Our Online Homebrewing Courses
Have Created Thousands of New Brewers
If you want to brew batch after batch of your very own, delicious homebrew...
you're in the right spot.

Our online homebrewing courses have taught thousands of beer lovers just like yourself. Whether you're brand new to homebrewing, or a seasoned vet in search of advanced techniques, our online courses are the best way to step up your beer game.
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Thinking About Homebrewing? Start With Our Free Crash Course
Maybe you're homebrew-curious, but not quite ready to pull the trigger. If that's the case, take our free crash course. You'll get super simple lessons that answer questions like, "How much does it cost?" "How long does it take"? And "What equipment do I need?"
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Batch 1 and Beyond
Break into homebrewing with our popular course, Batch 1 and Beyond. It's a proven system for brewing delicious malt extract beer on your very first try. HD videos and step-by-step checklists guide you every step of the way.

Who's it for?

• Beer lovers who are brand new to homebrewing and want to get started
• Homebrewers who have dabbled in the hobby, but aren't happy with their results
• Homebrewers who have had success and want to "level up" their brew game

Stop trying to piece together advice from YouTube and forums. Batch 1 and Beyond has everything you need in one place.
Beer Tasting Mastery
Boost your beer tasting abilities with Beer Tasting Mastery. It's a 4-week course designed to build your beer vocab, train your palate, and help you identify off-flavors in your brew.

Who's it for?

• Homebrewers who want to get better at critiquing (and improving) their beer
• BJCP beer judges and Cicerones
• Anyone who loves craft beer and wants to get the most out of their hobby

Contrary to what many think, tasting skills can be learned. Beer Tasting Mastery has taught hundreds of beer lovers how to taste like a pro. You can be next.
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