Hilariously Funny Beer Names That Will Leave You Chuckling :)

Citra Ass Down – A double IPA from Against the Grain Brewery that’s as bold and unapologetic as its name suggests.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin – BrewDog’s high ABV stout with a name that’s as explosive as its flavor.

Barbarian Streisand – A unique brew from Cellarmaker Brewing Co., as memorable as the iconic singer herself.

The Great, Big Kentucky Sausage Fest – A collaboration between Amager Bryghus and Against the Grain Brewery, this beer’s name is as grand as its taste.

Audrey Hopburn – A Belgian IPA from Great Lakes Brewery that pays a punny tribute to the legendary actress.

Hoppy Ending Pale Ale – A beer from Palo Alto Brewing Co. that promises a satisfying finish.

Tart Side of the Moon – A sour offering from Brewery Vivant that’s out of this world.

Trump Hands – A beer from Cannonball Creek Brewing Co. that’s as controversial as the former president.

Geriatric Hipster Club – A brew from The Bruery that’s perfect for the old soul in you.

Smooth Hoperator – A cleverly named beer from Stoudts Brewing Company that’s as smooth as its pun.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher – An intriguingly named beer from Evil Genius that’s as fun to drink as it is to say.

Hoptimus Prime – A beer from Ruckus Brewing Company that’s a tribute to the Transformers franchise.

Even More Jesus – A stout from Evil Twin that’s as divine as its name suggests.

Ceaux Kane – A beer from Ceaux that’s as mysterious as its name.

Amber’s Hot Friend – A beer from Skookum Brewery that’s as intriguing as its name.

Yeasuts Christus – A beer from To Øl that’s a punny take on the biblical figure.

Robohop – A beer from Great Lakes Brewing that’s a tribute to the RoboCop franchise.

Bitter Woman – A beer from Tyranena Brewing Company that’s as bitter as its name suggests.

Baby Got Bock – A beer from Horny Goat Brewery that’s a tribute to the famous Sir Mix-a-Lot song.

Dead Pony Club – A beer from Brewdog that’s as intriguing as its name.

Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout – A beer from Flying Dog that’s as luxurious as its name suggests.

Sheep Shagger – A beer from Tyranena Brewery that’s as cheeky as its name.

Hoppy Dragon – A beer from MiniBrew that’s as fiery as its name.

MILF – A beer from Mother’s Brewing Company that’s as bold as its name.

Space Nation Middle Finger – A beer from 3 Floyds Brewing Company that’s as rebellious as its name.

Pigs Ass Porter – A beer from Harvest Moon Brewery that’s as bold as its name.

Dead Guy Ale – A beer from Rogue Ales that’s as intriguing as its name.

Ill Tempered Gnome – A beer from Oakshire thatcombines malts and resinous hops for a complex flavor profile.

Arrogant Bastard Ale – A strong ale from Arrogant Consortia known for its unprecedented and uncompromising intensity.

Parking Violation – A memorable beer from Russian River Brewing Company that’s as interesting as its name, with a malty and crisp smell.

Panty Peeler – A Tripel-style beer from Midnight Sun Brewing Company, infused with Curacao, coriander, and orange peel.

Polygamy Porter – A naughty English-style brown porter from Wasatch Brewery that’s smooth and chocolatey.

Apocalypse Cow – An imperial-style beer from 3 Floyds Brewing Company known for its assertive citrus notes.

Skull Splitter – A strong beer from Orkney Brewery named after a Viking Earl, with a rich, fruity wine taste.

Ryan and the Gosling – A pale ale from Evil Twin Brewing named after the actor Ryan Gosling, brewed with citrus juice, peel, and Citra hops.

Ride It Like You Stole It – A juicy double IPA from Fixed Wheel Company with a peachy gold color and tropical fruit sweetness.

Old Leg Humper – A robust porter from Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, known for its deep roasted, silky smooth, malty-sweet taste.

Bishop’s Finger – A classic Kentish strong ale from Shepherd Neame Ltd, rich, fruity, and bitter with a roast, toffee, and berries aroma.

Buttface Amber – An amber-colored ale from Ram Restaurant and Brewing Company, complex with five different malts and four hop varieties.

Santa’s Butt – A humorous seasonal beer that’s sure to bring holiday cheer.

Blithering Idiot – A rich, malty, and fruity barleywine that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Vampire Blood – A beer that’s as dark and mysterious as its name suggests.

Pour Timing – A beer that’s perfect for those days when nothing seems to go right.

Fermentation Without Representation – A revolutionary beer for those who believe in freedom of flavor.

Brew Free or Die IPA – A patriotic beer for lovers of liberty and hops.

Why Can’t IBU – A clever play on words, this beer is for those who love hoppy bitterness.

Hoppyright Infringement – A beer that takes a jab at legal jargon while delivering a hoppy punch.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Cucumber – A quirky beer that’s as refreshing as a cool cucumber.

Moose Drool – A beer that’s as wild and untamed as the great outdoors.

Nipple Mountain – A beer that reaches the peaks of flavor and humor.

These beers not only offer unique flavors but also bring a smile to your face with their witty names. Enjoy responsibly! 🍺

This is in addition to these beer names that I had too much fun curating:

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