David Heath, Master Brewer and Knowledge Sharer

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Brewing, Recipe Design, Brewing Techniques, Industry Consulting


  • Master Brewer with 35+ years of brewing experience.
  • Consultancy role in both retail and wholesale within the homebrew industry.
  • Engaged in product testing due to his extensive experience.
  • Educational YouTube channel aimed at sharing knowledge on recipe design and brewing techniques.

David Heath, a master brewer with over 35 years of brewing experience, extends his rich knowledge through his YouTube channel, focusing on educational content. His journey traverses from commercial brewing to consulting, now serving a large homebrew group in Norway, yet his channel remains a personal endeavor to share brewing wisdom.

Community Engagement:
David’s YouTube channel is a platform for educating aspiring brewers, offering a wealth of knowledge aimed at ensuring at least one new learning from each video.

Currently servicing homebrew stores and breweries in Norway, providing them with products from various manufacturers while also being involved in product testing for select companies.

“Brewing is not just a practice, but a journey of continuous learning. Through my channel, I aim to share the essence of brewing, ensuring every video imparts a fresh nugget of knowledge.”