Best Fruit Beers: From Tangy Citrus to Luscious Berries – A Brewer’s Palette

If you don’t feel like consuming a ton of alcohol on a night out, refreshing fruit beers are the drink of choice!

These meticulously brewed beers infuse fruits into their creation, resulting in a distinctive flavor profile that ensures an enjoyable experience.

There are a ton of fruit beers available on the market. Some are on year-round offerings, while others are on limited editions. To be honest, the varieties are overwhelming!

So to spare you the trouble, we’ve researched for you. Check out these best fruity beers you must try!

15 Best Fruit Beers

From a wheat ale to an IPA, from flavors of berries to pineapple, we’re certain you’ll find a new favorite drink!

1) Kriek Ale by Cascade Brewing Co. – Best Overall


Oregon’s Cascade Brewing’s Kriek Ale is on top of our list for many reasons. From the look itself, you’ll know this is no ordinary beer!

Kriek Ale comes in a 75 ml bottle, corked like champagne.

It is the flagship sour ale product of its brewing company. It has been a staple in the Northwest since 2007 and is highly rated by beer critics worldwide.

This Belgian lambic-style drink has well-balanced flavor notes of sour cherry and oak. That’s thanks to their brewing process of developing the beer’s flavor through barrel-aging.

The beer is allowed to rest for a year and a half in these barrels, mixed alongside lots of fresh Bing and sour cherries.

With that, you get a crisp result of a bold and juicy carbonated beer, only at 7.4% ABV.

It’s perfect for any dinner party!

2) Rubaeus by Founders Brewing Co. – Best Value


Nothing is more satisfying than a fruity, ice-cold drink on a warm summer day!

With Rubaeus (pronounced roo-bay-us), you’ll get that irresistible sweet, tart, and malty taste from raspberries.

You won’t even notice you’re quick onto your next sip!

This year-round staple ale has a light body, making it a good pairing for richer food like burgers, grilled salmon, and pork chops. It pairs well with some cheeses too. On its own, it can even pass as a dessert!

Tasting like raspberry sorbet, this famous Michigan slightly sweet brew is no stranger to any cookout. And at 5.7% ABV, big fruit fans will want to give this a try.

3) Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery – Best Budget


This drink is a wheat beer flavored by no other than the ultimate summer fruit, the watermelon.

This American wheat beer is brewed with fresh fruit, giving you that surprisingly dry, crisp, and refreshing taste that simply completes your summer!

Plus, it leaves a sweet and fresh aroma of melons that will keep you wanting more.

At just 4.9% ABV, this drink pairs wonderfully with vegetable and fruit salads, fresh oysters, and grilled seafood.

This refreshing 21st Amendment watermelon beer is a summer seasonal offering available only from April to September.

You better get your hands on one soon!

4) Grapefruit Sculpin by Ballast Point Brewing Co.


Here we have a tart fruit adding a unique take on Ballast Point’s signature IPA, the Sculpin.

The grapefruit flavor brings out that bold layer of tangy bitterness to the citrus notes in hops of this classic and award-winning IPA. You may even enjoy some spicy black pepper notes in the background.

Many critics find this drink very smooth, noting a clean fermentation that gives it its dry and crisp finish.

For IPA lovers, it is an easy beer to drink even in the mornings.

Got a bottle of Grapefruit Sculpin and a warm plate of English breakfast? Count me in!

5) Kirsch Gose by Victory Brewing Company


“Kirsch” is German for stone fruit.

“Gose” is an old-school German wheat beer brewed with salt and coriander seeds.

Put those two together, and you get a refreshing tart and salty drink, finished with a surprisingly soft kiss of sweetness from the fresh cherry juice.

This Pennsylvania-based tart ale is a springtime seasonal release. It is light-bodied and only comes at 4.7% ABV.

Grab one of these Hirsch Gose bottles if you enjoy grilled chops and cheese.

It’s the right drink to enjoy on the first warm days of the season!

6) Pineapple Mana Wheat by Maui Brewing Co.


Pineapple is a sweet tropical fruit that gives beer its unique summer flavor and delicious aroma!

