Best Gluten-Free Beers: Full Flavor & Zero Gluten

Do you love beer? But your celiac disease is stopping you from grabbing that bottle?

Worry no more! We’ve compiled a list of the best tasting, gluten-free beers so you won’t miss out on your next barbeque party!

Interested? Read on for the best gluten-free beers on the market today!

Best Gluten Free Beer Brands

1) Best Overall: New Grist Gluten-Free Pilsner

beer name

New Grist makes beer without wheat or barley, and it’s the first best gluten-free beer that was tested, approved, and certified by the government.

They’ve been in the industry for over a decade!

Their gluten-free hazy golden brew combines sorghum, rice, hops, water, and gluten-free yeast to create the perfect refreshing session ale bottle with bready and fruity dry notes and 5.1% ABV.

2) Best Value: Omission Brewing Co. Ultimate Light Golden Ale


This gluten-free beer tastes LIKE gluten-filled, full-lager beer! It’s also VERY LIGHT and LOW CALORIE (only 99 calories per drink), but it’s still packed FULL OF FLAVOR.

It also has refreshing citrusy flavors with a clean finish and tastes even BETTER than your usual beer!

The Omission is SO GOOD. Some loyal customers even complain that it’s always sold out!

3) Best Budget: Redbridge Gluten-Free Sorghum Beer


Did you know that Redbridge is the first nationally available, completely gluten-free beer?

They’ve built quite a reputation since the launch of the first bottle! The Redbridge makes full-bodied lager, with the old taste of the company’s macro lagers we all know and love.

It’s a light, low-calorie beer with a rich flavor that goes well with hearty meats.

This dedicated gluten-free beer tastes a little fruity without being too sweet, and their sorghum beers naturally taste sour.

The best part is that it’s almost ALWAYS AVAILABLE in all your usual grocery stores!

4) Holidaily Brewing Company Great Gluten-Free Beers


Holidaily was founded on the idea that every bottle of an incredible gluten-free beer product line feels like a holiday and that this bottled holiday can be and should be enjoyed daily by everyone with gluten sensitivity!

Their dedicated brewery uses only gluten-free grains, ensuring a brewing process that is completely celiac safe.

Their beer is even GFCO certified, has won a few medals, and the company is completely female-owned!

The best part is, they have an ENTIRE LINE of gluten-free beers , from pumpkin ale, dark ale, and red ale, to many other seasonal and experimental brews, so you’re sure to find a bottle or two (or several) that you love!

5) Stone Brewing Delicious Ipa

Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Brewing has produced a line of gluten-reduced beers named Delicious IPA for Indian Pale Ale.

They carefully crafted this new gluten-reduced beer formula while still doing the no-holds-barred approach that they have been doing to their craft beer buzz.

This new gluten-reduced beer tastes the same refreshing citrusy flavor you love in beers, with added notes of Nugget, Calypso, Lemon drop, and El Dorado hops, and finishing bitter-dry with 7.7 percent ABV.

6) Ghostfish Shrouded Summit Witbier

Ghostfish Shrouded Summit Witbier | Total Wine & More

Done with fruity, citrusy, summer beers? How about some snowy winter in a gluten-free beer bottle for a change?

The Ghostfish brewing company boasts a gluten-free, celiac disease-free brewery that rivals every other Belgian Witbier!

Each Ghostfish brewing company wheat beer bottle is made carefully with malted millet, buckwheat, brown rice and sometimes sorghum.

You’ll surely love this grapefruit-based, crisp beer mixed with coriander spice and sweet orange notes at 4.8% ABV!

You can easily purchase this well-crafted beer if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, and Seattle.

If not, you can also get your wheat beers online or at any specialty retailer!

7) Two Brothers Prairie Path Golden Ale


Yes, this Chicago brewery was founded and built by two brothers who dedicated themselves to making the best gluten-free beers that taste like all the gluten is still there.

