that’s because of the properties of cold water. Cold liquid retains its temperature better than hot liquid and stays cold for a longer time. 

The Growler, as a whole, is very impressive and reliable to preserve your beverages. It can handle both hot and cold beverages very well.

Features of Beer Growler

Growler’s are pretty much the best you can get to store your liquid and keep it fresh at the same it. It is very light weighted, and you can easily carry it anywhere you go. It’s designing, and construction is very efficient for consistent and reliable performance.  

The strong and good quality materials have inspired confidence in its ruggedness, durability, and long-lasting product. The smart design of Growler is unique from any other thing in the market.

We will discuss some of the basic features with you. 

  • Has a wide-open mouth that makes it easier to swig beer. This feature makes it one of the best choices to drink your drink easily.
  • Comes with powder coated finishing that makes it look smooth and glossy. You can have a sleek companion with you anywhere, anytime.
  • Also offers triple haul cap and additional insulation and prevents your drink to spill.
  • The cap of it is fitted with a small-sized three-finger grip, which makes it easy to carry it around.
  • Is made from premium quality of stainless steel, which increases its durable nature.
  • Is made with two walls. The interior wall helps to maintain flavor and freshness.
  • You won’t experience nagging metallic taste that often comes from mostly bottles of this type.
  • The Growler is safe to clean from inside and out. You can simply wash into the dishwasher without disassembling any part. It is a good feature as it makes it easy to clean it.


Drinkware for the wild: Growler’s are very easy to carry. You can take it with you during your field trip or vacations to jungle or wild. The drink will stay fresh and cold for several days if it is tightly closed and remain unopened for many days. 

Even after opening it for quite a bit, it will stay fresh for approximately 36 hours at least. 

It’s easy to load, drink, and clean. It’s perfectly built to go wherever you need icy cold or burning hot beverages. 


Growler is made up of stainless steel. It has a large capacity to store drinks. Its total weight is 21.9 oz. Its total height is ten ¾ and a diameter of 3 ¾. 


It has double-wall vacuum insulation. It has a great feature to keep a cold drink cold and hot drink hot until the last sip. It has no sweat design, the fingers will stay clean and dry, and they won’t get frostbite at all. 

Its wide-mouth opening has effectively increased its features. People are getting interested in it because they can easily swig beer in even five gulps. 

One more fact is that it has a triple haul cap that makes it easier to grip when you are out on a jog or hiking on a trail or even at the campsite. It’s reliable and durable. 

Dishwasher safe

There are a few things you cannot wash in a dishwasher. It’s irritating when all your dishes are in a dishwasher, and you have to clean something separately, and it gets a more stressful job when you have to disassemble it and clean it just like some containers and growlers. 

So, you start to pending your chores due to procrastination. 

But today we have the most awesome growler, that is completely dishwasher safe, and you can simply clean in it without removing any of its parts which are a welcoming convenience. 

Why do you need a Beer Growler?

People often feel the need of beer when they are on a trip with their friends or when they do camping in the wild. Well, taking a big beer bottle with you can make things difficult for you as it is hard to carry it all the time. 

If your beer bottle is made of glass, then it can be very dangerous as it can easily break into pieces, if it’s made of plastic then its shape can be deformed within no time plus your drink won’t be cold anymore as you don’t have a facility to refrigerate it in the wild. 

Having a warm drink is a big problem, but having a drink which has lost its flavor and freshness can be very irritating. You cannot keep your drink fresh even if it’s in the refrigerator, even though it’s not easy to have a fridge on a trip but let’s just imagine you have one and your beer is cold enough, but it’s flavorless, you won’t enjoy it right? 

You do need something that fulfills all your requirements and is also easy to carry wherever you go. Well, I think your wish just got accepted in the form of the Growler. 

Growler is a container that can not only keep your drink cold but also fresh at the same time. It has a lot of features. You won’t need a fridge anymore to keep your beverages cold. Beer Growler’s double insulation system made your trip easier. 