The toasty wheat tastes and mildly bitter bite of this beer matched with the pineapple’s sweetness is oddly a nice combination.

If you’re looking into trying as many fruit flavors of beer, you have this on your list!

7) Mas Agave Grapefruit by Founders Brewing Co.


Here is another that goes on our list!

This beer is brewed with agave and sea salt, and aged in tequila barrels.

But that’s not it! After aging, fresh grapefruit juice is added for that tangy after-taste.

Sweet, salty, and delicious, this cocktail-inspired fruit beer pays homage to the notable tequila-based drink, the Paloma.

8) Eric’s Ale by New Belgium Brewing


This sweet and sour wild ale is designed by no less than New Belgium brewer Eric Salazar.

Eric’s Ale is a delicious peach-flavored ale that balances the tastes of acidic fruit and earthy stone fruit while having that mildly spicy undertone taste from the oak-barrel aging process.

It is tart and sour, fruity but not too sweet, and fairly acidic. It also has wood notes that add to its complexity.

This delicious beer smells and tastes amazing. Truly, a treat for the senses. 

9) PawPaw Wheat by Jackie O’s Brewery


Pawpaw fruit trees are native to Ohio. If you haven’t had this fruit, sipping this beer will want you heading to Buckeye State in no time!

Pawpaw tastes sort of like mango, banana, and melon altogether. Once mixed with the earthy wheat notes of the beer, its aromas and flavors make it a tropical treat!

This seasonal wheat ale is usually fermented to celebrate the annual Ohio Paw Paw Festival.

10) Wisconsin Belgian Red by New Glarus Brewing Co.


One sip is all it takes to love this New Glarus sour beer!

This renowned brewing company is praised for its way of emphasizing fruit flavors first and sour second.

That said, Belgian-style Red is made with wonderful Wisconsin cherries that give you an intense red color of its brew.

Take a sip, and you will enjoy an apple, oak, spice, and malt notes.

Its flavor is a tart and slightly acidic balance, making it an excellent palate-clearing carbonated drink.

11) Surette Reserva Blueberry by Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project


Is it blueberry season yet? Because we can’t wait for some Surette Reserva to grace our meals!

This Denver-based brewery uses a secondary fermentation process in an oak cask that gives this sour ale its wine-like characteristics and rich blueberry taste.

This is perhaps one of the most rustic beers you can ever find, as they are only produced in limited quantities.

This is a drink you will enjoy sipping after a long hard day at work. Go ahead; you deserve it!

12) Pinot Fresa by Angel City Brewery


If you enjoy a drink with light acidity, this strawberry ale is a must-try!

Pinot Fresa is a golden ale aged in pinot noir barrels. Strawberries are then added to give it that burst of bright flavors and aromas.

It also goes into a secondary fermentation where wild yeast is added to create that sour and malt character to the beer.

At first sip, it’s as if you were drinking candied strawberries in ale form. It is a treat!

13) Otra Vez by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


Otra Vez is made with classic flavors of lime and blue agave nectar.

It’s a great palate pleaser especially given its mild sweetness from the agave and the tangy notes from the citrus.

This 4.5% ABV citrus gose is a top pick for easy-to-drink beers.

It’s a light beer that calls for round after another, one you can share with buddies after a long week.

14) Serendipity by New Glarus Brewing Co.


Need a drink for date night? This deep and sultry red sour ale is your bet!

Serendipity is a blend of cranberries, apples, and cherries that offers a slightly tart and fruity taste with a hint of oak.

Pair it with some dark chocolate, and it will have you falling in love!

15) Blood Orange Wheat by Jack’s Abby Brewing Company


Do you enjoy a glass of Blue Moon with a slice of fresh oranges? When you’ve sipped this beer, you’ll be trading those Blue Moons in a wink!

Jack Abby’s Brewing has added blood oranges to a traditional German-style Radler, giving this sweet beer its tart and sweet flavors.

This blood orange-infused beer has a hint of bright acidity with moderate carbonation, making it a great drink on a picnic, paired with a sumptuous cold sandwich.

