Custom Beer Glasses: 10 Picks for a Unique Drinking Experience

In the realm of beer aficionados, the drinking experience is elevated to an art form, and the vessel matters. We invite you to explore the world of custom beer glasses, each designed to transform your beer-drinking ritual into a memorable event.

These unique selections go beyond standard options, offering a range of styles, shapes, and personalization.

Join us as we unveil these handpicked choices, designed to cater to beer enthusiasts looking to infuse a touch of individuality and enhance their appreciation of the brew.

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Personalized Beer Glasses as Gifts

Some people also like drinking beer from their glasses since they transfer it into another drinking container after opening a can or bottle.

That’s why mugs’ personalized beer glasses are good as gifts. You can have them engraved, a printed logo, and have them displayed or used to drink beer.

So, let’s jump right into the 10 best-personalized beer glasses you can choose as a gift!

The 10 Best Custom Beer Glasses

These are the following top 10 personalized beer glasses we’ve selected so that you’ll have a wide range of options available when thinking of buying a present for someone.

1 – Juice Orb


The Juice Orb is perfect for fruited sours and the India Pale Ale (IPA), which are large, juicy and hazy.

This is a uniquely hand-blown masterpiece, created to be thicker and better than it was back then.

The Juice Orb was also made to be entertaining while enhancing the drinking experience.

Its broad, flared lip is perfectly situated right by the nose, giving you the best hop fragrance realness from the signature beer.

The Juice Orb also features transparent, medium-level glass walls up to high-quality standards, enhancing the beer’s vivid color.

It can even hold 16 ounces with enough room for a fluffy head, so you get the most of every chug.

So if you’re thinking of giving this as a gift, head out to the shop and buy this today!


  • Sturdy enough that it doesn’t tip-off
  • It can hold a lot of liquid


  • Slightly not symmetrical
  • Hard to finish since the drink in the glass has to be tilted extremely

2 – Big Sexy


The Big Sexy is a gift that isn’t fit for the weak. This huge snifter can only be matched with the Imperial and Dark Beers, only getting better within this beautiful body.

Its snifter shape leads you to the HIGHEST aromatic experience while still getting the best surface area where you can get your hands on.

When using this item, the brew should be taken out from the refrigerator for about 30-60 minutes to get the best taste of it.

The optimal temperature for serving these beers is around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The solid bottom of this glass gives off a wonderful depth, giving off an illusion of a spinning pattern or image.

You can give this perfect gift in any setting like company parties or resell this item for your business.

These are the some of the following beer types that the Big Sexy might be good for:

Before pouring the brew into this glass, you must wash the Big Sexy with your hands.


  • 4 inches tall with a volume of 13 ounces
  • Can carry 12 ounces of beer with 1 on the head
  • Classic handcrafted beer mug with varying sizes
  • Lead and BPA-free


  • No common downsides; according to customer reviews
  • Must be washed by hand

3 – Beer Bat


If you’re into swinging away from the experience of good beer but far off from the traditional glasses you’re used to, this Beer Bat might be perfect for you.

This beer mug can hold many drinks and is perfect for dad hangouts or bonding with the bros on a game night.

The makers of this Beer Bat have a wide selection of printed logo varieties you can choose from, and you’ll find them online.

You can also give this as a gift to someone special who loves sports.

Checkout this item right away from the company shop if you find that this type of quirky but cool enough beer mug is the one for you.


  • BPA-free
  • Washable with the dishwasher
  • Made from recyclable plastic
  • Great with a pilsner, a stout and any type of drink
  • 26 ounces of capacity up to the brim
  • 30-day warranty


  • No known drawbacks so far
  • Storage size might be a problem

4 – Gate Keeper Hazy IPA


The Gate Keeper is the one glass for you if you want to serve Hazy IPAs and Sours beer.

This is one of the handcrafted items that twist traditional Teku and is the thickest plus heaviest glass made by the craftsman so far.

The best part is that the Gate Keeper was made to bring out the best of each beer hop scent and lets you witness a magnificent flow when poured.

This handcrafted beer mug is also sturdy enough due to its weighted bottom, making it good for bars. All you need to do for cleaning is wash this with your hands.


