Robert French (Avid Homebrewer)

I was born and I’m still living in Southern California. I did my first homebrew with a good friend back in 1995 and have been brewing off and on ever since.

I started homebrewing because I really like big beers, big hops and big robust flavors.

Back in 1995, it was not that easy to find those types of beers.

What I like most about homebrewing is learning and experimenting. I (for the most part) don’t brew clones. I try to make every brew my own. One of the perks of this activity is the sharing. It’s kinda funny, but most of the beer I make ends up being drunk by friends.

My favorite style of beer(s) is robust porters and Imperial stouts, both of which I find very challenging as homebrews, this may be due my love of the style and being a little over critical of own recipes.

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