Star Wars Beers: Hops from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Tatooine Sunset Amber Ale – An amber ale that captures the essence of Tatooine’s iconic twin sunsets, with a blend of sweet malt flavors and a hint of spice that echoes the planet’s warmth and mystery.

Bantha Blue Milk Stout – A rich, creamy stout with a striking blue hue reminiscent of the famous Bantha milk from the Star Wars galaxy. Perfect for those who want to experience a taste of Tatooine.

Wookiee Wheat Ale – A hearty and robust wheat beer with hints of chocolate and banana, strong enough to satisfy a Wookiee’s appetite.

Dagobah Swamp IPA – A murky, earthy IPA with herbal notes, as mysterious as the swamps where Yoda resides.

Twin Suns Lager – A crisp, golden lager that’s as refreshing as a cool drink on a hot Tatooine day.

Ewok Elderberry Ale – A fruit ale bursting with the flavor of elderberries, as playful and wild as the Ewoks themselves.

Carbonite Cold Brew Coffee Porter – A dark, rich porter infused with cold brew coffee, best enjoyed slowly—lest you freeze in time like Han Solo.

Sith Stout – An imperial stout as dark and complex as the Sith’s secrets, with a powerful punch.

Jedi Mind Trick Juicy IPA – A hazy IPA that’s so delightfully hoppy, it could convince you to see things its way.

Order 66 Red Ale – A brew with a malty backbone and a sudden, surprising finish.
Blue Harvest Pilsner A nod to the working title of “Return of the Jedi,” this is a straightforward, no-nonsense pilsner with a blue twist.

Imperial March Dark Lager – A dark lager with an imposing presence and a forceful flavor profile.

Hoth Ice Bock – A strong lager that’s been ice-distilled to be as potent and cold as the ice planet Hoth.

Alderaan Ale – A peaceful, tranquil pale ale with a subtle, doomed finish.

Galactic Empire IPA – A dominant, imperial IPA with an authoritative hop presence.

Rebel Alliance – Session IPA A light IPA with a rebellious amount of hops, designed to be enjoyed over extended strategy sessions.

Cantina Cerveza – A light, refreshing beer to cool down with after a tense encounter in Mos Eisley.

Hyperdrive Hefeweizen – A zesty, fast-moving wheat beer with hints of spice and citrus that travel at light speed.

Sarlacc Sour – A tart and tangy sour ale with a bite, as unforgettable as the pit beast’s grip.

Skywalker Saga Saison – A farmhouse ale with a balance between light and dark, much like the Skywalker family legacy.

Rogue Squadron Radler – A thirst-quenching blend of beer and citrus soda, perfect for pilots after a long mission.

Death Star Dark Ale – A complex ale with a profile that’s powerful enough to be a space station’s namesake.

Galactic Baby Yoda Gose – A delightfully tart and slightly salty gose, infused with a mystical blend of galaxy hops and a hint of green, capturing the essence of the beloved Star Wars character.

SNIPA – (Sith Lord New Imperial Pale Ale) – A powerfully hopped and darkly malty ale that embodies the intensity and depth of the Sith Lords, with a complex flavor profile as enigmatic as the dark side itself.

Also an IPA that misses the mark every time, just like the stormtroopers. Prepare to miss every shot.

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