  • 15 ounces capacity
  • Thick glass with good grip
  • Easy to clean


  • No big drawbacks mentioned
  • Hand-washed item

5 – Tha Sequel, Handmade Beer Glass


Tha Sequel, a handcrafted beer glass, is also quite known for the following names: ‘Ale-levate‘ and Aromatic 2.0, which come as a four-ear set.

It’s meant to bring out the flavors of any fragrant beer, especially ones with a sign of high ABV, such as Belgiums, Barleywine, etc.

When combined, the glass mashes together the concentration and aroma of such beers to elevate the drink experience, similar to a snifter or a red wine glass.

One might notice a mountain feature pressed at the bottom and is displayed as a major design feature. The mountain gradually emerges from the darkened drink.

Another function of this mountain is to be a nucleation component, providing MORE FRICTION while sipping and ensuring the beer stays at its usual head level.


  • Pint glass capacity of 16-20 ounces
  • Perfect for beer and wine
  • 5 inches tall with a 3-inch opening
  • 2 oz of head
  • Various sizes to choose from


  • No major downsides
  • This item should be hand washed

6 – THE Beer Glass, Handmade Glassware


THE Beer Glass started primarily as malty 2.0, but the maker decided to turn it up a little bit, so the glass got remade into a set of varieties from the original Malty glass.

The manufacturer made the set to handle a wide range of small to medium malty beers, such as APA, Amber, Dubbel, Reds, and some fruited sours.

It can also hold stouts and porters, although other types of handcrafted glass would be a better fit for that.

Its voluptuous bottom gives off a semi-sphere form that you can get a grip on, while the small waist at the top brings an ergonomic experience.

The tulip part supports and keeps the head together in place. It’s a sign that the beer pint glasses come to life when the drink is poured.


  • Measures up to 6 1/4 inches tall, with 2 1/4 inches of aperture.
  • The overall capacity of 14 oz, which amounts to 12 oz of beer and 2 0z of the head.
  • Size and volume may be different because they’re all handmade


  • This item can only be washed by hand.

7 – Big Set of Pretentious Beer Glasses, Craft Beer Glassware


The company Pretentious carefully prepared a set of the greatest Craft Beer Mugs available on the market.

This set can be a great father’s day gift for your dad looking to build a collection of mugs to be shown off on his shelf.

Whichever you pick for a drink, these items can elevate the visuals that stimulate the personal taste of the brew. And who knows, things just might get better from there.

The Pretentious company collection features the following Craft Set:

  • Hoppy
  • Hazy
  • THE Beer Glass
  • Tulip
  • Subtle
  • JuicyY
  • Tha Sequel
  • Big Sexy

These items cover a whole range of beers available. This is a sign of what you call the total Prestigious Experience!


  • ALL HANDMADE crafted glasses
  • Big set for you to choose from


  • Hand wash only; cannot be put into the dishwasher

8 – Hand Blown Wrap and Rake Color-Changing Craft Beer Glass 14-16OZ


This item is slightly different from usual since it’s a borosilicate craft beer mug. Each of them is sold on a ‘made-to-order basis, and the outcomes often vary.

Therefore when buying this item, take it as a sign that you wouldn’t know what to expect.

The hand-blown Wrap and Rake Color-Changing Beer Mug can also hold around 14-16 oz beer. The glass’s color will also change depending on the type of drink poured in.

These are the following materials that the craftsman used to create this pint glass:

  • Pyrex
  • Oxygen
  • Silver fume
  • Silver
  • Propane
  • Borosilicate
  • Glass

If you’re a customer who wants to checkout this item from the online cart, that is the sign to do it now!


  • Has a capacity of 14-16 oz
  • Made from different minerals and other elements
  • Will create a color-changing effect after being poured a drink


  • Shipment issues with the seller

9 – Hoppy Beer Glass, Universal Cut, Dashes


This handmade beer mug is perfect for hoppy beers like IPAs, APAs, and light Belgians.

Because of the Hoppy Beer Glass‘ adaptability and skill to enhance complex beers, the tulip shape became a popular form in the market.

There’s a sign of four dashes engraved on the sides of this tulip glass ware, which shows one for the thumb grip and three for the rest of your fingers to hold.

This is a delicately handmade pilsner glass with grips carved carefully to create this tulip silhouette through the classic method of lathe cutting.

