Beer & Brewing Holidays Calendar

We like to enjoy good beer for any number of reasons – whether it be for a special occasion, a personal pursuit, or just for the sake of it – so we don’t need an excuse! 

Beer is the perfect companion for many special days throughout the year. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite brew-related holidays for you to mark in your calendar.

January Beer Holidays

January 1, National Hangover Day:

Aim to ring in the first day of the New Year the right way – hungover, with the blinds closed, regretting your decisions from the previous night! Don’t worry though, your hair of the dog will help you smell better!

Third Saturday of January, Baltic Porter Day: 

Baltic Porter Day celebrates and promotes the Baltic Porter style, originating in Poland. Enjoy a pint and toast the “Brewers Treasure of Poland”!

January 24, National Beer Can Appreciation Day:

This holiday celebrates the first day beer was officially sold in cans. Crack open a cold one and take some time to appreciate the art and history behind the beer can you are drinking out of. 

As soon as Kreuger Brewing Co. in Richmond, Virginia began distributing Kreuger’s Cream Ale and Kruger’s Finest Beer in cans in 1935, they became hugely successful… and the rest is history!

February Beer Holidays

February 2, Groundhog Day:

It seems like 2020 and 2021 has been the same day over and over? Well, now we have an official day to celebrate it! Or we can celebrate a groundhog named Phil and his shadow. Celebrate the arrival of spring or drown in the sorrow of another six weeks of winter!

February 7, Superbowl Sunday:

Participate in a longstanding sports drinking holiday tradition by rooting for your favorite team while enjoying a few beers!

February 14, Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is basically a drinking holiday, so celebrate the festival of love by cracking open a few with the one you love – or have a few alone for “single’s awareness day”!

February 22, National Margarita Day:

You’ve probably heard of a “Coronarita”? Today would be a great day to indulge in one.

February 24, World Bartender Day:

It’s especially important to extend some appreciation during this holiday due to the Covid-19 Pandemic ravaging the service industry in the past year. Consider this holiday a chance to extend your thanks to your bartenders!

March Beer Holidays

March 8, International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day:

This holiday celebrates the women of the beer and brewing industries (and all women in general) since it falls on the same day as International Women’s Day! 

Whether you have a passion for beer or are looking to join, this holiday is the perfect opportunity for a woman to celebrate and give her voice in an industry that is disproportionately male. Cheers to the inventive and talented women making their mark in the beer industry!

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day:

Enjoy everything Irish, green, and beer-related on St. Patrick’s Day! Cheers!

March 20, National Bock Beer Day:

Crack open one of the five bock variants (Maibock, Traditional Bock, Eisbock, Doppelbock, and Weizenbock) and celebrate this delicious German lager!

March 20, Orval Day:

This was the first beer brought to the United States after being brewed with brettanomyces yeast variety, or just “Brett” for short, and was brewed at Notre Dame d’Orval Monastery in Belgium before making the long journey across the ocean. 

A favorite beer of many American brewers, give it a try!

April Beer Holidays

April 6, New Beer’s Eve:

In 1933, a long line of people waited in huge anticipation for the first legal drink in the United States after 13 years! 

The majority of these holidays call for alcoholic beverages to be consumed, however today may be a good day to hold off on imbibing and focus on the anticipation of tomorrow’s National Beer Day! Or just wait until midnight!

April 7, National Beer Day:

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said in 1933 upon this day, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” 

Every day is a good day for a beer, but today is special as it marks 88 years since beer and other alcoholic drinks have been again legally accessible to American citizens after 13 years during Prohibition. 

Celebrate this historic day in American history with a few beers!

April 11, King Gambrinus Day:

Even though he may not have actually existed outside of folk tales, this holiday is celebrated to honor the life of a true folk hero. 

In ancient Egypt, King Gambrinus became known as the “King of Beers” and “Patron Saint of Beer”, and was buried in a beer barrel at the time of his death. 

It doesn’t matter who it is, but I’m definitely down to drink to someone who represents brewing and beer through human history.

April 17, Saison Day:

Take advantage of today’s Saison Day by enjoying a spicy, fruity Saison!

April 23, German Beer Day:

Today, celebrate German beer as we remember the country that created beer as we know and love it, through the creation of the Reinheitsgebot regulations which only permitted the use of water, barley and hops in brewing the beverage. 

A classic, Reinheitsgebot-friendly brew is the perfect way to celebrate German Beer Day today!

May Beer Holidays

May 5, Cinco De Mayo:

In recent years, it has become a very popular drinking holiday in the United States, so take a few drinks and celebrate the Mexican Army’s perseverance against the invading French in 1862.

May 7, National Homebrew Day:

Brewing is in the air today! Enjoy a few homebrews while brewing another batch up!

May 10-May 16, American Craft Beer Week:

It is a week dedicated to celebrating the small, independent breweries that make the US brewing industry unique and exceptional. Go out and support your favorite local craft breweries this week. They certainly need and would appreciate it.

May 25, Memorial Day:

We raise a glass to those who bravely served for the United States and did not return home to their families.

June Beer Holidays

June 14, National Bourbon Day:

There are some drinks that go well with beer, such as bourbon. Feel free to enjoy a “Boilermaker” cocktail today!

June 15, Beer Day Britain:

The day is a day where we show our solidarity with beer drinkers across the pond and raise a glass to beer, the national alcoholic drink of Britain. As they say, “cheers to beer”!

July Beer Holidays

July 3, National Independent Beer Run Day:

Celebrate the Independence Day one day early by drinking beer from small, independent brewers!

