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Beer Ingredient Kits

If you are looking for your next enjoyable hobby, homebrewing can be the right one for you. If you are beer fanatic, there is nothing better than making your beer at home and enroll in a tradition that has been around for centuries all over the planet. 

One of the main things people worry about when it comes to making beer at home is the recipes and how much it cost to buy of each ingredient. Nowadays, it is not that hard to figure it all out with beer ingredient kits.

Now, you don’t have to feel stressed about using the right recipe online or buying all the different ingredients in different stores. You need one beer ingredient kit to make your favorite beer at home without issues. 

1. What are Beer Ingredient Kits?

If you want to try different recipes at home without having to buy all the different ingredients for each one, all you need to do is buy the beer ingredients kits. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to make your favorite beer at home. 

These brewing ingredient kits allow you to make all kinds of beer without complication, from your favorite IPA to a Porter, and the list goes on. Should this be your first time, you should consider a full homebrew kit with all the additional tools and things that you will need to get started.

2. Why do you need an Ingredient Kit?

If you want to get yourself into homebrewing without stress, your solution is a an ingredient kit. That way, you don’t go through all the shopping for the different ingredients and then realize you had picked the wrong recipe online. You can find them in a lot of different brands and a wide range of recipes. Making your favorite beer at home has never been easier. 

You only need to follow the instructions and use the whole kit to do your good batch. 

They are easy to find both on your local homebrewing store and online, and you can always pick your favorite beers and new ones to try at home. 

3. Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kits Characteristics

Beer ingredient kits are usually made from concentrated malt extract, and almost all single-pack beer kits contain around 1.5 and 1.8 kgs of malt extract. This kit needs to be diluted with water to make 5-gallon sugar-rich mixture and then ferment. 

If you are new to homebrewing, you need to follow the instructions on the package. The standard instructions will ask you to remove the label and place the unopened beer kit in hot water first to soften the malt extract. 


Using a beer ingredient kit saves you a lot of time that you will usually spend looking for the right ingredients. Some beer styles require many ingredients that are really hard to find unless bought online. With an ingredient kit, you can save all that time and buy one package and be ready to start your homebrewing journey. 

Even if you have years homebrewing, you must remember all the confusing moments while trying to figure out the recipes you wanted to make and where to buy all the ingredients. You don’t even need to use your oven with these ingredient kits. 

Just add water, mix in your yeast, and let your beer ferment; in two or three weeks, you will have your beer ready to drink. We have to remember that homebrewing is quite a science, and some of us are not that good at it; but with a homebrewing kit, everything is more comfortable, faster and cheaper. 

The whole homebrewing process is shorter but equally fun, even funnier. And you do get to experience part of this remarkable tradition. By buying a beer ingredient kit, you will experience an easier, faster and even cheaper process. You won’t have to go out there to buy all types of expensive ingredients on exclusive brewing stores. You will only need to buy one package that will give you everything you need to make the beer you want right at home. 

The majority of beer ingredients kits can be “cooked” in 90 minutes and then left to ferment for 2 or 4 weeks. Then you will have your beer ready to drink and share with your friends or your brewing club. 

Remember that using this kits doesn’t necessarily excludes you from an ancient tradition; it helps you to enjoy it at a more convenient time and budget. 

Factors to consider before buying a kit

Before purchasing a beer ingredient kit, you need to know that there are many options and brands out there; some are good, some great, and some bad. Make sure you read all the instructions and ingredients before buying a new beer ingredient kit. 

Some brewers think that this new brewing method is ruining the tradition because not that many modern brewers want to stick with grains and are now using only ingredients kits. 

Make sure the ingredients in your kit do not include sugar already. If it does and the instructions ask you to add more sugar, then you might end up with sparkling pong water after two weeks of anticipation. 

Brewing is not that hard, and you don’t need a kit to make your first batch successfully. Making it the old way can be more of an experience for learning and understanding the tradition. When using a beer ingredient kit, you are missing that part of history that you might want to experience when homebrewing. 

Make sure you research the brand that your buying from and all the ingredients before purchasing your kit. It is essential to follow the instructions in the best way possible to end up with a good result from these kits. Yes, they can save you a lot of work and time, but they can also make you end up with a bad batch that you will have to throw away to start all over again.