That is the same method used by crafters that create crystal wares. Although the makers usually leave a lovely satin finish for greater grip instead of polishing it.

Every item is about 5″ tall and has a width of 3.5″. It also has a 1-2 oz head and can hold 12 oz drinks. And like all the other glass wares, you should wash this thing by hand.


  • Solid and sturdy craftsmanship
  • Tulip-like body with hand grips for easier drinking
  • Suitable for a wide variety of beers
  • Actual items may vary due to being handmade
  • Should only be hand washed

10 – Da Wobble Glass, Handmade Glassware for Beer/Whiskey/Wine –


Da Wobble Glass features a groove in the bottom that lets the glass rotate in a circular motion. It’s a special trait this item has for entertainment purposes.

Da Wobble measures 3″ tall and has a width of 3.5″. It can hold up to 10 oz of drinks. This versatile glassware is poured with beer, wine, and whiskey.

So if you are looking for another quirky glass with beauty and functionality combined, check out this Da Wobble Glass!


  • Hand-blown sturdy material
  • Rotating the bottom groove for added visual amusement


  • Must be hand-washed
  • Sizes may vary due to being handcrafted

Now that you’ve seen the top 10 handcrafted glass wares that you can turn into personalized beer glasses, you must consider a few points before transactions.

Things to Consider When Buying Personalized Beer Glasses

As customers, you would want the best quality personalized beer glasses, whether physically or online, no matter where they’re bought.

So let’s look into the THREE IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS for you to think about before the printing shops personalize your mug.

1 – The Actual Sizes of Each Glass Will Vary

You might want to consider that every size is different since each item is HANDMADE and it has been emphasized in the list of items we’ve mentioned here.

That’s why you should manage your customer expectations and consider that what you see online won’t always translate into the actual product.

At least these glasses are handmade!

2 – The Sentimental Value

If the reason for buying these wares is to be given as gifts for people close to you, or as a token for company employees, and the like, they are valid.

There’s NO LIMIT to how you want to keep these items, especially if you’ve got a personalized message engraved on the surface containing your sentiments.

You can even keep them as engraved gifts to yourself after you shop for those items.

3 – Product Quality and Craftsmanship

You might be aware that each of those wares is made with love by skilled craftsmen who have dedicated time to perfecting the art of making these hand-blown pint containers.

Crafters carefully did every business involving making these items to ensure the quality of the finished product before it gets delivered to the customer.

The wonderful part of the crafting process is that imagination and creativity have no limit. You can notice it in every varying shape and form.

4 – Price of the Beer Glass Ware

When planning to buy this item, it’s always a given to check the price. Handcrafted mugs might have a slightly high price due to the VALUE of the way they’re made.

The steps to create those wares were intricate, so expect that the price of each one will have variety as well.

But most often, customers find the appeal in the price as well, due to the sentimental meaning of every glass.

5 – The Service Fees for a Personalized Beer Mug

Personalized mugs costs differ in a way that the price of the engraved logo, engraved message, and production fees will account for what it would eventually look like.

This kind of business is available all over the country, and they help create a personalized experience by making a valuable engraved gift.

Although this kind of business is now available online, you can still head out to the nearest shop to get that personalized engraved gift-ready.

The Beer Mug Varieties

It’s helpful that you must have basic knowledge of different beer glass types artisans create to evoke different levels of looks and taste.

Knowing which type of gift to give, the one you’re giving gifts to might appreciate it even more.

These are examples of the varying drinking wares you should be aware of.


It is a tall and slim glass with a broad mouth that enhances the bubbles of pilsners and other light beer.

The pilsner also helps retain the beer’s head and keeps the volatile aroma within your sensory range.

This type of drinking ware usually carries less beer than the pint glass.

It also has a capacity of 12 to 14 ounces.

American Pint Glasses

This 16 oz drinking ware is direct and functional due to its broad mouth that’s wider than its base. This item is widely used and available all over the country.

This is a glass used to serve a wide range of beer. This is commonly utilized everywhere because the product is affordable and easy to maintain.

Imperial Pint

This is like a cousin of the American Pint and is also an all-around drinking ware.

Although compared to the American version, the Imperial can carry a lot MORE BEER, around a full 20 ounces.

The Imperial also has a bit of a lip tip by the mouth, which makes drinking easier and more appealing than the other.


The tulip glass collects the head and enhances the aroma and flavor of the different kinds of beers. The Tulip is pretty known for its voluptuous body and flared lip.

The small stem of this drinking ware lets the drink spin around, enhancing the drinking experience.


This is another version of the Tulip where the shape looks like the thistle, Scotland’s national flower.

It features a short stem, bulbous bottom, and long top part that’s more noticeable than an average tulip.


The Goblet consists of a tough stem with a large, retaining round ball. The Chalice is also similar-looking, although its bowl is thicker.

Their designs can be pretty detailed, featuring a sign of etching and metal inlay in most varieties.

Due to their big mouths, the drinking experience is better than ever.

IPA Beer Mug

The prominent ridges of the IPA mug elevate the flavor and essence of your beer.

The IPA features a tall, slender, tapered form that delivers the aroma to your nose. This mug also shows a sign of an etched bottom to help carbon release.

Boot Beer Mug

Beer Boots have been a long-running trend for decades. They’re commonly known as das boots [R]among beer festivals across the US.

This is a quirky drinking mug perfect for drinking games and other events. The term das boots originated in the Bavarian beer culture.

What You Can Do With Custom Beer Mugs

If you already have a purpose in mind as to why you want to buy a beer mug and give them away as custom gifts, great!

Here are a few examples of what personalized beer glasses can be:

  • A father’s day or birthday gift for beer lovers
  • Wedding gifts for guests or groomsmen
  • Display collection at a man cave
  • An item where you can have a special engraved family message
  • Gifts for employees at a company party
  • Make a business out of it by reselling

One thing you need to remember before wrapping these items is that there must be MANY protective covers to prevent them from breaking.

These items are fragile gifts, so handle them with care.

You can do things with personalized pint glasses that are never limited, and you can even shop for that online!

Let’s Recap the Best Picks!

Beers are surely the life of the party, among other classic highlights. And it’s a matter that the glass can also be given as a personalized gift to someone.

So we will rank the top three best gift items right here to help you minimize the broad choices in this guide.

We have selected the following gift items according to the categories of ‘Best Budget Pick,’ ‘Best Value,’ and ‘Best Overall.’

Best Budget Pick – The Beer Bat

The Beer Bat is a novelty item that’s perfect to be given as a gift since it’s shaped like a baseball bat.

It is popular among sports enthusiasts who want to see a game live or just have a good time in the comfort of their own homes.

Its shape is almost unique, so storing it around might be an issue due to its length and fragility, but it’s still a unique item.

It even comes with printed graphics for you to give as gifts to your best buddies on any occasion.

Other than that, you can even avail this awesome item at an equally awesome low price of $24.99!

Best Value – Big Set of Pretentious Beer Glasses, Craft Beer Collection

If you think a set of glass wares is a waste of money to give as a gift, you might want to think again.

With the set of drinking glasses brought to you by the company Pretentious, you get wholesale of their best products at an economically friendly value.

You won’t have to tediously collect each variation one by one, and you get to pick something to your liking whenever you’re in the mood to drink.

So for $359.28, you already get eight handcrafted individually unique items for any occasion.

And if you’re generous enough, you can even give the entire set as a gift or hand out each as separate gifts for someone else.

Best Overall – Tha Sequel

Tha Sequel cements itself as the best overall glass ware, simply because it combines uniqueness in its shape and form, plus its functionality as a drinking glass.

For $50.00, you already have something with good value, and it also enhances the experience of drinking, both orally and visually.

It even elevates the aroma of the chosen beer being poured in, with its shape that affects the mix in the process.

So if you haven’t come up with a gift that’s visually appealing, valuable and functional, Tha Sequel is the one.


Handcrafted glass wares make all the difference since their physique affects the sensory experience of drinking beer.

How much more if it’s an engraved gift? It makes the recipient feel like the item is a precious limited edition that must be treasured.

Now that you’ve gotten the best out of the top 10 recommendations, you will hopefully find the one glass gift you can get personalized at the right price.

Just don’t forget to consider the important considerations before buying one and other factors, especially when you have the glass engraved later on.

So if you’ve found the perfect gift, go for it and have it personalized for your dad, your best guys, or just anyone you like while you can!

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