Beermosa: Tips & Ideas for Crafting the Perfect Beer Mimosa

Imagine sipping on a delicious, refreshing drink that perfectly combines the crispness of your favorite beer with the sweet tanginess of orange juice. Enter the beermosa – the perfect brunch cocktail that’s taking the world by storm!

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the art of crafting the perfect beermosa, share some creative variations, and offer expert tips on presentation and food pairings.

Get ready to impress your friends and family with your newfound beermosa expertise!

Short Summary

  • Create a perfect beermosa with 2 ingredients – ale & OJ, in the right ratio!
  • Unlock your creative side and explore new variations of the beermosa with different juices & garnishes!
  • Elevate your experience by pairing it with food, boosting flavor w/ orange liqueur or choosing stylish glassware for presentation.

Beermosa Basics: Ingredients and Ratios

The secret to making a delectable beermosa lies in just two ingredients: fruit-flavored ale and fresh squeezed orange juice.

When combined in the perfect ratio of 2/3 beer and orange juice to 1/3 orange juice, you’ll create a tantalizingly refreshing concoction that’s perfect for any occasion.

But how do you choose the best beer and orange juice to make your beermosa truly stand out? Read on to find out!

Choosing the Right Beer

The key to a successful beermosa is selecting the best beer to complement the orange juice. Citrusy ales, lagers, and pilsners are ideal choices for a beer mimosa, as they’re lighter and pair perfectly with orange and other flavors.

Ales, especially those with citrus notes, are often used to make beer mimosas due to their ability to enhance the fruity taste.

Avoid using beers with a high IBU rating, such as strong IPAs, stouts, or porters, as they can overpower the orange juice and disrupt the delicate balance of flavors.

Many styles of Belgian ales, German wheat ales, and Belgian wheat ales are fermented with yeast strains that contribute wonderful fruit aromas, making them perfect for a beermosa with blood orange juice.

Remember that fruit conditioning, the process of adding fruit like lime juice to beer, can also enhance the flavor profile of your beermosa.

Selecting the Best Orange Juice

The quality of the orange juice you use in your beermosa is crucial to achieving the perfect drink. Freshly squeezed orange juice provides the most refreshing and vibrant flavor, but high-quality store-bought orange juice with low or no pulp can also be used if you’re short on time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of orange juice, such as:

  • Valencia oranges
  • Sugar-free orange juice
  • Pulp-free orange juice
  • Tangerine juice
  • Blood orange
  • Orange strawberry banana
  • Orange slices

You can even try using these flavors for a unique twist on the classic beermosa recipe.

Creative Beermosa Variations

Once you’ve mastered the basic beermosa recipe, why not let your creativity shine by experimenting with different citrus juices and garnishes? Some delicious options include blood orange, lemonade, and grapefruit juices, which can add an exciting new depth of flavor to your beermosa.

And don’t forget about adding unique garnishes to elevate the presentation, such as creative ice cubes or vibrant blue curaçao.

For those who prefer a non-alcoholic option or want to add an extra punch of citrus flavor, we have some great ideas in the following sections. Get ready to discover exciting non-alcoholic alternatives and learn how to boost your beermosa’s flavor with orange liqueur!

Non-Alcoholic Options

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic version of the beermosa, you’re in luck! A virgin beermosa can be just as delightful and refreshing as its alcoholic counterpart.

Simply replace the alcoholic beer with non-alcoholic beer or sparkling cider for a delicious and family-friendly alternative.

You can also try creating a mockmosa made with sparkling white grape juice for a fun twist on the traditional beermosa, or even use a Blue Moon beer for a unique flavor.

Boosting Flavor with Orange Liqueur

For those who want to take their beermosa to the next level, consider adding orange liqueur for an extra punch of citrus flavor. Brands like Grand Marnier and Cointreau are fantastic options, or you can opt for a more budget-friendly choice like plain triple sec.

Simply add 1 ounce of orange liqueur to each glass of beermosa and prepare to be amazed by the enhanced citrus flavor.

Glassware & Presentation Tips

The perfect beermosa deserves the perfect glassware and presentation. While the choice of glassware can vary depending on personal preference, some popular options include pint glasses, champagne flutes, and beer glasses.

To ensure your beermosa is served at the perfect temperature, remember to chill the glasses before serving by placing them in the freezer.

Recommended Beermosa Glasses

When it comes to serving beermosas, there are several types of beer glasses that can elevate the experience. A tulip pint glass or a standard pint glass is a great option, as it has a wide mouth and a tapered body, which typically holds 16 ounces of liquid.

Another elegant choice is the champagne glass, also known as the champagne flute, a tall, slender glass that usually holds 6 ounces of liquid and is typically used for serving sparkling wines and champagne.

For those who want to showcase their beermosa in a more unique and stylish glass, consider using a Rastal Teku glass. This stemmed beer glass is designed to bring out the flavor and aroma of beer, with its wide mouth and tapered body that usually holds 12 ounces of liquid.

Pairing Beermosas with Food

Now that you’ve created the perfect beermosa, it’s time to think about what delicious foods to pair it with! Beermosas pair wonderfully with scrumptious breakfast items like waffles, donuts, and french toast, making them an ideal choice for a brunch gathering.

Looking for something to serve during game day? Beermosas also complement tasty snacks like popcorn shrimp and fried pickles, adding a refreshing element to your game day spread.

For a cookout, consider serving beermosas alongside mouthwatering favorites like chicken wings and burgers. The crisp and fruity flavors of the beermosa will balance out the richness of these savory dishes, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Exploring Other Beer Cocktails

If you’ve fallen in love with beermosas and are eager to expand your beer cocktail repertoire, there are plenty of other exciting cocktail recipes to explore!

Classic beer cocktails like the shandy, the beergarita, and the michelada can be found online or in recipe books, offering you endless opportunities to discover new flavors and combinations.

By trying new craft beer recipes, you’ll not only impress your friends and family with your newfound knowledge, but you’ll also uncover a whole new world of delicious beer-based drinks.


In this blog post, we’ve explored the art of crafting the perfect beermosa, from choosing the right beer and orange juice to experimenting with creative variations and presentation tips.

By following these expert guidelines and letting your creativity run wild, you’re well on your way to becoming a beermosa connoisseur. So raise your glass and toast to the perfect brunch cocktail – cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What beer is good in a beermosa?

Treat yourself to a delicious beermosa with the light, refreshing taste of pale ale!

What are other names for beermosa?

Why not give the beermosa a fun new name? Try the “brass monkey” – made with orange juice and malt liquor, otherwise known as beer.

This popular recipe, thanks to the Beastie Boys, is sure to spice up your next brunch!

What is the origin of beermosa?

Experience the origins of beermosa firsthand! The camping legend tells that it was created as a remedy for those dealing with too much drinking – be sure to enjoy responsibly!

Is there alcohol in mimosa?

Yes, a classic mimosa cocktail contains champagne (or other sparkling wine) and orange juice, with some recipes also including Cointreau or orange liqueur. It packs quite a punch!

What is the ideal ratio for mixing a beermosa?

A beermosa is best served with a 2/3 beer to 1/3 orange juice ratio – the perfect mix of bubbly, hoppy and sweet! It’s a great way to start the day, or to enjoy a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day. It’s also a great way to add a bit of fun to any gathering or party. So why not give it a try?