Best Homebrewing Beer Kits Avaiable

American Cream Ale Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kit by Brewer’s Best

Brewer's Best - Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit (5 Gallon), (American Cream Ale)
  • Brewer's Best American Cream Ale
  • IBUs: 16-18
  • Clean, light and simple to brew
Detail Page


This beer ingredient kit will help you make an ale version of the American lager style. It offers a clean, light and simple option when it comes to brewing. Once you start using it, you will note the faint malt notes with a hint of corn-like presence. It is a straightforward drink.

This package weighs 8.05 pounds, and it contains priming sugar, bottle caps, ingredients, grain bags and brewing instructions. 

The purpose behind this brewing kit is to help you make your favorite drink at home in the fastest and easiest way possible. Additionally, using this method and recipe is less messy. 

It also contains malt extract syrup, especially grains, hops, yeast, spices and flavorings, and grain bags. The package comes with all the elements necessary to make your beer and end up with a fresh drink in a couple of weeks without any type of issues. 


  • Easy to follow instructions

These packages make it very easy and fast to brew from home with easy to follow instructions that are easy to understand. 

  • Very tasty outcome

The final result is tasty, and it doesn’t have that fruity or sour taste that some recipes result in. This is an excellent option for people looking for a non-bitter opportunity when it comes to beer and homebrewing. 

  • Good looking finish

It ends up having a beautiful and tasty-looking gold color with a great flavor with hints of peach. Thanks to the great flavor, it is more of a pleasure to drink beer. 

  • You can share it with all your friends and family

With this package, you can also make beer for a whole party if you wish—it last 5 gallons. 


  • You might receive a bad batch. 

Some users tend to complain about receiving bad batches randomly and ending up with very sour and weird results. Sometimes, the mix can end up not being creamy at all and with low foam even after six weeks of carbonation. If your batch came old or wrong, you might have a cidery taste that you didn’t want there. That’s usually because the yeast is expired or not correctly stored. 

Imperial Blonde Ale Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kit by Brewer’s Best

Brewer's Best - Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit (5 Gallon), (Imperial Blonde Ale)
  • Imperial Blonde Ale Ingredient Kit
  • Malty, full-bodied, easy drinking
  • Golden in color, a great recipe if you like big blondes
  • Domestic and imported hops
  • Ingredient kit only does NOT contain alcohol
Detail Page

This beer ingredient kit is made by Brewer’s best, and it’s made to help you made your imperial blonde ale at home. This package contains malt extract syrup, hops, specialty grains, bottle caps, yeast, priming sugar, grain bag, spices and flavorings, and easy to follow instructions. The specialty grains, made in the U.S., refers to 16 oz of honey malt. 

The recipe produces a malty and full-bodied version of this easy-drinking, balanced beer. You end up with a very good-looking golden color. We love the fact that the recipe uses the lightest malt extract and a unique balance of imported and domestic hops. 


  • Good looking beer

It has a good and light taste with a beautiful golden color thanks to all the specialty grains it comes with, like honey malt. The package comes with the right amount of honey malt to give this kit the perfect light taste for which it is known. 

  • Easy to follow instruction with all the ingredients you need.

The instructions are easy to understand and follow without complications. The package comes with everything you need. With these packages, you can enjoy your homebrewing process in the easiest and fastest way possible; you don’t have to worry about buying all the different ingredients and not knowing where to start. 

  • Fast results without backbreaking work

This package makes it easy to have your favorite beer at home in just a couple of weeks and enough to share with all your friends. 


  • Expired packages and bad shipping.

Some packages might be already expired or with bad yeast; it means you end up with a nasty batch if you don’t read the expiration date or check the yeast before you use it. 

  • Weird tasting ingredients.

A few users recommend not using the yeast the package provides because it can make your drink taste very sour and weird. They recommend you use external ingredients with this package, which completely contradicts the whole purpose of buying this package in the first place. 

American Amber Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kit by Brewer’s Best


This package is made to help you create your favorite American amber beer at home without complications and lengthy processes. It comes with priming sugar, pure malt extract, dried malt, bottle caps and yeast. It’s based is a pale ale malt combined with medium caramel malt that creates a vibrant copper color. 

This package allows you to enjoy the process of making your American amber beer at home. And you can share with your friends or brewing club when it is done in just a couple of weeks without complications. 


  • Fast results 

It only takes about 90 minutes to do everything and leave it all to ferment for a couple of weeks. It’s much faster than brewing your beer from scratch, simpler for beginners, and it even beats many similar competing products.

  • Everything you need in one package

It is a complete package with the right ingredients to create a beautiful color and good taste. Everything you need will be inside this package ready to give you the beer you are expecting. You don’t need to buy anything outside of it.

