Coolest Beer Names

by Karl S Updated on August 23, 2019

How much of a beer aficionado are you? If you are going to try beer for the first time, you’re probably asking yourself which one you should try.

You want to try the best one for the first time, but with 1000’s of options, it can get confusing.

And when you facotor in the creativity of us homebrewers and the creative names that we can develop for things, that number of beer names grows exponentially fast.

Think about it for just a second, if you go through the process of learning how to brew beer at home – would you name it something new or take someone elses name?

We are going to make things a little simpler for you. Here are our current favourite beers with their calories and ABV (Alcohol by Volume) percentage. Choose the one you like and tell us about your experience.

Coolest Beer Names from the Homebrew Academy

The 51 Coolest Beer Names We Love Today

21st Amendment Bitter American

Owner: Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan.

Location: San Leandro, California

The 21st Amendment Bitter American lives up to its name. The bitterness of the beer makes it to the list. It is a combination of mild malt with bitter hops. The citrus flavor adds a strong taste to the beer. The low ABV and calories make it preferable. It has a Session beer style with 4.4% ABV and 132 calories.

Against the Grain 70K

Owner: Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse

Location: Kentucky, United States

Against the Grain 70K beer, owned by Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is a milk stout style. The 35K recipe doubled to create 70K beer recipe is double chocolaty, double creamy, double delicious and double roasted. The flavors of this beer are bourbon and oak. The best dessert you can ever have! It has an English Sweet or milk stout style with 13% ABV and 393 calories.

Alabama: Laika Russian Imperial Stout

Owner: Straight to Ale

Location: Alabama, United States

This beer is dark and rich, with a Russian imperial stout style. This dessert beer has a flavor of dark chocolate, fruit, and caramel. The roasted grain and woody hops enhance the flavor of the beer. It has a Russian Imperial Stout style with 9.75% ABV.

Utah: Dubhe

Owner: Uinta Brewing Company

Location: Utah, United States

Dubhe has a chocolaty dark toast, with coffee and dark fruit flavors. This beer made from coffee, vanilla, and bright pine flavors makes a beautiful dessert. The roasted malt covers the bitterness of the hops. It has an American Black Ale style with 9.3% ABV.

AleSmith Horny Devil

Owner: AleSmith Brewing Company

Location: California, United States

The Alesmith Horny Devil has an aroma of coriander and fruit. The bitterness of the hop balances the fruitiness of the flavor. The dry pale malts give slight spice taste to the beer as well. It has a Belgian Strong Pale Ale style with 10% ABV.

AleSmith Speedway Stout

Owner: AleSmith Brewing Company

Location: California, United States

The vanilla, chocolate and licorice flavor beats the high alcohol content of the beer. The roasted malt and vanilla ones enhance the exceptional taste of the beer. The rich caramel taste gives the satisfaction of the best dessert. It has an American Imperial Stout style with 12% ABV.

Allagash White

Owner: Allagash Brewing Company

Location: Maine, United States

The light malt and fresh citrus hop add deliciousness to this beer. This traditional Belgian-style beer has an aroma of banana and cloves. It has a traditional Belgian-style with 5% ABV.

Alpine Duet IPA

Owner: Alpine Beer Company

Location: California, United States

The Alpine Duet beer has a delicious taste with a tinge of orange zest, tropical fruit, and grapefruit. The malt backbone enhances the flavour of the beer. It has an American IPA style with 7% ABV.

Anchor Brewing Company Anchor Steam

Owner: Anchor Brewing Company

Location: San Francisco, California

The Anchor Steam beer has Californian common or Steam beer as style and 4.9% ABV. This beer made from historic brewing process has a taste that is second to none other. The natural process called Krausening ferments the alcohol, adding deliciousness to this beer.

Anchorage Brewing A Deal With the Devil

Owner: Anchorage Brewing Company

Location: Alaska, United States

This American Barleywine styled beer has 17.3% ABV. Brewed with Galaxy hops, the beer has massive vanilla and caramel flavors.

Angry Chair German Chocolate Cupcake Stout

Owner: Angry Chair Brewing

Location: Florida, United States

This beer has chocolate, dark roasted malts, caramel, toasted coffee and little coconut flavors. It has a 7% ABV and English Sweet style.

Arizona Wilderness Superstition Coffee Stout

Owner: Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Location: Arizona, United States

With a good blend of vanilla and chocolate, the beer also exhibits caramel and some bitterness. A 6.6% ABV beer has a American Stout style.

Avery Brewing Co. The Maharaja

Owner: Avery Brewing Company

Location: Colorado, United States

As the name suggests, this beer is the ‘king’ of all the other beers in taste and flavors. A large amount of malt along with tangy, vibrant and pungent hops gives the deliciousness of the beer.

Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout

Owner: Avery Brewing Company

Location: Colorado, United States

A 14.9% ABV beer has an American Imperial Stout style. The aroma of vanilla and dark roasted malt enhances the features of this beer.

Ballast Point Sculpin

Owner: Ballast Point Brewing Company

Location: California, United States

The citrus and grapefruit hop braces the bitterness of the alcohol. This deep-orange colored booze has 7% ABV and American IPA style.

Bell’s Two Hearted

Owner: Bell’s Brewery – Eccentric Café & General Store

Location: Michigan, United States

This 7% of alcohol has a perfect balance between bitterness and maltiness. The smooth bitterness and light caramel flavor enhance the features of the beer.

Boise Brewing Jagged Shard

Owner: Boise Brewing Company

Location: Idaho, United States

The Jagged Shard beer has 8.5% ABV and American Amber or Red Ale style. The red dark copper colored beer has an aroma of citrus fruit.

Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Owner: Breckenridge Brewery Company

Location: Colorado, United States

The Breckenridge Vanilla Porter beer has chocolate and a bit of vanilla flavor. This beer has 5.4% and the American Porter style.

Brooklyn Brewery Lager

Owner: Brooklyn Brewery Company

Location: New York, United States

The Brooklyn Brewery Lager has 5.2% ABV and Red Lager Style. The ‘dry-hopping’ creates refreshing bitterness to the alcohol. Caramel malts and floral hops enhance the deliciousness of the beer.

Capital Autumnal Fire Doppelbock

Owner: Capital Brewery

Location: Wisconsin, United States

A German Dopplebock styled beer has 7.8% ABV and deep copper color. It has an aroma of fruit, coffee, and caramel.

Casey Brewing & Blending Saison

Owner: Casey Brewing & Blending

Location: Colorado, United States

Brewed with Colorado malt, ingredients and crystal hops, this beer has a 5.5% ABV and Belgian Saison style. The rustic fermentation adds bitterness to the alcohol.

Connecticut: Ol’ Factory Pils

Owner: Two Roads Brewing Company

Location: Connecticut, United States

A German Pilsner style beer with 5% ABV has a traditional twist in its brewing process. The aroma of this beer consists of yeast and caramel.

Craftsman Cabernale

Owner: Craftsman Brewing Co.

Location: California, United States

A fruit and field beer, with 7.5% ABV has a unique color and flavor. The appearance of the juice is so admirable, along with a tasty grape taste.

Dale’s Pale Ale 

Owner: Oskar Blues Grill & Brew

Location: Colorado, United States

This beer is one of the exquisite beers that you must try. Dale’s Pale Ale started to introduce beers in can. It has an American Pale Ale Style and 6.5% ABV.

DC Brau On the Wings Of Armageddon

Owner: DC Brau Brewing Co.

Location: District of Columbia, United States

An American Imperial style beer with 9.2% ABV, owned by DC Brau Brewing Company, is a single hop beer. It is so refreshing and has an addictive taste.

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Owner: Deschutes Brewery

Location: Oregon, United States

An American Porter style beer has a dark brown texture with amazing contours. The roasted malts and dark chocolate contributes to the 5.2% ABV of this beer.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA 

Owner: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Location: Delaware, United States

The American Imperial style beer with 9% ABV gives a blend of malt and hops experiences. This beer is sweet and viscous.

Firestone Walker Parabola

Owner: Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Location: California, United States

This beer with 13% ABV has a Russian Imperial Stout style. This beer ages for a full year in the bourbon barrels.

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA 

Owner: Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Location: California, United States

You will have to try this beer for its stunning flavor of pineapple, citrus and piney blended aromas. This beer has 7% ABV and American IPA style.

Foothills Brewing Sexual Chocolate

Owner: Foothills Brewing Company – Downtown Brewpub

Location: North Carolina, United States

You wouldn’t want to miss the amazing flavor of this beer – with just the right mix of dark chocolate, dry fruits, coffee, and citrus. It has the Russian Imperial Stout style with 9.75% ABV.

Fullsteam Carver

Owner: Fullsteam Brewery

Location: North Carolina, United States

The orange-amber colored beer has a touch of sweet potato flavor and herbal aroma. It has German Marzen style with 5.5% ABV.

Funky Buddha Morning Wood

Owner: Funky Buddha Brewery

Location: Florida, United States

An American Imperial Porter styled beer with 12% ABV has a rich combo of maple syrup, fresh roasted coffee, and bacon. If you can try beer for breakfast, why should you miss the fun?