The brewery remains family-owned to this day, so you’re sure to find that good craft beer in every bottle!

The Prairie Path has a nice creamy taste with touches of fruity notes, and it comes with a 5.1& ABV and moderate 25 IBUs.

8) Glutenberg Blonde Ale

Glutenberg Blonde

Made with naturally gluten-free grains of amaranth, buckwheat, corn, millet, and quinoa, the Glutenberg brewing company is serious about bottling blonde ale gluten-free beers right from the very beginning of their production process.

They’re based in Quebec, but their blonde ale spreads all over the U.S. With a 4.5% ABV, this beer has a grainy, bready taste.

And if you dare venture out into Glutenberg’s other beers in the product line, you’ll also find their Glutenberg Blanche, which is brewed without wheat.

There’s also the American pale ale and some non-alcoholic beer bottles brewed from gluten-free grains!

9) Duck Foot Brewing Co. Drink This or the Bees Die


Have you ever wanted to be a superhero, saving the world one beer at a time? All while drinking your gluten-free beer?

Well, now you can! With every purchase of Duck Foot beer, a portion of their profits go to the Planet bee foundation, an organization that helps save the bees!

Not only that, but they’ve found another way to naturally remove gluten by using lemon’s natural enzymes.

Their certified gluten-free beer is made from the finest local orange blossom honey, so it comes out refreshing with a nice dry finish, with 6.9% ABV and 15 IBUs.

10) Burning Brothers Brewing Pyro


The Burning Brothers Beer offers a totally gluten-free pale ale that has crisp citrus notes best for summer beer drinkers!

It tastes orange and grapefruit, with a slightly bitter taste to balance it all out, perfect for a backyard barbecue with friends!

11) Ipswich Ale Brewery Celia Saiso

Ipswich G Free Saison

The Celia Saison is another gluten-reduced beer from the brewing company Ipswich that bought you crisp pilsner and fruity beers.

Its goal is to provide the Saison beer experience while keeping people with celiac disease safe from gluten.

Every bottle is brewed from sorghum grain, producing a natural sour taste mixed with zesty orange for a bottle that will take you to the rustic farmhouses of Belgium.

12) Ground Breaker Brewing Dark Ale


With 5.5% ABV, this dark ale from Ground breaker brewing company has chocolate, coffee, and dark fruit notes. It’s quite different from most of the beers on our list!

The dark flavor is harnessed from roasted chestnuts and lentils, giving the brew a whole, rich flavor that you love when it comes to dark ales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, have a couple more questions about these beers? We’ve got you!

Is There a Truly Gluten-Free Beer?


Beers are considered TRULY gluten-free if gluten-free grains are not used to make them, there is a dedicated brewery to ensure that there will be no gluten contamination during the production process, and lastly, if it is tested, approved, and certified.

What Common Beers Are Gluten-Free?

The most common gluten-free beer brands are New Grist, Ghostfish Brewing Company, Two Brothers, Ipswich, Redbridge, and Omission.

What Does Gluten Reduced Beer Mean?

Unlike gluten-free beers that start using gluten-free grains from the beginning, gluten-reduced beers are made from cereal grains that naturally have gluten, like malted barley and wheat.

Then, an enzyme is added to the brew during the fermentation process to neutralize the gluten.

While some people avoid Gluten free foods due to having a very serious medical condition (known as Celiac disease), others are simply trying to better themselves by sticking to a strict gluten free diet.

For those of you that are new to the world of Gluten free brews, you may not know that a lot of Gluten Free beers have a bit of a reputation for being…well, kind of terrible.

Not to worry though, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve compiled the following gluten free beer list, detailing each beers brewery, country of origin, ABV as well as their respective Beer Advocates rating – To help you find the best Gluten free beers on the market!

Have you tried gluten free brewing?

