Billy Ellison (Avid Homebrewer)


Homebrewing, Recipe Innovation, Brewing Systems


  • Diverse brewing style repertoire, constantly evolving with each brew.
  • Keen interest in Recirculating Infusion Mash Systems (RIMS).
  • Avid cyclist and travel enthusiast, bringing a worldly perspective to his brewing endeavors.

Billy (other Billy, Wd, etc.) is a transplanted Southern boy currently living in Southwest Missouri.

Since being exposed to the homebrewing community, he has been building his passion for the full variety of beer styles.

Not one to be tied down to one style, he continues to branch out in brewing styles, making each recipe his own, building a base of recipes for all to enjoy.

Look out for building projects too, as RIMS has become a fascination of this fledgling homebrewer. A part from homebrewing, I’m an avid bike rider, both mountain and road.

I love to travel and try to get away as much a possible, lots of 3-day getaways.

“Brewing is an adventure of the palate, a journey through flavors. It’s about honoring tradition while daring to rewrite the recipe. Every brew is a story, a concoction of history, creativity, and personal touch.”