Marty Nachel

Marty Nachel Homebrewing for Dummies


  • Author of “Beer for Dummies” and “Homebrewing for Dummies.”
  • Draught Master and Trainer for the Heineken Brand.
  • Professional International Beer Judge with over three decades of beer knowledge and industry experience.
  • Educator on the Business End of Craft Beer at a college level in Illinois.
  • Offers various courses on beer mastery, judging beer, beer and food pairing, and barrel-aged beer.
  • Aspires to judge beer on every continent with a commercial brewing industry.


Marty Nachel’s profound journey into the beer industry commenced after a brewery tour that profoundly impacted him, setting him on a lifelong path of beer appreciation and brewing. This experience ignited a passion in him that led to homebrewing and eventually having his beer participated in competitions.

Through these engagements, Marty became a recognized beer judge under the Beer Judge Certification Program, marking him as the first to achieve this in his home state. His fervor for beer extended into writing, where he freelanced on topics of beer and brewing.

This venture later blossomed into the publication of notable books like “Beer for Dummies” and “Homebrewing for Dummies,” which have since become essential reads for brewing enthusiasts​.

His professional endeavors saw him taking up the mantle of Draught Master and Trainer for the Heineken Brand, a position that leverages his extensive knowledge in the field. Besides, Marty Nachel is a professional international beer judge, a role he cherishes as it allows him to evaluate some of the world’s best beers and interact with a global community of beer aficionados. His involvement in the World Beer Cup as a judge exemplifies his dedication and esteemed position within the international beer judging community​.

Furthermore, Marty is deeply involved in educating others about beer, both at a casual and formal level. He teaches college courses on the Business End of Craft Beer in Illinois, imparting valuable industry knowledge to aspiring professionals. His educational efforts extend beyond the traditional classroom setting into online platforms where he offers courses like Beer Mastery, How to Judge Beer Like a Pro, Beer and Food Pairing Made Easy, and Barrel Aged Beer. These courses are part of his broader mission to promote a better understanding and appreciation of beer among various audiences​.

Through his platform, Nachel Beer Education, Marty renders his expertise to breweries, bars, distributors, homebrew clubs, and beer enthusiasts. His services range from formal beer evaluations, staff and customer training, to personalized beer classes and events. His extensive experience and passion for beer have not only benefitted the commercial stakeholders but also enriched the homebrewing community and beer enthusiasts at large​.

Marty Nachel’s career reflects a blend of passion, knowledge, and a commitment to fostering a better appreciation of beer across various facets of the industry, making him a distinguished figure in the world of beer and brewing.

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