Billy Broas: Pioneer Homebrewer and Original Founder of Homebrew Academy



Homebrewing, Beer Judging, Brewing Education, Community Building


  • Founding and evolving Homebrew Academy into a premier online resource for aspiring homebrewers since 2010.
  • Certified beer judge with a penchant for American ales and German lagers.
  • Published Change Maker on Teachable, sharing brewing knowledge and expertise.
  • Active collaborator and consultant, ensuring the continued success of Homebrew Academy.

Introduction: Billy Broas isn’t just a seasoned homebrewer; he’s a cornerstone of the online homebrewing community. His brainchild, the Homebrew Academy, has been a beacon for budding brewers since its inception in 2010.

Experience: Billy’s journey from a passionate homebrewer to a certified beer judge underscores his dedication to the craft. His enduring association with Homebrew Academy, even post its handover, reflects his unwavering commitment to brewing education and community growth. Billy is a certified beer judge and his favorite beers styles are American ales and German lagers.

Community Engagement: Billy’s legacy continues as he collaborates with the new custodians of Homebrew Academy, ensuring that the platform remains a vital hub for the homebrewing community. He no longer runs the site, but still consults and collaborates with the new owners.

Billy is also a published Change Maker on Teachable.

“Homebrewing is not merely a hobby; it’s a voyage into the rich tapestry of brewing heritage. Each brew we craft is a salute to the time-honored traditions and a toast to the camaraderie that binds the brewing community. Through the Homebrew Academy, I’ve endeavored to create a crucible where passion for brewing meets the thirst for knowledge, and every aspiring brewer finds a haven of inspiration and learning.”

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