July 4, Independence Day (USA):

A few cold ones paired with cool fireworks lights up the night sky! Because, America.

July 12, National Michelada Day:

A Michelada combines beer with chili, making it the perfect mixer for a hot day. Enjoy one made with mango, passion fruit, or tamarind or smoked with a merken chilli.

July 18, St. Arnoldus Day:

So, that’s why Saint Arnoldus is a patron saint for hop-pickers and Belgian brewers after saving many people from a plague by advocating people to “drink beer” instead of water.

August Beer Holidays

August 5, IPA Day:

Traditionally, this holiday falls on the first Thursday of August every year, and it’s the perfect day to enjoy your favorite IPA! 

Let’s talk about IPA recipes and how you can brew your favorite IPA recipe with us on this day! Feel free to share your recipe with us while you’re at it – we’d love to brew it with you! 

August 6, International Beer Day:

As the beer and brewing world expands, we believe there will be a place for our passion to be shared among one another. 

It is the perfect day around the world for all beer enthusiasts, regardless of their locations and differences, to come together to celebrate the thing we share that makes us a community. 

Let’s toast the beverage that has brought so many people together around the world from so many different backgrounds today! Enjoy your favorite beers today and cheers!

September Beer Holidays

September 7, National Beer Lover’s Day:

Today, you deserve to celebrate yourself! Cheers to you!

September 18, Oktoberfest begins:

Oktoberfest begins today in Munich, Germany! You don’t have to travel all the way to Munich to celebrate – there are Oktoberfest celebrations happening around the world!

September 20, Sour Beer Day:

Today is the perfect day to enjoy your favorite Sour! Once considered an unusual style of beer, it is now viewed as one of the world’s most popular styles of beer!

September 27, Crush a Can Day:

Open a beer, break that sucker open, and crush that, too. Once you’ve done that, recycle everything and make a difference.

September 28, National Drink Beer Day:

If you need a reason to drink beer today – here you go! Cheers!

October Beer Holidays

October 1, Barrel Aged Beer Day:

Enjoy a barrel-aged beer today, and enjoy the flavor that has taken months, or perhaps years, in the barrel to perfect!

October 3, Last Day of Oktoberfest: Auf Wiedersehen, Oktoberfest!

Until next year, cheers!

October 9, Beer & Pizza Day:

It may be the best day of the year if you drink so much beer and eat so much pizza!

October 14, Homebrewing Legalization Day:

This day marks 42 years of legal homebrewing in the United States! Thanks to Jimmy Carter!

October 27, National American Beer Day:

Enjoy the 434-year history of beer-making that this country has to offer as an American who likes beer. You won’t regret it!

October 31, Halloween:

It’s time to indulge in some boozing! Put on a mask and pull on your drinking pants!

November Beer Holidays

November 4, International Stout Day:

Stouts, a strong flavored beer, are ideal to partake in today. There are so many dark, full-bodied stouts around. You’ll be hard-pressed to stop at just one. We lean towards the dry Irish Stout on this day. Cheers!

November 6, Learn How to Homebrew Day:

It’s the best time to get your friends and family involved who have always wanted to learn the art of homebrewing, but have not yet given it a try. 

November 9, Veterans Day:

For all those who have served, we thank you for your service and raise a glass to you! Make sure you buy a veteran a beer today!

November 12, National Happy Hour Day:

From 1913 when the practice was begun by the Navy as a morale booster, to 1956 when the practice became mainstream, the idea of heading to your favorite hangout for a few drinks has been around for quite some time. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere – especially today! 

November 24 (Day before Thanksgiving), Drinksgiving:

Ahhh, it’s Drinksgiving! 

It’s time to have some fun and enjoy the celebration before the chaos that is Thanksgiving tomorrow. Have a couple drinks with your old friends and toast the fact that you’re finally home for the holidays!

November 25 (last Thursday of November), Thanksgiving:

Let’s wake up hungover, eat a lot of food, drink alcohol, and gather around the table! This day marks the beginning of the holiday season, as well as more time to talk about politics, relationship prospects, and other uncomfortable subjects with relatives from far and wide. 

Good luck and happy drinking, everyone!

November 28, Small Brewery Sunday:

After the tough economy of 2020 and 2021, small business could really use our support, and today is the perfect day to show it. Buy your favorite beer and show your support for these small businesses today!

December Beer Holidays

December 1, Beer Advent Calendar Day:

This is the day to start drinking your beer advent calendar! Enjoy one beer (or a few) every night leading up to the Christmas holiday!

December 5, National Repeal Day:

Today 88 years ago, the Prohibition-era 18th Amendment was repealed! Without this repeal, alcohol, and the entire brewing world, would not exist as we know it. Happy National Repeal Day!

December 10, National Lager Day:

We recommend a few winter lagers to enjoy along with the cooling outdoor temperatures today. Cheers!

December 24, Christmas Eve:

You can have some traditional German gluhwein or a Christmas Ale or leave Santa a beer and spent-grain cookies that go perfectly with it.

December 25, Christmas:

In addition to being Christmas, today is also the day to drink up all those beers you didn’t get to in your Beer Advent Calendar. 

The people who stayed up-to-date by drinking their calendar every day in December deserve a big pat on the back! For the ones who did not, cheers!

December 31, NYE:

Get ready to celebrate the end of the year the right way – having fun! Make sure to live up to the name of National Hangover Day, which falls tomorrow on the first day of the new year.