What Should You Look for in Fruit Beers?

Don’t worry if you can’t find any of the drinks we listed above in your nearest shop. We’re sure there are more good ones in the market.

Here are factors to consider when looking for the best fruit beers:

Beer Style

Most fruit beer styles are ales and sour ales. They can also range to IPAs, wheat beers, and fruity lagers.

Ales make good fruit beers because of their light flavor. The hops will balance off the bitterness and sweetness of the beer.

You can find ales with unique flavors like mango, papaya, and passion fruit. The possibilities are endless!

Wheat beers are popular too. Even with just a hint of some summer fruit, its light and refreshing taste makes it a perfect choice for the summer!

For an IPA, go for more citrus tastes like tangerine or grapefruit. They balance well with the intense flavor of hops in an IPA brew.

Seasonal or Year-Round Offering

Not every brew is available year-round. Some are seasonal, depending on the harvest of the fruits they are infused with.

They’ll usually appear from spring to early autumn for summer seasonal.

If you love a fruit beer that happens to be off-season, check on the brewery and stock up before they disappear!

Fruit Beer or Shandy

shandy or Radler is a popular drink with beer, lemonade, and sweet citrus. These can be easily made at home.

On the other hand, fruit beer is specially brewed or aged with real fruit for a long time. Thus, it has a stronger and more distinct flavor compared to shandies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are what people are asking:

What is a Fruit Beer?

Fruit beer is a type of beer that incorporates fruit for flavoring. These beers are not overly alcoholic, with most having low ABVs.

The flavors can range from common fruits like strawberries, plums, raspberries, and cherries to more experimental ones like banana, blueberry, strawberry, apricot, peach, tangerine, black currant, and apple.

How are Fruity Beers Produced?

Brewers have various methods to introduce fruity flavors into their beers. Some incorporate fresh fruit or juice during the fermentation process, while others prefer aging the beer alongside the fresh fruit to infuse the flavors.

What is the Alcohol Content in Fruit Beers?

Fruit beers typically have an alcohol content ranging from 4% to 8%. Anything higher than this range is rare, while anything lower is usually considered a shandy.

Are Fruit Beers Beneficial for Health?

When consumed in moderation, fruit beer can offer some health benefits. Many fruit beers contain essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin E and B, especially folic acid and soluble dietary fiber. They can also help reduce stress, rehydrate the body, and boost energy.

Which Beers are Made from Fruit Flavors?

Most beers derive their flavor and aroma from their primary ingredients: water, malt, yeast, and hops. However, any beer that incorporates some form of fruit, spice, or herbs can be categorized as a fruit beer.

What are Some Popular Fruity Beers to Try?

Some of the best fruity beers recommended in the article include Kriek Ale by Cascade Brewing Co., Rubaeus by Founders Brewing Co., and Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery.

These beers offer unique fruit flavors and are highly rated by beer enthusiasts.

How Do I Choose the Best Fruit Beer for My Taste?

When selecting a fruit beer, consider the beer style, whether it’s a seasonal or year-round offering, and if it’s a fruit beer or shandy. Most fruit beer styles are ales and sour ales, but they can also extend to IPAs, wheat beers, and fruity lagers.

It’s also essential to note that some fruit beers are available only during specific seasons, depending on the harvest of the fruits they are infused with.


This is a quick summary of the best products on this list!

Best Overall: Kriek Ale by Cascade Brewing Co.

You can never go wrong with this one! It’s a classy ale with exquisite taste, pairs well with many dishes, and is great to have at dinner parties.

Best Value: Rubaeus by Founders Brewing Co.

At a reasonable price and year-round availability, you’ll get the best value for your money on the Rubaeus. It’s a good refreshing drink of choice on a hot day and one you can take round after round without breaking the bank!

Best Budget: Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery

This affordable summer drink is a staple at any cookout. Don’t miss out on this seasonal drink!


All these beers are wonderful choices to pick! We may have our preferences on which one is the best, but that shouldn’t limit you from choosing what you believe is the best product.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you enjoy these tasty beers with your family and friends!

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