Gluten Free Beer and Brewery List

#BeerBreweryLocationAlcohol %BA Score
1American Pale AleBurning Brothers BrewingSt. Paul, MN?n/a
2Cascadian Coffee AleBurning Brothers BrewingSt. Paul, MN?n/a
3Green's Endeavor Dubbel Dark AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom7.00%68
4GlutenatorEpic Brewing CompanyUtah, US6.90%82
5Green's Quest Tripel Blonde AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom8.50%70
6Dragon's GoldBard's Tale Beer Company, LLCBuffalo, NY4.30%64
7Green's DiscoveryGreen's Gluten Free BeerUnited Kingdom6.00%61
8Gluten FREEkWicked Weed BrewingAsheville, NC8.00%92
9Green's Amber AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom6.00%78
10Fox TailJoseph James Brewing, Inc.Henderson, NV5.00%73
11St. Peter's G-FreeSt. Peter's Brewing Co.United Kingdom4.20%74
12Nickel Brook Gluten FreeBetter Bitters Brewing Co.Burlington, Ontario5.80%63
13Toleration AleHambelton AlesUnited Kingdom4.40%64
14Brunehaut Bio Ambree' Gluten FreeBrasserie De BrunehautBrunehaut, Belguim6.50%80
15NGB Gluten Free LagerMinhas Craft BreweryMonroe, Wisconsin4.00%63
16Green's Enterprise Dry-Hopped LagerGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom4.10%n/a
17Eight Gluten Free RaspberryThe Big Rip Brewing CompanyKansas City, Missouri9.00%n/a
18I Wish Gluten Free IPAMikkeller ApSKobenhavn, Denmark5.50%n/a
19Boxer Gluten FreeMinhas Craft BreweryMonroe, Wisconsin5.00%n/a
20Lazy Mutt Gluten FreeMinhas Craft BreweryMonroe, Wisconsin4.70%n/a
21Gluten Free Golden AleDeshutes BreweryBend, Oregon5.20%n/a
22Green's India Pale AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom5.00%n/a
23Green's Dark AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom5.80%n/a
24Green's Blond AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom5.80%n/a
25Drummond Gluten FreeDrummond Brewing CompanyAlberta, Canada5.00%n/a
26Zatec Gluten Free BeerZatecky' PivovarCzech Republic4.50%n/a
27Green's Premium PilsBreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom4.80%n/a
28Green's HeraldGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom4.00%n/a
29Gluten Free IPARoc Brewing CompanyNew York, US6.00%n/a
30Green's Supreme Golden AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom4.80%n/a
31Elmer's Gluten Free BeerFive Seasons WestsideGeorgia, US?n/a
32Gluten Free AleHambleton AlesUnited Kingdom4.80%n/a
33Green's Golden AleGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom4.80%n/a
34Green's PioneerGreen's Gluten Free BeersUnited Kingdom5.00%n/a
35Gluten Free LagerHambleton AlesUnited Kingdom4.80%n/a
36Green Gold Gluten FreeMikkeller ApSDenmark7.00%n/a
37Gluteus MinimusGrowlersMaryland, US4.50%n/a
38Vladimir Gluten FreeGriffin Claw Brewing CompanyMichigan, US6.00%n/a
39Gluten Free-BirdSaltWater BreweryFlorida, US7.00%n/a
40Traminette Gluten Free GrapeThe Big Rip Brewing CompanyMissouri, US9.30%n/a
41Graceful Gluten Free IPAEternity Brewing CompanyMichigan, US?n/a
42Gluten-Free Lemon PaleStrange Craft Beer CompanyColorado, US5.50%n/a
43GCH Gluten-Free AleSawtooth BreweryIdaho, US4.80%n/a
44Tweason' AleDogfish Head BreweryMilton, Deleware6.00%71
45Pale AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US6.40%60
46New GristLakefront BreweryMilwaukee, WI5.75%65
47RedbridgeAnheuser-BuschSaint Louis, Missouri4.00%63
48Estrella Damm DauraDamm S.A.Spain5.40%74
49Off The Grid Pale AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US5.00%63
50The GlutenatorSnake River Brewing Company & BrewpubWyoming, US7.00%n/a
51Alt Brew Farmhouse AleGreenview BrewingMadison, WI?n/a
52Pale AleGround Breaker BrewingPortland, OR5.80%n/a
53Dark AleGround Breaker BrewingPortland, OR4.50%n/a
54IPA No.5Ground Breaker BrewingPortland, OR5.60%n/a
55IPA No.2Ground Breaker BrewingPortland, OR6.80%n/a
56Celia SaisonIpswich Ale BreweryMassachusetts, US6.50%76
57Amber AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US?n/a
58Belgian AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US5.00%81
59Blonde AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US5.00%n/a
60Brown AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US6.00%78
61Raspberry AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US5.00%n/a
62Tread Lightly AleNew Planet Beer CompanyColorado, US5.00%73
63Passover Honey Beer (retired)Ramapo Valley BreweryHillburn, NY5.20%76
64Mbege Ale (retired)Sprecher BreweryGlendale, WI7.00%73
65ShakparoSprecher BreweryGlendale, WI5.70%76
66Sorghum Pale AleSteadfast Beer Co.New York, US6.80%82
67Night MissionGlebe FarmUnited Kingdom4.20%n/a
68Crop CircleHop Back BreweryUnited Kingdom4.20%82
69Scarborough Fair IPAWorld Top BreweryUnited Kingdom6.00%83
70Against The GrainWorld Top BreweryUnited Kingdom4.50%82

