Beermkr Review: Does It Live up to the Hype?

by Karl S | Updated: August 23, 2023

Hey! Have you heard about Beermkr? The beer brewing machine?

It can do beer miracles such as allowing you to customize your flavors, prepare beers for the rest of the week, let you indulge in boozes at any time you want, and does not need a lot of sanitization!

Sounds INCREDIBLE, right? It seems perfect if you love craft beer and making your own beer at home!

If it tickled your tastebuds, keep reading to know more about the Beermkr!

What Is Beermkr?

The product is an automatic beer-brewing machine that brews one gallon of beer at a time.

Brewers should INSPECT it regularly throughout various steps in the brewing process, even if it functions automatically.

It has TWO main components:

  • The Beermkr that controls the fermentation process
  • The Beer tap carbonates freshly made beer

Beermkr handles both brewing AND fermentation and is 100% open, allowing users to customize recipes directly on the machine.

BEERMKR is the only fully contained beer brewery in the world that sits on the counter.

It gives users all the equipment of the best beer makers and all the fun of making delicious beer without any mess, hassle, and complexity of traditional homebrewing.

How Does It Work?

Once the brewing machine is set up, you can choose the beer you’d like to brew, from a bright IPA to a rich stout.

The next part of the Beermkr process sends the consumer a Mkrkit (recipe kit) for that particular recipe, containing all the grains, yeast, hops, and tools needed.

All ingredients are pre-portioned, just like a meal kit!

There are currently six beers consumers can buy from their website and 12 to choose from in the Beermkr app.

PLUS! The Beermkr team releases new recipes regularly.

The company also encourages advanced brewers to experiment and create their own recipes using the customization feature in the Beermkr app.

There’s More!

Everything is automated except pitching yeast and dry hopping, but your phone gets an alert when it’s time to do these.

Over a week, the device automatically maintains proper temperature for fermentation until it’s time to drink beer.

How to Use the Beermkr Beer Brewing Machine

Here is the guided process of properly using and making the most of the Beermkr and creating good beer!

Step 1 – Download the Product’s App

You’ll need to download the Beermkr app and connect your brewer to it to start fermenting.

You may give the machine a name to add a personalized touch!

After that comes the assembly.

Step 2 – Assemble the Brewing Chamber

The Beermkr app offers video tutorials on how to successfully attach every component while explaining the objectives of each step.

It helps to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.

Step 3 – View the Mkrkit

Next, you need to tap on the Mkrkit (recipe kit). You should have access to a plethora of recipes available on the internet.

Choose the recipe of beer you want to use. There are six choices to choose from but 12 from the app.

Step 4 – Insert the Brew Pouch

Insert the brew pouch and fill up the system with water.

Press start on the app and wait for 5 minutes while the machine does the rest of the work! Be sure to check from time to time whether or not the machine is functioning properly.

Step 5 – Receive Updates

Once the brew cycle begins, you will get updates on your brews.

Whether it’s announcing the completion of the fermentation or reporting issues, you will get notifications immediately.

ESSENTIAL NOTE: You can start a batch before you leave the house for the day, and by the time you get home, it’s time to pitch the yeast!

And don’t worry, the Beermkr will send you a push notification, so you know just when it’s your turn to do something, like pitch yeast, add dry hops, or remove the beer for serving.

What Are the Brew Pouches and Features?

Most of us do not like the CLEANING and SANITIZING activity before and after each brewing beer activity!

Well, the Beermkr eliminated that duty by using recyclable pouches to start each brew with a sanitized environment.

Fasten your seatbelts because there’s more! It’s also connected to wifi, has a CO2 monitoring system, and a fermentation temperature control system.

Custom Ingredients

The Beermkr will sell Mkr kit recipes on their app for $1 per 12oz beer, but the open system allows you to completely customize these with your own spices, herbs, or hops.

These choices will be shipped to you directly, and you’ll be drinking high-quality craft beer in no time!

