Unique and Weirdly Named Beers That Will Tickle Your Curiosity

There’s a lot to be said for a well-named beer. Craft brewers, in particular, love coming up with imaginative and sometimes weird names for their creations.

After analyzing information from several beer-related sources, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most intriguingly named brews that beer enthusiasts might come across.

So, ready your senses for a wild ride into the world of uniquely named beers!

“Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale” – Brewed by Tree Brewing, this beer not only grabs attention with its cheeky name but also promises a taste that is as unique as its moniker.

“The Physicist” – A brew from Yeastie Boys, named with a nod towards the scientific process behind brewing and perhaps the intellectual stimulation it aims to provide.

“Polygamy Porter” – Wasatch Brewery showcases its humorous side with this brew, hinting at the possibility of having more than just one of this rich, dark beer.

“Arrogant Bastard Ale” – Stone Brewing crafted this beer, and the name itself is a bold statement of its robust flavor profile and strong character.

“Hoptimus Prime” – Ruckus Brewing created this Transformer-inspired beer for the hop lovers out there with a cheeky play on words.

“Moose Drool Brown Ale” – Big Sky Brewing Company went the rustic route with this oddly named beer, playing on the woodland creature’s slobber for its unconventional name.

“Panty Peeler” – Midnight Sun Brewing took a daring approach with this beer’s name, promising a titillating experience with each sip.

“Sofa King Good IPA” – Created by Kern River Brewing, this beer confidently claims a royal spot on your couch and in your beer glass with its playful name.

“Golden Shower” – Dogfish Head Brewery is known for its adventurous brews, and this one’s name could either evoke thoughts of a golden rainfall or something more risqué.

“Old Leghumper” – A product of Thirsty Dog Brewing, this beer’s name brings a canine’s naughty behavior to mind, reminding drinkers to enjoy their beer responsibly.

“Raging Bitch” – Flying Dog Brewery offers this intriguingly named brew, a testament to its bold flavor and assertive character.

“Smooth Hoperator” – Stoudt’s Brewing delivers this cleverly named beer, promising a smooth hop flavor with a twist of wit.

“Dead Guy Ale” – A creation of Rogue Ales, the morbid name belies a beer that is lively in flavor and character.

“Hobgoblin” – Wychwood Brewery’s beer offers a name straight out of a fantasy novel, perfect for fans of mythical creatures and unique brews.

“Yellow Snow IPA” – Rogue Ales is at it again, this time with a name that humorously plays on a wintry hazard.

“Modus Hoperandi” – Ska Brewing serves this beer with a pun-filled name that also hints at its hop-forward approach.

“Seriously Bad Elf” – Ridgeway Brewing’s festive brew warns of a naughty elf, perhaps as a playful caution against over-indulgence.

“Space Cake Double IPA” – Clown Shoes Brewery has taken a playful route with this celestial-themed beer, guaranteed to provide an out-of-this-world experience.

“Pig’s Ear Brown Ale” – Woodstock Inn Brewery offers this beer with a name that’ll have you doing a double-take, and a flavor that’ll have you asking for seconds.

“Dirty Bastard” – Founders Brewing Co. isn’t shy about the cheeky name for this beer, which packs a rich and malty punch.

“Gandhi-Bot Double IPA” – New England Brewing Co. offers this beer with a name that creatively merges history and technology, and the beer promises a fusion of tastes as well.

“Hoppy Ending Pale Ale” – An offering from Palo Alto Brewing Company, this beer suggests a pleasurable finish, both in name and in taste.

“Trooper” – Iron Maiden fans will immediately recognize Robinsons Brewery’s nod to the classic song, a beer worthy of rock legends.

“Delerium Tremens” – Huyghe Brewery takes a medical term for severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms and turns it into a name for this strong Belgian Ale.

“Two Hearted Ale” – Bell’s Brewery’s brew gets its name from the Two Hearted River in Michigan and delivers a flavor as robust as the river itself.

“La Fin du Monde” – Unibroue’s beer, whose name translates to “The End of the World,” promises a flavor that’s out of this world.

“Zombie Dust” – Three Floyds Brewing offers this post-apocalyptic named brew that brings a burst of life with every sip.

“AleSmith Speedway Stout” – AleSmith Brewing combines speed and beer in a way that will certainly get your adrenaline rushing.

“Breakfast Stout” – Founders Brewing Co. took inspiration from the most important meal of the day for this brew, ideal for those who enjoy the taste of coffee and beer.

“Lunch” – Maine Beer Company’s creatively named beer suggests a perfect midday refresher, although its full-bodied taste makes it enjoyable any time of day.