What is Gluten Reduced or “Omission Beers?”

Generally speaking – Gluten free beer is made with sorghum, millet, buckwheat or rice. [See Rice Beers]

There is however, a growing number of “gluten free” beers that initially follow the traditional ingrediants list and then are treated with enzymes to reduce their level of gluten below the required 5-ppm.

Once these “Omission Beers” have gotten their levels of gluten below the necessary 5-ppm (5 parts per million) – they are then given the CSA’s recognition seal and deemed to be “risk free” for celiacs.

One of the biggest benefits of this processing is that you end up with a more familiar tasting beer.(hooray!) The down side to this special processing, is that there is still a very small part of gluten left behind, which for those who are gluten intolerant – may still cause you to feel sick if ingested.

Because of this, I would advise you to exercise a bit of caution when trying any of the following brews as some celiacs have reported feeling a bit ill after imbibing.

That said, These beers definitely open up the number of options available to those seeking a gluten free brew and can often times be quite a bit tastier!

Gluten Free Reduced and Omission Beers List

#BeerBreweryLocationAlcohol %BA Score
1Omission Pale AleWidmer Brothers Brewing Co.Portland, Oregon5.80%78
2Omission LagerWidmer Brothers Brewing Co.Portland, Oregon4.60%74
4Omission IPAWidmer Brothers Brewing CompanyPortland, Oregon6.70%80
5M.E.H. Cream AleRickoli BreweryColorado, US4.30%n/a
6Quicher BichenRickoli BreweryColorado, US8.00%n/a
7Enormous RichardRickoli BreweryColorado, US8.60%n/a
8Elke Brown AleRickoli BreweryColorado, US6.80%n/a
9Social LubricantRickoli BreweryColorado, US8.00%n/a
10Old Rickoli BarleywineRickoli BreweryColorado, US12.50%n/a
11Hop SessionRickoli BreweryColorado, US5.00%n/a
12Totally Eye-P.A.Rickoli BreweryColorado, US6.80%n/a
13The Authoritah!Rickoli BreweryColorado, US7.40%n/a
14Disturbed ReflectionRickoli BreweryColorado, US9.70%n/a
15Black PlineRickoli BreweryColorado, US9.80%n/a
16StatikRickoli BreweryColorado, US13.00%n/a
17Attack of the ConesRickoli BreweryColorado, US6.00%n/a
18Vanilla in "yo Rye"Rickoli BreweryColorado, US7.00%n/a
19Bourbon Barrel PeachRickoli BreweryColorado, US12.00%n/a
20Prairie Path Golden AleTwo Brothers Brewing CompanyIllinios, US5.10%80

Why Drink Gluten Free Beer?