The custom ingredients include:

  • Redwood IPA
  • Ghost Ale
  • Future IPA
  • Easy Ale
  • Squeakylager
  • Chubbystout

But the flavors won’t only be limited from these; thanks to the open system, you can add any ingredients you like.

Like raspberries or sage from your garden, hops from your neighbor’s yard, and even ingredients from your local homebrew shop.

Full Automation

Full automation is a part of the Beermkr system.

Thanks to the quick-disconnect valves and three isolated chambers, users can add and remove ingredients at just the right time.

Wort flows between the brewing chamber, the brew pouch, and the collection bin during the brewing process.

After brewing beer, the grains are removed from the brewing chamber, and yeast is pitched in their place.

Once fermentation is complete, the yeast falls into the third bin at the bottom of the device, making a clean and exquisite gallon of brew.

Tap System

Every Beermkr comes with a draft dispenser!

When your beer is complete, remove the bag of finished beer from your Beermkr and place it in the allocator.

Plug in the included CO2 cartridge and place the dispenser in your fridge.

Your beer will be carbonated and ready to be indulged in 24 hours!

No More Sanitizing Equipment

During the brewing process, every component in the system reaches pasteurization temperature.

This means your entire brew is sanitized for the life of the beer, from brewing to fermentation to serving booze acquired for your taste.

Once done, throw the brew chamber and foam collection bin into your dishwasher, and grab a new brew pouch to get Beermkr ready for the next batch.


Beermkr’s CO2 monitoring system tracks ferment activity and brew progression by measuring CO2.

If you know how much CO2 has been produced, you know how much alcohol is in the booze.

The company made sure that the Beermkr machine was continually measuring CO2 production and reporting back to the app.

This gives you a real-time view of your brew’s alcohol content and maturity and even your own recipes.

Facts About the Product

Beermkr is the only company that created a small factor to give consumers control and access to managing brewing and fermentation.

There are NO OTHER COMPANIES that can manage foam and distillation

There are hundreds of strains of froth, each with its unique flavor profile that is only achievable within a strict temperature range for each stage of the distillation process.

The optimal temperature profile is jampacked automatically.

It can also detect when the froth moves from point to point due to its built-in CO2 monitoring system.

It will adjust the temperature automatically to keep the foam in its optimal flavor-producing state.

You can adjust this to the taste of your liking.

How Does Beermkr Compare to Others

Beermkr is the only brewer that allows you to add your own ingredients directly to the machine.

What else can you add to the product that will make it even BETTER?

Beermkr Mkr kits only retail for $12, and they use the same ingredients as commercial malt beer. Others systems charge $20 or even $30 for a 12-pack.

Did you know that the product is one of the EASIEST to use?

You can set up and clean the Beermkr brewer in just 5 minutes. Other machines set up an hour or more to prepare a brew and clean up.

While the mentioned features are great, is the product SAFE?

Beermkr’s removable ale pouch does not require transferring your beer to ferment or serve, preventing oxidation and infections.

As we all know, TIME IS MONEY. Did you know that you can save time with the product?

Beermkr includes a draft allocator in every package, letting you have your beer immediately when it’s ready instead of waiting weeks for natural carbonation to occur.


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the topic!

Can I Make My Own Beer Any Time I Want?

Yes! You can have booze brewing overnight, have it the next day, and still have some left for the entire week!

The Beermkr has a simple interface that would speed up batches.

How Different Is the Beermkr Brewing Process?

Aside from being easy to use and automated, it has sensors that monitor and track ferment activity and progress.

It contains froth with its own unique flavor, giving the ale a refined relish.

Do I Have to Clean the Tap System?


Beermkr makes sure that the ale produced is sanitized for life. Booze pouches can be thrown out, and everything stored in the refrigerator.


In conclusion, Beermkr is worth the investment.

What gets better than getting sanitized beer without doing too much work?

It is highly advanced in that it monitors CO2 and ferment activity to ensure the result is exquisite!

If this was helpful, let us know, and don’t forget to write down comments for our improvement.