  • Amazing and unique taste. 

The beer ends up with a moderate hops taste and decent mouth feel. The kit is an excellent base for making lager beer as well. To do it, you need to add more malt and hops. You will end up with a very drinkable beverage, delicious taste and fresh. 

  • It can get even better with time

It gets better with time, so you should leave it to ferment even more weeks. It can take up to 4 weeks if you like, and it will have a better taste. It has a delicious and good draft beer aftertaste.

  • Easy to follow instructions. 

It is an excellent kit for a first-time brewer. There is no way to mess it up since the instructions are written very well, and they are very easy to understand and follow. 


  • Different unexpected results with some packages

Some batches can end up looking more brownish than amber, and the taste can be bland if the package is old or was handled without the proper care.

  • Bland results.

The mix can feel bland at the end of the process and not as sweet and light as you might be expecting. 

North Mountain Supply 7 Hops IPA Recipe Ingredient Kit

North Mountain Supply 7 Hops IPA Recipe Ingredient Kit - With Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Easy to use 5 gallon recipe ingredient kit
  • Includes all the ingredients to make one 5 gallon batch...
  • Detail step-by-step instructions from North Mountain...
Detail Page

North Mountain Supply makes this kit, and it promises to give you a seven hop IPA ingredient kit. This recipe can be used to create a 5-gallon batch, and it includes all the ingredients you’ll need to make one 5-gallon batch of north mountain supply recipe. 

It also comes with a detailed step by step instructions. 

It sells itself as a 5-gallon recipe that’s really easy to use, and it provides a delicious IPA taste made with seven varieties of hops. It is a unique and refreshing recipe; the kit gives a very well balanced and hoppy IPA. 

The package comes with all the hops you need, malt extract, yeast and grains. 


  • Great IPA flavor and looks.

The IPA flavor has a unique and refreshing taste; it’s perfect for a hot day. It smells and tastes amazingly hoppy. The color is beautiful, and the aftertaste last for quite a while.

  • Easy and fast to make

It is effortless to make a hoppy IPA for beginners and new brewers. This recipe can be ready to ferment in only 90 minutes. 

  • Everything you need in one package with high results.

The package comes with everything you need. This package makes your homebrewing experience more comfortable and faster than you may expect using another method. The packaging has a lovely finish, and it looks perfect when it arrives. 

  • Fresh ingredients 

All the ingredients look and feel fresh and produce a good result when used in the mix, leaving a very good smell behind. 


  • Chance of bad packaging.

For some users, the package has arrived incomplete. Missing the yeast and the instructions as well without any answer from the company. 

  • Not so clear instructions

The instructions are not very easy to understand to a new brewer or beginner starting from point zero. 

Brewer’s Best Russian Imperial Stout Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kit

This kit made by Brewer’s Best gives you everything you need to make your favorite Imperial Stout at home. The packaging comes with priming sugar, bottle caps, malt extract syrup, specialty grains, hops, yeast, species and flavorings, grain bag; the instructions are so easy to follow that any new brewer can easily understand them. 

As specialty grains, it comes with caramel, roasted barley and black patent, 8 oz each. 

The package is meant to provide a full-bodied dark brew with an intense roast flavor and a significant malt influence. A touch of sweetness from the prominent malt character works great to offset the bitterness from the hops. The brand recommends giving the beer some time to mature and consider using an oak alternative for added complexity.


  • Everything you need and more inside one kit

The kit gives you all the elements necessary for making your favorite stout at home without issues. You can even add more specialty grains to your recipe and try different approaches at home. 

  • Easy to follow instructions 

The instructions are easy to follow even if this is your first batch ever as a brewer. They are very straightforward and guide you on the right road without being confusing. 

  • Amazing taste and colors. 

This beverage results in a delicious roast stout with a great smell. If you leave it to ferment a couple of weeks more, you will have an even better product. 

  • More options than you might think

Remember, the brand gives you the option to add your favorite specialty grains to your order, so you can play with new tastes at home.


  • Not enough alcohol 

For some users, this package doesn’t provide the amount of ABV that a stout should have, which should always be 9.5% or higher.

  • Bad shipping and packages.

The brand sometimes seems to have problems with its shipping process, and a lot of users end up with different packages.

Which One’s the Best?

We do like the Imperial Blonde Ale Homebrew Ingredient Kit a bit more. Its got all that you need, and helps you create a good looking and tasting beer.

Should you want to rather keep it light, we suggest going in for the Russian Imperial Stout Homebrew Kit. 

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