You can store your drink up to 6 to 7 hours easily, and the best thing is it won’t lose its sweet flavor. It is very light weighted, so you can carry it throughout your trip without putting it in your bag. It also has a three-finger grip arrangement on the top of the cap. You can store your coffee, beer, smoothie, juice, or anything you wish for. 

Things to look out before buying Growler

We have already discussed all its features in detail, if you are willing to buy a Yeti Growler then don’t forget to check it completely and do some tests to see if it works well or not. While buying a Growler, you have to deeply test its temperature, that for how long and how cold or hot the beverage will stay. 

The second test should be of carbonation. If both the tests meet your requirements, then don’t wait for a single minute to buy it. 

There are several Growlers you can choose from. To help you pick the right Growler, we have put the five most popular and best alternatives to review. 

The Top 5 Beer Growlers for Homebrewers:

DrinkTanks Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Homebrewers' Choice
64oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Growler by DrinkTanks

High quality 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation, durable, vacuum tight lid prevents any leaks, and keeps beer ice cold and carbonated wherever you go for +45 hours.

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03/16/2023 11:08 pm GMT

–    Specifications

Famous for its handle, DrinkTanks Growler is an amazing product to purchase. The big handle on its side is just the best thing any growler can have. The user gets in such ease when drinking beer from this growler. Very easy to hold and use, DrinkTanks growler is one of the top growlers in the market. 

It comes equipped with a double layer of insulation that can keep cold beverages for 24hours in their state and hot beverages for 12hours. The insulation is vacuumed, that is the science behind the static temperature for such a long time.

The growler is dishwasher safe, which means that you can wash it in the dishwasher, and it will not cause any harm to dishwasher neither the dishwasher will cause any harm to it. 


DrinkTanks offer you to customize your handle however you want. You can install a small or big handle according to your need. People are attracted towards this growler mostly because of the handle and why not? The feature is an absolute gem. 

The lid has a tight lock that does not allow any beer to spill out or any leakage to happen. Your drink is safe inside, and the lid will not open up due to any bump unless you want it to open. The lock is an effective precautionary measure showing that DrinkTanks understand their customers need and manages to provide it. 


Though the handle has a major role in handling it, it takes up pretty much space when putting inside a bag. You cannot detach and attach the handle again and again from the growler. The handle generates difficulty while managing the stuff in your bag. I guess you need to keep yourself motivated by remembering this “great things come with great sacrifices.” 

Yukon Growlers Insulated Beer Growler

Best Seller
Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler by Yukon Growlers

KEEP IT COLD: COLD and CARBONATED BEER for +48hrs. Fill at any Microbrewery or growler-filling station. This growler has the standard Government Warning and Growler Size engraved on the bottom.

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Yukon offers an amazing product; Yukon Growler. Like all other growlers, this can preserve your chilled beer for up to a day. In addition to that, this growler has double layers of insulating material coated inside, which makes it even more effective in its cause. If the outside temperature is a little lower than usual, it can even preserve your beer for two days. 

You will not lose the carbonated water inside it as this growler has a vacuum inside. The vacuum is generated by the cap of this growler.

The growler comes with an additional accessory; a bag, which provides additional security to the growler. 


The one thing every person is worried about when he has a bottle in his bag; leakage. The durable built holds your beer without any leakage and can handle jerks with ease. Which means it is very easy for the owner to throw this growler in the bag pack without worrying about leakage or breakage.  

The owner wouldn’t have to worry about what’s going to happen if it breaks. Firstly, this growler won’t break, but everyone needs something to accept this, don’t they? Here’s the deal, Yukon offers a lifetime warranty on their growlers to make sure everyone has a feeling of security that they are spending their money on the right product.    


Due to its fat design, it takes up space that can be utilized in some other important things as well. But, this design helps Yukon Growler to hold 64oz of beer or any of your drinks as cold as it was before being in the growler. 

Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler

Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler, 64 oz Capacity
$57.00 $43.96

Vacuum insulated body and foam insulated lid keep beer cold 24 hours

18/8 stainless steel won't rust; Naturally BPA-free

Heavy duty handle is easy to carry and pours smooth with one hand

Steel inner lid; No plastic contact for your beer

Dishwasher safe; Guaranteed for life

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03/16/2023 07:51 pm GMT


Stanley Classic growler can keep your beer cold for 24hours. This growler is made in such a way that your beer would not have to be in contact with plastic. It’s metal inside and outside. Even the inner side of the lid is metal to avoid plastic contact, which makes it toxic chemical-free.

Heavy-duty metal is used in the manufacturing of this growler and can withstand harsh situations without falling apart. 

It is dishwasher safe meaning that you can wash it in the dishwasher without any harm caused to it or by it. 


The handle is undoubtedly an advantage for a growler. The design gives the impression that this is a military product. This has played an important part in showing that this product is strong and durable as the military is associated with it.  


The handle and the lock are made up of plastic, which means that this part of the growler is not as durable as the remaining growlers.  

Yukon Growlers Premium Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

Best Choice for Beer
Yukon Growlers Premium Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

Water-bottle shaped and Wide Mouth growlers can be hard to pour from. With its integrated handle and tapered neck, our PREMIUM GROWLER allows for a PERFECT POUR every time. The SWING-TOP LID keeps your beer fresh and carbonated. LID-LOCK STRAP for TRANSPORT.

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Here we have another product from Yukon. The other growler is fatter than this growler. So, this growler wins in terms of space occupied. A thinner growler would take up less space, and you can adjust all the other important stuff. 

This Yukon Growler has a handle attached to it so you can easily drink up your beer or water. There are times when you can’t hold the bottle or growler; the handle comes handy in those situations. Many people have acknowledged the importance of a handle and appreciated it on Yukon Growler.

Leakproof and satisfying insulating material is also the specs in this Yukon Growler. 


This Yukon Growler is equipped with a swing lid which means that you have to swing the lid of this growler to open it up. While other pop lids will easily open due to a bump and all your beer will spill out, this growler’s lid will remain closed during your adventurous wild trip. 

No matter what, how hard the bump would be, how strong the jerk would be, or how strong an unwanted force may be, it will not open until you want it to open. Your beer will be safe and sound, and your mind will be peaceful. 


While there are no considerable disadvantages of this Yukon Growler, few people have reported finding dents on the outer body of this Growler. It may be a manufacturing defect as the number of people reporting this issue is countable. 

Manna Ring Growler

Best Price
64oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Craft and IPA Beer Growler by Manna Ring

DURABLE: Made with Stainless Steel, your Growler will last you a lifetime. The matte non slip finish will ensure the grip you need to hang on to it safely while enjoying yourself to the max.

LEAK & SWEAT PROOF: The Manna Ring Growler is designed with Sweat & Leak Proof technology avoiding any unpleasant spills or condensation leaks.

Detail Page
03/17/2023 04:18 am GMT


Personally, this gets 10/10 when it comes to style. The manufacturer knows how to attract the young generation and aced in it. The design, the logo, and the color it chose for this product, it all becomes the perfect match for any young person to buy it. The first look for me was incredible. 

Manna Ring Growler comes with double layers of insulating material providing 24hours of cold beer. With this design, 64oz of beer can be stored and an important feature to be mentioned here. The growler is completely sweated and leak-free, which means you do not have to wrap it with a plastic bag or towel to keep other stuff in the bag safe from it. It will not leak a single drop and sweat. 


The built of this growler is durable so you can take it with you to any of your adventurous and wild trips without any worry. It will stick around till the end of the trip and would be ready for the next trip. 

It is BPA and lead-free, which means it is environment-friendly and safe to use. Toxic chemicals will not be able to get in the way of this growler, and your usage will be safest.

The ring on its cap provides an easy grip to use it in the wildest situations. You will have a steady grip due to its matte non-slip finish.


– Just like Yukon growler, this growler has a fat design, which is a disadvantage in the sense that it takes a lot of your bag space. 

– You could have adjusted other important stuff in that extra space taken by the growler. 

– Not that bad for a growler that can accommodate 64oz.