Summer Beers: Quench Your Thirst with These 10 Refreshing Brews

There’s no better time for pool parties, beach parties, and beers than during the summer.

Summer is the only time when we all get to relax and wind down to a new level, and what better way to spend it if not with the best summer beers for an oh-so-hot day?

Here are our top picks for the best summer beers you should try!

The 10 Best Summer Beers

During a hot summer’s day, the heat can be UNBEARABLE. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cold one to go through the heat of the weather? These are some of the best summer beers to get!

1) Best Overall – Lagunitas Day Time IPA


We know that even when you’re drinking, you’d still want to do other stuff as the day goes on, and Lagunitas Day Time IPA is the perfect summer beer for that.

This is it. It’s adequately dosed with big and round hop flavors and a toasty malt foundation to give the right amount of pleasure.

Lagunitas Daytime IPA is a lower-carb and low-calorie craft beer. It’s made to give a new sensation of IPA at only 4% low ABV.

Lagunitas Daytime IPA is not like your typical light beers; it has reached huge popularity in the US for its:

  • Quite spicy flavor
  • Aroma that comes from the hops
  • Light color but bold in taste and bouquet
  • Strong passion fruit, citrus, and gooseberry scent
  • Fresh and hoppy flavor with the aftertaste of a soft tasting melted cream cheese
  • Crisp finish

You can get a taste of this summer bliss for only:

  • $10.99 for a pack of 6
  • $2.30 for 120z
  • $39.25 for a pack of 24

2) Best Value – Allagash White


This is the perfect beer for you if you’re looking for a game-changer this summer.

Allagash White is a traditional take on Belgian-style wheat beer. It’s made with oats and red and white wheat malt, then spiced with coriander.

This 5.2% low ABV beer has a secret undisclosed ingredient and is conditioned to have an additional house of yeast and sugar.

This summer beer has its shelf stability and an extra hit of carbonation.

Allagash White has a full-bodied mouthfeel and a low bitterness taste with crisp and refreshing flavors.

People seem to disagree with its $16.50 price point over the macro brews. People also seem to think that the herbaceous or spice notes are too intense for them.

But don’t worry. If this is not enough, Allagash brewing company brews 7 other year-round beers you might like.

3) Best Budget – Hamm’s Classic Premium Lager

This light-lager inexpensive beer is on top of many beer geeks’ lists! The magic from this beer goes way back to 1865 by the Theodore Hamm brewing company.

Hamm’s has an extraordinarily clear, pale straw body that allows consistent and gentle carbonation.

Its 3/8 inch thick, tightly beaded white head never fades and transforms it into an ocean surrounded by a 1/2 inch wide beer moat.

You can never miss out on Hamm’s grain aromas that are delicate and irresistible. The same description could be applied to its flavors:

  • Because of the corn syrup, the beer has a sweet mango kickstart and a silky mouthfeel
  • Has a light body with undertones of corn and grain flavor

The best part is its golden ale brew and iconic crisp finish! This light lager is an affordable, easy-drinking beer that retails for $3!

4) Best For Night Festivities – Firestone Mocha Merlin Stout


This mocha merlin by Firestone Walker is part of its easy-drinking sessions collection of 5.5% stout.

It’s not too heavy even for the hottest summer nights, but it is chocolate and coffee notes that make it an instant nighttime beer ready to be enjoyed under a starry night.

Imagine a coffee drink with a little beer; who wouldn’t enjoy that? This brew has amazing features that will curl your toes when you drink it, such as:

  • Very dark, almost black with adequate creamy milk chocolate head that subsides to just a persistent thin layer but with a hint of lacing.
  • A roasted malt coffee with a hint of cream aroma
  • Its toasted malt upfront taste of milk chocolate that is slightly mighty sweet with a finish of roasted grain and coffee

It’s an enjoyable brew that retails for $10.49 for a pack of 6!

5) Best For When Craving Ice Cream – Westbrook Orange Creamsicle Shake IPA


This ice-cold beer is the perfect substitute when summer calls for ice cream, but there aren’t any!

Summer back then meant ice cream trucks, this orange peel milkshake ipa would have you craving no more ice creams.

This New England IPA beer by Westbrook brewing company is specially crafted with milk sugar to create a creamy texture, with flavors of vanilla and orange peel to fulfill your sweet tooth during the summer.

Though, It’s not overly sweet or tangy and does not have a lot of carbonation to scrub all the flavors away. It had faint traces of dank hops in the aftertaste and barely any alcohol.

Get one for $20 before the weather cools off to have a fresh experience until the very last sip!

6) Best Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

The Sierra Nevada pale ale gives both a unique piney and grapefruit aroma from whole-cone American hops.

Consider this a cult favorite because this beer has wow-ed many drinkers for decades, making it a refreshing classic!

It’s a tremendous example of a classic pale ale style with a deeper amber color and an outstanding full-bodied complexed character.

The Sierra Nevada pale ale’s fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor come from the best Cascade hops!

Besides its clear golden pour, its resiny pine floral notes on a subtle malt base and flavors of citrus with a grapefruit/pine malt finish with subtle bitterness seem to win over the crowd.

Get yours now for only $14.99 for a variety pack of 12!