Absolutely! Here are thirty more intriguingly named beers:

“Punkin Ale” – Dogfish Head Brewery offers a pumpkin-themed brew that’s not just for Halloween but boasts a flavor to be enjoyed all year round.

“Black Sheep Ale” – Black Sheep Brewery embraces being the outlier with a unique ale that stands out from the crowd.

“Fat Squirrel” – New Glarus Brewing Company uses this catchy and humorous name for its hearty brown ale.

“Detour Double IPA” – Uinta Brewing suggests an enjoyable diversion from the norm with this distinctively named brew.

“Dogfight Pale Ale” – Flying Dog Brewery offers a combative twist with this name, promising a flavor that packs a punch.

“Bitter American” – 21st Amendment Brewery provides a humorously patriotic twist with this beer, balancing bitterness and robust flavors.

“Snake Dog IPA” – Flying Dog Brewery takes a walk on the wild side with this imaginatively named beer.

“Chocolate Manifesto” – Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery presents a sweet declaration with this rich, chocolaty brew.

“In Heat Wheat” – Flying Dog Brewery adds a bit of spice to their name lineup with this provocative brew, promising an equally enticing flavor.

“Great Big Kentucky Sausage Fest” – Against the Grain Brewery leaves subtlety at the door with this audacious name, daring beer enthusiasts to give it a try.

“Circus Boy” – Magic Hat Brewing provides a playful touch with this whimsically named beer, perfect for those with a youthful spirit.

“Dragon’s Milk” – New Holland Brewing goes mythical with this beer, promising a legendary drinking experience.

“Back Hand of God Stout” – Crannóg Ales offers a divine intervention with this stout, suggesting a flavor of heavenly proportions.

“Rye’d Said Fred” – Big Spruce Brewing’s pun-tastic beer name is a nod to the 90s hit by Right Said Fred, sure to make you smile as you sip.

“Apocalypse Cow” – Three Floyds Brewing offers an end-of-days bovine brew, guaranteed to make an impact.

“Gunslinger Double IPA” – Payette Brewing Company puts a Wild West spin on its beer name, aiming for a brew that hits the target.

“Dunkin Punkin” – Catawba Brewing is playing on the beloved coffee chain and Halloween staple with this creatively named autumnal brew.

“Toasted Lager” – Blue Point Brewing Company offers a simple but intriguing name that promises a brew with a rich, toasty flavor.

“Elevator Wheat” – Hellbender Brewing Company takes you to the top floor with this refreshing wheat beer.

“Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA” – New England Brewing Co.’s name might be cute, but this IPA brings serious hop flavor.

“Muffin Top” – Clown Shoes Brewery has baked up this Belgian-style Tripel IPA with a whimsical name and serious flavor.

“Santa’s Butt Winter Porter” – Ridgeway Brewery’s festive porter, with a name that’s bound to raise eyebrows and holiday spirits alike.

“Eye of the Hawk” – Mendocino Brewing Company brings the keen eyesight of the hawk to its strong ale, suggesting a beer that’s not to be underestimated.

“Razz Against the Machine” – Little Machine Beer brings a rock-n-roll edge to a fruity beer with this punny title.

“Grapefruit Sculpin” – Ballast Point Brewing Company adds a tangy twist to its classic Sculpin IPA with this uniquely named brew.

“Sip of Sunshine” – Lawson’s Finest Liquids delivers a ray of liquid sunshine with this cheery brew, promising a sip of happiness in each glass.

“Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier” – Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan offers this beer with a mouthful of a name that packs in traditional German brewing history.

“Stone Cold Fox” – Anchorage Brewing Company’s brew brings a sexy, cheeky twist to its name, sure to draw curious drinkers.

“Yellow Belly” – Omnipollo and Buxton Brewery collaborated on this stout, whose name brings to mind tales of pirates and courage, or perhaps the lack thereof.

“Fade to Black” – Left Hand Brewing Company offers this dark brew with a name inspired by a famous hard rock anthem, perfect for those who love music as much as they love beer.

Craft beer names are often as unique and distinctive as the beers themselves, creating an extra layer of fun and intrigue to the beer-drinking experience. Each name has a story behind it, just like the brew within the bottle, can, or keg.

So the next time you pick up a craft beer, don’t just sip it – savor its name, its history, and its flavor in equal measures. These beers with their peculiar names not only showcase the creativity in the craft beer industry but also add a unique and fun experience to your beer-drinking journey.

Remember, these brews are more than just their catchy titles – they also pack in their unique flavor profiles, so don’t miss out on trying these out. Happy drinking!

This is in addition to these beer names that I had too much fun curating:

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