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Creative Uses For Empty Beer Kegs: Repurpose Your Way to a Better Brewspace

In the eco-conscious era, the motto “reduce, reuse, recycle” has never been more pertinent, especially in the context of brewing spaces. Those who enjoy a cold brew often find themselves pondering over what to do with empty beer kegs.

If you’re swimming in a sea of metal kegs after weekend gatherings, fear not! This guide is brimming with empty beer keg ideas to transform your used barrels into innovative, functional, and aesthetic pieces.

Understanding Beer Keg Dimensions

Before diving into repurposing, let’s crack open the facts on keg sizes. Commonly, a standard keg holds about 15.5 gallons. This knowledge is a keystone for understanding the potential volume and space your new creation will encompass.

And if you’re shuffling them around, remember how much a full keg weighs—a hefty 160 pounds, so be mindful when planning your projects.

Preparing Empty Beer Kegs

Let’s tap into preparation. Your beer keg projects begin with cleaning and ensuring the keg is pressure-free and safe to work with. It’s not just about beer barrel aesthetics; it’s also about handling them with care to avoid any pressurized mishaps.

Functional Repurposing Ideas

Furniture enthusiasts, get ready. That keg can transform into a stylish chair, table, or even a unique lamp base. For those who revel outdoors, convert a keg into a robust fire pit or a grill that becomes the talking point of every barbecue.

Let’s venture into an array of innovative and practical uses that blend form with function. Each idea exploits the keg’s durability and metallic charm, providing not only a utilitarian benefit but also a conversation piece that reflects a commitment to sustainability and creativity.

Lamp: Transform an empty keg into an industrial-chic lamp that serves as the centerpiece of a room, exuding an aura of warm, ambient lighting.

Grill: By cutting the keg in half and outfitting it with a grate, you’ve got yourself a stainless steel grill, perfect for outdoor cookouts.

Cooking Pot: A keg can be repurposed as a massive cooking pot for communal meals, ideal for stews and broths during gatherings.

Portable Mini Oven: Insulate a keg and add a heating element to create a portable oven, ready for baking at your next picnic or tailgate.

Modern Potty: Innovatively designed, a keg can be converted into a modern, metallic potty, adding a touch of edgy style to bathrooms.

Mini-Table: Flatten the top, add a circular glass piece, and voila, a keg becomes a mini-table, suitable for small spaces.

Chair: Secure a comfortable seat atop a keg, and it transforms into a quirky, sturdy chair for your man cave or brewspace.

Compact Cooler: Insulate the interior of a keg, and you have a compact cooler, perfect for keeping your drinks chilled during hot summer days.

Bathtub for Children: Cleaned and refinished, a keg can become a fun, miniature bathtub for little ones, complete with rubber ducks and bubbles.

Laundry Basket: With strategic cutouts, an empty keg turns into a ventilated laundry basket, adding an industrial vibe to your utility room.

Dishwasher: Rig a keg with a water source and a drain, and it can serve as an unconventional, yet functional, outdoor dishwasher.

Rolling Game Barrel: Mount a keg on wheels and stock it with games and activities, creating a rolling game barrel for family fun.

Basketball Hoop: Mount the keg on a backboard, and you’ve fashioned a rugged basketball hoop that laughs in the face of harsh weather.

Five-Liter Water Tanks: Cut to size, kegs can serve as compact water tanks, handy for gardening or as emergency water reserves.

Pet Food Plates: Slice a keg horizontally, and you get a durable pet food plate that won’t skid across the floor during frenzied feeding times.

Bathroom Sink: A polished keg with a basin and tap installed becomes a striking bathroom sink, blending utility with a raw, metallic elegance.

Fire Pit: The durability of a keg makes it ideal for conversion into a fire pit, creating a cozy ambiance on chilly evenings.

Fountain: Fashion a keg into a bubbling fountain, adding a piece of serene, burbling charm to your garden or patio.

