Beer With Orange Slice: Drinking The World of Citrus-Infused Beers [Refreshing Twist]

Have you ever noticed a radiant “beer with orange slice” lounging on the rim of your beer glass, seemingly out of place yet intriguingly inviting? This simple garnish, often accompanying a refreshing glass of wheat beer, is not merely a decorative afterthought.

It is a deliberate and artful addition that enhances the beer’s flavor, balances its bitterness, and adds a pop of color to your drink.

Have you ever wondered why an orange slice? Let’s unlock this citrusy secret together, shall we?

Short Summary

  • Adding orange slices to beer is a practice that enhances the flavor and aroma of certain types of beer.
  • Belgian-style ales, witbiers, and wheat beers are typically paired with oranges but other styles can be explored too.
  • Beer with an orange slice has cultural origins dating back centuries and personal choice should be respected when it comes to taste preferences.

The Art of Adding Orange Slices to Beer

The practice of garnishing beer with an orange slice is more than just a trendy fad. It’s a well-thought-out strategy employed by seasoned brewers to enhance the flavor of certain types of beer.

Beers that have a citrusy flavor profile, such as those brewed with citrus peels or Citra hops, are generally garnished with orange slices. West coast pale ales, for example, can also be served with an orange slice to enhance their citrusy notes.

The addition of an orange slice may render the beer sweeter and more enjoyable, potentially reducing the alcoholic effects and slowing the absorption of alcohol. This can be true for various beers, including Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which can be served with an orange slice to complement its hoppy and citrusy flavors.

But how does one savor beer with an orange slice? Like a sensory symphony, beer can be enjoyed with light dishes such as salads or seafood dishes like ceviche or paella. Or, for a solo performance, it can be chilled and savored on its own.

The orange slice can even elevate a simple cocktail into a tantalizingly complex blend of flavors. Bud Light Orange, for instance, is a beer that already has a hint of orange flavor and can be enjoyed with or without an additional orange slice.

The rationale behind adding an orange slice to beer is to improve the taste and bring out the Valencia orange peel flavor.

The Science Behind the Citrusy Twist

But why oranges? What is the science behind this citrusy twist? The answer lies in the type of oranges used in beer. Valencia oranges are utilized in Blue Moon beer, which is an unfiltered wheat ale.

The use of Valencia oranges in this type of beer enhances its citrusy flavor and aroma. It is indeed possible to use any variety of orange as a garnish for beer, provided the orange is ripe and sweet.

The choice of orange variety can have an impact on the overall beer taste, so it’s important to select one that complements the specific beer being served.

The peel of Valencia oranges imparts zest to the beer, thereby accentuating the orange and coriander aromas. This is particularly true for beers like Blue Moon, which are commonly served with an orange slice to enhance their flavor profile.

But does the addition of orange slices to beer result in a flavor resembling orange juice? Not quite. The orange flavor will be subtle and serve to enhance the beer’s flavor, not overpower it.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond the taste, there’s an appealing visual aspect to beer with orange slices. The vibrant orange hue of the slice, contrasting with the golden liquid, immediately makes the drink more appealing.

Incorporating orange slices into beer can augment the citrusy taste of the beverage and harmonize with the subtle taste of Belgian or wheat beers. It can also add a vivid hue to the drink.

Indeed, beer with orange slices boasts a vibrant and eye-catching appearance, thereby enhancing its attractiveness to the consumer.

Beers That Pair Perfectly With Orange Slices

While we’ve touched on a few beer varieties that go well with an orange slice, there’s a whole world of beer styles that can be enhanced by this citrusy addition. Belgian-style ales, witbiers, and wheat beers are usually served with an orange slice.

The Belgian White Ale, Hoegaarden, is a great example. Characterized by its light, crisp, and refreshing flavor with a subtle hint of citrus and spice, this beer is a perfect candidate for an orange slice.

