How to Make a CO2 Utility Line

This CO2 utility line lets you easily swap out homebrewing devices that need CO2. You can use it for:

  • Making a CO2 blow gun to purge fermenters and bottling buckets.
  • Hooking up a dedicated gas line to “crank and shake” your kegs.
  • Connecting a Blichmann Beer Gun and include a splitter.

Kent Quick Disconnects go great on a utility line because they make it easy to swap devices in and out. I picked up mine from MoreBeer.

You will need one female quick disconnect that stays attached to the regulator and one male quick disconnect for every device you want to hook up. I use 3/8″ QD’s and they fit great on my 5/16″ gas line.

If you want to make a Beer Gun assembly like mine, you will also need a Tee.

If you use a single CO2 tank and it’s connected to your kegs, you can add a quick disconnect to it so you can easily remove the tank to use it for other things. Alternatively, you can get a second CO2 tank and make that your dedicated utility line.

I waited too long to do this. It’s well worth it and I don’t need to disturb my CO2 tank that is sitting at just the right serving pressure.

It’s just one more thing to make your homebrewing easier. Enjoy.

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