How to Convert a Sanke Keg to Ball Lock

Want to convert sanke keg to ball lock? Doing so allows you to use your ball lock quick disconnects with both commercial sanke kegs and homebrew cornelius kegs.

Being able to easily switch between corny and sanke kegs is a great convenience. Believe it or not I don’t always have homebrew on tap or sometimes I’m throwing a party and I want to serve a specific commercial beer. Sure, I could use one of the ole’ liquor store party pumps, but I’ve got this pimpin’ keezer kegerator so why not use it for commercial kegs too?

Sanke to Ball Lock Conversion Kit

Here is the kit I used. It was super easy to install – much better than buying all the little pieces individually. I haven’t experienced any problems at all with leaking. Pick one up if you want to easily switch between corny and sanke kegs.

If you haven’t noticed I’m pretty obsessed with kegerators. Draft beer is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s at your own house. Here are a couple of my other posts on the topic that you may enjoy:

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