Don’t limit yourself to traditional choices, though. Why not try adding an orange slice to a pale ale or an IPA? These beers may not be the first that come to mind when you think of adding an orange slice, but they can definitely benefit from the citrusy addition.

But remember, different types of beer may harmonize better with different varieties of fruit, or none at all. So experiment and see what tickles your taste buds!

Wheat Beers and Citrus Flavors

Why are wheat beers so often paired with orange slices? The answer lies in their light, refreshing flavors. The orange slice serves to enhance the flavors of coriander and orange peel in the beer, providing a pleasing citrusy note.

The most widely consumed wheat beer to which an orange slice is added is the Blue Moon Belgian White Ale. Belgian White Ales are a type of Wheat Ale that originates in Belgium. Examples include Blue Moon and many other variations.

Refreshing and elegant, the sweet aroma of these drinks makes for an enjoyable experience. Spices such as coriander and curaçao orange peel are also added to bring out their unique flavour.

However, you are not limited to Belgian White Ales. Other wheat beers or white ales may be garnished with an orange. If you have a Mexican lager, a lime would be the better choice. For an ale, a very thin slice of lemon may be used.

Beyond Wheat Beers: Other Styles to Try

While wheat beers are the traditional choice for an orange slice, there are other beer styles that can also benefit from this citrusy addition.

Some beer styles that are commonly considered appropriate for pairing with orange slices include:

  • Belgian-style wheat beers
  • Witbiers
  • White beers such as Blue Moon
  • Hefeweizens (occasionally)

And let’s not forget about the beers that have an inherent orange flavor. IPAs and lagers are available with an orange-flavored variety. Pairing these with an orange slice can further enhance their citrusy notes, creating a symphony of flavors that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Serving Techniques for Beer With an Orange Slice

Serving beer with an orange slice is not as simple as plonking a slice into a glass of beer. It involves three key steps – choosing the right glassware, cutting a thin, ripe orange wedge, and placing it on the rim or floating it on top of the beer. Let’s dive into each of these steps in more detail.

Firstly, the glassware. It’s important to choose a glass that will enhance the beer’s aroma and flavor. For a beer like Hoegaarden, a genuine Hoegaarden glass filled to two-thirds capacity with ice is recommended. Then, carefully pour the Hoegaarden beer over the ice and enjoy the flavor.

Glassware Selection

Choosing the right glassware is a significant step in serving beer with an orange slice. As we mentioned earlier, a genuine Hoegaarden glass is recommended for a beer like Hoegaarden. But why is that so?

Belgian White Ales like Hoegaarden and Blue Moon are best served in tulip-shaped glasses, which are known to enhance the beer’s aroma and flavor.

The tulip-shaped glass is ideal for beers served with an orange slice as it helps to maximize the beer’s aroma and flavor. The shape of the glass allows the aromas to gather at the top, while the wide bowl allows you to enjoy the beer’s color and the added visual appeal of the orange slice.

Cutting the Perfect Orange Wedge

Now, let’s turn our attention to the orange slice itself. How do you cut the perfect orange wedge for your beer? Here’s how:

  1. The fruit should be divided in two from the stem end to the “blossom” end.
  2. Lay the orange halves flat on the cutting board, cut-side down.
  3. Divide each half into 4-6 wedges.

But why a thin wedge? A thin, ripe orange wedge ensures the right amount of citrus flavor is added to the beer without overpowering it. It’s just enough to enhance the beer’s flavor and aroma without turning your beer into a glass of orange juice.

Placing the Orange Slice

Finally, let’s talk about the placement of the orange slice. Should it be on the rim or floating on top of the beer? Well, it’s up to the drinker. Positioning the orange slice on the rim or floating it on top of the beer enables the drinker to select the desired level of citrus flavor.

However, there’s a bit of a debate among beer lovers. Some prefer to squeeze the orange slice into the beer for a more pronounced citrusy flavor.

Others prefer to let the orange slice rest at the edge of the glass, allowing it to drop juices into the beer and provide faint orange notes over time.

It’s up to you to decide which method you prefer.