7) Best Beers For Refreshment – Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Blood Orange Imperial Ale


Are you ready to be reborn into a new life? That’s exactly what will happen when you crack open this beer for the summer!

These imperial ale beers have enticing aromas of caramelized fruit and vanilla beans.

Buffalo’s Bill Brewing company’s craft brewers made these beers with blood oranges and sweet orange peel.

Its aroma has a mustiness that detracts with light caramel and toasted notes beneath. All that for $15? Yes, please!

This summer beer makes drinking more flavorful because of the slightly sweet, rich, toasted and caramel notes from the base beer and plenty of body carrying the orange esters.

The finish is slightly numbing and sweet. Pithy from the rind of the blood oranges. If you want an interesting change of pace as you drink, this is it!

8) Best Mule Ale Beer – Great Lakes Buckin’ Mule Moscow


The Great Lakes Brewing company has been burning the midnight oil a lot this year. After releasing two new beers at the start of the year, they’re back at it again.

After releasing the Great Lakes IPA and Midnight Moses as a contribution to their Holy Moses variety pack, they are again with the Buckin’ Mule Moscow!

Try this refreshing alternative and its orange, yellow fluffy white head, scent of lime citrus and ginger!

It’s a light beer with good carbonation that starts with a malt that instantly changes into lime and finishes with ginger flavor.

Overall it’s a fine hoppy ale that looks and smells amazing and retails for $10.

9) Best Beers For Beach Day – Troegs Sunshine Pilsner


This sunshine Pilsner malt beer from the Troegs’ brewing company is the absolute medicine for a thirst-quenching beach day.

A finesse combination of a Bohemian-style Pilsner and a bright, noble hops character was crafted for this summer beer.

An aroma of strong cotton candy and bubblegum flavor with an oh-so-sweet strong floral soap-like note on the nose? Absolutely!

It’s a decent Pilsner offering with a sweet upfront taste that fades to bitter with a champagne-like finish.

Both the pilsner malts balance the spicy bitterness of the hops, and you can get it all for only $19 for a 12-pack!

10) Best Sour Beer – Dogfish Head SeaQuench Sour Ale Beer


This SeaQuench beer is a brewed mash-up of a crisp Kolsch, salty Gose, and a tart Berliner Weiss brewed sequentially of black lime, sour lime juice, and sea salt.

Perfect for this summer, the aroma of lime in the nose is softened by a hint of vanilla but not too complicated.

The beer precisely mirrors the ingredients, lime, and they aced it! Get loads of this for only $4.00!

What Are the Different Types Of Beers?

These are the different kinds of beers you’ll see in the market!

New England IPAs

Under this category, you’ll find beers referred to as hazy IPAs.

A hazy IPA drink features a cloudy appearance, fruity hop flavors, and little bitterness.

New England IPA vs. West Coast IPA

The difference between these two is that West Coast IPAs drinks are sharp and bright with stronger pine notes.

Session IPAs

This kind of beer combines fruity and hoppy Indian pale ale flavor with a low ABV.

A sessional beer strikes the equilibrium between low alcohol content and flavor.

Unlike light beers, session beers provide the same twists and aroma as their more alcoholic matches, with a lower ABV.

A good example would be Founders Brewing Company: All Day IPA (One of the Best Grand Rapids, MI Breweries) 4.7% ABV and Southern Tier 2 XIPA.

Non-Alcoholic Beers

The main difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers is the amount of alcohol it contains.

Alcoholic beers have some alcohol, while non-alcoholic beers have LITTLE alcohol.

Be sure to check out How To Brew Non-Alcoholic Beer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about summer beers, here are the most frequently asked questions!

What Is the Most Refreshing Beer?

There are many refreshing beers and flavors out there, depending on your tastebuds.

But for reference, you can check these choices out:

  • Great Lakes Grandes Lagos
  • Green Bench Postcard Pilsner
  • Funky Buddha Eternal Summer

What Is the Smoothest Beer to Drink?

For you to find out the smoothest beer for your liking, try them all out! Swipe light and smooth, and check these out:

  • Bud Light Lime
  • Abita Strawberry Lager
  • Landshark IPA

How Cold Should Beer Be?

All beers must be served between 38-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lagers are served colder than ales, stronger beers are served warmer than weaker beers, and darker beers are served warmer than lighter beers.

Summary of Top Picks

These are the top beers to pick from this list!

Best Budget: Hamm’s Classic Premium Lager

Even after 150 years, Hamm’s still has thousands of fans.

Fans that cherishes its well-balanced taste with a refreshing combination of sparkling hints of hops and a subtle blend of aromatics.

Best Value: Allagash White

If you’re seeking a different kind of mix, try this drink with spices incorporated but finishes off with sweet citrus and excellent crisp!

Best Overall: Lagunitas Day Time IPA

An exquisite session IPA beer with a twisted bright hop character glistens thanks to its contained alcohol and body.

A creamy body-wise beer with a balanced bitterness lingers until the last sip!


Now, I may not be a food and beverage “expert writer“, but we are sure that all of the choices above are some of the best beers in the world and can guarantee you some incredible summer fun!

Remember that whatever the plan or occasion, there is always the right kind of beer for that!

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