As I mentioned in the beginning, the main target market for gluten free beer is for people who suffer from Celiac disease. For those of you who are not familiar with the disease, someone with Celiac disease will often (if not always) have a strong negative reaction to gliadin (a gluten protein) found in wheat.

For some, dietary restrictions aren’t just limited to a wheat free diet – but can include other popular grains, such as barley and rye.

There is also a growing movement of people that have taken up the voluntary action of maintaining a gluten free diet, most people who fall into this category are typically on a special wheat or gluten free diet.

While still others, have resigned not to eat gluten based products for any number of other reasons.

In either case, conscious decision or not – There is a growing beer market for those of you who love beer, but aren’t particularly fond of gluten. I heard that stuff is terrible for you…

What are some popular gluten-free beer brands in the USA?

Many popular gluten-free beer brands are available in the USA. Some of the notable ones include New Grist, Ghostfish Brewing Company, Two Brothers, Ipswich, Redbridge, and Omission. These brands offer a variety of gluten-free beers that cater to different tastes and preferences.

How do gluten-free beers differ in taste from regular beers?

Gluten-free beers are often made from alternative grains like sorghum, millet, buckwheat, or rice. As a result, they can have a distinct taste, sometimes described as sour or fruity, compared to regular beers made from barley or wheat.

However, many gluten-free beer brands have mastered the brewing process to produce beers that closely resemble the taste of traditional beers.

Are there any gluten-free IPAs available?

Yes, there are gluten-free IPAs available. For instance, Stone Brewing offers a gluten-reduced beer named Delicious IPA for Indian Pale Ale enthusiasts. Additionally, there’s the I Wish Gluten Free IPA by Mikkeller ApS and the Gluten Free IPARoc Brewing Company from New York.

Which gluten-free beers are suitable for dark ale lovers?

For those who prefer dark ales, Ground Breaker Brewing offers a Dark Ale with chocolate, coffee, and dark fruit notes. This beer stands out for its rich flavor derived from roasted chestnuts and lentils.

Can I find gluten-free beers outside of specialty stores?

Yes, many gluten-free beers are widely available in regular grocery stores. For example, Redbridge Gluten-Free Sorghum Beer is often found in supermarkets nationwide. However, for some specialty or lesser-known gluten-free beers, you might need to visit specialty retailers or order online.


Are you done choosing? If you’re still undecided, here are our top recommendations:

Best Budget: Redbridge Gluten-free Sorghum Beer

Redbridge isn’t only cost-efficient. It’s also widely available in supermarkets nationwide!

Redbridge beers are made of sorghum, so they taste sour naturally, which is a plus if that’s what you fancy. If not, give it a try. It might end up growing on you!

Best Value: Omission Brewing Co. Ultimate Light Golden Ale

The Omission Lager is another easily available beerand made entirely gluten-free. It’s light, crisp, refreshing and award-winning to boost!

Best Overall: New Grist Gluten Free Pilsner

New Grist started in this part of the industry as the first beer brand to be certified gluten-free by the government, and they have not left the top spot ever since.

Another naturally sour sorghum brew, this pilsner is also sweet, light, and almost like your favorite cider.

No wonder beer drinker loves it!


And that’s all we have for gluten-free beers!

We hope you enjoy at least one of the beers mentioned in this article and that it enhances your drinking experience with your loved ones. Be sure to check out How To Brew Non-Alcoholic Beer At Home and Why You Should Try It.

Cracking a cold one with your family and friends will hit different if the drinks you provide are of the highest quality!

Thank you for reading, and enjoy a gluten-free beer!

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