The World of Luxury Brews: Top 10 Most Expensive Beers

Welcome, beer enthusiasts! Today, we are embarking on a journey through the world of luxury brews.

Beer is not just a casual drink for a night out with friends, but can also be a symbol of opulence and exclusivity.

Let’s dive into the realm of the top 10 most expensive beers in the world.

A Brief History of Beer

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that beer is the world’s oldest drink and the third most popular beverage after water and tea. Some beers can cost over $100 a bottle, and we are about to discover why.

Tutankhamun Ale – $75

Tutankhamun Ale is the 10th most expensive beer, priced at $75. This remarkable beverage is a faithful recreation of an ancient Egyptian beer whose recipe was discovered in Queen Nefertiti’s secret kitchen by Cambridge University archaeologists.

The archaeologists then partnered with Scottish and Newcastle Breweries to bring this ancient drink back to life. It was introduced to the public in 1996, paying homage to the rich history of beer brewing in ancient Egypt.

Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck – $107

Ranked at 9th place is Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck, priced at $107. Known as a quadruple IPA, this beer packs four times the bitterness and hops content compared to a regular beer.

With an ABV of 41%, this beer is not for the faint of heart and offers a bold, hop-forward taste with hints of grapefruit, spice, and caramel.

Samuel Adams’ Utopias – $200

Samuel Adams’ Utopias claims the 8th spot, coming in at $200. This beer is known for its extremely limited production – it is only released every two years.

The beer undergoes an extensive maturation process for up to 18 years in a variety of casks, including sherry, brandy, cognac, bourbon, and scotch.

This process imbues the Utopias with a wide array of flavors and a complex profile reminiscent of a rich vintage port, fine cognac, or aged sherry.

Schorschbräu’s Schorschbock 57 – $417

Schorschbräu’s Schorschbock 57 takes the 7th place at $417. This potent German brew boasts the title of the world’s strongest beer, featuring an incredible ABV of 57.5%.

Despite its strength, it still offers a balanced flavor, with a rich, malt-forward profile and notes of plum, raisin, and anise.

Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Vintage – $533

At the 6th spot is Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Vintage, priced at $533. This barley wine-style beer was introduced with the ambition to rival luxury wines.

It has a complex profile, with notable flavors of vanilla and cocoa, resulting from a maturation process lasting up to six months in Swedish and French oak barrels.

De Cam & 3 Fonteinen Millennium Geuze 1998 – $616

At the 5th position is the De Cam & 3 Fonteinen Millennium Geuze 1998, priced at $616. This exceptional beer was launched in 1998 in Belgium to commemorate the coming of the new millennium.

It offers a unique, tart, and complex flavor profile that has made it a sought-after collectible.

Brewdog’s The End of History – $1,159

In 4th place is Brewdog’s The End of History, retailing at $1,159. This beer is recognized for its 55% ABV and its extraordinary packaging, with each bottle encased in taxidermied animals such as squirrels and weasels. Its taste is a strong blend of malt, oak, whiskey, and fruit.

Cantillon Loerik 1998 – $1,722

The 3rd most expensive beer is the Cantillon Loerik 1998, valued at $1,722. This beer’s high price point is justified by its unique crafting process and rarity.

With an ABV of just 5%, it’s not the strength but the rarity and unique brewing process that account for its steep price.

Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale – $1,815

Second on the list is the Antarctic Nail Ale by Nail Brewing, priced at $1,815. This Australian pale ale is brewed with melted Antarctic iceberg ice, marking it as one of the world’s most unique beers.

Only 30 bottles of this beer were ever produced, making it incredibly rare. The entire proceeds from the sales go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, adding to its value.

Arctic Ale by Allsopp – $503,300

The title for the world’s most expensive beer goes to Arctic Ale by Allsopp, with a jaw-dropping price tag of $503,300.

This historical beer, over 140 years old, was part of the 1875 Arctic expedition led by Sir George Nares. A limited run of these beers was produced, making any surviving bottles highly coveted collector’s items.

The Art of Brewing

These beers aren’t just beverages, they’re a testament to the art of brewing and the lengths that brewers will go to create unique and exclusive experiences.

From ancient recipes to unique ingredients and packaging, the world of beer is as diverse and luxurious as any fine wine or champagne.


Thank you for joining us on this journey through the world of luxury beers. These top 10 most expensive beers showcase the incredible diversity and creativity in the world of brewing.

The next time you enjoy a cold one, remember that the world of beer is rich with history, innovation, and luxury.

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