Bookshelf: Stack kegs horizontally or vertically to create a unique bookshelf that’s sure to capture the attention of your guests.

Coffee Table: A keg with a larger glass top can become a statement coffee table, combining storage and style.

Compost Bin: An empty keg can house compost, turning kitchen waste into garden gold while keeping pests out.

Rain Barrel: Capture and store rainwater with a keg-turned-rain barrel, perfect for eco-friendly garden irrigation.

Outdoor Shower Base: Sturdy and waterproof, a keg can serve as a unique base for an outdoor shower setup.

Clock: Outfit a keg with clock hands and mechanisms to create an oversized wall clock that’s a nod to your love of brews.

Loudspeaker Housing: A keg can encase loudspeakers, providing an acoustically vibrant and visually appealing housing.

Aquarium: Carefully cut and waterproofed, an empty keg becomes an aquarium, adding life and movement to any space.

Smoker: With the right modifications, a keg can be transformed into a meat smoker for that perfect barbecue flavor.

Umbrella Stand: Fill the bottom with gravel or sand, and a keg turns into a stable and stylish stand for wet umbrellas.

Upgraded Tap:

empty beer keg table
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Incorporating these ideas into your life not only gives a second life to what would be scrap metal but also creates a brewspace brimming with character. From a floating beverage holder for poolside convenience to a wine rack that showcases your finest vintages, the potential is endless.

Think of a garden bench to enjoy your outdoor oasis, or an outdoor lighting fixture to illuminate your evenings. With creativity, even an ice cream maker or beverage dispenser is within reach.

Aesthetic Transformations

Empty kegs needn’t be hidden. Polished and repurposed, they can become striking room dividers or modernistic sculptures. Artistic souls can wield their tools and turn a bland keg into a canvas of expression.

Entertainment and Leisure

Imagine a gaming console stand or a custom beer tap for your home bar crafted from a keg. For smaller celebrations, what to do with an empty mini keg won’t be a puzzle anymore. Convert it into a compact drink dispenser that’s both practical and a conversation starter.

Practical Uses Around the Home

Never underestimate the storage capabilities of a keg. From a unique shoe rack to a bathroom cabinet, the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination. Green thumbs can give their plants a home with a difference by using kegs as planters, marrying functionality with an industrial vibe.

Innovative Building and Craft Projects

Builders and crafters, here’s where you shine. From constructing a sturdy mailbox to fashioning a set of musical drums, kegs offer a versatile foundation for numerous beer keg projects ideas. Your workspace could host an array of tools, all thanks to the keg storage racks you’ve fashioned.

Green Solutions

In the spirit of sustainability, kegs are prime candidates for upcycling. Transforming them into eco-friendly furniture or rain barrels contributes positively to environmental conservation efforts, embodying the very essence of beer keg uses.

Empty Beer Keg Garden Pots
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Sourcing Free Empty Beer Kegs

For those on a treasure hunt for free empty beer kegs, local breweries, restaurants, or recycling centers might be your X marks the spot. Remember to navigate the legalities, as kegs often remain the property of the brewery.

The Business of Keg Repurposing

There’s commerce in kegs beyond brewing. Selling your repurposed creations could brew up a business venture, tapping into a niche market of sustainable goods. Think Etsy and Ebay for this.

Challenges and Tips

Expect some hiccups along the way. Every project has its challenges, but with the right tools and guidance, you’ll soon be crafting like a pro.


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There you have it, a barrel of metal beer barrel ideas ready to roll out. Whether you’re a homebrew aficionado or simply seeking a unique project, there’s a keg with your name on it, waiting to be transformed.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make a splash in the world of keg repurposing!

Discover a world of possibilities with empty kegs! Each image unveils a new chapter in the life of a keg, from brewing to becoming a quirky piece of furniture or a fun game accessory. Traverse through creative lanes as each keg morphs into a grill, a table, a chair, or even a quirky planter. Who knew the journey of a keg could be this enthralling

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