Gigantic IPA

Owner: Gigantic Brewing Company

Location: Oregon, United States

The name says it all. This beer has truly an amazing blend of Continental, Crystal, and Cascade elements that make it unique. It has an American IPA style with 7.3% ABV.

Good People Brewing Co. Snake Handler

Owner: Good People Brewing Company

Location: Alabama, United States

If your beer could give you the mood of happiness and lift your spirits, then this beer is a perfect choice. It has aromas of refreshing flavors of pine, citrus, flowers, and spices. It has 10% ABV and American Imperial style.

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout

Owner: Goose Island Beer Co.

Location: Illinois, United States

An American Imperial Stout styled beer with 15.2% ABV is one of the darkest beverages available for you to try. The roasted malt, oak hints, and raisins are the notable flavors in the beer.

Green Flash Hop Head Red

Owner: Green Flash Brewing Co.

Location: California, United States

A luscious beer, Hop Head Red has American Imperial Red Ale style with 8.1% ABV. The taste is malty and little sweet, making it the best dessert beer.

Green Flash Palate Wrecker

Owner: Green Flash Brewing Co.

Location: California, United States

An American Imperial APA styled beer with 9.5% ABV is originally brewed to celebrate Hamilton’s second anniversary. You might smell a strong flavor of grapefruit in this delicious beer.

Hair of the Dog Adam

Owner: Hair of the Dog Brewing Company / Brewery and Tasting Room

Location: Oregon, United States

An English Old Ale style beer with 10% ABV is a re-creation of a historic beer. This delicious dark-brown craft beer has a dark bittersweet chocolate taste.

Half Acre Daisy Cutter

Owner: Half Acre Beer Company

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

The American Pale Ale style beer with 5.2% ABV has blended flavors of pine, citrus, papaya, and mango. This beer is unique because of its raw flavour.

Haymarket Angry Birds Rye IPA 



This Belgian IPA style beer has 7.5% ABV. It has an amazing taste of tropical fruits. You will not want to miss this luscious hazy yellow beer.

Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale

Owner: Highland Brewing

Location: North Carolina, United States

The full-flavored, syrupy and dark chocolate beer has winter warmer style and 5.8% ABV. You will have to try this craft beer once to see how refreshingly light it is.

Hill Farmstead Abner

Owner: Hill Farmstead Brewery

Location: Vermont, United States

The double dry-hopped beer has mixes of citrus and pine taste. It has a New England IPA style and 8.2% ABV.

Idaho: Double Vision

Owner: Grand Teton Brewing Co.

Location: Idaho, United States

The dark-leather colored beer has a German Dopple bock style and 8% ABV. It has a sophisticated blend of American and German malts.

Iowa: Saftig

Owner: Pulpit Rock Brewing Company

Location: Iowa, United States

This hazy-pale orange beer has a unique blend of grapefruit and orange flavors. Saftig beer has New England IPA style with 6.1% ABV.

J. Wakefield Brewing DFPF

Owner: J. Wakefield Brewing

Location: Florida, United States

This beer flavour is blended from passion fruit and dragon fruit has a Berliner Weisse style and 3.5% ABV. The low alcohol content makes it a lighter beverage to drink.

Kansas: Old Backus

Owner: Free State Brewing Co.

Location: Kansas, United States

The Bronze Medal winner of 1997 Beer World Championships, Kansas beer has an American Barleywine style with 10.5% ABV. You will have to savor the beer slowly, to realize the complexity.

Kentucky: Pay It Forward

The chocolate malts and cascade hops with house ale yeast of this beer gives you a tremendous drinking experience. It has an American Porter style with 6% ABV.

Louisiana: Turbodog Brown Ale

Owner: Abita Brewing Co.

Location: Louisiana, United States

The amazing combination of chocolate, pale and crystal malts gives the luscious characteristics to this craft beer. This beer has an English Brown Ale style with 5.6% ABV.

Maryland: On Fleek

A stout Imperial style beer with 13.0% ABV is brewed with dark sugar and molasses. The aroma is dark sugar, roasted malt, and chocolate.

Massachusetts: Julius

Owner: Tree House Brewing Company

Location: Massachusetts, United States

This beer has a large amount of hops, that is, 1.6oz per gallon of American Hops. It has a rich taste of passion fruit, mango, and citrus. It has a New England IPA style with 6.8% ABV.

Rhode Island: Captain’s Daughter

Owner: Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island

Location: Rhode Island, United States

This Indian-pale ale beer brewed with pilsner malt and flaked oats, is one of the refreshing beverages, which you must not miss to try. It has an American Imperial IPA style with 8.5% ABV.

These are the list of our favorite craft beer names that one must not miss trying in their life.

Let us know in the comments about the flavors and aromas that you experienced after trying these beers out for yourself.