Creative Beer Cocktails Featuring Orange Slices

Now that we’ve covered the basics of beer with orange slices, let’s venture into the world of beer cocktails featuring orange slices. Beer cocktails are a fun way to experiment with different flavors and textures, and they offer a refreshing twist on the traditional beer drink.

From shandies to radlers and unique creations, the possibilities are endless.

Shandies, radlers, and other creative concoctions can be prepared by blending beer with various components and decorating with an orange slice.

These drinks offer a unique and refreshing alternative to traditional beers, making them perfect for warm summer days, backyard barbecues, or any occasion when you want to try something a little different.

Shandy Variations

First, let’s explore shandies. A shandy is a cocktail that combines beer and other non-alcoholic drinks, such as ginger ale or Sprite. It’s a refreshing mixture of flavours. However, you can get creative with your snack by mixing beer with different types of citrus juices.

Some variations of shandy include:

  • Beer and lemonade
  • Beer and orange juice
  • Beer and grapefruit juice
  • Beer and limeade

Incorporating orange slices into shandy variations can provide a more refreshing, balanced, and exotic taste.

You can try a shandy with orange juice for a tangy twist, or perhaps a grapefruit juice shandy for a slightly bitter edge. The choice is yours! Whichever you choose, don’t forget to garnish with a fresh orange slice.

The notch that has been cut in the orange wedge should be carefully slid over the rim of the glass until it is in a secure position.

Radler Remixes

Next on the list are radlers. A radler is an alcoholic beverage made from mixing beer and a lemon-flavored soft drink. Lemon soda or lemonade are both used to make this popular cocktail. But who says you have to stick to lemon?

Radler remixes can be made by combining beer with various fruit-flavored sodas. Orange soda? Why not? Grapefruit soda? Absolutely!

Including orange slices in radler remixes can impart a citrusy taste, augment vitamin consumption, and improve the taste of the beverage. Radler remixes offer a refreshing and light option for those who want a break from the heaviness of traditional beers.

With an added orange slice, these drinks are sure to be a hit at your next gathering or simply as a refreshing treat on a sunny afternoon.

Unique Beer Cocktail Creations

Finally, let’s talk about unique beer cocktail creations. While shandies and radlers are great, there’s a whole world of beer cocktails waiting to be discovered. Distinctive beer cocktail concoctions are beverages that combine beer with other elements such as spirits, juices, and garnishes.

Incorporating orange slices into unique beer cocktail concoctions can augment the flavor and bouquet of the beverage. The sweetness and acidity of oranges can counterbalance the mildness of the beer, forming a harmonious amalgamation that is both invigorating and gratifying.

Try experimenting with different beer styles, spirits, and garnishes to create your unique beer cocktail creations. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite, especially when the beer served is perfectly chilled!

Cultural and Historical Origins of Beer With Orange Slices

Now that we’ve explored the art, science, and creativity behind beer with orange slices, let’s take a journey back in time.

The practice of adding orange slices to beer has a rich history that dates back centuries. Belgian monks were known to brew beer with local fruits and spices, including oranges, as early as the 16th century.

Today, brewers around the globe are utilizing oranges to craft novel flavors and aromas in their beers.

Belgian Beginnings

Let’s start our historical journey in Belgium. It is plausible that the practice of adding orange slices to Belgian beer began with Blue Moon Belgian White, which was first brewed in 1995 at the Sandlot Brewery in Denver, Colorado.

However, the tradition of brewing beer with local fruits and spices, including oranges, can be traced back to the 16th century when Belgian monks began this practice.

The introduction of oranges to Europe from Asia by traders during the 16th century was the primary factor in the popularity of oranges in brewing beer.

The combination of beer and orange slices is a testament to the creativity and innovation of these early brewers, who were keen to experiment with new flavors and ingredients.

The Rise of American Craft Beer

While the tradition of adding orange slices to beer started in Belgium, it gained widespread popularity through the American craft beer movement.

