Brews of the Galaxy: Star Wars Themed Beers Names Tour

by Karl S | Updated: July 6, 2023

In a galaxy far, far away, the universe of Star Wars has found a unique place in our universe – the beer industry.

The magic of Star Wars and the art of brewing come together in this list of iconic Star Wars themed beers, perfect for every Jedi, Sith, or intergalactic traveller out there.

May the Force Carbonation be with You. 😉

Imperial Stout Trooper by New England Brewing Co. – An Imperial Stout with a robust character and a touch of ‘the dark side’ in every sip.

Chewbocka The Masticator by Cigar City Brewing – A rich, doppelbock-style beer, this brew truly captures the essence of the Wookiee warrior.

Hop Solo Crystal IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – A tribute to the rogue smuggler, this IPA resonates with crisp hop flavor and a hint of galactic adventure.

Darth Malt by Beavertown – A beer as dark as the Sith Lord himself, offering a deep, malty flavor profile.

Death Star by Revolution Brewing – A powerhouse of a brew, this Imperial Stout offers potent, dark flavors that live up to its destructive namesake.

Yoda’s Green Tea Golden Ale by New England Brewing Co. – A light, refreshing ale brewed with green tea, evoking the wisdom of Jedi Master Yoda.

Skywalker by Fall Brewing – A tribute to the iconic Star Wars family, this beer delivers a balanced, easy-drinking experience.

Vaderade by Quaff ON! Brewing Company – A beer as compelling as Darth Vader, this brew is packed with dark, complex flavors.

Alderaan Ale by MashCraft Brewing – Named after Princess Leia’s home planet, this ale offers a smooth, subtle taste.

Rye Fighter by Scarlet Lane Brewing Company – A rye IPA with a feisty kick, it captures the spirit of the Rebel Alliance in every sip.

Millennium Falconer by Black Acre Brewing Company – A tribute to Han Solo’s famous ship, this beer boasts an exhilarating taste.

Red Five by Sun King Brewery – Named after Luke Skywalker’s call sign, this beer offers a vibrant, refreshing taste.

Lando’s Lager by Noble Rey Brewing Company – A beer as smooth and charming as Lando Calrissian, offering a clean, crisp finish.

Certainly, here’s an extended list of Star Wars-themed beers, taking our total to 33:

Trooper’s Tipple IPA by Listermann Brewing Company – A brew made for the fearless Stormtrooper, this IPA packs a powerful hop punch.

Jedi Mind Trick by Flix Brewhouse – A Belgian-style beer that’s as complex and intriguing as the Jedi’s mind tricks.

Wookiee Down by Against the Grain Brewery – An American-style brown ale, this brew has a robust flavor profile worthy of any Wookiee.

Hans Shot First by Empire Brewing Company – A double IPA for those who know the truth about who shot first in that Mos Eisley cantina.

Boba Brett by Yazoo Brewing Company – This funky, tart saison pays homage to the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Padawan Porter by Hopping Gnome Brewing Company – A dark, smooth porter that would train your taste buds, much like a Padawan’s journey.

C3P-Ale by Triton Brewing Company – A tribute to everyone’s favorite protocol droid, this beer is an English-style pale ale with a mechanical crispness.

Ewok Grog by Strangeways Brewing – A fruit-infused brew as lively and unique as the forest-dwelling Ewoks of Endor.

Bantha Milk Stout by Fall River Brewing Company – A rich, creamy stout inspired by the famous Blue Milk of Tatooine.

Dagobah Swamp Juice by Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company – A hazy IPA that’s as intriguing and complex as Yoda’s swampy home.

Gungan Style by Broad Ripple Brewpub – A delightful brew inspired by the aquatic inhabitants of planet Naboo.

Cantina Band IPA by Badger Hill Brewing Company – A beer as catchy and refreshing as the iconic tunes played by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes.

Starkiller Base by Drekker Brewing Company – A bold, powerful brew as intense as the First Order’s superweapon.

Princess Leia Belgian Dubbel by Sainte Adairius Rustic Ales – A royal brew that’s as strong and elegant as Princess Leia herself.

Imperial Walker by Iron Fist Brewing Company – A tribute to the Empire’s towering walkers, this imperial stout boasts a formidable, robust flavor.

ChewHoppa by Lenny Boy Brewing Co. – A brew that combines the robustness of a Wookiee with the zing of hops.

Thermal Detonator by Defiance Brewing Co. – This beer, like its namesake, packs a flavorful explosion in each sip.

Force Ghost by Bier Brewery – A beer inspired by the ethereal form of Jedi, it delivers a surprisingly refreshing taste.

Sandcrawler by Flat12 Bierwerks – A tribute to the hard-working Jawas of Tatooine, this beer offers a grounded, robust flavor.

Tusken Raider by Taxman Brewing Company – Named after the fierce natives of Tatooine, this beer boasts a bold flavor profile.

No matter the side of the Force you’re on, there’s a Star Wars-themed beer for everyone.

Whether you’re an ardent Star Wars fan, a beer enthusiast, or both, these themed beers are sure to bring a unique twist to your interstellar journey. Cheers, and may the froth be with you!

This is in addition to these beer names that I had too much fun curating: