BrewDogs: You’re new beer drinking buddy is just a few clicks away

In a world where the charm of dogs meets the whimsy of collectibles, we introduce an exciting and playful fusion that’s bound to capture hearts and imaginations alike.

Imagine if the most beloved canine companions – from the loyal Labrador Retriever to the spirited Siberian Husky – were transformed into the iconic and adorable form of Funko POP characters.

This is exactly what our latest collection brings to the table, or rather, to the shelf!

Drinking alone is not an option 🙂

Meet the BrewDogs: Your New Beer Drinking Bud

Labrador Retriever: Known for their loyalty and friendly demeanor, a Lab would always be up for a chill evening with a beer. They’d probably enjoy a classic American Lager, like “Labrador Lager”, reflecting their dependable and universally loved nature.

French Bulldog: Compact and full of personality, Frenchies would be great for enjoying a quiet beer at a trendy spot. They’d likely sip on a “French Farmhouse Ale”, embodying their chic and laid-back style.

German Shepherd: Intelligent and confident, a German Shepherd would be the perfect companion for a deep conversation over a beer. Their go-to might be a robust “German Pilsner”, mirroring their strong and reliable character.

Golden Retriever: Always happy and eager to please, a Golden would love any social gathering with beer. A “Golden Ale” would be their choice, light and enjoyable, just like their sunny disposition.

Bulldog: Bulldogs, with their calm and courageous nature, would be great for a relaxed beer session. They’d probably pick a “British Bitter”, aligning with their no-nonsense, sturdy character.

Poodle: Highly intelligent and elegant, Poodles would enjoy a sophisticated beer tasting. A “Refined Raspberry Stout” might be their favorite, complex and unique.

Beagle: Beagles are curious and friendly, perfect for a beer adventure. They’d likely go for a “Hound Hops IPA”, a beer as lively and fun as they are.

Rottweiler: Loyal and confident, a Rottweiler would be a steady companion at a bar. They’d choose a “Rottweiler’s Red Ale”, strong and dependable.

German Shorthaired Pointer: Energetic and versatile, this breed would love an outdoor beer session. Their choice would be a “Pointer Pale Ale”, refreshing and spirited.

Dachshund: These playful and courageous dogs would enjoy a laid-back beer night. A “Dachshund Draft”, light and quirky, would suit their personality.

Yorkshire Terrier: Small in size but big in personality, Yorkies would be fun at a fancy beer lounge. They’d fancy a “Yorkshire Yeast Ale”, petite and full of character.

Boxer: Boxers are fun-loving and energetic, great for a lively beer fest. They’d enjoy a “Boxer’s Bock”, robust and spirited.

Siberian Husky: Independent and adventurous, Huskies would be up for a beer in a cool, unique setting. A “Husky Hefeweizen”, bold and different, would be their pick.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: With their affectionate and gentle nature, these dogs would be great for a cozy beer evening. A “Cavalier Cream Ale” would be their soft and smooth choice.

Australian Shepherd: Smart and work-oriented, an Aussie would be a great partner for a beer after a long day. They’d like an “Aussie Amber”, reflective of their hardworking spirit.

Doberman Pinscher: Dobermans are loyal and alert, making them great for a thoughtful beer discussion. A “Doberman Dark Lager” would match their strong but sleek nature.

Great Dane: Gentle giants, Great Danes would be perfect for a laid-back beer garden. They’d go for a “Dane’s Double IPA”, large and in charge.

Miniature Schnauzer: Energetic and friendly, Schnauzers would be fun at a local brewery. A “Schnauzer Session IPA”, light and playful, would be their choice.

Shih Tzu: Known for their loving and happy nature, a Shih Tzu would enjoy a casual beer hangout. They’d prefer a “Shih Tzu Shandy”, sweet and delightful.

Boston Terrier: These friendly and intelligent dogs would be great for an engaging beer trivia night. Their go-to might be a “Boston Brew”, smart and approachable.

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