The American craft beer movement has embraced and expanded upon the tradition of adding orange slices to beer, particularly with the increasing popularity of Blue Moon Belgian White.

Blue Moon Beer:

  • Initially brewed in 1995 by Keith Villa as a west coast pale ale
  • Gained popularity and became a common sight in bars and restaurants across the nation
  • Acquired by MillerCoors a few years later
  • Now accessible in over 30 countries
  • Made with Valencia orange peel, coriander, oats, and wheat, which contribute to its unique flavor profile

This shows how the tradition of adding orange slices to beer has evolved and spread over the years.

Debunking Myths About Beer With Orange Slices

Like any other practice that deviates from the norm, adding orange slices to beer has its share of myths and misconceptions. One common misconception is that adding an orange slice to beer will disrupt its balance and disperse the beer’s foamy head.

However, this is not necessarily the case for all beer styles. The purpose of adding an orange slice is to accentuate and supplement the natural flavors of certain beer styles, particularly Belgian or wheat beers which are typically brewed with citrus peels and coriander.

Let’s debunk a few more of these myths.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

One myth associated with beer with orange slices is the gender stereotype. Certain beer advertisements and promotional materials have propagated the stereotype that beer is mainly consumed by men.

However, adding an orange slice to beer is not gender-specific. Both men and women can enjoy beer with orange slices.

It is imperative that individuals be allowed to enjoy whatever type of beer they prefer without being bound by gender stereotypes. Both men and women can enjoy beer with orange slices in a variety of ways.

For instance, men and women can both relish a refreshing wheat beer with an orange slice, or a unique beer cocktail featuring orange slices.

Taste Preferences and Personal Choice

Another myth surrounding beer with orange slices is that it is a matter of taste preference. It is indeed a matter of individual preference. The sweetness and acidity of oranges can aid in offsetting the mildness of the beer, forming a harmonious amalgamation that is both invigorating and gratifying.

Taking into account individual taste preferences and decisions when incorporating orange slices into beer can result in various flavor combinations.

For instance, a light beer combined with a sweet orange slice can produce a refreshing and light taste, while a dark beer combined with a tart orange slice can produce a more intricate and full-bodied flavor.

Remember, whether you enjoy your beer with an orange slice or not is entirely up to you!


From the art of adding orange slices to beer to creative beer cocktails, from the cultural and historical origins of this practice to debunking myths about it, we have taken a comprehensive look at this intriguing tradition.

Whether you’re a fan of the citrusy twist in your beer or prefer to stick to the classic, it’s undeniable that the addition of orange slices to beer has added a layer of complexity and intrigue to the world of beer.

So why not grab a glass of your favorite beer, add an orange slice, and enjoy the refreshing change?

Frequently Asked Questions

What beer has an orange in it?

Pete’s Orange is a flavorful and aromatic beer brewed with real orange peel, resulting in a bright and zesty citrus flavor. This beer provides a smooth wheat malt complemented by the citrus flavor of the orange peel.

Do you put orange slices in beer?

Orange slices pair perfectly with Belgian wheat beers, making them a popular choice when pairing citrus fruits with mild-tasting beers. Have fun by cutting the orange into fun shapes to really bring out the flavor!

Adding a little creativity to your beer and orange pairing can make it even more enjoyable. Try experimenting with different shapes and sizes of orange slices to find the perfect combination. You can also add other citrus fruits like lemons.

What beer taste like orange?

Orange Flavored. Beer is a beer style that imparts an orange flavor to the finished beer. It has a sweet, citrusy aroma and a slightly tart taste reminiscent of oranges.

This unique combination creates an incredibly refreshing drinking experience.

What are some ways to savor beer with orange slices?

Savor beer with orange slices by incorporating them into light dishes such as salads or seafood dishes like ceviche or paella, or by chilling on its own or using it to make cocktails like margaritas.

What is a shandy?

A shandy is a refreshing beer cocktail composed of beer and ginger ale or Sprite, perfect for summer evenings.

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